Two episodes without Cami? That's good.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Like Father, Like Daughter

seen at You tube. I'm still laughing... "Realistic Optimist
il y a 3 heures (modifié) ITA. Fitz's marriage with Mellie, their communication, their respect for each other, their friendship and good will for each other is so, so incredible it makes you yearn for that in your life! And let's not talk about how Fitz and Mellie met and got married; his father pimping and buying him Mellie in secret - and Mellie hiding that she was in on the set-up from Fitz for 20+ years. Imagine how healthy the love is that she sold herself to his father's deal so she could be Flotus. Oh! It's so perfect! It's everything you want for yourself, right? Then Jake, he's a real man! He doesn't even have his own home now, they took back the B6-13 Romper Room fully wired for surveillance. You know what makes him perfect is how he and Mellie were both bought for Olivia and Fitz by their fathers. Jake was hired by Olivia's father to sleep with her just to stop her relationship with Fitz Isn't that's a wonderful! I'm sure they would have as happy a marriage as Fitz and Mellie. Especially since he made a sex tape of him and Olivia and never told her, then gave it to his boss her father - please! If a man loved you like that you'd eat burgers and drink beer for him everyday, right? Then let's not forget how much he loves Olivia so much that he gets verbally and physically abusive whenever she reminds him he's good to ride, but she doesn't love him. Ah! That HEA a la Grimms Fairy Tales. I agree Jake and Olivia's relationship is not as damaged as Fitz's and Mellie's or Fitz and Olivia ... ;-)"
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Noisy from norway

I liked the episode. It was fun. I guess no matter what Bishop does, it is wrong for some fans. The constant complaining about Bishop is ruining this site. If she does something wrong, she is stupid and if she does something right it is unbeliveable. I think she is just fine and I like her.

Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Always

i have a question for everyone. I cant remember what season, i want to think the end of season 1, they showed a preview of Shay and Severide laying on the floor with a baby between them. I have NEVER missed an episode and never saw that. any imput?

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Greensleeves

Gemma has single-handedly turned the "underworld" upside down.


that isn't even from Robb stark- its Ned and Bran

Bj pup
Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Blame Canada

In he NY market the show didn't air because the football game took presence. Sounds like I didn't miss much.


Loved the episode. I'm with Simmons, Bobby is amazing :D The fact she's Hunter's ex-wife will surely add a lot of bantering and fun. I only hope it won't steal too much screentime from the main cast, especially May and Fitzsimmons. (I don't think any writer would ever be dump enough to take away screentime from Coulson.) I was underwhelmed by the reunion, too. On the other hand, we don't know (yet) what happend between Simmons and Fitz before she left... And our new villain, Skye's father, is absolutely awesome. Liked the actor before, but after tonight I kind of adore him ;)


Note: The World Series. Of course people would rather watch that then the weekly television episodes.


I thought by now the 'scenes from our next episode' would have drawn out the guano loco OBBC fanatics...maybe they're saving their bile for when CBS releases the full promo on Facebook...

@ kch50428

They'll think they're not getting what they deserve cuz as ziva and Tiva fans they believe they're the true NCIS viewers.

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