Castle Season 7 to Focus on Rick, Tighten the Caskett Bond

I think Rick should be more involved in catching criminals and working closely with Kate but for goodness sake do not tarnish his background and reputation like you did to Beckett with that stupid marriage.


I was happy that Karen finally made some smart choices. She helped Anna and encouraged her to go back home. She also realized being a therapist was not for her anymore. While I do like Jacob and wish he stayed she made the right decision to stay, but it was nice to see the girls offer up their full support if she decided to move.
I need to know what Ben has to tell Karen, he did not know her name or where she lived so that is a little fishy.
I love Scott, he is so hot and sweet and the whole prenup their way scene was great.
However let me say I did not like one bit that Harry was jealous when he saw Joss' ring and she told him he was engaged. That song that played during that scene about loving you from afar and then when Harry slept with restaurant chick because he was upset about Joss just made me mad. I really hope they do not fully go there. Joss better marry Scott.
While I am not a fan of Dom's I did love seeing him and Savi get revenge on Toni.
I really want Savi and Harry back together but her next love interest will be Zack.
I feel bad for both April and Daniel, I knew he was not married and the red head was his partner!. He really did fall for April. Yes at first he was doing his job and he could not tell her he was FBI and I hope now that she knows, that she can forgive him one day.
I also knew that the other FBI agent would threaten her and force her to keep helping them.
BTW: Alyssa has used props all season to hide her belly! :)

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I completely agree about Joss and Harry. They can't go there! I feel as if the writers of the show are trying very hard to force this love triangle on us...Of course, Harry and Joss have amazing connection, and sure, they're both extremely atractive people but I still don't think there's anything sexual about their relationship. Joss finally found someone who made her fall in love and convinced her to monogamy and that someone is Scott!
As for the news that Ben has for Karen- if you're really interested, read the description of next two episodes released by network and everything becomes pretty clear.

@ kaitleen

Ladies, I agree! I was so angry after watching the show. Actually, I still am! I adore Scott and Joss! Let's hope they remain together... Harry free!

@ Yaya

Totally. Harry and Joss are like brother/sister. They better NOT ruin that.


I have to agree with everyone. Bay did such a loving & selfless thing by trying to take the blame for what Daphne did, but Daphne should not have let Bay ruin her life for something that she did.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds: First Look!

Jennifer will be the reason I stop watching Criminal Minds. She's the worst. Ghost chasing is her calling not the BAU

Switched at Birth Season Finale Review: Mad Street Cred

I completely agree. I thought that it would've ended with Daphne going to jail, Bay moving to LA with Emmett, Regina going to Hawaii with Wes, and John, Kathryn and Toby just going on with their lives and then we would've caught up in Season 4 with Daphne out of Jail, Bay and Emmett doing well (hopefully) in LA, so on and so forth. I even thought when Emmett told Daphne that he wouldn't go to LA without Bay that we was going to propose to her... at least that is what I was hoping for.. Hopefully they can kick off Season 4 with better intentions... until then... I am looking forward to the Switched at Birth "Christmas Special" :)

@ ABayBay

There is a Switched at Birth Christmas Special?

@ Amy Perrin

Yea, they announced it at the end of the finale last night. It'll be on sometime in December, if you google it I'm sure it'll pop right up, there's a little 20 second preview


You forget that Tatianna Maslay plays *at least* five different characters every episode, so if you were to compare with others (which you are) you would have to divide by 5 to level the field... In conclusion, compared to the other "highest paid" actors, she gets next to nothing...

The Leftovers: Renewed for Season 2!

I think it's really interesting. I'm not sure why people hate it so much. Perhaps it's because it hits to close to home on some level.


c'mon seriously? dexter final season was a pretty disappointing ending but wasn't a bad season, just cause it didnt end how you wanted, or have a happy ending didnt make it a whole bad season, and it had pretty emotional parts...true blood is just a horrible final season from the start, main characters dying in such undramatic ways n such, tara gettin killed offscreen by who knows what, n alcede gettin killed by noob stray bullets or whatever, i can't even remember it was so retarded, main characters shouldn't be gettin killed off in such stupid ways, that weren't even emotional, well done deaths at all, or even awesome kick ass deaths, just quick kill offs, n now it's just become a pity party, with every1 acting all sad, but theres no feeling behind it imo, they could have done so much better

@ b.d.

No, Dexter's final season was fucking terrible, not just the finale. It managed to make me not care about Dexter or Debra, and continued on that horribe Hannah romance that made no sense to begin with. There has been retarded shit on this season of True Blood, but nothing has reached the level of retardedness as Harrison falling off the treadmill. True Blood killed off two non-important characters in undramatic ways, Dexter killed one of it's most important characters in a stupid way.

Teen Wolf Review: Phoenix Rising

loved th episode ... Lydia got more than five minutes of screen time, thank god. Also the relationships between Scott & Derek and Scott & Liam are so important. I’M JUST GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT THERE WAS A FRICKING STALIA KISS IN THAT PROMO AND ACT LIKE THEY BROKE UP AND NEVER GOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!!

Highest Paid TV Stars in 2014

Tatiana Maslany plays 7 different characters and gets paid less an episode than the cast of the Big Bang Theory and other shows where people play 1 character....that is insane

@ stevie70

Yeah, and to be honest, Kaley Cuoco can't act.

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