What's your favorite new summer show?

I'm watching : Reckless; The Last Ship; The Strain and The Leftovers - haven't got a 'favorite' (yet)!!


Okay, one last post, questions about the show. Looking for all of you, great posters here, thoughts.
If Grace does start an affair with Dylan, do you see it as a sign that the marriage is over, for her ?
Do you think that after last week, Neil is about to call an end to all of the deception?
Will Neil calling Grace out for lying, what ever it maybe, give Grace pause, and maybe force her to become more truthful, or at least regretful of what she's been doing,
And last thing, what do you think Adriana plan is for Simon to appear married? Possible setup of Grace?
Looking forward to everyone here after tomorrow episode. Thanks again Carissa, for your great review and comments.

The Fate of Tony Soprano: REVEALED!!!

God damn! i miss the show... i don't think the point of the finale was whether he died or not : focus on the last dinner scene : when someone chooses to live the life tony soprano lived, it doesn't matter if you survive or not you will always be under a constant threat you'll never be safe neither your family and that how the show blow my freaking mind to the very last line! All hail the sopranos *_*

10 Truly Terrible Series Finales

How can a list like this be compiled and they leave off Quantum Leap? WORST....FINALE....EVER! Watch it if you have never seen it, and then you'll know what I mean....

Survivor San Juan Del Sur Cast: Announced!

Those look like the twins from the amazing race. I really hope its not them because they are so annoying. If it is i'll skip the show until they are voted off then start watching.

@ Ghost00

It is!


Interesting how they'll play this out if it's renewed. I heard it's in the works. Will Molly sit down with Leila and tell her Bassam did this because Jamal put the Shiek in a coma, He killed Victoria, He raped Nusrat which Liela doesn't know, and if they don't make a deal she'll spill the beans to the population. It seems like they have to start a war of the US intervenes because Barry is an American? How we see?


It would have been good if, say, James Gandolfini was still alive and it made a difference whether Tony were still alive, but he's not and it doesn't so it's of no matter whatsoever.

The Fate of Tony Soprano: REVEALED!!!

What a load of click bait crap. Chase did a nice job of closing the Sopranos. This interview adds nothing to it.


I love these shows!
I am not looking forward to the death on Chicago Fire, but it has to happen, I am still not sure who it will be!

Tyrant Review: Who's the Better Brother Now?

I hope Tyrant is renewed for a second season. The series presented a different perspective on a family in power in the Middle East. Yeah I know it was just television but it was a refreshing escape from how theses shows are usually portrayed. The transformations of Jamal and Bassam as the series progressed was compelling. If only Bassam hadn't gotten power hungry he may have recognized how Jamal changed and used it as an opportunity to guide change through his, almost child-like, brother. Tariq surviving the previous episode was always going to turn out bad for Bassam. That guy truly is evil but Bassam's actions has driven Jamal even closer to Tariq. Bassam really was clueless of what was happening on the fishing trip and showed he really wasn't ready to run a country. Had Bassam got rid of Tariq and tried to guide Jamal in the right direction I could see a season 2 that focuses on the buildup to the elections and exploring the complexities of the relationship between Jamal, Leila and Bassam. We all know there was chemistry between Leila and Bassam, and how much did Molly know about Leila and Bassam's prior relationship. Unfortunately we will probably never know. It was a nice series to follow through the summer, not withstanding the annoying kids, sister in-law and inappropriate clothing for that part of the world. Heck I even liked the character of Tucker. And never going into a bathroom or sauna with Jamal.

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