So far this season isn't winning me over. I hate Kaley's hair cut and it's all I focus on when the show is on. I did chuckle more than in the first 2 episodes, I think the best line came from Amy: "I will let you count this as 2 dates, they are a lot of work." I don't know maybe they need new writers, just seems like it's the same old stuff over and over.

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

This seems like a reset of the relationship to me and will take some time to repair. Doubtful on any marriage any time soon regardless of information that has been given contrary to my opinion. That said, it was good season premier.

@ Doubting Thomas

I can only say that I hope you're wrong Doubting Thomas. As a Caskett shipper I need to see a romantic/emotional/heartfelt Caskett wedding sooner rather than later...but as you say, it was a good season premiere and I'm looking forward to more.


I love how Red stays calm in all situations. I also enjoy his humor.
I laughed when he and Berlin were talking at Coney Island and Red blew in Berlin's face.
I am glad that Red told Berlin he as not responsible for his daughters death, now they need to find out who told Berlin that it was Red.
I also laughed when Red was getting a manicure.
Ressler is on a dangerous path and it is only a matter of time before his prescription medication addiction is brought to light.
I wonder what the motivation is for Red having that lady become apart of the task force, with Red there is always some motivation and reason for doing things.
There will be a Ressler and Liz hook up before seasons end.


It will be interesting to see where they leave off mid season because when they come back they will be moved to Thursday nights.............. Red and Lizzie still have an interesting dynamic between them. Who was the woman taking pictures of Ressler and Lizzie and talked with Cooper??

@ Terrie Coleman

she is a Mossad agent who know works with the FBI and is doing some side stuff for Red


With this episode im feel like when Two and half men stop the women parade
Maybe the ending part was fun, but overall, this season is becoming the worst so far
No wonder why i found more people hating Chuck lorre

Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Selina Kyle

I LOVE the young actress playing Selina/Kat - stunning and moves like a dancer (or a cat). But Jada Pinkett Smith is definitely overacting - every line is arch and intense which blunts the ones that really should be. So far, I'm enjoying it - interesting combination of the camp of the 60s and the darkness of later versions of Gotham and its denizens.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Moving On

It's nice to know Omarion is still committed to "hitting up the mall buyin' up all the Nike suits"

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

Good review, and I was glad to see Castle back on, but found the writing and characterizations erratic. How did the mysterious "bad guys" know to have the fake Henry Jenkins at the trailer on THAT day? As the real one wasn't dead, he could've shown up at any time! To me that is a huuuuge plot hole that can't be plugged unless there's an "inside man" at the NYPD who knew Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito were going out there and planned the set-up accordingly. Martha, Alexis and even Castle himself seemed to take all the trauma/drama way too much in stride. It's out of character for Rick Castle to find out he's been missing for 2 months, with no memory and he's just gonna toast with some champagne and settle back in to a normal routine?!? He's not hell-bent in finding out what happened to him and why?!? That's not the Castle we've come to know over 6 seasons. Additionally, no shots of Alexis haunting the precinct looking for progress on the search for her dad? Martha not appearing a little haggard/emotionally worn when there's no word of him for week after week? And while I definitely agree with your assessment that Kate is "always about the evidence," I had thought her belief in Castle - as a man and THE man she was marrying would be more solid. In spite of everything. His response to her after multiple past dramas has been to have her back "Always." Hers, in this case, "only until circumstantial evidence says otherwise and I don't even have your side of the picture." If they were looking to generate angst, there were plenty of other ways to go there without undermining the bedrock faith that is Caskett. Just my not-so-humble opinion!

@ TriciaS

TriciaS, You make a lot of very valid points. As for the Henry Jenkins switch, I'd assume whoever set up this conspiracy has some sort of mole in the NYPD/FBI/CoastGuard that was able to get the info about the campsite to the NYPD when they had everything set up, including the fake Jenkins. Does that make sense? I too would have liked to have seen more angsty scenes with Martha and Alexis but with only 42 minutes in an actual TV hour, I understand that they can't always fit everything I want. Still, like you say, it did feel like that was missing. And yes, Kate's faith in Castle is definitely shaken which was hard to take as a Caskett shipper and believer in Always. But after months of him being gone and overwhelming evidence mounting that he'd just taken off, I think anyone might begin to have doubts. Plus, in my opinion, the show has always sort of played with the thought of "how well do we really know Castle" so this story took that to the edge.

@ Christine Orlando

I would have liked some indication as the story went along of how much time was passing. It was a surprise to me when the Coastie said he'd been on the water five or six days. Admittedly, I did not watch, I just listened, mostly. There may have been clues in clothing changes, or whatever. But I was very annoyed by the time not being mentioned now and then. I totally agree that Martha and Alexis should have been haunting the precinct. They have done it before. If not for their ESP, Castle and Beckett would have frozen to death in that cold storage unit. I was not impressed, and I have waited to let it settle while I thought about it. Not at all impressed. The last episode last season was such a crock. I forgot the series all summer, just as I thought I would. This episode was not worth waiting for. Good thing I was not waiting. The best thing about this program has always been the banter, which harks back to the better mystery/comedy movies of the Thirties and Forties, such as The Thin Man or My Man Godfrey. That appears to have gone by the wayside. Pity.

@ Sue Ann

Sue Ann, There was an entire montage of Beckett investigating Castle's disappearance and it showed how the weeks went by. If you were only listening and not watching, you would have missed it.


Sorry, but this episode, too, was "underwhelming." I hate to say it, but TBBT is running out of ideas -- lately, I maybe laugh once or twice an episode.


I wonder if maybe Crane didn't put a bit of himself into the Kindred when he raised it - the creature didn't just fight Death, also it fought War's avatar, and when it realized that Abbie was in danger, it immediately went to protect her. And when Abbie and Crane made their escape, it withdrew in the opposite direction in order to frustrate the Horsemen. Clearly, the Kindred has a certain level of intelligence, beyond just being mission-oriented (i.e., fight the Horseman of Death). I wouldn't be surprised if the Kindred made a return appearance sometime in the future. Here's a question: what does the Kindred look like to Katrina? Given that thanks to her necklace she sees Abraham as having his head, and his creepy disgusting rotting head is currently attached to the Kindred, what would she see when she looks at it?