90210 Review: The Bitch Is Back?

Sucks for those who want it canceled, as it's more than likely to get renewed over Nikita, Hart of Dixie, Ringer and Gossip Girl. It's all the way up there with renewal along with Supernatural, The Vampire Dairies and The Secret Circle.


WHY DID JEREMY HAVE TO BE THE MOLE???? I knew it the moment India said you have the wrong person... DAMMIT!!! once Jane finds out there really is no hope for J&J :( I want her to pick no one and wait til she is older (aka 18) then pick JEREMY and her and Billy still have this amazing friendship!

Ed and Leighton on G.G. Set

well this is not Chuck and Blair but Ed and Leighton...

Gossip Girl Set Photos: Chair Getting Their Flirt On?

to be honest i wouldn´t read to much into this..we saw the crew shooting on Monday on the lower east-side...we were in hurry but from what we could make out, it had been Pen and Leight going in and out of a building all over again, he had his hands on her arms in a comforting way, and they kept pretty close, "Blair"-Leighton- seemed to be a little stressed/frustrated....on the other hand there was a lot of laughing, dunno know if it was part of the scene though, or if it had been the reason why they had to reshoot it... only time will tell.... ps Ausiello is out...with Serena and Dair spoiler...


Why are people always so obsessed with endgame couples? I don't get it. I'd like to see Adam with Diana again. Cassie and Adam are just so blah together. No chemistry at all.

Jane By Design Review: The Love Quadrangle

Billy !!!! Why is so strange dating your best friend!? For me billy always was in love with her!


I laughed my ass off :D

South Park Review: "Bass to Mouth"

this hole season sucks i like southpark but its getting kinda gay and they have too much money now to try and make a funny show... i still love my season 1 vhs tapes...

Pretty Little Liars Review: A View from Above

People should stop telling who's A in the books. It's annoying. And not just because Marlene King said they do it different on the show. @lauren, who says that the girls don't find out who A is? My bet is still on either Melissa or Maya.

The Simpsons Review: El Barto Returns

"Laughter", you are absolutely right. People keep saying that the new Simpsons episodes suck, but these episodes, like the classic ones, contain highly intelligent and subtle humour that, without doubt, puts all the other stuff that comes on tv to bed.