15 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

couldn't agree with all of you who miss Ziva: most popular woman in the series most NZ-ders think...where is she and where will she next appear?

Royal Pains Review: Orphan Syndrome

Never did trust Emily..now the pescription pads missing..I really would like to see Divya and Jeremiah get together even tho he needs space there's something between them..also from preview Hanks girlfriend can see..wonder how that will pan out

@ barbara

Well if Hank's girlfriend is disappointed in his looks, pass him over here. :-)

Rizzoli & Isles Review: What is Lost?

What I didn't like was that she acted as though she didn't care about her baby dying. No sorrow, no tears. I'm disappointed.

23 TV Shows That Take You Back to School

People who didn't watched Dawson's Creek series do not know what is a real show based on teenagers and high school. Joey Potter for life! <33333

Suits Round Table: “Gone”

A fine roundtable the consensus was quite clear.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Who Could Be Out?

I don't want any of them to leave...the show wouldn't be the same I love the brother bond between Damon and Stefan... brothers who can do anything for eachother , if Ian leaves im never watching TVD again and Damon and Elena are meant to be no one can replace either of them... the three of them make this show really great and I would hate it if one of them leaves especially Ian.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6: How Will Elena Cope?

put Elena and Stefan back together they belong together... They met frist

@ Gabby

Untrue. Damon met Elena first, but erased her memory of him.

Teen Wolf Review: Phoenix Rising

I loved this episode even though I had a felling that the show creators are gonna drag Parrish supernatural reveal for many episodes to come. Whether he is a phoenix or some other being that can survive fire, I guess we have to wait another season (i think). But Deputy Parrish is def my fav newbie :) And his chemistry with Lydia. Sigh, the feels.
I also enjoyed that Lydia got more screen time and her grandmother story was properly portrayed.

Murder in the First Review: Final Act of Defiance

Here's how we can rectify everything for next season. The scene opens to a darkened room. There are several hard knocks on a door. Someone says, "Come on David. You've been sleeping all day." David Hertzberg sits up on a couch. He reaches over and turns on a lamp. Then with his hands on his head he leans back against the couch and says (in his best Richard Schiff voice), "What a f*cking nightmare.I nearly had a heart attack." The someone who knocked on the door tells David, "Get your ass up David. We don't have time for this. Our meeting with Warren is in thirty minutes. He thinks he's found a way to beat SFPD at their own game." David runs his hands through his (non) hair as he responds. "Calm down #ErichBlunt. If Warren says he can get them off your back, he will. They couldn't prove their case. All this new shit is about revenge. Just keep your nose clean. Cut to the next room. Ivana and Jeremy (Yes. Jeremy) are waiting to wish their boss good luck., IMHO, whatever happened after the Not Guilty verdict was part of David's nightmare. Writers, Producers,Directors. You can take it from here. #ErichBluntisnotdead.

Dallas Review: Be a Better Man

IIRC, Sue Ellen reacted the same way with JR's philandering. She may have blamed it on the bottle. But, her recklessness in drinking & driving put her in the hospital several times. Maybe not an overt suicide attempt. But, a cry for help nonetheless. Pamela talks a good game. But, there's no way she could have known the paramedics would get there in time. She was willing to die just to stick it to John Ross, which is the opposite of a strong, self-respecting woman IMO. Pamela thinks she is nothing like Sue Ellen while they are more alike than she believes. If the storyline has Pamela becoming pregnant while estranged from John Ross, it would harken back to the time when John Ross was conceived. Sue Ellen & J.R. were on the outs, too, and she was with Cliff at the time.

@ KansasGuest

@KansasGuest - I fully agree with you on all of what you say about Pamela. However I did not catch the dr. ordering up a pregnancy test but I did catch one of the paramedics calling Pamela "darlin'" - ewe, creepy, she was out cold & could not respond when they had her on the gurnee. Would LOVE for them to stay together, not sure after SHE puts HIM through what she is about to, that he will just walk, no make that RUN, away from her. Think War of the Roses here - anyone who saw that movie will already start to cringe. That couple was BRUTAL to each other ~ I'm already LOVING it myself. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned will never be as true as this is about to become, I have a feeling. Seeing her stone cold look as she dumped that "Vegas ring" into the garbage can without even looking told me everything about just how much rage she has within her. WHOA!!!

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