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Stalker Round Table: Beth 2.0?

I really enjoy this show. It got some horrible reviews when it premiered. It is the only new show this season I actually watch. I have tried NCIS NOLA but it is so boring. Stalker is exciting and entertaining. I hope they wont drag out the story of Ray and Perry. This was not my favorite episode but it was still good. I'm really glad Amanda let Jack spend time with his son.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Kali Yuga

I love the Hawley character, you need to have the treasure hunter to offset all of the other characters. For a minute it seemed Ichabod was in competition with him. If he's gone, me too. Hawley and Ichabod are both good looking characters to watch every Monday night.

@ Jackie

You're gone because they took away the eye candy? That's too funny. The show is Abbie and Ichabod to me, won't miss Hawley one bit.

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Love in Return

Well i think that Tom (Mark Hildreth) will not came back to the show, so perhaps they change the story, because when Tom died i was hopping, that he will return, to save his son , but that not happened. The last scene was very clear that this child is a demon, devil, well.... Something evil. I am a little disappointing, i really want Tom back to show again.


it felt more of a filler episode, to me. I didn't like Marcel's story and the flashback, or how quickly Gia turned against her creator...have a little faith!

@ Fra

I also thought it wasn't too exciting of an hour, and did feel like a filler. But I love any flashbacks the show does. So I did enjoy the WWII scenes.

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 10 Review: War at Home

Normally I record this show and watch it later but it's been so damn good lately that I just have to keep watching! I think the writing on this show is excellent and they have a really great cast, especially with the addition of Matthew Lilliard tonight. I was so excited to see him! I hope he gets to stick around! This show does plot twists and cliffhangers like no other. And as you said in the review, the show does feel real and like it could happen right now, unfortunately. But that adds to the appeal of the show. Which typically I wouldn't be interest in this subject matter, but as a big Katherine Heigl fan, I wanted to give it a shot. And I'm glad I did!

@ Amy Lynn

It's horrible to say that a show focusing on terrorism is fun, but State of Affairs manages to be fun while still maintaining a credible feel and high stakes. I have no doubt ridiculous antics populate our government, so the characters (not as in the written sort, but the Senator Burke and Deputy Banks variety) are probably a dime a dozen. Thanks for keeping me company!

@ Carissa Pavlica

It has gotten really fun to watch! I just think the show is so well written! There hasn't been really any plot devices or any ridiculous discoveries that make the eyes roll or anything! And the cast is great! Just a great show all around. And I love reading the reviews after I watch all my favorite shows haha.


That line from Jenny was really odd... I too must have missed Ichabod and Abby not spending as much time together.I guess lol..... was it just me or did anyone else feel like this whole episode was a huge love letter to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. the room full of spikes gave me more of a Temple of Doom vibe then Star Wars. combine that with artifacts, mentions of the thugge cult and hawley laid out in sacrificial manner,definitely a Temple of Doom love letter :) And Holy stolen sound effect !!!When Carmella bailed out in the final scene,it was totally the sound of the Nazgul's from The Lord of the rings trilogy. #Kalima #Templeofdoom

@ Ilk_vomit

The writers have been splitting Abbie and Ichabod up every chance they get. Just last week it was Ichabod/Katrina investigating the case. I always get an Indy or Star Wars vibe from this show. You can tell the writers are huge fans of those films. I missed the Nazgul sound effect though, will have to go back and listen.

@ Henry A. Otero

how could you miss it ? lol you will definitely catch it if you go back and watch it.

The 100 Round Table: Why Finn Had to Die

There were some fair points made but I will never think Finn's death was a good or necessary thing: The peace with the grounders will not last so even if it exists for a while his death, and the reason behind it will ultimately be null & void. Yes he did slaughter those villagers BUT let's not forget the grounders started the damn war when they impaled Jasper with that spear. Even if he crossed some invisible, unmarked boundary they completely overreacted and all hostilities between the grounders and the sky people can be traced back to that one act of war. I can only hope Clarke suffers long and hard for not only killing him but allowing him to be put in that position in the first place. Things were so much more fun when Bellamy and Murphy were in charge.

@ Matthew Drummey

I can't fault Clarke here. There was nothing she could do to save Finn. He was going to die. The only thing she could do to help him was to do it herself. Hers was a mercy killing to save Finn from a excruciatingly painful death at the hands of the grounders. And she didn't put Finn in that position. Finn turned HIMSELF over to the grounders. The only thing I fault Clarke for is waiting until the last minute to tell Finn she loved him. He needed to hear her say it and that she forgave him, and all she could say was "Don't go." She left him in pain in that scene. But it worked out in the end, sort of. He died knowing what he needed to know and in the arms of the girl he loved.


Poor Nicole my A$$!!! Im sick of Nicole & Daniel! What would make for good story line is for Serrna to come out on top & nicole finally getting a taste of her own medicine! The Writers once again, does a terrible job. They will write Nicole the winner & have daniel forgive her & start a life, yuck yuck yuck! Eric should have been written to figure out Serena himself. Again, Nicole had no business bothering this girl in the 1st place. They threw Serena in as a wrench to start budding Eric & Jenn instead of doing the flop that some of us seen coming thru all of the dan & jen break ups. Dan calls nicole for snowball fights, they've made out more than dan & jen within 1 weeks time when dan & jen reunited, they made out 1x & no more after that, never saw the surf lessons, the restaurant date to brookville nor took Parker ice skating.
Nicole pretending to want to mend fences, continuously got DUMB DANIEL believing she's sorry, but continuously trying to get dirt on a girl she shouldnt be concerned with. Let Eric & everybody fight their own battles.
The 1 thing that Jenn told dan when Liam put those pictures of her on the internet was that "u have to let people handle their own problems" daniel's medical license should have been REVOKED for all the stuff he has done!
Now writers' YALL might not have slapped Jenn in the face by saying Nicole had nothing to do with their break up, then how did Daniel come to ask Jenn "do u believe that i would have told Eric about Nicole?, Nicole & Chloe were friends, now she's with her baby daddy, Nicole try to break up dan & jen on several occasions, always in their business, Jenn forgave this girl, called her friend & now ex is with Nicole - Way To Go Writers' another easy read between lines. Oh, not holding breath for True Love Connections cause none of these couples or story lines make sense except Hope & Aiden & i'm sure U will find a way to screw that up to, in which, you've already started.
Italian cops must be coming for Serena down the road & if so, i hope its written where she comes back & take down Nicole & Daniel, stripping him of all med licenses & force Nicole to leave Salem - FAT CHANCE cause a story can't be written unless ex friends lovers start going with friends man or woman, young boys bagging old women, NEWBIES coming in only to set up budding relationships or to try & give others story lines that still dont make sense, etc....
Dool says ratings r up for ages 18-49, well, im 35 & been watching since 5, & left with no point of return. I'm only posting thru reading comments, spoilers & reading scenes. Dan & Jen relationship was very well grounded - nicole & dan is nothing but LUST, Forced Fun & they need to find nicole other clothes than mini skirts & dresses!!

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Love in Return

What's wrong with you people? The intrigue of watching paranormal phenomena IS the inability to explain it, You'd lose interest fast if all the answers were immediately spoonfed to you each week. "Lost" wasn't explained for 7 years, and it's fans didn't wimp out. Had they given us their insultingly trite explanation early on, instead of waiting for the finale, I would have stopped watching it years earlier.
BTW, what everyone is calling 2 seasons of Resurrection was 2 half seasons. And you didn't see reporters because they were trying to hide their situation from the rest of the world.
I do have 2 minor complaints: 1) Jacob shows very little emotion, and 2) Bellamy's sister settled into her 75-year-later life too seamlessly, without being awestruck or frightened.

@ Obway

" 'Lost' wasn't explained for 7 years, and it's fans didn't wimp out" In an odd way, maybe that's the problem. "Lost"' had a unique premise when it aired and it was that unique nature that kept people hooked. This is almost a "me too" kinda show and I don't think folks WANT to wait 7 years for answers--been there, done that. Our culture and reliance on technology has changed since too--no more "Lost" parties on Wednesday nights now that people are watching shows when THEIR schedule allows via OnDemand and Hulu. If viewers are too busy to keep "broadcast schedules", perhaps they'd prefer to know what shows are worth their time and they're not gonna hang around long to make that determination; if they do manage to stick around, they'll run when things get boring because let's face it--there are now more options out there for new programming (Netflix, Roku, Amazon Prime).


OK, let's see: 5 episodes left, but that should include the a 2-hour finale on Feb. 18, right? So we actually have 4 Wednesday programs left. In those Jane has to get Stan Lisbon free of that loan shark, and Abbott free of his Rio Bravo past, and himself free of his wedding ring and his indentured servitude and he and Lisbon agreed on how their relationship will work out. There also has to be a carnival episode to bring the story full circle. I sure hope nothing bad happens to Pete and Samantha! So what would a shocker be? Can't be something new - has to be related to the show's storyline. The show has made it clear that Red John will not be mentioned, which leaves out the best source of shocker material. Can't be all a Jane hallucination because that would be way too stupid for a creative show like TM. How about Lisbon deciding she likes psychic play-acting and similar stunts and she and Jane run off to the carnival and put a great act together? Maybe she's got enough years in to collect her pension and doesn't mind giving the law enforcement schtick a rest. Either that or it's back to Jane losing a finger. Can't wait to see what the writers surprise us with. Whatever it is, there will be a happy ending. No way can the show end on a tragic note or even an unsettled and unsatisfying ending (unless a spinoff show is hoped for, but Simon said he is getting a little sick of playing a mentalist). Too much of a letdown and there would go the DVD and syndication sales.