Revenge Season 4: Best Episode, Worst Twist & More!

I so disagree with the finale being the worst. It was one of the BEST for me for sure! The episode with David tricking Nolan was one of the WORST EVER! David in my opinion never did properly apologize. In fact I would say, Anything dealing with Dave Clarke NEVER seemed right. He was like a zombie and should have never be reintroduced into the story.
If anything did not fit it was that crazy Demily try at a do over relationship! He shoots her, leaves her for dead, she can't have children and has his woman right in the house with her and SO WHAT they have cute little convo in the elevator! So ALL IS FORGIVEN?! what a joke!

7 Hopes for The Vampire Diaries Season 7

Enzo had a good potential but writers ruined it in season 6. Matt would be better not to touch. Otherwise, they ruin him too. He's already done something strange at the end of the 6th season. Steroline is boring. They never replaced Delena. Bamon aka Boremon be a complete collapse of the show. Anyway, the show should have been canceled rather than continue without one of the protagonist. The best were the first four seasons.


Maybe the reason Sara keeps showering is to drink her polyjuice potion (Harry Potter reference) which is in line with Sara being Charles. Hey, stranger things have happened *ahemRavenswoodahem*.


Well I wasn't going to watch this, but my son talked me into it. Glad he did! I actually felt Elliot's despair oozing thru the TV. Rami Malek is fantastic! I'm interested in seeing if the actual 'takedown' occurs...elimination of debt and redistribution of wealth. I'd love to see how the world handles this.


TWD is always evolving. I'm not into early speculation.

Reign Season 2 Episode 21 Review: The Siege

I don't really believe Catherine served up horse meat to Narcisse. She played him like a fiddle. "Make him think that and I keep the upper hand!" If she did, that was so cruel, I would hate her too. She's nuts! And another thing, Lola's still technically married. That should be handled so she can either be with Remy or go on with Narcisse.

Game of Thrones Season 5: Best Death, MVP, Cheesy CGI and More!

Maybe it's because few of us know, exactly, what flying away on a dragon should look like in reality. But based on some GoPro footage taken from the cockpits of ultralights and similar flying vehicles, that looked entirely realistic to me.

UnREAL Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Wife

I'm really glad that quin stood op against Chet! Finally!! I mean he stole her idea, he gave her the impression that she would be his wife (and not the work wife alone anymore) someday but still he knocked up his other "in real life" wife. I really started disliking Chet because he such a jerk to all of his employees no respect at all! And now the cat is out the bag and the idea was stolen well he got what he deserved (maybe he deserved more) when bill knocked him! Quin made the show, he can't do this without her and he saying i made you is a little to overboard!
I like Bill, i have seen the actor play in different shows and he never dissapoins! #teamquill
His royal higness' winery was expected to be a disaster! I mean the guy is an egocentric oppotunist (but who isn't on the show?) who for the first time is standing on his own feet and because he can't do anything else he is whoring himself out!
Rachel and adam never dissapoints i like jay, can't blame the guy for also being an oppurtonist and trying to still have his job. The minute chet asked him for the limo, i knew it would backfire somehow, i just diddn't espect to be over a silly photochopping thing and that Quinn would do the firing, i thought he was going to play the card to Chet to get his show on the air some kind of thrait! I really enoyed the episode and i realy hope the rating go threw the roof next monday!

Suits Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Denial

I'm just happy the show is back. I'm hoping now that Donna works for Louis she can date Harvey, but, how exciting is it to find out how his new assistant will look and work out. DRAMA :-)

Ronald simkins
Aquarius: Renewed for Season 2!

Quell surprise considering the total success of Netflix's series like Daredevil. But kudos to NBC who kept us Grimmed up on Friday nights and already has it in syndication.