Spindae 2o

Great RT. It was a tremendous episode!
1. Favorite Scene:
The Elena-Bonnie goodbye. I always loved when those 2 shared a scene and sadly their characters were too much revolving around love interests to spend more time together. The moment Elena told B&C to write diaries so she could read them one day made me tear up. Beautifully written.
2. Least favorite?
Lilly and her Heretics. I really liked the idea of the but essentially they bored me to death.
I loved it. It gave the show enough space to say goodbye to Elena but still not make it all about her. I also like Kai's ultimatum to not mess with the spell/curse so they wouldn't try to mess with it of give that to much focus.
4,Rip JO!
U were a beautiful bride, a sassy gf and everything Alaric needed. U were his one true paring and U'll be missed.
5. Rate Kai's death?
10 for effectivness, 5 cause it was a bit anticlimactic.
6. Rate the finale?
A- , it was emotional, action packed and intrigued us well enough to be hooked. I hope Damon's downroad spiral will be not that heavy.

Spindae 2o

It's like U read 90% of my mind Christine. I agree on most of Ur points.
My best ep of the season: Sympathy for De Vil, followed closely by Lily and the 2 hour finale.
Worst Twist: I have to say Zelena coming back is tolerable for me, but The Snow Queen being Emma's foster mother and Elsa's aunt was to much. And that long letter from Elsa's mome, yeah not cool.
Hopes for S5:
- I agree on the Charmings needing a new direction. I hope their search for Emma will drive them to new directions
- CS finally getting more serious. We need to put a Baby in Emma's belly and heal Regina's belly just like we did with Snow in that S02 flashback with Lancelot.
- Aladin finally getting to appear. He is one of my favorite Disney characters, bring him on.

@ Spindae2

Healing Regina is not impossible at all. We have this well whose waters have the same properties as lake Nostos. Rumple talked about it in 1x22. They restore what has once been taken away from someone. So let's just immerse Regina into it and see what happens! :))


The correct term for bot his actor (like musician and dancer, the term is considered gender-neutral these days).

Criminal Minds Season 10 Report Card: Grade It!

Overall I liked this season. Kate fit in well with the team. I want creepier cases for next season but that's just me. Also I'd like to see them revisit old cases where they unsub got away


More Killian and Emma in S5 please!! This dark swan storyline has so much potential for the two of them. I hope Adam and Eddy will explore it fully for my favorite couple.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

Best episode: The finale. it was just so much fun.
Worst episode: there were I few I didn't like but can't remember them
Best Villain: Cruella, she was great and a girl after my own heart LOL
Most Disappointing Recurring Character: Belle. She jsut feels like a plot device for Rumple and nothing more. She should get her own story.
Most Disappointing New Character: Will. He was barely in it and he nothing to do
Most shocking Twist: Emma becoming the Dark One
Worst Twist: Zelena being pregnant. I HATE it. I absolutly HATE it. It's so soapy and over the top and urgh it makes me mad. Plus I hate Zelena. Can't stand her urgh
Best New Trend: Emma and Regina becoming friends and working together
Best Kiss: Undecided between Hood/Regina and Hook/Emma
Best Advice: The one Hook gave Emma when they were looking at the horizon
Hopes for Once Upon a Time Season 5: More Henry and Hook team-up. A storyarc for Belle apart from Rumple. More Hook/Emma exploring their relationship. More Regina/Emma exploring their friendship. Bringing back some old characters like Red, Archie and Pongo.


I guess Fitz is the new blame Obama. If anything happens, blame Fitz. This roundtable panel is so clueless when it comes to analyzing Scandal. Lizzie did not know all the details of what happened only what Mellie knew to tell her. So she could only tell Fitz about the list of jurors and their murder. Fitz did his own digging to find out what Cyrus and Mellie had done to cover up the mess. Actually Fitz did make his own decision after getting the facts and realizing that Cyrus and Mellie would never change their scheming ways. He is tired of being kept in the dark from people who are supposedly on his team. There is no reason for Scott Foley to remain on Scandal unless they revive the incredibly stupid B613 storyline and the so-called love triangle is played out. The season finale setup season 5 for lots of fireworks, new alliances and rebuilding at OPA and the White House.

Cena gomez
@ LeeS99

Yeah, these folks are clueless when it comes to the show. I agree. It is clear to the fans that Fitz did his own searching after Lizzie gave him the ammo. He is the POTUS and can acquire info that the average person cannot. Jake should leave. He serves no purpose on the show now that the triangle is dead. Foley is a terrible actor and the weak link in the cast.

@ LeeS99

Yup Blame Fitz lol. I'm still waiting for the twist with Lizzie. What exactly did she whisper to Fitz when she told about what Mellie and Cryus did for Command, hummmmm. What did she tell Fitz to get her the Chief's position because I wouldn't trust that heffa, lol. I'm sure there will be a recap on her true motives next season. Yeah I'm sure Fitz is tired of being in the dark, I just want to know what light has he been shown, I know there will be a twist to it, can't wait. I love Scott's acting and I never wanted him to die or be killed off, he was already killed off Grey's Anatomy so I didn't want him to leave Scandal too. How they will bring him back, idk. I mean he can be like Olivia's Charlie since Huck had cracked. I did like the triangle but yeah it's getting old and the Jake character knows it so he left that mess alone. Wonder where that will lead, if anywhere at all. I don't see how he has a purpose anymore but I guess we will find out this Fall. With Poppa Pope killing off some of the people that knew he was Command, he left some people, lol. Charlie is still alive, the former white house secret service guy that kill Fitz son is still alive, not to mention Maya Pope, Olivia, and so many others. So I think there is still and underline for B613 to kind of be back but not in the forefront of the story line anymore, well I'm hoping not because I'm over it. Now that Momma Pope is free she is free to be the new villain of the show, yay, she's crazy, but I hope she doesn't dominate the show like Rowan did. I think the finale was ok but it left enough doors open for the next season. I have so many questions and I've been hooked on Scandal since the very beginning so I am excited to see what happens next.


Amazing show, amazing season, my only hope for season 5 is that it isn't the final season and they get to fully complete the story they want to tell.


Okay from a time line, here is how it should turn out. Because Barry is the one now in the wormhole, he should retain his memories, but everything else should change.
Eobard is erased from the timeline, he never existed, so all previous damage is removed.
Due to that, Barry's mom is okay, and his dad isn't in prison anymore.
Harrison and his dead wife are also alive, He will turn Star Labs into a very productive laboratory with Barry's help.
The AI and all references to the future are erased from the timeline, Barry will have to create the AI again at some point.
Iris won't know about Barry's powers and because of the timeline change, he will most likely have to accidently bump into her at the newspaper or start working again at the police station.
There are a few other timeline changes, but I think that should cover it. Now of course if the writers botch the timeline changes then of course I'll be scratching my head as to how it happens. Timelines don't branch off, they are only singularity strings that can be cut.

Arrow Round Table: Happily Ever After?!?

Maybe... Just maybe, oliver and nyssa have a plan regarding malcolm's rise as ra's al ghul. It's intriguing to see nyssa kneel before malcolm without a fight (and with a smile too). She was unwilling to kneel when her father, a much scarier person than malcolm, told her to. And nyssa was too calm, while we know that nyssa is a fiery character who always, always insists that everyone remember that she's the rightful heir to the demon. And oliver also reminded malcolm that he would never forgive malcolm for what he did to sara and thea.