Dean was off on a case alone because for whatever reason Rudy called him and "begged" him to take the case. And since Dean had left the bunker to 'brood' alone, that was why he was on a case alone. Rudy, I believe has popped up from time to time so it makes sense that he finally showed his face. I had a feeling with "Seth" poured his coffee and Crowley gave him a look, that he would either become his 'pal' or be involved somehow. They don't do "looks" for no reason in this show. I'd like to see Cas actually start being a full on, 100% angel again. Wasn't he able to 'flash' from place to place whenever someone called or prayed for him? Now he has to drive around in a car everywhere he goes? And just because Dean had "The Mark" when he beat up Cas doesn't mean that Cas should've shown the beating. That didn't make sense to me. As for the Darkness, it's opening Hell's Gate all over again. Seems awfully similar. Same story, different time. Sam and Dean have to do something questionable to save one another. Result = some sort of apocalypse. Just the same story recycled again, only this time I hope they really open it up, and blow us away with their creativity. The universe is the limit when it comes to creating the characters from the Darkness. And yea I agree, God should show his face now. I was waiting a couple seasons ago when we met his gardner, that he'd show his face when the Leviathans came forward. Then we learn that God "gave up" and left man, demon and angel to their own devices. Now with the Darkness here, I expect He will have to make a return to battle it back. They don't really go by the "sacrifice one to save many" in their family. Think of all that could have been avoided had, pick one, died instead of releasing an apocalypse on an unsuspecting world filled with innocents. But if they did that then we wouldn't have a show. And while I like Felicia Day, her character was getting a bit cliche. They never write 'geeks/nerds' in a good way. I was a bit surprised that she was dead, but half expected it when she left the decryption-fest with Cas and Rowena. It was a bit too easy if you ask me. And while Cas is a bit of a dumb-dumb sometimes, he's almost slid back to when he first came to Earth, and didn't know anything. He's had ample time to learn how the world works and how to interact with humans in that world. Overall I give the episode a B, and the series an A-. All still very good, just with some holes here and there, as with most shows on TV nowadays.

@ Slundy99

All the Angels lost their wings so none of the Angels can fly anymore (that's why that have that sandbox portal to heaven). That's why when Dean prayed at the beginning of season 9 all the angels started coming to them via bus, car, walking.


Ok season two is coming up. Ah! Jamal is a homicidal maniac. Barry is not worse tha Jamal. Jamal killed Victoria for really no good reason. What, a hooker is going to spill the beans that the President wants out? She knows she's dead if she says anything. Barry has good intentions Jamel has none. I think Tucker lets Jamal in on how Barry was going to let him retire to the Maldives and that saves him. I love this show because I'm tired of all of the cop shows on TV. Can't wait until June 16th.
Boy Leila spitting in Barrie's face after chastising him for running out on her was a great portrayal of a woman scorned. Great performance.

33 Sexiest Smiles on TV

13. It's Lanie Parish.


Regarding that High Sparrow question (especially directed at Jim): Cersei made her big mistake with giving the Sparrow his Fairth Militant.
That was dumb and it WILL come to bite her ass as well. But what you've seen wasn't writer laziness but Westeros "politics". The Faith Militant, once active is above the law als the 7 gods are the highest law (even though King/Queen would want to see themselves higher, even they live acc. to the 7 and have thus abide to their rules).
They are of course religious fanatics and insane. But after Cersei activated them, what they did was within their "rights". But yeah, I wished for Tommen to at least protest instead of just sitting there!


I don't know I hate what they're doing to Hayley she should be more then what she is the whole show I feel like should end

The Following Finale Review: How Did It All End?

It was a classic 24 season finale ending... A mole is revealed, there is some higher authority the bad guy answers to but is never revealed, oh and jack bauer - uh, I mean ryan hardy fakes his death and leaves his friends and family behind.

Sarah silva

Cockatoo! So great!
So many great moments!
I feel bad for Hayley. I was hoping Andy and Hayley would finally be together.
Cam and his braces.
Jay was right about Gloria's cousin the whole time.
Joe and Andy dressing alike.
Alex asking her mom to go to Europe.

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 23 Review: Brother's Keeper

If you remember Death was dead and resurrected by lucifer when he brought in the four horseman...so really death is just one of the four horseman and we know that they can be hurt and killed. I don't think this stops reapers etc...people were dying and being reaped before the four horseman showed up and shall continue to be after he is gone.

American Crime Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Forgiveness

I hate to sound, shall we say unintelligent, but I have no idea who actually did the killing! Could somebody please tell me?

Sarah silva

I really hope that Halstead is the one that bring Lindsay back from the brink. Then Voight will be so greatful that he will allow then to be together and work together.
I knew that Olinsky was going to have a daughter with that woman.
The boxing gym storyline came out of nowhere but I like it. I am not 100% sure if Dawson will use the dirty money. It is the only way to save the gym so I am sure he will.
I do not think Voight is getting worse, his friend was killed by the gang and Voight was going to retaliate and I was not surprised at all when he did.
I love that Ruzek proposed.
Yes if Lindsay leaves every season it will get annoying. I am sure when she does come back they will keep Burgess there too. That way there will be 8 of them an even number. I am sure it will then lead to maybe one character being "off' each episode.

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