Let's be honest- Shonda just does not know how to do "happy ending". It is easier to bring a huge turn off, the big impact into the scenes than to deal with possible borring happy ending. She proved it already killing off Danny, then Teddy's bff, then Mark and Lexie, bringing the break up of Calzona, and finaly getting rid of Derek. It is her choice of course but the fans deserve at least a moment of goodbye with Derek during his funeral... For whatever it's worth...

Sarah silva

Great episode.
I loved all the flashbacks with Kono and her mom. However with the things makeup artists can do these days they could have done a way better job making the actress that played Kono's mom look older in the scenes that she was supposed to be older.
I also fid it hard to believe that the team did not know her mother had an aneurysm and that Chin had to tell them.
We got Danny at the start and near the end. Are we really supposed to beleive that with Kono on her adventure that Danny would be taking holidays as well.
No matter who is having the issues be it Scott and the show or vice versa or Scott in L.A. making movies or what ever all the rumors are, it is sure taking away from they full enjoyment I used to have for show. Do not get me wrong I still love this show but things have felt off all season.
Chin has been out working on cases a lot.
I am not sure if the finale will end with a cliffhanger as it can go one of two ways as we still do not know if it is coming back. So either it ends on a good note in case it is the end or Peter Lenkov gives us a cliffhanger daring CBS to bring it back.

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Sarah silva

Great finale.
During the first couple minutes I too wondered why Linda was not shot. Then I saw the blood
on her one side and knew she was shot but her adrenaline was going full force so she did not know she was shot.
I agree about Erin and as always about Jamie.
I wondered why Danny was able to still work on the case.
I knew Danny faked Curtis' mom's injuries and I did like that as that. His mom also gave a great performance.
I absolutely loved what Frank said to Clinton at the end. For me it was the best things he has ever said.
The family dinner was nice eventhough they were not all together but I do love that the rest of the family orders Linda and Danny dinner.
Is the show in danger of not being renewed? I thought it had a good chance.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

The averages for the entire season are 11.28 million viewers, and a 1.29 18-49 demo. I think those are strong enough to give us another season, but I guess we will just have to wait for the upfronts on May 13th.


(Sigh) At this point, I'm just hoping Bruce Campbell shows up in a special guest appearance as Ash and lops Juliette's head off. "Yo, she-bitch! (cocks shotgun) Let's go."

@ Ben

Shop smart, shop S-Mart!!!!


That's it for me. The magic is gone now completely. Now it's just a series that should have ended long ago (imo). I understand if he wanted to quit. But this is way too soon after Christina. Ah well, good bye Grey's Anatomy. Thanks for some great years :)

Revenge: Canceled by ABC!

I sure hope to see character Nolan Ross in more thriller dramas...he's a great actor!

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 22 Review: She's Leaving Here

I thought it was a lovely episode. I don't think I could have handled a much longer funeral it was a struggle to keep it together as it was. The lady holding Mer's hand was meant to symbolise Christina as Sandra Oh was never going to be there. I understand the fans are distraught I certainly am. I physically feel like I'm mourning a real person which my head tells me is crazy. That's how good the writing has been over the last 11 seasons. My husband thinks I'm bonkers!! The stories in the episode showed all the stages of grief. Arizona was the angry one, Ben and Bailey were bargaining. Alex and Amelia were in denial, Maggie felt abandoned, Jackson was depressed and Mer eventually found acceptance. The lady with the burns and Callie showed that time was a great healer. I'm looking forward to the future of grey's. Please keep watching x

@ mel thelwell

Finally someone else realised the curly haired lady was supposed to be Christina

Mary d

I liked the episode and the fact that after so many years, we are still discovering things about the main characters. I didn't care for the case of the week as much, though. Side note: is it me or Scott's shots at the base were just added in the editing process? It doesn't look as he was filming the same day as the other guys. I really hope that if the shows gets renewed, he'll have more time to actually be in it.

Regina vilela
The Messengers Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Path to Paradise

As a scientist myself, I'm really curious about the meteor and what powers it possesses. Also Vera's gift is still pretty confusing to me right now. So she can walk around with her body staying in the same place? And why does her heart stop when she does it? I hope we will learn more about it soon.
I also really liked to know Michael's father and since he didn't leave Vera for someone else, I'm rooting for them as my favorite ship of this show. Let's hope the writers don't kick him out too soon...


I hope this show is given another season BUT without Danny. He does not belong in a family based on Law and justice. Just kill the character off camera in the first episode of the new season.

@ retiredgolfer

It is interesting that Jamie is the least experienced police employee in the family, but he has the most common sense and an aptitude to be helpful. Between his thug brother and his sanctimonious sister, he is a good example of what a good cop should be.