Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

Amazing episode! Loved Mia and Laurel!

Cena gomez

So happy nobody on this round table opinions matter to the Scandal writers. LOL! Olivia and Fitz scenes were the best part of the episode. Kerry and Tony can do emotional torture like no other. They are so sexy together. Acting soul mates...
No matter what episode, the writers will always throw in some Olitz "moment" or reference and the fans thank them for that! Fitz giving out "Fitzgasm" to Olivia just by breathing. Their breathing were in sync and so devastatingly hot!
Best lines...Fitz EPIC read of Smelly Mellie and her 1976 old dried up cooch. The revisionist "good mother" who is so selfish and full of herself. Baby Teddy don't even know Mama's name. Sad.
Best Line 2...Liv EPIC reading of the scumbag Parents.
Olivia and Fitz had a great episode...oh which ended up being the BEST episode of the Season...and who was focused? Olivia and Fitz! BOOM!


Every chapter when i see claire and phil working together makes me realize that they are perfect for each other, both freaks and losers sometimes xD xD
Poor Jay, struggling with his enemy, but now the conflict extend to mannys masculinity xD
Thats why asian nerds like Lily are weirder and way smarter than western nerds, because they study as hard as roman slaves in galleys xD

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My favorite episode so far. If the show can somehow refrain from the slavery, in your face oppression shit, then this show will have a great shot at being enjoyable. As a minority, I don't need to see this pro black message, black power shoved in my face. I watch shows for entertainment, not an education. I get enough reality in everyday life, thank you.

Supernatural Round Table: No More Mr. Nice Dean

I had faith in Jeremy Carver's ability to totally muck up a decent storyline. To those of you who claim you can't take too much more of Demon Dean, take heart: last Tuesday the show took the easy way out and cured Dean with the blood cure, which by all rights shouldn't have worked, but it did. Demon Dean deserved a full run, just like Soulless Sam had. It's called balance: not favoring one lead over the other, which is a concept Jeremy Carver and his crew know absolutely nothing about. "The Year of The Deanmon" translates to exactly 3 episodes, so I know you guys are happy about that. You can go back to the old status quo: Dean standing around looking worried about Sam. I know that's all you guys think his character is good for.

@ rubyangel

Thank you! I love Sam too but this "poor Sam the writers don't like him" whine is getting so old. They have been giving Sam the most important storylines and acting opportunities for the majority of the seasons, everybody saying how important he is, and carrying all his arcs at least a half a season,giving him what will always be the biggest hero arc in the history of the show, stopping Lucifer and the Apocalypse pretty all by himself, while having all the characters tell Dean he's stupid, unimportant, and how worthless he is compared to Sam, giving him nothing to do but be Sam's sidekick and caretaker for the majority of the seasons and except for season 3, dropping any and all arcs he may have after about 3 episodes, like right now with his demon arc, and yet, all we ever hear is how the writers somehow favor Dean? I really do scratch my head over that one.
I am very disappointed that Dean's arc is being dropped, once again but since it's Dean we should have known all we long-suffering Dean fans would get would be a tease to shut us up. Even Cas, a supporting character, gets a major season arc that lasts longer than Dean's.


I didn't itch but the ewww factor was certainly there. I agree that most don't understand mental illness and if I'm being honest people don't want to understand it. But it does exist and people need to learn to be more compassionate. I agree with you, Doug, on Hotch. I love it too when he does what he did last night and it has definitely been awhile since we've seen him do this.


I think the development with Gunnar being a dad is so they can break up him and Zoey. I feel that Zoey will somehow try to make the situation about her. Juliette reverted back to her diva antics in this episode with her crazy text to Avery. She HAD to have realized he would come to her when she told him. I really don't think Luke and Rayna and their blended family is going to work in the end. You can see that a mile away........ I'm still bored with Will and Layla. Man up man and be who you are already..........Sorry to say they are the least interesting couple on the show. Hopefully Deacon will get Will to see what he needs to do. Scarlett and the homeless man--I suspect we will see more of this......... Deacon is still pretty upset about Rayna--but he is trying to move on but the question is will he.

@ Terrie

Ultimately, seems unlikely that Deacon will have to move on, because they're clearly moving things in the direction of Luke and Rayna breaking up to set teh stage for Rayna and Deacon to reunite. I was actually among the minority rooting for the Luke/Rayna relationship to succeed. Sigh.

@ Suzanne

I'm rooting for Rayna and Deacon............

Stalker Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Phobia

I loved the scene where Beth noticed the stalker coming up behind them on the computer screen and took him down. The look on Jack's face was priceless. He looked so scared of Beth right then.


I loved how Papa Skye said about the Obelisk "in it's native language it's called The Diviner" (aka in it's native language is has another random English word for a name) ;D

Steven james
The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The 48

i have a theory on why the President went out of his way to get to the 100 ......... blood, he said that the 100 had the built in genes/blood to survive the ground due to the exposure to the solar radiation. Perhaps he thinks that a 100% blood transfusion would enable them to go top side, just a theory mind you

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