what about there was no reception until 5 minutes earliear and then the phone rings... That really bothers me

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 Review: Because

Damon won't take the cure. Otherwise, how would he give Elena any memory. He'll have to fix something before taking it, but things will get a little complicated an he will fear for Elena's life. He will, for sure, compell her to get everything she wants, move to a big city, have a family, kids. She will forget about everything they had untill they meet again. That's how Elena will continue alive in season 7, even without we seeing her. They'll meet at the end of the show. THEY'LL NOT KILL ELENA.


Patrick Dempsey has been in Derek Shepard's skin for 11 years. In TV land that's a LONG time. These are creative people. They thrive on change. Face it, even Shonda is tired of them, as this is the first episode she has actually written since the plane crash finale. I am not surprised that despite the contract, he was tired. I think the deaths on this show have been excessive and Mark, Lexie, and George might have met different fates than death, as Cristina did. And didn't Izzy, Teddy, and Burke just sort of fade away? I would like to credit here, some amazing work by Savannah Paige Rae as the other uninjured accident victim. Fresh off Parenthood, I thought she was terrific! There were some inconsistencies that detracted from this show. NO VEHICLES came by in all the time they were out there? Yet just as Derek pulls a bonehead move a semi appears on that windy road? AND no one has cell service, but Derek's cell makes noise at the most inopportune moment? And, yeah, Meredith drags the kids to the hospital...does not call anyone? Alex, Webber, Amelia? Any one of them would have been there for her and the kids. Just didn't ring true...maybe it's setting up something else, but just wasn't how they usually operate.

Vikings Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Dead

i'm thrilled by rollo's story, because it sems that he is going to be the Duc of a part of the north-west of france , a part of France called today "Normandie", a name directly comming from "Nord Man" (north men). And, actualy, the first duc of Normandie was a viking, who's baptized name was "Robert the First", father of "Guillaume Le conquérant" second Duc of Normandie , who invaded England, defeated the Saxon and was crowned King of England

@ Joaquim da Silva

Actually, he was William the Conqueror's great-great-great-grandfather, not his father. The present-day British Queen also is a direct descendent of Rollo.

@ Waddoguy

My bad, for the "son" of rollo, as for Guillaume le conquérant, well i'm french and i didn't knew that in England they called him William, because in France he is called Guillaume.

Castle Round Table: What Was Left Unsaid

Still not satisfied with it. But it may stem from the fact that I am still bitter about the wedding not taking place when it was supposed to. Maybe having him kidnapped on the way to their honeymoon would have been better, not the wedding itself. Then Kate could have worn her mothers beautiful dress for the wedding and the rest of the gang could have been there. Also Kate would have been close by if it had happened on the way to their tropical honeymoon.
Still a lot of unanswered questions. Like how did he end up floating in the ocean on a little boat. After they got what they wanted from him, did they just toss him in the ocean to fend for himself for 2 months? He could have died out there. Is that any way to treat a hero who had just saved thousands of lives? So much for that whole thing about wanting Castle because he was famous so they wouldn't kill him. It was just luck he didn't die. Any number of things could have killed him. I also still want to know what happened to him in the woods when he was a boy.
I usually love Esposito but it made me sad he still held resentment and some disbelief toward Castle.

@ Amy

"I usually love Esposito but it made me sad he still held resentment and some disbelief toward Castle"
.......you do the same with your comments about Castle`s ep.

@ Andrée

I think Esposito has every right to resent Castle. After all, Esposito is an supposed to be an actual cop as opposed to Castle's role as "consultant", yet he is constantly ordered to either do what Castle wants him to do or have Castle act like a 2-yr old until he gets Kate to order Espo to do what Castle wants....even worse, he and Ryan are often called on to "babysit" Castle. It's about time Castle grew up...his "child-like" personality has grown old and annoying! And they want US to believe someone like him could save 10s of thousands of lives???? And from the previews, he's supposed to get to play "hero" yet again in the next episode.


You give this episode a 4.5 rating, really? - It was same old, same old! Howard has a Masters degree in Engineering from MIT but can't fix the simplest things, Leonard was bullied in High School, Penny is a beauty and Leonard is proud of her, Rajesh is the Indian call center agent, Bernadette is annoyed by the geekiness... Yes, we have seen ALL OF THAT before. It was funny ONCE but never funny twice, particularly when one can already smell the joke before it even shows up on the horizon. Best parts was the Sheldon and Howard scenes and how Raj played his parents - Penny and Leonard was boring like beep, like they always are. Oh and this episode should have come with some Viewer Discretion Advised.
Seeing Leonard in that graduation gown with his ugly bare legs made my stomach turn,
I had to wash my eyes with bleach.

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Having Derek die that way, after saving those people, & knowing what was happening to him was genius but, didn't like how Meredith reacted at all. Yes, she's a doctor and has seen it happen a million times but, this was her husband!! Will be interesting to see how it plays out with her for the rest of the season.

@ Deb Hancock

I agree. I am so mad that they killed him off, however the way it was done was so ironic and genius. In addition, I cannot understand how they portrayed meredith's reaction. This was not one of her patients, it was her husband, the love of her life.

Sarah silva

We saw Liz's phone being tossed out the window by Dembe and then he gave her the flip phone.
I predict Liz and Tom will be back together by season's end.
I was not surprised Tom Connolly was the mole.

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

Sara Lance..."her death was quickly accepted into the Arrow Fandom...NOT ...there was not one good reason to get rid of Sara except to move the story along...another female actor loses her part all because the show runners needed a plot device. Sara Lance, actor Caity Lotz, was an extremely strong LGTBQ female character and Caity Lotz, a role model, something that does not happen often in tv lately. The younger generations need to see those characters in mainstream tv.

Reign Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Abandoned

Thanks for the review. Sorry for all the Fray fans. In an episode that some of us were hoping to see some redemption of Mary,all we got is more proclaiming of her love and devotion to Conde and her using Francis undying love to protect her lover.There was a brief moment after Francis accused Mary of lying about Condes relationship with Elizabeth, and her only staying by Francis side for political reasons,that Mary started to say that there was more to her staying with Francis, but she stopped her self. Half a dozen times claiming her love of Conde yet not once her love of Francis even after he agreed to once again protect Conde, knowing how much he was hurting. She may appear to be suffering but not enough for me.
I don't believe Bash is romantically involved with the woman in the woods but Gemma will use it to sex up the general.
Was glad to hear Narrices call out Lola on her supporting the Conde and Mary affair.
The one brief high point was watching Mary,Bash and Francis working together to free the orphans. Flash's of season 1and the start of season 2.

@ reality addict

Yes, it was another difficult episode for Frary fans. When Mary said she was sorry if Francis thought it was over I wanted to leap into the TV and tear her apart. Oy! And you're right that it was nice to see them working together again. If only there hadn't been the bickering. Bash was like "yikes!" Lol