The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Should Staroline Happen?

Thank you Miranda and Leigh I totaly agree with you on Steroline romance. They are awkward,boring and frustrating. They were awsome as friends. They should go back to that.
I also agree with Caroline needing a storyline that does not involve a dude. She is a great character and she has potential for great storyline if the writers would give her something to do thatn being the supporting friend or somebody's love interest. I wish the would give her a purpose in her life to further her characters development. I don't like what they are doing right now its like they are taking her back to season 1 caroline.

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Premiere Photos: Seduction Junction

hope lemon choose lavon all fans want lemon and lavon together in season one now that
hart of dixie end the fans can have they's wish lavon and lemon as endgames ?????


Boohoo! I'm hearing a lot of crying, this was fun considering the genre. I'm not sure what the fan base is looking for, but this is good stuff. new stuff, we're looking for casket with a new story. We got it...little bit of heat with the honeymoon. But really, this isn't cable, so let our imagination run wild. I'll watch this in syndication !

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You can't top Kate.


This is an absolutely brilliant show, I love watching this drama its entertaining and keeps you on edge, theres never a dull or dry moment. Well done to all the actors writers and producers. This is without a doubt the best show on TV.
well done keep it up, and I hope you have plenty more series to come.
Majid Hussain

Ronald simkins

I think it is premature to be talking of "teams" POI is on it's own, Elias owes them big but I don't remember if they told him about Samaritan. Clearly the Brotherhood doesn't know squat about Samaritan and only suspect there is a third party interfering with their plans. This will only make the rest of the season richer in possibilities - and who will take down the Blonde Bitch.

Ronald simkins

I am thankful that I agree with almost every point. I am only sorry that Theresa is headed for a major slump.


Stevie and Blake...they had more chemistry in this one episode than Matt and Daisy have this whole season thus far. While Blake is probably gay, they make a great friendship (still shipping it romantically tho)! I really liked this one. I understand Stevie's feelings but I hope she isn't out for good. She and Blake are my favorite characters lol


It was an ok episode and the ending was great, but I ruined for myself because I'd read an article ahead of time about Rossi being a dad.............. I knew immediately when the co-worker of Ellen took credit for the work done that said co-worker would be the next victim. I have to agree with Doug that I'm not so sure about frontal lobe injuries......... really? the inability to control the urge to murder? The opening scene at the hair salon was reminiscent of a bad horror movie........you're setting there and see immediately that the person is about to get it.............

Grey's Anatomy Cast: Before the Were Stars

This season is boring to watch , come on season finale