I am so looking forward to Season7, more Bonnie, Bamon, Dalaric and most important ; more Scenes between the heart of TVD , Damon and Stefan


Why do you think that Brooke is involved? The killer went after her several times, it doesn't seem likely. Also I find Jake's attack still pretty shady because it was the only one that happened off screen.

VH1 Cancels Hindsight Season 2 Despite Renewal

why??? it was a great show! something else.. than we are used to watch!!!

The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Valkyrie

Is it me or is a section of the show missing from where they see the main big gas leak to the rig exploding. We don't see how anyone got injured, how did the boat get mixed in with the survivors coming back at the same time etc?

@ mockacitybooch

That was exactly what I had trouble figuring out. Its my belief that the shows budget had something to do with the last few episodes looking weak.

@ S4V1 3R0

I watched it again on 3 other formats. I had missed where the acting captain of the ship (can't remember his name) did order the boat that was at shore to go assist on the rig. However they did leave out how everyone got injured the way they did. Perhaps budget as you said. It was a shame to cut that out of the episode.

Tyrant Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Death Is Not The End

Overall, well done. The writing has improved as the series
progressed. Good job. Clearly the show is being driven by the role played by Jamal…his
character has kept the story moving and engaging. Adam Rayner’s portrayal of
the character Bassam/Berry was disappointing. The story needed someone more
dynamic to play Berry. The other actors
did a great job. Hopefully, Berry will step up his performance if they bring
him back for a third Season.


OK, joining this discussion a bit late since I've DVR'ed the episodes and am just now getting around to watching them. I have to say the scene in the diner with Hodiak and Charmaine was EXCEPTIONALLY well done - the photography, the acting, the whole storyline was outstanding. I especially love the fact that Hodiak encouraged her to not only report what she SAW, but what she SMELLED and HEARD. That scene was an absolute work of art, and shows just how good this show CAN be. BTW, why is this the last review of Aquarius? Where'd you go, Ms. Harlow?

Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

What a powerful scene when Mike found his childhood books. I cried right along with him. His arrest is going to compromise the integrity of the firm, if indeed it is connected to his big charade. Lives will be ruined. How it plays out should be compelling. What is Harvey going to do now? What are his plans for the future? Can't wait to see Jack and Daniel get what's coming to them. Two really immoral, unprincipled, sadistic asses. Looking forward to the new episodes. How much better can this show get? You can't top perfection.

What's the Worst Show on TV 2014?

all of those shows are suckass. Hannibal became suckass in the last season.


I am hesitant and I wont read the comments, since several episodes have already been shown online and there is always some troll that give away the spoilers, like last week with the preview article.

Mistresses Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Reasonable Doubt

reason i hates joss ......
she always makes stupid decisions
shes not her own person
her whole life is from one stupid decision to another. ...