The Mentalist Round Table: Who Will Die?

Vega is the goner. All of the subtext has pointed towards it. "Curiosity killed the cat," and the assassin pointing a gun point blank at Vega, and the warnings about Vega's bravado etc, The title of the episode, "Nothing Gold Can Stay," is from a Robert Frost poem about the fleeting nature of youth, promise, life, etc. Vega is young and full of life and embarking on a new romance with Wylie. Her death would be a great tragedy. In other ways, she's the most easily expendable character who will still help move the story forward for the other characters. Cho is her mentor, Wylie has a crush on her, Jane will look at her and see his dead wife and daughter and most of all Lisbon. He'll possibly feel guilt over whatever plan is in operation when she gets killed. Lisbon cannot help but look at a young female FBI agent and see all the what ifs, especially if they were working together at the time. I am expecting that the writers will use Vega's death for a cliched TV plotline. Jane will say, "I can't do this anymore. I can't stay by and watch you get killed. I need a little time." Lisbon will perhaps say, " I can't give up my job and we can't be together right now." Then something will happen in the next couple of episodes to bring them together again. I hope I am wrong and that they surprise me. Breaking them up at this point seems like a pretty cheap stunt.

@ Ruritania

I agree that the subtext does seem to point to Vega but Abbott's wife just told Jane that her husband trust him with his life. That could be pointing to him.

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 13 Review: Nelson's Sparrow

Was the picture of Tara actually a picture of Kirsten Vangsness as a young girl? There seemed to be a real resemblance.

Glee Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Love In An Elevator

I like the Rachel and Sam pairing. Don't hate. This season is eh so far. It feels rushed. It's like we're jumping around trying to hurry and get to the end.


The ratings for the premiere were 7.98 (1.9 for 18-49 year olds) and this week fell to 5.32 (1.4 for 18-49 group). I don't know how bad that is for Fox. Big Bang is like a 17+ rating, but then CBS's two and a Half Men and the Elementary are like ratings of 9 and 8, so there is a drop off through the evening, but 7.98 would be good, but 5.32 might be a bad sign of things to come. I hope Fox has lower standards at least for a whole season!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 164

*Damon walks over to Lexi who ran over to the door to try and escape the sunlight, but hides in the shade*
Lexi: What is this?
Damon: Payment.
Lexi: For what?
Damon: For the last six months of my life. For the nagging. For the self-righteousness, the platitude. I'm paying you back for six months of you.
Lexi: Your humanity isn't back on. . . Is it?
Damon: Never was.
Lexi: So this was all just. . .
Damon: A Joke! A big fat lie. Best part is. . . You believed it. You thought I was like Stefan. Wounded little bird you could nurse back to health, but he's a victim, I choose to be this way.
*Damon touches her face and Lexi grabs his hand, he pulls it into the sunlight, and she screams and gasps*
Damon: Enjoy the day. Hear it's gonna be scorcher. *Smiles and runs off leaving Lexi*
(Yes, yes, I memorized this scene, it's one of my many favorites with Damon. Every time I read this over, I say it exactly like Damon and Lexi had said it. :) Gah! I love this scene.)

Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Midnight City

I really liked this episode it really gave Laurel purpose. The first season I didn't mind Laurel. I hated her second season but now i'm really beginning to like her. I like how she isn't winning every battle as a rookie she's making mistakes and that adds truth to the character. I think Felicity really showed her strength in this episode I can forgive her character last episode because she was coping with the death of Oliver and I think she just needed to evaluate her life a bit. And did anyone catch the part when Laurel was questioning Jim Huffman she actually dropped her real first name, Dinah. That was really cool. Also I like that Thea stood up to Malcom and finally told him to face his problems instead of sending someone else to do his dirty work.

The Originals Round Table: What Animal is Elijah?

I agree with Heather that Marcel has great will power but in this case it doesn't matter because Marcel does not consciously know that Hope is alive due to being compelled. So it all depends on how severe Finn's torture is and whether Marcel is strong enough to withstand said torture to ensure that he doesn't give Finn an opening to break down the walls in his mind from the compulsion protecting the secret.


I knew when Talia commented on Ezra being hot in the last episode it was just to see if she was into guys or not. It wasn't hard to see from the beginning that Talia was feeling Emily.


I am glad that the merge finally happened and neither Jo or Kai died , I am sorry about Luke though , he really impressed me by sacrificing himself not just for Liv but for Jo too .
I don't think Liz came back to life because she didn't die at the first place , it's just her heart stop for few minutes and then back to beat again ( I've seen that happen in many shows ) , and the vampire blood is out of her system but she still have cancer .
I really missed Bonnie ,I can't wait for her return .


I do hope the suggested death is faked. Cho did mention that he faked a death once to help Jane work his plan to catch the bad guy so that may be a hint that they will try this again. I can't bear the thought of Vega getting killed because Wylie would be so heartbroken and he is such a sweet guy. With the only loose ends to tie up being no-brainers - brother Stan's problem (easily handled by Jane) and Jane's servitude (easily handled by Abbott), the only thing left is the mystery of why Jane is so irrationally fearful of emotional loss. It has to be due to something that happened in his childhood that created a lasting trauma he can't really recognize it because he was too young at the time. Why is he so physically timid when attacked and why does he so readily run away from danger and why does he react so negatively to mentions of Child Protection Services and foster care and why is he so fearful of guns (except when he has to use one in exceptional emotionally relevant cases such as saving Lisbon's life and getting revenge on Red John? Why did he automatically mention an aunt's cooking and not his mother's? Is something going on there? He certainly had a mother but he seems to have no memory of her - or is it from too early an age that whatever traumatic thing happened is buried in his subconscious? Why was his father wearing a wedding ring - obviously a remnant of an earlier part of his life he cherished. This from a man who was so harsh and cynical with Jane? Did that woman's death make him that way? What the hell was going on back then? Pete and Samantha would know. The story and the drama surrounding it would certainly make a good series finale and bring the story full circle.