Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Nanda Parbat

Arrow: NANDA PARBAT Review: Last night’s Arrow failed to deliver. DISLIKES:
It used some of the tried and rue failed tools of past episodes, namely
pulling events out of nowhere to try and explain current happenings. For an episode titled Nanda Parbat and with
Ra’s, Nyssa, and the League involved, there was not that much action, save for the
one fight scene with Oliver vs Nyssa (Again!) and Oliver and Diggle’s assault
on Nanda Parbat headquarters which was little more than a video game montage. Oliver throws a dart or Diggle shoots a
bullet and the assassin falls to the ground, end of story. Thea’s back and forth between seething anger
and lust or revenge by turning in Malcolm to the League (how did she know
where his secret safehouse was as Arrow had never shown that she had ever been
there, only to then turn around and open the door to Nyssa’s cage, hand her a
sword, and ask that Nyssa kill her. What
is with the writers of Arrow strange obsession with characters wanting to end
their lives by someone else’s hand? Clumsy
Canary Laurel having the delusion of being able to take down Malcolm Merlyn,
Nyssa having taken down Merlyn in mere seconds on the first try when it took
Oliver an entire season to defeat Malcolm in a straight up fight, Roy’s Secret
Santa philanthropy to the family of the cop he killed, again, never seen on
camera before until tonight, Laurel becoming the annoying, insane, and totally
dislikable character of Seasons 1 and 2,


You seem to take things very seriously and personal about this show. Think outside the box and be more open to some changes. It is just a darn tv show not real life. Maybe the writers and prodcuers of the show do not want the tv show be 100% the same as the comics, they like to give now some twists. I hope Stephen Amell will never read these hate comments about the show he stars in, he will like support from fans not hate. Not all shows are 100% perfect. There are good and bad episodes good or bad stories but that happens even in the most almost perfect show.

@ Fannie

Fannie, I don’t know what you thought you read and are responding to,
but it certainly was not my post. You are 100 percent completely off-base and totally far afield. I am a true fan of Arrow, not simply some child-mind who says anything that is thrown their way is good. I, unlike you and many others, give an honest
critique of the show, not idiotic hate comments as you so crudely put it. When Arrow is good, I will say it is good. When it is bad, I will say it is bad. Pure and simple. For example, I believe that the Vinnie Jones as Danny Brickwell trilogy was much better than the Ra’s Al Gul trilogy thus far. And I have said as much. More power to you if you like everything that
the producers/writers of Arrow put forth, I, however, am a bit more discerning in what I like and don’t like. But
regardless of your thoughts, I will continue to critique Arrow based on a tough criteria. After all the money, time, and
effort spent, should not the final product be the best that it can be?


Felicity becoming the second woman in Oliver’s life in three weeks to get angry with him and then hops into bed with another man they really don’t know all too well, luckily for Felicity, unlike Thea’s bed hopping buddy Chase, Ray Palmer is not an assassin working for Ra’s, (as far as we know, but with the writers of Arrow anything is possible),and surprisingly Nyssa, whom is a character I usually like, seemed like a person I would have loved for Oliver to have tortured first to obtain information. Nyssa’s obsession with Sara’s death and Malcolm Merlyn are clearly the driving forces as to why Ra’s asked that Oliver take his place as the new Ra’s (sorry Bruce Wayne, another lifetime maybe, assuming the offer is genuine in nature) as Ra’s does not believe that Nyssa has the necessary qualities and focus to take over the leadership of the League of Assassins. The flashback with Oliver and the Yamashiros. Why on earth did this flashback end in midstream? Certainly the rest of it will be viewed when Arrow returns March 18. LIKES: Matt Nable’s presence as Ra’s Al Gul. Although given little to do, (would have loved an additional fight scene between he and Oliver where he is teaching Oliver to become a swordsman and not to kill him, kind of like the master/student thing), and the fight scene with Nyssa and Oliver was pretty well done, although too short for my taste. Finally, Diggle gets to fight by Oliver’s side. That was a welcome relief from Diggle’s usual Alfred duty. Given the massive let down that Nanda Parbat produced, I must rate Arrow: S3E15 NANDA PARBAT as 2.75 stars out of 5.00. Step up your game writers of Arrow!!


The comment I responded to had the same name (Malcom Merlyn Jr.) as the one Im responding now that means you, so how come you are not the that person. Odd. Well maybe. the best you think it can be be is not the best the writers or producers believe it is. Maybe for the best for them is not the best for you and viceversa. Just saying.

@ Fannie

We can simply agree to disagree. But I will not stop my critiques of Arrow simply because you do not like the tough and critical criteria that I go by.

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I don't think Clarke was trying to use Lexa in that moment. She was taken by surprise, and still fully returned the kiss. She was definitely into it, before she realized that she isn't ready and it wasn't the right time. Her face afterwards said it all to me, though. She looked like she was saying, "I'm happy you've accepted your feelings for me, and I think I could fall for you, too." Her expression was very tender and understanding. They're an amazing pairing to watch.

Jillbauer disqus
@ Camila V

Hey Camila, check out my GooglePlus page:
my blog devoted to Clarke (next post on Lexa)
https://www.facebook.com/jill.... (basically like the GooglePlus)
and weekly comments on the The 100 Afterbuzz forum
https://www.youtube.com/playli... I can see now we've been sort of working in parallel :-)
do u have a GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter, Blog? where I can read more of your thoughts on the 100? Jill.

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It's amazing the people who are all turned off by the homosexual thing NOW. As if there weren't any same sex relationships on the show before.

@ Ella

The 'turnoff' is not one homosexual thing, it is that the theme continued to expand and now dominates the story line. It's no longer a plausible story about the age of Piracy, but a "find waldo, the gay character" or "see the woman with the feminist issues". That the eroticism is often distasteful is bearable only if it is believable.


Teddy is a waste of film! Scarlet is close behind him. The one-note whining, the hair extensions. Though I agree that she is better when she is singing. Cut to the chase on the Deacon's transplant s/l. Love Rayna's wonder woman power stance.

@ Philada

If you saw the previews then you know that next week you might get your wish........

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Luscious looks pretty bad after this show..a homophobe, cheater, and now a racist! Hmm. Totally hooked though. It was a good one!

@ Courtney

Exactly! What is there to like about Lucious at this point?

@ Whitney Evans

Not much I'm afraid... Sad real sad...

@ Courtney

You forgot cold-blooded murderer. But, that's understandable since it was in the first episode.

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The best episode of this show that I've seen in years!

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I'm still sitting here staring at my TV... *speechless* #Darvey <3
SR and GM rocked the shit out of that episode!

Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Nanda Parbat

People has to understand that Malcom is and always be a evil man, he does not care for Thea, he only cares for himself regardless if he uses his own daughter for personal gain. All along Malcom was trying to save himself because he knew since the beginning Ra will come after him, but he did not want to fight him face to face, cause he knew Ra will kill him so what better way to save himself still but let other fight Ra for him and be killed along the way so he made up this plan to kill Sara, hit Ra; where possibly will hurt him the most (a member of the League of the Assasins and Ra protegee) and by killing Sara it triggered a lot of situations that we had seen so far in the past episodes, starting when Oliver face Ra at the mountain. Malcolm is evil and he wants everyone to suffer and make tough decisions including his daughter just so can save from battling Ra's on his own, he is that coward but he was intelligent to plan all this up starting with Sara's murder. He did not mean to kill Sara because let say he hated Sara but Sara was just the choice to get to Ra's and get everyone involved and also to make ras see olie as his heir or maybe kill him and take his place(Like in the 9th episode this season he wanted olie to kill ras so all the blood debt is canceled and also because Malcoml hate Oliver the best way for Malcolm to get Oliver killed was for Ra to kill him but in order for Oliver to be dead he made this plan firts to get Sara killed and then triggered all following situations. He wanted to settle his blood debt automatically without even him being at risk and without doing anything.

@ Arrowette

And that is what makes Malcolm Merlyn so good, and so critical to the show; his irredeemable evil persona................


I'm still predicting that Maddie will end up being Deacon's donor.

Sixxx 6

It was very interesting idea but they pulled it off because it was still very funny. I love Apple don't get me wrong, but this was one big Apple commercial, wonder how much they paid to do it. It was a great episode, it definitely left a message to be not so wired and actually pay attention, I say with my phone glued to me at all times. It was well done, it could have gone either way, huge flop or huge success and I think it was a success, very funny, funnier than most this season...and is it just me or did Luke's hair look way better than his normal curly hair?