Grimm Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Bad Luck

Actually, Juliette is pregnant NOT Adalind...wait and see how the potion really worked to mess things up to make us believe it is all the way around...

Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Skip

The romance with Iris has been the best kept open secret of the series. She is always shown in romantic soft focus, so no big surprises there.
Am I the only one that recognized the actress who played Frankie (the bounty hunter) as Katheryne Winnick, otherwise known as Lagertha of "The Vikings"?

Bones Spoilers: Baby, Time Jump Ahead!

Hopefully the gambling story will turn out good, but I am nervous seeing as how there are hints of a split coming, but I think everything else sounds good. I hope if they get another season they do not skip birth scene Glad Bones is finally back!!!


Just saw MW's couple of tweets that his advice about women and chasing was from Peter O'Toole from My Favorite Year. That's certainly an appropriate from the cinephile DiNozzo.


Gotta agree. I too thought McGee and Delilah were beyond this stage of their ship but I can only write it off to the time and distance since they were last in the same zip code. Sometimes it's just not ..smoothe when the mojo's been interrupted. But I like Delilah and was glad to see her. On Tony's and Bishop's 'phenomenally bad advice', just gonna have to let this one go at a writer going for something that didn't work because, really, it was too phenomenally bad to be believed it could come from 2 grown people. But "Honey" was as great a passage as this one was bad and yeah, I was proud of Vance for his tongue-in-cheek'yness. So two-enthusiastic-thumbs-up to the 'two great team ups'. Delilah's "Why did you let me?". I can only hide behind 'It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind'. Yeah, I'm fully aware how unfair that was to Tim but really, he was never going to be allowed a right answer .. it could only be right in a specific point in time, not in perpetuity, which is to say it's wrongness was only ever a matter when not if. Gotta give Tim a thumbs up for the kiss at the end though. I did spare a thought to note that now we've had a McGee and Delilah held captive to mirror the one in Angel of Death with Tony and Jeanne. Guess it's Jake and Bish's turn next. They're a dangerous group to date.


I am not into this "real SHIELD" story. Last week when I saw the trailer I said the "real SHIELD" looked like it was run by a bunch of jerks. And you know what it is. Okay maybe they're not jerks but they're going against Coulson and the team and that just makes them jerks in my eyes. I agree I totally see Mac and Bobbi as traitors now. I feel Bobbie might be able to join Coulson's side but I also highly doubt it. I hope this storyline is wrapped up soon like next episode of two episodes soon. I think lines will be drawn and sides will be chosen. I can see Simmons conflicted about who to join but in the end chose Coulson. At least those are my hopes and predictions. So for like the third or fourth week in a row I'm still looking for Luke Mitchell to make his appearance as Lincoln. I really just want to see him. I'm hoping that by the look of next weeks episode Skye escapes and is on the run and then in the episode after we meet Lincoln. I just hope we meet him by the next two episodes. I've been looking forward to him since I heard he was cast and we still got nothing. Can't wait till the next episode and to meet Lincoln whenever that happens.

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Lincoln will appear in episode 16.


When Delilah questioned McGee about why he hadn't tried to stop her from going to Dubai, the wisdom of Tony's advice hit me. I don't think she actually wanted McGee to try to keep her from leaving DC, I think she just wanted what Tony said, the "illusion of being chased". She wanted him to "want" her to stay, to care enough to try to stop her, after which she probably would have gone off to Dubai anyway, but happier with the thought Tim cared enough to try to stop her. I have to admit I've felt that way myself, and I can't fault McGee for not realizing this is what his girlfriend wanted and, trying to support her by letting her go without an argument.
Nice review, and I also enjoyed the Tony/Bishop chemistry very much. That's become a real win for me this season. And despite the fact I'm more than done with the ongoing McGee focus this season, the saving grace in this ep was the fact the whole team got to work the case and interact. I also enjoyed the friendly team banter, which is another thing I've liked about this season.

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Togetherness Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Kick the Can

It is his television debut with the series Togetherness
indie kings brothers Jay and Mark Duplass. As in his films, is a bittersweet
comedy that stops at the great little moments of situations.

Togetherness Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Ghost in Chains

Eu gosto de variedade em ter série da HBO, e agora a
série Togetherness
de los irmãos Duplass nos mostra algo novo e divertido