I thought Frank got him that job offer after last weeks talk with Pop about how if he loses he's job he won't be the only one out of a job. Seemed like he might be setting but backup plans just in case.

@ onlyone36

Good point.

Reign Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Three Queens, Two Tigers

Thanks for the review. Excited to see Reign return. Disappointed that Laurie M still in charge. She nearly destroyed this series last season.
Little disappointed that you discarded Elizabeth story line. Enjoyed her manic behavior over ruling the country and her love life. Will be interesting to see how she does without Catherine.
Don't think that's the last time we'll see Mr Pirate.
Your right that all the Mary and Francis scenes were great yet heartbreaking.
I know there's not alot historically correct here but can someone explain about Mary's second husband. Thanks

Miranda wicker
@ reality adictt

I'm not discarding Elizabeth completely, just in the premiere as we're trying to figure out where everyone is after the hiatus, you know? Too much of the premiere jumped us straight into Elizabeth's court when we barely know Elizabeth. I would've preferred a slower build.


It was a GLORIOUS episode loved every second of it and yes i was also surprised when damon came for bonnie's rescue yup i should've seen it coming and your review completely SPOT ON

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The episode was good. And that fact that Lucifer and/or Michael are freaking out in the cage makes me think the darkness is going to be huge! It kinda pissed me off when they tried to be funny with that scene with Crowley, instead of keeping the episode dark the whole time. What I'm hoping is that at one point this season (the season finale, possibly), Lucifer & Michael come out of the cage to fight the darkness and have "The Apocalypse 2.0" or an Apocalypse on steroids toward the end of S11 and the beginning of S12. Letting Season 12 be the final season, with a great final battle.

Tyrant: Renewed for Season 3!

This is terrific news! I am looking forward to where they take the show next.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Green Arrow

So... Maybe I'm the only one who was really bothered by this, but did anyone else find Oliver's voice a bit jarring? It was so much higher pitched and more shrill than ever before. And I know that's Stephen Amell's natural voice, and they're not doing the dark, brooding Oliver at this point, but jeez. Voices do change with moods to an extent, but not that much...

Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

I want to see how the writers get them back together. With so many fans hating how she left, KB walking back into RC'S life without a major apology and a significant demonstration that she's changed isn't going to fly with fans, now that many are asking why he hasn't dumped her permanently .

@ Leo

It'll never happen.
Mainly because the showrunners keep telling us that she's doing out of love. YEAH RIGHT.
Unless they put Castle in mortal peril to prove her right, I fully expect her to return as if she was gone on a business trip for the weekend. Which will mean is was all really for nothing.

Sarah silva

The reason why Red was able to hide for all those years and never get caught is because of all his connections to different people. Which is why he knows of all the places that have secret exits.
The whole Liz taking down the abusive husband and the look on her face was a little weird.
I liked the scene with Liz and Red at the end.
Yes Ressler and Tom teaming up will be good.
I really hope that Mr Solomon gets what is coming to him.

19 Characters Who Are Just Too Hot To Handle

just one mistake. the one that is beyond Hot is Damon stephan is four thumbs,

Sarah silva

I was a little confused as to why Frank wanted Garrett to be offered a different job if he wanted him to stay. I guess it was to see if he truly wanted to stay or not.
It is time we saw Linda struggling with being shot but it seemed like it was a little out of the blue and that she should have also mentioned she was worried because Danny got hurt twice recently.
After all these years they are always going to talk about the same things at the dinner table.
I knew that Lorenzo was going to get killed.
Hix was dbag and I am so happy that they were able to make a charge stick at the end. As much as Lorenzo was annoying at least the spy glasses he wore helped take down Hix.