I am a pacifist, so I'd never personally wreak vengeance, but I was troubled by Kitty's need to throw herself under the bus in preference to silencing a vile, sadistic torturer who was, himself, evil incarnate. It seems as though there should have been some better solution. I will lament Kitty's absence. She was as good an actor as any of the others, and much more endearing.

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Red Dye #40

Annabeth needs to step aside for Lemon and Lavon. And then they need to get Ryan Gosling to guest star and sweep her of her feet. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Amanda steinmetz
@ Rach

I am in full support of this idea!

Suits Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Enough is Enough

I really hate evil Louis. I just kept waiting for Harvey to flip out and yell things at him like: its because you keep doing sh*t like this why you r never going to be accepted .. Evil Louis really annoys me

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Where is Olivia Pope?

I can't believe I wasted my time on this. I have been telling all my friends this is the beat network TV show and then lo and behold it dropped like a ton of bricks.... Let's hope next week is better because I for one might just not waste my time any more.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Midnight City

Maseo may have been referencing Malcom not getting Thea and leaving as opposed to The Glades being deserted by the government.

18 Cancellations That Cut Deep

No mention of Kyle XY? Forshame.


Bushi101, Winter, reality adictt, Jojobobo and other posters,
I am posting this as a warning because I believe the end of mankind is near. You are not going to believe this but I swear everything is true. My wife was called last night by Diane (the hooker, escort). She was crying and pleaded for my wife to meet her for lunch today. Following the events of last Feb. my wife and she had maintained infrequent text contact. They had not spoken nor emailed. They were very close up till Feb. We used to vacation together as families. Remember her divorce from (I will use Tom as her ex's name) was final one week ago. Diane met with my wife for lunch today. I met up with my wife a few hours after she finished her lunch. We had a portrait appointment. My wife told me everything. I have previously stated that I am quite conservative as to family, politics, and finances. Socially I am laid back.
The subject of lunch. Diane quit escorting in July. She has not gone on any date of any kind since that time (she has not gone out with any other man). She and Tom had no contact until Sept. At that time, they started with infrequent text messages and ended up meeting for conversation every couple of weeks thereafter. They had not been intimate until 3 weeks ago. She detailed her escorting history with my wife and stated that she had sex with 21 different men during that period. Some men were repeat customers. She made more than $200K as a result of those activities. She has always maintained her position as a paralegal, and makes a very good living. She did not pay taxes on the escorting income and until Feb. she and Tom had reported joint income. Yes, Tom is on the hook for most of the $200k. Back to the insanity. Here comes the portion where I am firmly convinced that Tom needs electroconvulsive therapy. I will offer to do it with a car battery. Diane told Tom about her entire escorting history. He now knows everything. She told my wife that Tom has agreed to see her again. He is currently engaged to a fine woman and is due to marry her late this year. Diane and Tom spoke about the fact that he was faithful and had touched no one during their courtship and marriage. Diane then proposed that following scheme to bring them even (yes I mean bring them equally experienced). She would pay for 21 different women to service Tom at his pace until the number of sexual contacts was the same (yes, the number of women and repeats). Tom apparently has become interested in this proposition. Apparently he still cares for Diane (I wish I could post a picture, she is incredibly good looking) and they have some kind of weird attraction. So my friend Tom is a cheater now. He has soiled his engagement and hopefully that relationship will be terminated to save the fine woman who consented to marry him. She deserves much better. I have heard of many reconciliations, but none based on agreed to prostitution. Tom and I have not spoken today. I am not sure that I can restrain myself from punching him in the nose. I have respected him and acted only out of the closest friendship. Now I find out he has become a moral degenerate (In my opinion). Our friendship will have difficulty surviving this. This tale is absolutely true. It proves to me that there are variants in society who may threaten civilization. I cannot fathom the agreement nor his interest. If he wanted to use escorts , he can afford hundreds not just 21. Why even the playing field? Diane says that she would rather die than escort again. It ruined her life. Tom was devastated when he learned of his wife's adultery. Yet, the attraction was so intense that he can forgive and establish a common baseline for reconciliation? My wife is sitting 10 feet way, and knows what I relaying. I may become a hermit, so that I don't interact or get disappointed by another friend. I have been walking around shaking my head, occasionally laughing, and then quietly becoming depressed.
How does this relate to the storyline of Satisfaction? I think the writers are weird enough to compose a similar storyline of sorts. What if Grace found out about Neil's escorting and Neil quietly allowed Grace the freedom to catch up for his own peace of mind. Grace may even give Neil some slack, because she is guilty of betrayal for a long period.
Tom and Diane apparently deserve each other. If they reconcile, anything and I mean anything is possible. Maybe, despite an artificial knee, I can still pay football at the age of 50? That is how crazy this has become. My wife is holding a scotch and laughing. She invited her best friend Sheila over to have fun about this. I am going into my office and may not come out until I have grown a long beard. Nothing I have ever heard of or experienced, approximates the stupidity and idiocy of this situation.

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@ golfingdocp

This is only possible in the land of California. LOL. State of the infamous twinkie defense. Land where an actor becomes Governor. Golfingdocp, you must either be pulling out legs or you have a very interesting bunch of friends and acquaintances. All of the people that I know that are or have engaged in affairs are your standard run of the mill people. Nothing quite as exciting as the people you know. People like you and I that aren't engaged in an affair must be becoming the fringe. Maybe we should be joining the rest of the world and be indulging ourselves in craziness. Thanks for the interesting day.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Kali Yuga

I quite liked this episode for 2 reasons: they addressed the lack of Abbie/Ichabod and practically no Katrina with her, seemingly, going very dark at the end. I like Hawley. If they had introduced him alone instead of with Katrina, he might not have been swept up in the fan negativity. Sad to see him go. And this episode, at the end, brings a promise of more Frank.


Favorite scene: Cole trying to hit the thugs with a machete, but continously splintering behind them ;-) hehe

@ Prutgardin

Yeah that was fun! Must have been pretty frustrating for Cole though.

The Mentalist Round Table: Who Will Die?

Vega is the goner. All of the subtext has pointed towards it. "Curiosity killed the cat," and the assassin pointing a gun point blank at Vega, and the warnings about Vega's bravado etc, The title of the episode, "Nothing Gold Can Stay," is from a Robert Frost poem about the fleeting nature of youth, promise, life, etc. Vega is young and full of life and embarking on a new romance with Wylie. Her death would be a great tragedy. In other ways, she's the most easily expendable character who will still help move the story forward for the other characters. Cho is her mentor, Wylie has a crush on her, Jane will look at her and see his dead wife and daughter and most of all Lisbon. He'll possibly feel guilt over whatever plan is in operation when she gets killed. Lisbon cannot help but look at a young female FBI agent and see all the what ifs, especially if they were working together at the time. I am expecting that the writers will use Vega's death for a cliched TV plotline. Jane will say, "I can't do this anymore. I can't stay by and watch you get killed. I need a little time." Lisbon will perhaps say, " I can't give up my job and we can't be together right now." Then something will happen in the next couple of episodes to bring them together again. I hope I am wrong and that they surprise me. Breaking them up at this point seems like a pretty cheap stunt.

@ Ruritania

I agree that the subtext does seem to point to Vega but Abbott's wife just told Jane that her husband trust him with his life. That could be pointing to him.