Hannibal Season 3 Episode 8 Review: The Great Red Dragon

Please. All the writers are doing is repurposing a movie for TV. Boring, predictable and (as always) paced slower than a white man in flip flops.

Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Ding

" .. Mick was only killing Gary .." Please be precise. As Mickey pointed out, "Technically, the water killed him."

33 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

This list needs an update. #22 Mona Vanderwaal isn't dead. She is back on PLL.

The Strain Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Fort Defiance

I wonder why they reminded us of Nikki. There must be a reason (please, because otherwise it's nothing but filler). And the only reason I can think of is actually that she'll come after Dutch because she's her loved one - Nikki's mother probably doesn't qualify. So the question is whether Dutch will survive this season. At this point, I'd be okay with her gone because she adds nothing new/important to the story. That might change though. I definitively don't want to talk about Zach anymore. OMG. Never hated a little boy this much not because he's evil or something like that, but because he's annoying as hell. Maybe (!) they showed us Vaun's demise so we'd know even the most bamf strigoi aren't unbeatable. And I like the thought that Quinlan will now be introduced as even more of a natural force ;-)

Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Kali

I hate that Sara gave up on Joe so fast. One little bump in the road and she's outta there??? Joe's trying really hard this season to shape up (and he needed to after last season's escapades) but he can't seem to catch a break. And can we please have Cameron do something other than throw tantrums and sulk???

Sp mckenna
@ Cat

Perhaps Sara will come around? It's true, Joe really has been working and moving away from the person he was in Season 1


It will be very sad if it ends after next season. However, considering how long it may take for NBC to finally get Law & Order finally going again, Angie Harmon's Abby Carmichael may be available to team up with Sam Waterstons's Jack McCoy. They were awesome the first time around.

Laura lafleur

It wasn't so long ago that TNT had another great cop featuring a female lead that they did the same thing to, then did away with all together. Remember "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter? That was a fantastic show that was axed far too soon to make way for "The Closer" I believe which was a huge hit in itself. I'm big fan of Rizzoli & Isles but I've noticed a decline in the quality of writing regarding the intensity of some storylines. Of course, we always need those moments of comic relief, but something in the chemistry this season is lacking. Nevertheless, I'll keep watching!

11 Shows That Outwore Their First Season Welcome

I enjoy Gotham. I love seeing all the characters and what they could be. I love the campness and the storylines. Different strokes for different folks.


Well, wouldn't everybody like the chance to de-brainwash their president? Hell yeah! Now they get the opportunity to have a man running what's left of their country with a clean slate. All in all, it will probably be the best thing for everybody. :-) Bright side!

Humans Season 1 Episode 5 Review: 1.5

I was disappointed that Leo didn't let Mattie help him find Mia within Anita's programming...after all it was she who had found it in the first place. Seemed like he gave up way to easily. He seems to think that if he can't find it, no one can...was really hoping that he would work with Mattie longer on this. Also don't like that he just abandoned Max...not right at all.