Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Review: So Close, Yet So Far

I respectfully don't agree with this review on some levels and support it on others. The episode belonged to Nick, as did the first. Frank Dillane really brings out his A- Game in this show, but that doesn't mean the others have done or will do badly. Like you said, FTWD is trying to be 'different' from The Walking Dead and I personally love slow progressive shows as they give adequate time for immense character development and dialogue depth.From my view, the first five episodes would be focused on showcasing the intense tension and true fear ON THE LITTLE THINGS (The neighbour who was already coughing, the policeman getting water supplies for himself etc) and also to establish all the characters' personal fear and tensions. Also, the police DO know what's happening. Kirkman isn't stupid, he left those clues there for us to decipher like the policeman buying an unusual amount of water from the store and when the female cop shot the walker just for walking toward her. All in all I do admit the episode didn't pack a punch like the first but it let the storyline slide on beautifully and I believe the third and maybe fourth episode will e like this too. The Walking Dead started with a big exhale, Fear The Walking Dead doesn't have to follow, rather, she'll take in a deep inhale until the moment is right to let it all out.

Under the Dome Canceled After Three Seasons

Finally, it's about time. One of the best first 5 episodes i'd ever seen...then it just depended on shock value, even killing off characters with great potential thus, not allowing actresses like Britt Robertson to shine fully.

NCIS Season 13 Premiere Photos

Love the Mike Franks character! Wish they hadn't killed him off, but Franks' return in any dimension, is good news.


oh dear it almost confirms the worst fears we have, Let us forget about Beckett as Captain. We now have confirmation that Castle is going back to being a PI. Huh? Castle was a failure because he does not have the skills to be a PI. The skill set of homicide detective and PI are entirely different. To be successful you need a network of working police officers to get information ( illegally), you need a suite of highly satisfied clients etc. It is seedy work. Has no writer viewed Hell hath no fury in Season one at all in. the PI there was portrayed pretty accurately. It is mainly seedy work. Castle originally got into this work without having a clue about what possible work he might do nor what the revenue potential was. In other words he was a complete Bimbo. This has increased tenfold. Why would he not only put on an employee but also his daughter!! He would have already had to pay out on an expensive lease for an office in Manhattan, He would need another expensive fitout and it must be have large office space for three people plus other would need a separate office to talk to clients! He now has a payroll of two. Okay he has the net wealth to waste money but why? Then we have Alexis. Here is a smart, driven, educated woman.It appears she has thrown in her university education and working at Castle’s PI office. Why would any self respecting Father allow her daughter to work in this seedy area particularly if she is as intelligent as Alexis. There is no correlation with this and her studies. Why is Alexis acting where she shows no self respect at all to her father? I feel confirmation of the Joannie Cunnigham disease here. The basis of Castle is how the relationship of Castle and Beckett at work on homicide integrates with their relationship with home life. This destroys this like the extremely boring Washington arc did. I only want to see Castle with Beckett not another woman and certainly not one who is not attractive. If, and it is a BIG IF, my fears are confirmed then Castle jumped the shark last season and it is continuing this season. I really hope to eat these words.

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2016 not 2013.

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That's part of the news! The announcement also includes an all expenses paid, one-way trip back to the past to see the future in a whole new way! ;-) Updated.

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Killjoys was given another 10 episodes, Dark Matter got 13.


The Librarians with Christian Kane is the show i am waiting to see! Nov 1st you know where i will be!!

Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

go back to season 3epode 15-"Know when to fold them" the gambling lawyer talked about the "conspiracy" when Mike/Harvey planned to "buy" off the Hessingtonoil witnesses wth the Alien Tort Act


He's not familiar to ME cos I never watched the soap he was in. I'm kind of wondering if he'll be the replacement Bo,since we already got the idea that Bo is being held captive somewhere. If Peter Reckell won't be back to play Bo, they might as well kill his character off cos many of us won't accept a replacement!


The 1st episode was disappointing & after about 15 minutes, I gave up on the 2nd episode. I don't NEED this show in my life-seems like a "poor relation" in comparison to TWD. Why watch 2nd best???? That's like that "Call Saul" show-a very p*ss-poor effort to cash in on BB, which was an incomparable, wonderful, riveting show! FTWD is like that-a p*ss-poor effort to cash in on a bright & shining star.

The Strain Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Intruders

i havent read the book and i really love palmer having agendas without the master i wonder what hes up the way he mocks eichorst.and i luuurrrvvveee me some quinlan does he have a di(k?