And just WHERE was Jake's Girlfriend, Angela in all of this, Love the show, but that is an EPIC FAIL, They might as well say, gee, now it is just a waiting game to see how long we can stretch out Jake and Laura getting back together. I Don't Want Them Back Together, I Really Like Tony. Tony ended up being almost an afterthought in the whole big picture.

@ SoCalMediaSurfer

I was just talking about Jake's girlfriend and wondering the same thing. It made no sense that they didn't even mention her once. I understand if the actress wasn't available, but at least mention the character and make some type of remark about her dropping by or calling Laura.
I'm still holding out hope for Tony -- he's such a great guy and a perfect choice for Laura.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 24 Review: Neverland

NCIS knew calling Dorneget a fan favorite was loosely based. They were really shoving it down our throats.


This show has been surpisingly great - I was worried that the CW was going to pump it up with way too much romantic relationship drama (which do I love but not for this kind of show), but it hasn't been that bad and now that Iris and Eddie have finally broken up, I hope it cuts down even more, because the action parts of this show are a pure treat. I am worried that they might make too much Barry-Iris cheese now (although I loved that in the scene at Jitters when Barry assures her he'll find Eddie they used "Every Age" by Jose Gonzalez, but I digress) but as long as they keep the Iris stuff at the same level or below as they have so far, I'll be a happy camper.


I am no fan of Messing. She got on my last nerve in Will and Grace. The rest of the cast, including the actor who plays Jake, are good.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 22 Review: Troll

Good, thought I'm not liking how Dorneget is suddenly this magical computer wiz. I'd rather see a new character.


I love this minseries. It is so mysterious and creepy. It is a joy to see Matt Dillon on my TV screen, and he is doing an awesome job as Ethan. I am glad to hear that Juliette Lewis is in the rest of the episodes, as I was sad to see Sheriff Pope kill her. So sick the town was cheering! I am excited to see what happens next.

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Goodbye and Good Luck

It won't last. This is the why: https://prettyandwittyandbrigh...


Why noone ever mention that Kat Graham was on the CBS show Stalker for the last episode of the series. haha

Douglas henning

I didn't realize it only got a half-season renewal.. As much as I like Messing, she's not worth that much... The final episode could have been a series finale... It's a shame that ABC couldn't have given that other NY based/shot show (Forever) another shot... It would certainly cost them less than NBC is paying for this show...

19 Kids and Counting: Should TLC Cancel the Series?

Wow. I really love this show. Sad to see Josh did something so terrible. Wonder how the victims are today, if it still hurts them mentally. I mean if my accuser was on a TV show and everyone adored my accuser I guess I would feel hurt even more, no telling what those other girls are going through today. I pray that he can have forgiveness. It also makes me wonder about Jessa and her harsh comments about God's wrath on people. She's very critical of everyone and their choices. Hope she can forgive her own brother. I really hope they can get passed it. Since I'm a victim of rape it's hard for me to move on knowing what I know about the Duggars hiding this part of their lives. I know back when he was 14 they didn't know this show would be so big and that their secret was safe. Sadly the show is big and now part of their truth is out. I hate to see them go down for this but it's going to be hard for them, Josh especially, and for the victims (including his sisters).