Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Taking the Fall

This show is SO good-when I just start to think it might be losing its appeal an episode like this comes along and WOW-pulls everything together. A lingering question...will Philip Stroh return...?


Carrisa, My wife just finished watching this episode and she disagrees with you.
She thinks that Noah is a shit-head. And a bad "porn by another name" writer. And selfish. And a lot of other things I won't go into.

@ sojourner

He's a piece of work, for sure, but I'm starting to wonder if they're not going to begin painting him in a different light given the way Helen feels about him in the future. She's not a stupid woman. For her to feel as she does, there has to be more to him than garbage. Or she's like me and attracted to sociopaths, poor dear. LMAO

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Not sure how this show survives a 9th season. This episode was just so-so at best for me and the last two minutes? I'm for love and all but is Rick Castle an idiot? He must be. After all the weeks Kate has been gone, she walks in just as she walked out and in less than two minutes they are going off to bed and all is right in the world? HUH???? Happy Thanksgiving to all the commenters.

@ Miss Rozie

Miss Rozie, I agree that their reconciliation was too quick but I suppose sex with his gorgeous but broken wife is better than drinking alone with a talking box. I'm glad the separation is over but was looking for more of a payoff after all of this unnecessary angst. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Enjoy your holiday and thanks for reading.


Castle returning February 1st? What an absolute DISASTER that would be! Someone else said it will be returning January 4th. If the people making CASTLE want to get this show to a NINTH season, it better be back by January 4th. BLINDSPOT is beating CASTLE in the ratings big time. If new episodes of Blindspot(I don't know when it's starting up again) get going before CASTLE gets back on the air, Castle fans better hope that doing a 1.5 or less for the season will be enough to get it renewed. I'm not sure if it's averaging a 1.3 right now. Would someone please write and let me know. I thought tonight's episode was fine, but when they said the show wouldn't be back until February 1st, I was stunned.

@ Michael Goldman

Blindspot going off the air for almost four months it will be back February 29th. But even with Blindspot off the air I don't see the ratings will gonna be better for Castle this season is so bad they show Castle as a lame old hungry man who does everything to get his wife back and Kate is changed in the most selfish cold bitch I've ever seen.

@ Magda

NBC boggles my mind. BLINDSPOT coming back February 29th is ridiculous. Thanks for letting me know.


It was so sad to lose Megan.

Castle Fall Finale Teasers: Is the Caskett Separation Over?

Well, this is the make-or-break episode. It's the one that they hinted at from the beginning, so now we get to see how 'brilliant' and 'clever' Hawley and Winter are, or at least think they are. Either things start pointing to a clear resolution and this incredible 'improvement' to their relationship, or it will just be more jerking the fans around.
Tomorrow when the reviews are in I'll know if I can keep coming to these review sites or if it's time to just finally admit that the magic is truly gone and that the show is simply dead, carrying on due the inertia of 7 seasons, before either finally limps through the final 16 episodes, or receives a merciful cancelation.
It's hard to tell based on your teasings whether meaningful resolution has begun or not. Noting that there is finally movement on LokSat is, sarcasm intended here, not saying much as that needle hasn't moved in the five previous episodes. ANY movement is substantially more than has happened to date. Whether it's meaningful movement.. I guess we shall see.
I will say, looking at the clock, I'm considering at least DVR'ing it tonight on the extremely hopeful, perhaps foolhardy notion that maybe it will end up being worth watching.


If TVD and The Originals are moving to Fridays what's happening with Reign?

@ marissa

We were just discussing that. Since it wasn't mentioned in the press release, turns out we have no idea. Time jump, off with her head? :-o We'll try to figure it out!

@ marissa

Reign will return at a later time,TBA pribabky summer ala BatB.

Haven Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Close to Home

I didn't like this episode at all. It was such a disappointment. Finding the controller was that easy? That extended scene of Duke and Lisa inside the house was pointless...it reeked of filler...and a lousy one. It was not really Duke's fault that he let those Troubles out. Where was his self-preservation? The self-preservation that has been part of him from day one? The Duke I know would have talked a mile a minute to let everyone know that it was not his fault, it was Mara's fault, etc, etc.
I felt like I was watching Haven in an alternate universe, even Audrey is not herself. What the hell is going on? I fervently hope they get back on track next Thursday. Stop twisting people's personalities around! And enough with the lame dialogues! Aargh!

@ Lainie

It's the alien beings. Whenever they're on the show, the primary characters suffer. You would think with so few episodes left that the main characters would be the ones to find a way to overcome the Troubles, but it appears that it won't happen without the introduction of an 11th hour character coming in to save the day. I know I'm alone but I'm not looking forward to the Shatner arc.


Did they erase poor Professor Stein's wife from existence? How sad! Also: anyone else catch the less-than-subtle reference to Superman and Batman?

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Wonder if she has second dates.