The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Copper Bullet

Am I the only one who thinks Lisbon is completely wrong? I mean Jane's been talking about being scared and even terrified pretty much since Blue Bird - I just think that if she is entering this kind of relationship with a person so traumatized she really should be a bit less rigid. Her job is important to her - but in the world of the show she is almost killed every week. This is beyond the normal daily risk of death that technically we all face. When people decide to link their lives there is a certain responsibility on both parties to be safe. That's why so many wives don't let their husbands buy motorcycles. Love means you belong to each other and while it is great and empowering it usually means you're trading a bit of freedom. Mutually of course. Lisbon has not yet reached this point. Jane has.

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This is how I see it and wrote about it on another site. 1) WHATEVER can make both of them happy together is fine by me. Lisbon is not a one-trick pony. Respect her. She has shown genuine curiosity about a life outside LE. Let them fully explore that before they decide anything. That’s all. 2) They don’t limit themselves as to what they consider might make them BOTH happy and excited. I don’t think that’s LE, but it’s okay if it is. 3) It’s not Jane’s fears being more or less important than Lisbon’s. It’s the JOB FIT for Jane. It couldn’t be worse, imo. 4) We know one of them falling on their sword for the other won’t work. Jane already told us that. See #2. 5) Even so, Jane fell on his sword for Lisbon before they danced. To keep her happy. Make her comfortable by avoiding the conflict. Agreed to follow her advice to do the cop thing, just forget about the danger and live for now. How's that already working for Jane? Lisbon did NO sword-falling. 6) Something wonderful is out there for them together. Why should they not consider everything and find it? NOT TO is limiting future choices. JM2C

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She'd be trading her whole career, that's more than just a bit of freedom.

Castle Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Once Upon A Time in the West

Didn't anyone catch the glaring continuity mistake in Kate's wardrobe this ep? HINT: Black sexy one to the white lasso one at the end?

TV Ratings Report: The Originals and Jane the Virgin Rise

Is there a reason that you noted that a Castle rerun brought in a larger audience than State of Affairs but failed to mention that an NCIS LA rerun had 7 million viewers bringing in a much larger audience than either in that time slot?


Did no one else enjoy Mike's smackdown of Jessica? Just me? Okay :)
Louis was out of line with Rachel and Donna. His entitlement and fury were just ridiculous.

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I understand how Louis feels, but he was horrible to Rachel. I do not enjoy watching evil Louis, and hope that we see a friendlier version soon. Rick Hoffman is a great actor, regardless of how he has to portray Louis. Kudos to Jessica for putting Louis in place at the end. I liked how Rachel handled her Dad, and told him to hire Katrina.


Last night I realized why I can't follow the plot anymore. I can't understand what they're saying. I got so frustrated trying to understand the show because its no longer about Red John


If next season is truly the last season I am glad their going out on a hide note

Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Midnight City

I don't agree that Oliver wasn't needed. In fact while I was watching the scenes from the flashback in the night club with Oliver, Maseo and his wife I laugh because all of a sudden I was remembered that Roy and Laurel fight's scenes were so bad.
But they one in the end.
The other thing that I loved this episode was Felicity. She was so beautiful! Didn't like the flirting thing, not because I'm an Olicity, but because it's too soon.

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Enzo from The Vampire Diaries. Enzo is a stalker. He keeps stalking Stefan,

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I some how knew that digging into Serena's computer was going to blow up in Nicole's face. Just like she jumped to out Serena, she should have been that fast to show those papers that she found that would help Erick, but no, she shredded the papers. Now we all know that Serena is up to no good, but that guy steered Nicole wrong.