Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 6 Review: 2112

The Riddler's a BTCH!!"

Fargo Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Did you do this? No, you did it!

"Betsy stopped by Hank's house to feed his cat and discovered his room
papered with odd symbols. They seemed to knock the wind out of Betsy,
and I'm not sure what they were or why they had that effect. My initial
assumption was that they were UFO-related." Of course they are UFO related. There have been references throughout the series so far of UFOs and did you not notice at the end of that scene the 5 note reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. G.Lorje

Caralynn lippo
@ Grant Lorje

I didn't notice the Close Encounters reference at all, thanks for pointing that out! You're almost definitely right, but I'm curious to see how they explain Hank's obsession with the symbols. Seems to have come out of left field for that one character in particular. Though I have noticed the references all season long, and the one direct conversation that Lou had with the man at the gas station about aliens a few episodes back.


I know we didn't hear a gunshot or see blood, but I am hoping Simone is dead. I can certainly understand Bear's reasoning in killing her. She's disloyal and a danger to the family. Bear's reaction afterwards was so extreme I seriously doubt that he let her go.

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Spot on review, Christine. You said everything I was thinking last night.
I sincerely hope somebody who knows what the heck this show is about takes over for the second half of season 8.
Although I will say, I enjoyed the dance routine; that was fun for me.
But the rest of your comments: absolutely

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4

The actress who played Lucy is Kasha Kropinski; she played Ruth in Hell on Wheels. :)

Grimm Round Table: The Fortress of Grimmitude

Not surprising that Trubel or anyone else, for that matter, found him. Nick is employed. He has to have a proper address on his employment record. He drives a car, so does Adalind. easy enough to place a tracker on either car. The players in all camps seem to have people in positions of resource and power. It stands to reason that anyone can hire an expert to tail one or both of them or to check paper trail. Nick doesn't want anyone to know where they are? Right! Totally possible if he changed his name, moved to another state, works from home, orders groceries to be delivered (and receives it under disguise), uses burner phones to communicate with friends, change his car, etc. But he carries on with his life as per usual...and he doesn't want anyone to know where he lives?!? Ridiculous! I just wish they would think twice before putting out dialogue that seem like absolutes but end up being downright silly.
Now, I just wish that Trubel is still Trubel, the loyal to Nick Trubel. It would be great if she had tricked everyone else into believing what they wanted to believe.


I'm desperately hoping that this show will survive to see season 9 but that the writers will be fired! I've never felt that way about another show. They've taken a great show and ruined it, yet they give interviews saying how happy their are with their story. I wish ABC would fire them now so fans might have some hope of getting the show they loved back.


The judge trying Noah's case has had a hit and run driver hit and kill his wife. A coincidence? I don’t think so. The flashbacks that Noah has been experience continue to be more detailed suggesting the memory of something he witnesses is coming back to him. In the first one, he is driving down a fog covered road, at a speed higher than conditions allow, and he sees a shadowy form of a woman in his headlights. In the last one that I remember, he was following a car. There was an other car or motorcycle approaching from the opposite direction, on the wrong side of the road and there was also a woman standing in the road. Noah isn’t psychic so they have to be flashbacks. Scott Lockhart is still alive, so It can’t be about someone hitting him. The only explanation I can come up with is that Noah witnessed the hit and run of the judge’s wife. This may be the inspiration for the ending of his novel and that is why Alison has been integrated into the flashback. If it is a perfect analogue then the judge would be the one that hit his wife. If any of this is true, we may be seeing more of the judge in season 3.

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@ sojourner

In a real court of law. the judge would have to recuse himself. They dismiss jurors that are victims in crimes. So, the writers are stretching reality here.

Payton mcmullen jr

I liked the kiss. I really enjoy this show.

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

this show took a dive in quality. We started watching the show for their awesome chemistry. They kept that even through the rough patches, and ... then this? What is this. All of this is just a mess. The first season I've stopped watching.