I would hire Harvey Specter not Jessica (Though i love her, i would want him if i truly needed saving) or Alan Shore (Boston Legal) that man has more aces up his sleeve than a Las Vegas Casino!

Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Absolute Power

I would love to know where all this hate towards danny is coming from since he and Frank are the star of the show.

Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Ripple Effect

I love all the cast in this - Don Johnson, his wife (from Revenge), Cappie from Greek, and Nate from Gossip Girl - but I am not hooked as of yet (I don't particularly care what happens to the characters). The ending of this week's was definitely interesting, though, and I usually give new shows 3 episodes to hook me, so I will tune in next week one more time.

@ Elizabeth Parker

That's a sensible approach to a new show! :) The cast is great here. The woman who plays Jules was on Jane by Design, an old ABC Family show that I had a strong affinity for, which I think is why I gravitate to that character so much. I'm waiting for Jules to make a play for Billy. She seems to have a hand in every powerful man's pocket.


Damn, this was intense! I wonder what they did in Camelot to trigger Emma to embrace the darkness and blame them for it. Yes she saved Robin's life and liked the taste of the power but something more should have happened. I bet she will be feeling left out cause Regina will be having all the attention as the "savior" and her parents are already teaching Regina how to dance, in effect parenting her. I think she will feel like Regina is taking her place plus i think that Arthur will do something devious, I don't trust him. I don't think King Arthur is the only who can remove the sword from the stone, the dark voice (Rumple) only said that she needed a HERO not Arthur and we have heroes a plenty in Storybrook. What I am worried about is what is Emma planning to do with it once it's out, will she attempt to kill those that are the light or will she sever her emotional connection with them and rid the dark one from the necessity to obey the dagger? I also thought that maybe the kiss didn't work because Emma isn't the dark one at all, maybe she is faking it and playing a complicated game of her own to fool the dark force into complacency and then use the sword to sever her connection with it instead of the darkness. After all, we clearly see that she cares about those she loves and she didn't have to warn Regina about the Fury but she did, she didn't have to tell her who needs to pay the price either but she did that too. Anyway, I have no clue, I just refuse to accept Emma as the truly dark one, she is the savior after all. And what the devil is going on with Rumple/Mr Gold. Why isn't anybody worried and trying to figure out how to wake him up, why isn't he at the hospital or something, I mean doesn't he need nutrients while in a comma? As well as that, I wonder if Emma brought the Merlin tree with them to Storybrook as well.... and where is the apprentice in all of this? P.S. I was psyched to see the Fury from Greek mythos and Charon (at least I think it was him in the boat, cause he takes the souls to the Underworld on river Styx). We already had Poseidon with Ursula, I wonder if we will have Zeus and others at some point!

@ farsia2010

Forgot a few points! oops.
I think that Regina
acted selfishly at the ball, she wasn't even horrified at the tragedy
Percival described, there wasn't regret of the pain she cause but then
again, we all know that Regina protects herself by becoming instantly
defensive so it wasn't unexpected.
I also think that Emma SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM ABOUT THE CONVERSATION with the Dark Voice in her head and warned them about the price! I think that's where the trouble really begins. I think Arthur wants the dagger to connect to Excalibur because that would give him power to rule over the dark one, notice how he never said that he wanted to kill the dark one, just that the dark one is a very strong force of evil and he never told the gang that he knew about the dark one's dagger being the tip of his sword. It's obviously not common knowledge and yet somehow he knew exactly what happened to the tip of his sword. I also have a theory that Merlin is the original dark one, he gives prophecies, never tells what the fulfillment of them would cost and wields power over the lives of other by creating the book and the author. why where they created at all in the first place? As well as that, did anyone ever wonder how on Earth did those stories even get to be known in our world all those centuries ago? I mean for example Snow White tale only happened 28 years ago or so. who foretold all that all this time ago and in our world no less!


Great show...very graphic. Good points brought up in the review. Am loving Lady Love!
You go, girl!

Sarah silva

So my prediction last week was right that Hap had an affair with Jules and is probably going to continue on I have a feeling and I don't think she will stay away from Wick.
I don't know why but I get this feeling that Hap knows that it was Wick but he doesn't want his son to go to jail. Now that Garry killed the guy that was going to tell cops about them, the storyline is far from over.
We all know that Wick and Lacey do not like Carla and the feeling Is mutual.
I wonder if Carla is having an affair with A.J. Even though when she saw Lacey and A.J. kissing she didn't really seem mad but you never know. However I am pretty sure that she is having A.J. spy on Hap. So maybe she and A.J. are in love and plan on taking Hap down and he is using Lacey as part of that plan.
I may be off my totals here but I thought that Billy needed to pay $500,000 on his deal with Hap and the house cost was $250,000 so they would have had enough money but I could be off there.
Looking forward to next week.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I also thought Carla and AJ were having an affair! And Carla and the sheriff... they had a vibe. Maybe Carla is having affairs with everyone! Haha! I don't understand the money thing either. They had 1.1 million... they gave $50K to the couple to open a restaurant, and a percentage goes to Whitey from OTH, but even so... that's over $400K left. plenty for a house, unless they're paying back some debts for those 4 washers and dryers. :)

Sarah silva

I love the show it is so good.
When shows do the time jobs sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and in this show it does and I hope you continues that way. Flashing back to the past and then in the present works out really well and I like it.
I am not sure why Ryan thinks that telling Liam that she shot him is really going to help her it's just given her an even bigger target on her back and I don't see how that's going to assist her in the long run.
So it looks like we might be able to cross Simon off the list of people that set her up even though him having fake glasses and pretending to be gay(which was obvious to me during the premiere) at Quantico definitely raises red flags she seems to be able to trust him as she goes to see her next week so we will see.
So the twins are part of an experiment to see if anyone will be able to tell that they are twins throughout their training at Quantico and they have some sort of mission at the end of Quantico to go to I'll be interested to find out more about that as well.
One thing I found really interesting was that Liam's supposedly falls in love with Alex. I wonder what that's all about and I wonder if she falls in love with Ryan, it sure seems that way as she said so during her fight with Nathalie.
I still think it is Shelby that set her up even though Caleb is a close second I don't believe for one second that his sister called in a favor to have him return back to Quantico as analyst. I think he is planted there because he just seems a little bit off and him checking his phone all the time it's a little bit suspicious I wouldn't think that you be allowed to have personal felt owns when you're at Quantico.
Alex did gather clue that she told Ryan on the phone to put something in her backpack before she left. Time was of the essence and she probably grabbed the one thing that you thought could help her figure or who set her up.
I am happy to have Rick Cosnett back on tv.

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The Affair Season 2 Episode 1 Review: A New Perspective

I think the show is ridiculous and unbelievable. No chemistry between any of them. The build up to the affair was the worst and now the stupid mystery.

The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Bond

Nice to see Eli and Alicia partner up. Alica and Canning is ok as long as we don't see too much of Canning. Carey looks like being on top wasn't as good as he thought it would be. Pathetic to see him chasing after the younger assosiates. More Diane please. But Loose David Lee.


Loved Miranda telling Liam off and thinking Liam had an affair with Alex's mother