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Come on - the network clearly wants to get rid of this Marvel show by putting it on hiatus for months.

@ Isoron

Pretty sure they put it on hiatus for Agent Carter.


I think everybody knew the texts wouldn't be there for long after hanna decided to finally speak up. do the writer's actually think we're that dumb?
am I the only one who think ezra-aria is just plain weird? I mean he's a grown man and she's 18. really don't care what happens to them

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Once Upon a Time Round Table: The Heart of Darkness

She wishes she was as 1/4 as cool as Patsy


Excellent episode. Loved all of the Boyd scenes. His behavior towards Ava until the last scene reminded me of the way cats toy with their prey before they eat it. The look on his face when she finally admitted her role was pure heartache. His performance is always so very good, which begs the question: Why hasn't this man been given an Emmy?
Winona and Raylan were interesting too, but the baby was better, doing what babies do, right on cue.
Zachariah has something up his sleeve, and it's not good and will no doubt get him killed.
Ty Walker is a weasel, doing what he did, but then again, he's a smart weasel, that's who he is, which makes it possible that Seabass might not survive the next episode.
I just want Boyd to get out alive...okay, Raylan too.


Too bad Murphy will miss the war

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 8 Review: AMA

I've heard and read that Tommy might be the killer, but let's think clear. Why would he do that, he loves Lindy so much (just look at him, he's in love). I would be very surprised if the killer is a woman or even more surprised if the killer is Lindy's sister and she wants revenge. (Because she was kidnapped in front of Lindy, but she couldn't do anything). Hope that this show will be renewed.

@ Sissy

I agree that it's not Tommy. If it seems obvious, it usually isn't. I just don't think he makes sense I've wondered about the sister, but it would be disappointing for the killer to be someone who has been offscreen the whole time. I want it to be someone who has been right under our noses! I hope it's renewed too. It's improved to greatly and deserves to keep growing. :) Come back next week to talk about the reveal. :)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Aftershocks

This is the show I've been waiting for. The last 2 episodes have been fantastic. My favorite scene from last night's episode is when Fitz is comforting Skye. Skye's father assumed that everyone would hate on Skye because she's different, but this scene really shows how big hearted Fitz is and I like seeing that relationship between Fitz and Skye.


It wasn't the best episode of the season by any means, but I just love this show. It felt a bit like a filler. And Dr. Bergdahl just doesn't fit in yet. Maybe he will in the future, or maybe we will just see less of him. But at least his storyline, like you said, did cause some funny moments for the "support staff". I mostly just wish we could move past these tactics with Mindy. It seems like Danny has caused her to grow a lot. So I hate when things go backwards and show her reverting to her old, naïve ways.

Eric Mabius to Own Strip Club on Chicago Fire Season 3

Loved Eric on Ugly Betty, cannot wait to see him on Chicago Fire. Maybe he will end up a regular or re-occurring.

Bo on Lost Girl - TV Fanatic

It sucks that this show is getting cancelled! There's so much room for Bo's character to grow, I've seen that since day one. She could go completely rogue, become a character we love to hate and then back!
But Kenzie needs to get back on and/or get a Kenzie-ish character!
Too bad tho