Shameless Season 5 Episode 3 Review: The Two Lisas



I'm completely on Olivia and Natalie's side because Thomas was married and he broke his vows to Sara if he wasn't happy why didn't he talk her or get a divorce first. His actions caused everyone else to pay a price they didn't even know they were paying and he didn't have to deal with fallout because he died. He kept Natalie a secret and she was innocent and her resent her half sisters and then when that secret came out and April and Brenna hate her because their oh so perfect dad wasn't so perfect anymore. They can't hate their father because he's dead so they hate the ones who are alive and that's not fair to natalie or olivia. Sara is the real piece of work because she hates olivia but she shouldn't because olivia didn't break any vows

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Great round! Great questions!
1.Best Quote!
"I want you to live for me! I know it's selfish but that. . ." don't recall the end. The writers finally found a way to exploit Caroline completely and this performance makes me hope she'll get a big award nomination.
2.Hogwarts or SMMC?
I'm maybe not really objective cause off my major crush on Penelope Mitchelle, but SMMC sound so much more fun and doesn't require crushing through peron 9 3/4.
3.Jo vs Kai?
Currently not! Kai is way to hot for her. But think eventually she'll get to a certain level and take down Kai.
4. Liz?
This story is bound to make my heart fall apart. I really enjoy how the story is set up and how it gave those 2 girls a chance to shine.
5.Sarah Salvatore?
I read somewhere Matt was getting a new love interest, a witch who can't control her powers but it seems he gets a Salvatore instead. But Sarah could've develop her travler powers so that could be interesting.
6. Steroline!
I usually agree that we don't need to turn every friendship into a love affair but they are just perfect together. I see them slowly burning down till the season end and eventually hook up.


bravo Sleepy Hollow. great episode with crane and abbie back to working together and even better watching them squabble out their problems. sad hawley is gone, he and jenny were a good fit. the katrina haters must have LOVED this episode with her barely making an appearance.

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 3 Review: HBTU

Loved the appearance of Eric Sheffer Stevens as Hamish, Connor's douchey editor and boss. So much fun!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11?
I do not remember it word for word, but Damon telling Liz that most woman would die to spend a night with him. More fun: Hogwarts of Salvatore Mansion Magic Camp?
Salvatore Mansion Magic Camp. As long as Damon and Alaric are there every day and Stefan stops by too! Does Jo have any shot at defeating Kai?
Yes only when Liv and Luke team up to help her, that has to happen right!!? What's going to happen to Liz?
We are told a main character will die so I assume it will be her, but is that too obvious? What can we expect from the Sarah Salvatore storyline?
Not invested at this moment, I think when the show promoted Michael Malarkey to a main character they had no storyline for him and were like "Oh Crap" what can we have Ezno do? Are Stefan and Caroline headed to hook up or just a friendship back on track?
As much as I want them to stay friends, we all know the show will have them become a couple. I would prefer her with Enzo

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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 3 Review: HBTU

Great Episode. I really feel like the plot really moved ahead with the killer's motivation, Lindy's quick thinking and getting a really good case (3 murder's so far). The pacing and the music are very compatible, very dramatic and jarring. The characters are being fleshed out and the actors are filling into thier roles nicely. I also likr how storylines are tying in together. Great show and i love it!

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Stalker Round Table: Beth 2.0?

Amy said what I said in my comments on the episode review, Ray will kill Perry as they both want Beth and there is no way Ray will allow that to happen. He wants her all to himself.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Great minds think alike! :)

The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

New Girl jumped the shark when Jess kissed her rom mate. Ever since, the ratings went down.

Archer: Vice - The Best of 2014: Best Comedy

New Girl on this list? It jumped the shark when Jess slept with her roomate.That also started an unstoppable ratings slid. This show should be put to sleep. And where is Mom on this feeble list?