Amelia and Owen make me want to scratch my eyes out! She is SO annoying. I always hoped Owen would end up with Callie! They both have always wanted the same things.


I saw next week's promo and I wasn't worried about Derek...UNTIL I READ THIS REVIEW :(


They've been teasing for a lot of drama this season, but not delivering on it most of the time. I feel like I might just be set up for disappointment again with the next episode. I liked a lot of scenes this week, but it felt like they were laying it on a little thick at times. Like revisiting the plane crash was less of a thing happening for it's own accord and more of a big DRAMA button they hit to beef up the current episode. Both Derek missing and going back to the plane crash are dramatic enough on their own, but together they felt a little too dramatic. Owen and Amelia don't appeal to me as a couple. They really didn't have any meaningful scenes together and they weren't really built up as a couple at all. And now they're suddenly fighting? Or rather, Owen's acting like a big baby. Instead of talking it out or setting the issue aside for the time being, he makes assumptions and spends the episode passive-aggressively vindictive towards Amelia. (He's supposed to be the Chief, but he's not very professional.) He's done stuff like this in the past. Owen should be alone for a bit longer, because that's not behaviour conducive to a healthy relationship. Anyways, with the next episode entitled "How to Save a Life," I hope they don't wind up wasting that title with a just-okay episode.

@ Kate

I agree with both of these points and think that the flashbacks throughout the season have had similar issues -- including the matter of Derek and his father's shooting and his concern with Amelia.


Totally forgot to write a comment the other day, so I just leave my thoughts and impressions now ;)
1) the Skye and Bahrain storylines worked perfectly together and the timing was absolutely right imo.
2) curious if May is still on Coulson's side, her trust seemed to be tested to say the least.
3) I wonder whether there's a connection between physical changes and given powers. Gordon went blind, but obviously learnt (or got from the mist?) other possibilities to 'see'. If so, why did Flowers get thorns with her ability?
4) loved the dinner scene, MacLachlan nailed it (again) and Skye's mother was all like 'see? Just remind him of a happy memory and he's a changed man'.
5) Ming-Na Wen was AMAZING in this episode!

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 20 Review: One Flight Down

Within the first 7 minutes of the show & especially after I heard those chimes, creepy for the reason they are being used for, it was goose-bump city for me. To see ALL the flashbacks from the air plane crash of 3 years ago, where we mainly see Cristina, I was reliving it all over again - GREAT JOB, SHONDA! First, she has to know how much many viewers miss the character of Cristina & I most likely head the list & the emotion she wanted to pull from us, imo, she certainly did but I can only speak for myself. Richard made me laugh with every story he told of his recollection of seeing the plane going down reminded me of "fishing" stories. The more the tale, the more fish get caught or the longer the fish. Ha! But he got serious at the end & that's his character's strength. Glad that he could talk to April the way he did & I could she that "she got it" because she already knows first hand. I loved that Meredith sought Arizona out after learning of the plane crash & they were together being there for each other & Bailey was great with Meredith in the operating room. Wish that everyone would stop yelling at Alex - the poor guy can never catch a break & yet he loves his co-workers & takes it all. Always feeling guilty for being the one to cut Arizona's leg off, the fact of who did it came up - too bad Arizona hated Callie all this time, when she should have never hated anyone for saving her life as that was the option. So now it will be interesting to see how Arizona treats Alex moving forward, now that she knows the truth. And I liked the scene between Callie/Arizona, it was soft & sweet, still don't want them back together though but that's just me. As far as Owen/Amelia - I hope to God that when he said he was done, he IS done. I never saw this pairing to begin with. The second they laid eyes on each other, there was a spark of chemistry between Owen/Cristina & it continued until she waved good-bye to him when he was operating & couldn't step away as she was on her way to Switzerland. With these two, imo, there is none of that. All they did was bed each other with no foundation of substance. So happy that he lashed out at Amelia saying it wasn't all about HER, THANK YOU OWEN!!!! There are other people around, as if she hadn't noticed & she hasn't. And what's with many of the female doctors on this show that think it's all about them? The only one that really is not like that is April. It's great to see a strong woman, but often times, it goes to extremes on Grey's. Glad that Maggie, Stephanie & Jo were told of the plane crash of 3 years ago & who died & Maggie finding out she had a step-sister. After a too short a scene between Maggie/Meredith I am hoping this makes them closer. Meredith allowed too much time to go by before getting close to Lexie, I hope she doesn't make the same mistake with Maggie. LOVED Stephanie all night ... really taking care of "first date gal" - I was happy to see in the end that she remembered "first date guy", sure wish that "first date guy" had woken up before the end of the episode. Sometimes, some storylines aren't finished, unless it will be enveloped into next week's episode & I am thinking it won't be. And Derek ~ sure hope he makes it. The upcoming scenes for next week's episode look very intense. I am wondering if he is speeding again & he causes it, sure hope not. If Patrick Dempsey's contract goes into a 12th season & for as much time as he has been off this season, hopefully he makes it to the goal line.


From the looks of it. IT IS going to turn into a violent protest. I think you were pretty spot on in everything you said. Russ didn't deserve what happened to him and I just KNOW Barb is the one that called his boss. I also agree Carter's "confession" was a rant of a desperate man. They will never let Aubry near him and if you ask me, rightfully so. Aubry needs extensive rehab, however, she isn't receptive to it at all so it won't do any good.

@ Terrie

I have no doubt the protest will turn violent and part of me thinks that is exactly what Aliyah wants to happen. It would cause even more publicity if it is violent and Carter's trial could easily be put on hold while the dust settles. Should be interesting to see what happens next week. They definitely shouldn't put Carter and Aubry together again because they are so toxic for each other. While I understand Carter feels like he owes Aubry his life, I think at this point this "life debt" has been paid due to the things Aubry has put him through. These are two people are in need of help, especially Aubry, and they need to get the proper counseling apart from each other. Aubry, like you said, isn't receptive so I doubt any type of counseling will do her any good, but Carter I can actually see making some type of progress.


You know, I was thinking last week during the podcast, that Penny is looking older and more frumpy this season. That maybe if she decided to get back into acting she should audition for more mature roles, like maybe a mom. I think the roles calling for the sexy young woman, aren't for her anymore, that ship has sailed. I always love the Sheldon and Penny moments. The analogy using trains to get an answer from Sheldon was pretty clever. I also was disappointed that Raj and Leonard ended up seeking help from Howard and Sheldon instead of continuing on their own. The alien at the end was pretty funny. The aliens must love their skin and bones, because Sheldon has no meat on him. It is kind of weird seeing Bernadette and Howard living in Mrs Wolowitz's house. I think if they remodel it, it will be better. Right now it is stuck in a 70's time warp.

Reign Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Reversal of Fortune

A beautiful review. Thank god Francis lives. Finally a good episode ,absolutely worth the wait. I think Bash did what he thought was best for his brother's survival .Now that clarissa is dead so will francis ultimately die or will the show contradict history ?

@ elena

Thank you! The showrunners have said they will follow history so I suspect he'll eventually die. It's my understanding that Toby is contracted for another season. But Francis' ear infections were a recurring problem so we'll likely see it return. Hopefully they don't overplay that heavy hand.

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Not enough spencer this season overall


Another solid installment!
1.Steroline were great-I loved how Caroline insulted & teased her exes & Stefan just stood there in the background relishing in their awkwardness & humiliation.I
really wanted Caroline to stab Tyler & kill him!
2.Lily turned out to be a loose cannon-No surprise here.My heart broke when she told Damon she doesn't love her sons anymore.Ouch!Harsh,woman!
3.The Flashbacks were great-Both Annie & Malarkey acted real well in those
scenes.If anyone missed it,Lily knew what Lullaby Enzo liked,so i'm
pretty sure this is not the first time they've met.All of this will be
revealed in the finale,i'm sure.They also carefully dropped a hint about
someone abandoning Enzo at a warehouse at the age of 4.Subtle,TVD
writers!I hope we get to see Sarah sooner than later.
4.This whole Elena humanity-child wishing arc is feeling
forced & convenient now that the news of Nina's exit has leaked.Only
thing i can say,elena should take the cure & get out of Mystic
Falls ASAP.
5.Ian was great in this episode,his expressions were heartbreaking throughout the episode,poor guy.Someone hug him!
6.Loved the reunion scene between Stefan & Lily,also the fact that it was
actually Damon who brought his brother back from the deep end,not his
mother.#Defan Forever!Can't wait to see how Stefan does the same for
caroline in the next episode.
7.The end twist was really surprising-New mythology with no retconning-Nice!They actually surprised me with this Heretics after a long time.Can't wait to see if Kai turned
into one.Can't imagine the mess they'll create when they come to Mystic
8.Only Drawback-No bonnie.Not acceptable!!

Miranda wicker
@ Joy Haldar

Oooh, I hadn't thought about the fact that Lily knew Enzo's song. Now I wonder if maybe she tried to replace Damon and Stefan with him and then had to drop him off when she thought she might eat him. I like what you're doing there! And yes, Damon saved his brother, not Lily. Furthermore, the Heretics are going to be great. I really like that twist!

@ Miranda Wicker

That twist was completely unexpected,wasn't it?