The Strain Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Born

Great episode. I rewatched three times already.

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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 7 Review: All Must Be Loved

Ray lost it with Romero when Romero told him he had talked about Ray with Father O'Connor and that O'Connor 'loved him'. Similar words from O'Connor to Ray (about O'Connor loving Ray) last season fired up Ray enough for him to pull the trigger. I didn't think he would go through with the confession and now we should find out just what Romero's plan B is. What can you say about Mick and his schemes. Although it's TV I still find myself staggered at how much Ray has to carry around and try and solve. Looking forward to next week.

@ Charliebrown

You and RockStarinPalmSprings are on the same page with all the baggage Ray has to carry around. I think that's why he's stayed away from his family, because he doesn't want to make promises he can't keep. He has no friends left, and he could really use some friends. It was pretty vile of Romero to say he "knew" how much Ray loved Father O'connor. As for Mick, the more that happens to Ray, the more I want to see Mick taken down a peg or two, but it never seems to happen. Ah well.

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Meh, I never really liked Caroline/Klaus. I guess the reason is that I never managed to fall for Klaus in the first place, I've always found him sooo antipathetic. I didn't like Allison/Isaac either. I just loved Scallison way too much and felt like Isaac was just getting in the way.

Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 9 Review: m1rr0r1ng.qt

This is definitely my favorite show that's come out in the last 2-3 years. The only worry I have, is that they've revealed too many secrets in season 1. As great as this season was though, I trust that the writers will keep it entertaining. I believe that Elliot will play a hand at getting Angela to accept the job with Evil Corp. he'll convince her that's it's the only way to take them down.

Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Legacy

I certainly hope this show gets cancelled. It's one of those 'I started it and I can't stop now' shows we all have. But this season has just been stupid. The high point is Jim having,and loving, a dog.
Oh...and about Julia's hair...I first saw her in a program a few summers back.
In "Off the Grid" she was a doctor way out in the wilds of Africa. That curl is all natural.
She was, by far, my favorite character in DOME. Now I'm just tired of everyone.
If she and Barbie don't wind up together I'm going to be so mad.

The Strain Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Born

Wow, this episode was awesome. I think you have said this before Henry, and I think so as well, the flashbacks are the best part of this season! I am loving them. Quinlan is totally badass and awesome! His meeting with Setrakian and Fet was perfect, it showcased his skills in fighting and also that he was not afraid to kill the strigoi, even though he is half-strigoi. I am looking forward to him working with Setrakian further down the road. Eph's character has been a total rollercoaster this season. One moment I love him and am rooting for him, and at other times (like much of this episode), he frustrates me and I find myself hoping he gets killed by Palmer. His ups and downs are very inconsistent this season. I am not loving the love triangle scenes at all. I wish they focused more on the matter at hand, like Setrakian said to Fet! enough already with the mushy love stuff. As far as Coco and Palmer goes, I am really confused as to her angle! I suppose Palmer needs screentime so this is what we get. I did miss Eichorst this episode, he was only there briefly.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Should Be With Hope?

I don't like Bo and don't think of them as a super couple. She is much better with Aiden but I would like to see Aiden and Hope bring down Clyde especially after he beat him up. Clyde is getting too much power and has to be eliminated. I wish Bo wouldn't come back and maybe he will get killed by the Salem Stalker. The actor is overpaid and is dopey and a deserter to have left Hope. Aiden and Hope are so romantic together and adorable. Bo is a cheater, liar and deserter. Hope he leaves as soon as he gets to Salem. Of course if they make Aiden leave Rafe is my second choice but I prefer Aiden.


Chilton instead of Freddie??? Wonder why? I am thinking NBC didn't want to show that kind of brutality aimed at a woman

@ Class Versus Sass

I think Chilton was the logical choice given the show. We've seen much more of him, and there were higher emotional stakes for us (as viewers) to see what happened to him. We all kinda love to hate Chilton, and having Will set him up to be captured adds a different dynamic. I don't think we would have experienced the same with Freddie. Also, Bryan Fuller (not NBC) has a very clear stance on how violence against women should be treated on TV, so I'm guessing that the decision *might* have something to do with that.

@ Robin Harry

you are probably right:)


I never expected to enjoy this show. Who knew a change of location and some fresh characters would make this show work? Not me! Good review.

Sp mckenna
@ Paul Dailly

Me either. I was really skeptical before watching, but now I'm much more enthusiastic to see what's next. A promising start for sure. And thanks for reading!