Once Upon a Time Round Table: Who Gets a Happy Ending?

The show needs to stop with Happy Endings and start having character realize that it doesn't exist. Everyone is happy then something bad happens because that's life. Snow and Charming have got their happy ending about 20 times but then stuff happens because literally everything in your life has consequences. I'm not really into calling Hook a hero simply because after a significant amount of time after violating a young girl he could get something from her if he helped her. Although maybe Hook should question his happy ending because Emma never seems into him unless she's making out with him for some bland fanservice I do definitely hope Emma gets a better boyfriend for her "happy ending". After everything she's been through she deserves someone great. And maybe someone Jennifer Morrison can occasionally act like she's not completely indifferent to. Plus, Hook and Emma have yet to face any obstacle at all. It's really too bad the Author story and everything with the book is so discontinuous. Imagine what would have happened if the writers actually PLANNED or paid attention to what they've written so it makes sense!

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Is this writer a teenager?
Then it makes sense.
Laura is a show for teenagers, very immature. I watched it once, then gave it another chance, and that was it.


Episode was so-so. Killing Deadshot, what the hell. Typical, they show us more about a character then kill him off. I was absolutely gutted. I still hope he isn't gone.
Ray oh Ray. His mini vendetta was cute. Though he tried, team Arrow shut it down. Laurel was actually badass for how she handled him. Hey I felt sorry for the guy but Oliver didn't kill anyone and the Arrow has connections in the justice department LOL.
Glad Ray and Felicity patched things up. Too soon to break up just yet. I too thought for a sec that the Bare Belly Thea Syndrome had affected her but it was just a scare LOOOL.
Roy got it hard man, that blast... poor thing.
Dig and Lyla's wedding was nice. Ray as the minister had me cracking up ! It was sad to see them so worried on their mission. So no Dig in Team Arrow no more ? Awwww. Lyla and Cupid (what's her face), hilarious. Even more hilarious, Cupid and Deadshot. The man seriously looked like he wanted to kill himself .
Killing the Mayor though. They went too far, and that arrow pointed then shot at Felicity, man this is bad. Maseo man. So much for Ray trying to tell them that the Arrow didn't do it.


Just read the season finale rumor mill has started.'A major character being killed off'. I'm wondering if it's going to be Der (cos PD has been saying he's leaving soon)


Guys, did you realize that, right before the kiss, Derek's Intern said the exact same thing Meredith said to him on their very first surgery together? She was going on about his help on her research and said "That was such a high!". I think that's why he wound up kissing her... because it reminded him of Meredith!

The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Delena in Danger?

The cure will be pivotal because Elena will want to have human experiences again and will be human by the end of the series. Not sure who she will end up with but it won't be Damon. Just my prediction.


Another great interview. I try to Tweet during commercials too. Or at least wait until commercials to look at other people's Tweets. I also often watch the episode twice on the same night. Syfy airs it at 9pm and 11pm. So in love with this show.

@ BlueStar

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I completely understand what Aaron meant about watching Twitter instead of the show. I live-tweet during The Flash and when I re-watch the episode the next day, I realize all the stuff I've missed.

Vikings Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Born Again

I love the show and last nights episode was very well acted but one plot I loved throughout the show was of the Priest becoming a Pagan. I would have liked to follow that story line to the end of the show for me seeing him reclaim his Christianity disappointed me.


This just goes to show you what a terrible state network television is in. They should try something new and original instead of reprising an old smelly twenty eight year old show.

Arrow Photos from "Public Enemy"

Oliver Queen is simply not getting the message through his thick skull. Either he ascends to the position of Ra's Al Ghul or the bodies will continue to drop. Where is the Oliver Queen (3x09 The Climb) who was willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to include sacrificing his own life to stop the League of Assassins from murdering 50 people a day (until Sara's killer was produced to Ra's) until he did so lying to Ra's and Nyssa that he killed Sara? Where is that Oliver Queen? This Oliver Queen is so selfish, self-centered, smug, arrogant, and stupid that he believes that he can defy the very man who only two months ago ran a sword through his chest and kicked him over the side of a mountain to his death. Ra's Al Ghul is not the buffoonish cartoon character villains that Oliver/Felicity have taken down, (Clock King, Murmur, Felicity's ex-boyfriend,). Ra's Al Ghul is the real-deal as Diggle would say and Oliver Queen is bringing about his own pain and suffering and the suffering of innocents in Starling City through his idiotic stubbornness. If only Malcolm Merlyn were well enough to use his sword to beat some sense into Oliver Queen's head....................