What is the idea of putting a photo of Jordan Gavaris while drying your tears for Paul Dierden? a bit confusing I must say.

11 Shows That Should Be Canceled Immediately

Why is The Following on here that's s great show!!


I thought the two leads had chemistry off the charts. No wonder they got together in real life. I'd love to see them together in another show. I loved seeing Mira Sorvino; she's been gone too long and she's just luminous. Off course she wupped that murdering louse of a spouse. Overall, I thought the episode was pretty meh. I'm glad they didn't kill the blonde, I thought she was tough and smart. Outside the two leads, I liked her character the best.


I have my DVR set to record new episodes at any time, and it recorded the show at 2:30 am. I'm guessing the show is toast. I like the Elena character, and Paige and Nick, but the worldbuilding is weak. The whole idea that any non wolf they love has to be murdered, and that they steal any male child that might become a wolf from its mother, is a turnoff.

Stalker Round Table: A Fitting Conclusion?

Love the show so much and felt sad for a few days after it ends.
Let's hope it gets picked up somewhere where the channel values the show. About the finale, I knew as soon as Vicky's husband appeared at the scene that he was also the killer. Just getting frustrated that we got cliffhanger again. After Criminal Minds : Suspect Behavior, I think I am enough with it :'(

Noisy from norway

Stalker was the only new show I watched this season. I have really enjoyed this show. The critics slammed the show early on and scared off many viewer I think. As for the the finale, it was one of the wealer episodes.
One thing I have to say is I loved that when Vickie was brought in the writers didn't go in the usual "I am threatned and think you want my job" trap. Here we had two stong and capeable women actually being good friends and work well together. Cudos for that! Rare to see in tv series. I will miss this show. I really liked it.


I fell so behind on this show but finally got caught up today. I literally spent all day trying to watch the last 8 episodes of the show and finally did. They were all amazing. I seriously love this show. I loved that the finale was 2 episodes long. I've been waiting since Maleficent and all of them were introduced for Emma to go bad and I've just been waiting waiting. In the end it finally happened but I was so surprised how it happened. It was amazing and heroic and I just can't wait till next season to see what happens. I'm really excited that Lily stay in Storybrooke which I assume and hope means we'll get to see much more of her and of Maleficent. I really like their characters and I really want to know who her father is and it seemed like that would be one of the stories for next season. This season and last season the show has done a thing where they've had like 2 separate stories going on. One the first half of the season then a new one the second half. So even though it's only one season it almost feels like we've had 2. Like last season it was about Pan and Neverland then the second half it was about Zelena. Then this season it was about Elsa then the last half it was about the queens of darkness. So I think by the way this one ended I assume next season will be one giant story arch and not half season ones like they've been doing. I just don't think they'll wrap up Emma being the Dark One and finding the Sorcerer. Maybe maybe they'll do it by the half season point but something else will happen. But that's a very big if. Either way I see next season being one big story. Also does anyone else feel like they're maybe getting ready to end the show? I never really thought about it but they've done so much and this season ended with Emma becoming the new Dark One and the apprentice saying the sorcerer is the only one that can destroy the darkness. So if he comes in and he saves Emma and destroys the darkness. Wouldn't that almost mean the end of the show because what would they do without the darkness? Unless they bring in something worse or the darkness isn't actually destroyed. I don't really think or want to believe the show is coming to an end anytime soon but it's just a thought that crossed my mind at the end of the episode. Can it be Fall? I want season 5 like right now. Seriously I needs it now. I want to know what's going to happen. I also want more Captainswan after Emma becomes not dark anymore. I feel like even though Rumple was relatively normal and stuff as the Dark One I think it will be different with Emma because I don't think it'd be that simple for her to basically go along living basically as normal just with darkness like Rumple did. I feel like she'll actually be dark and she just may be next seasons big bad. I just hope Emma and Hook get a happy ending they really deserve it.


PoI is one of the very best shows on TV. I love it!

The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 Review: Fast Enough

The Flash Season Finale FAST ENOUGH: (Rated as 2.75 stars out of 5.00) DISLIKES: 1. Throw in a random wedding between two people, Ronnie and Caitlyn, when Ronnie left a week ago from helping Flash take down Wells/Thawne, while making no mention that he ever decided to come back and stay for good. 2. With Wells no longer helping actively at the controls, of course Professor Stein is the Wells fill in because face it, Cisco and Caitlyn are no where near smart enough to have pulled off a time travel stunt. Neither possesses the scientific know how for that. 3. No metahuman to fight this week. That would have been far better action wise for Barry to fight a metahuman on the side while contemplating going back in time to save his mother. One conversation after another of CAN I? SHOULD I? WILL I? made for boring TV. 4. Eddie changing his mind wanting to be back with Iris by "SCREWING THE FUTURE" on the one hand; and then committing suicide via gunshot would to the chest to bring about said future on the other hand. Guess your future wife doesn't mind that you kill yourself in the present before you get married huh..............5. TIME LOOP THEORY? More like FRUIT LOOP THEORY. When Eddie killed himself to get rid of Eoboard, anything and everything that Eobard did should have been undone and anyone created should also have disappeared, including the Flash he created, period. This summer makes me stew because of the piss poor season finales of both Arrow and the Flash................