If Sonia would have great boobs as Gloria, i dont mind if Jay choose Sonia

Backstrom Season 1 Episode 4 Review: I Am a Bird Now

i watch this show each week and though it is getting better and has some interesting moments, I overwhelmingly leave each show wishing that The Finder was still on.


"Who cares? She's doing what she said she would." That's it--I officially hate Prom Queen. Someone slap the Black offa her.

@ MrWriteSF

That killed me!!! Lmaoooooooo !!!! Oh gosh ! "Slap the black offa her"

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Ruslan Denisov

I can't wait until Red finds out the Detective is closing in on Lizzie!!!
We definitely need to see more Aram - he needs to be the center of a case SOON!
I totally missed that Red wanted this pipeline deal from the beginning, guess I thought he just wanted to help the country!


She has to defend Hot Nate out of this mess. I had to rewind just to listen to his voice on that phonecall. I think she talked to Connor because he is the smart one and he is kind of the leader but I also feel like there are so many people on this. She is protecting those kids but also using them. I loved the episode. She is smart

@ evelyn

Oh, I may have to go back and rewatch that phone call scene! I think she'll end up representing him as well.


Great episode , probably my favorite this season so far .
Klaus and Kol's scenes were amazing , and I liked the fact that everyone was trusting Elijah to protect Hope .
And after all that turns out that little girl can take care of her self , I love how she so small and so innocent and yet very powerful .


Seeing Liz with her friend, Damon, near the end of her life was special. Shows that Damon can be compassionate without being overly mushy. Liz's line that "knowing my best friend is the perpetrator of most of my unsolved cases", was priceless. Glad you got to leave this world as a human. I wonder if Jeremy's twist of going off to be a full time vampire hunter will be the next Julie Plec show on CW that was recently mentioned? Everything else in this episode was just so-so for me.

Archer Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Sitting

i can't remember exactly but didn't Lana get Archer's genetic material when everyone thought he was going to die of breast cancer. i thought it was a bit of an act of love so he'd have offspring (and Lana wouldn't have to worry about co-parenting with Archer). It's likely that she impregnated herself well after everyone realized that he was cancer free but that's my thinking. Question for Aisha Tyler: Does she think Krieger has made a clone of her (there was something from
the previous episode about how krieger has seen her lady bits but not
in person)


I was so freaked out last night by this episode I had bad dreams and had to come online and find SOMEONE to talk to! I don't have any friends who watch the show. I can not BELIEVE Annalise is framing Hot Nate. When she got in bed fully clothed and called her mom I was reeling. I love her vulnerable moments but as of now I'm having a hard time even liking her. What a monster! That being said...I know it will turn around and can't wait to see what plot twists are ahead. WHAT a good show!

@ Katie Thomas

She's so smart and calculating and I can't wait to learn more of her backstory. I think she's going to knock it out of the park next week opposite Cicely Tyson.


Great review Carissa, and I couldn't agree with you more. I believe the writers have started this stupid triangle SL and now don't know what to do with it. If it was solely about the intimacy issue between Mary and Francis, I would understand the rape issue but the constant hovering around Conde and the sense of entitlement that Mary shows is growing old.
The promo for next week, looks even worse.
Mary mournfully telling Conde that Francis has forbidden their union? What is that?
They have totally wasted and nearly destroyed a great partnership that was one of the best parts of this series. I am almost to the point that I wish they would start pushing the death of Francis just so I don't have to suffer through the weekly blaming of Francis for everything wrong and his constant humiliation.
Was nice to see Greer, although I don't think she's a prostitute, but more of a pimp. Also excited by the return of the Catherine we grew to love.
Don't think Lola and Francis will be anything more than great friends and co-parents.

@ reality adictt

The promo looks ridiculous. He knows of our feelings and has forbidden our union. Oh really? Well who would have guessed that?! It's not the Mary I've come to love, that's for sure. I agree about Greer. She's a madam. By total accident, of course, but hey, you do what you have to do. Her storyline was the most enjoyable of the night. I'm all up for a spinoff.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Carissa, you have always reminded me over the past year, that I am easily swayed by previews and spoilers, so while I see next week's previews with disgust ,I have come up with an optimistic out come. It appears that Mary is being threaten by some political uprising, possibly due to rumors about her and Conde, so what if the union she's referring to has nothing to do with her romantic relationship with Conde, but some kind of political union between his family and country and France? Clever word play?
Hard to get past Mary telling Francis she can't be his wife.
It is clear that Catherine, Bash and Francis are doubtful of Conde and his family motives, as they should be but I am worried for the amount of damage they will cause for Mary before she realizes their dark side. Similar to what Narcisse did to Francis.

@ reality adictt

Great review ladies. I started watching this show after season 1 was over. It was really addictive and I loved the love, and partnership between Mary and Francis. Even when they pushed the other away was because they were trying to protect the other. Now, I'm getting sick of Mary and this non sense. I keep watching hoping that it will go back to what it used to be, but not for too much longer. The next episode seems even worth.