so are these ridiculous surveys going to stay with the site forever?

Debbie scott petty

i am curious about the show without elena.

Bones Round Table: Why Did Booth Lie?

It was a pretty good review but I doubt Booth's hiding this from Brennan is going to hurt them in the long run. She will eventually come to understand that he did this for her. Remember his gambling resulted in Brennan and Christine's lives being in danger. Booth is a protective man he knows he did wrong and even though hiding this from her isn't right, protecting his family will always come first. She knows Booth isn't a stay at home dad or a teacher for that matter, she knows, deep in her heart that he is a man of action and needs to be a FBI agent. And in fact Brennan will realize that she is at her best at the lab and working with Booth( I hope). Everything else was great especially Brennan possibly looking at her husbands remains. Emily Deschanel played it perfectly. I do not care about Cam and Arastoo so if he proposes or not its no big deal I do agree Bones has been such a good player for FOX that they do deserve a two hour show, maybe they will get one for their series finale Cannot wait for Thursday!!!

Bones Round Table: Why Did Booth Lie?

Well, I feel like I am the only one that wants make the first comment or discuss this review about Bones...Thank you Pam & Christine for a great review & for your input. I always like to read the reviews, because you being writers pick up on things that I might have missed.......I too think the first episode of Bones season 11, was had soo many emotions attached to this episode, crime, identy, suspense, accusations, love, & most of all sadness. I think Ms Deschanel's performance was outstanding, very, very, sad & a tear jerker, then when she ran to tell the others the body was not her husband you could see the relief leave her face & she was smiling, We were all smiling to in between using a tissue to wipe the tears. This is a great way to start a new season, with a positive & suburb 1st episode & I believe the 2nd episode will be just as good, especially when we see Brennan & Booth re-united & Booth is ok. Also I am anxious to see the reason, who, why, where, & how come Booth was involved. I give this episode (5) Stars, WRITERS, B&B, Cast & Crew.....Excellent⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: The New Bailey

April and Jackson are showing the very realistic fact that most marriages do not survive the loss of a child. Personally I think April was completely selfish, but that's what pain can do, make you chase yourself up your own butt. The faith she that was supposedly so important to her was nowhere to be found in her reaction, which I found disappointing having known people of faith dealing with tragedies of this nature taking great comfort in their beliefs and there was absolutely none of that. Though I would imagine there is no "typical reaction" to that kind of loss. At this point, her expectation that she should just be able to walk back into the marriage is ridiculous. Jackson has moved on and grieved on his own and by her own choice she was not a part of that. It's unlikely that he will easily forget her abandonment and complete lack of concern for him, nor should he. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and he now knows that when the going gets tough, April gets going out the door. Right now I'm ambivalent about them getting back together. It seems to me that April just "doesn't get" how much her abandonment hurt Jackson, and still seems primarily focused on getting what "she wants" without any real concern about what Jackson feels or wants. It's hard to see the maturity or concern for your partner that is really necessary to have any hope of a successful relationship. Unless she makes a turn around I think Jackson deserves better.


love Chad rescues Abigail fm the killer Ben, Love them to help ea other & let the police bring down Clyde & Ben, this wk.

The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Bond

I starting to see the same old again, if that's the case this will be the last season.

Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The Show Must Go On

Hate to add a downer note here, but was I the only one who was distracted by the unfortunate change of direction in Elizabeth's makeup, as well as the equally unfortunate arrangement of her hair for the fancy-dress evening event on the second season opener? The backstory is that she is a horsey, casual, no-nonsense woman who had to be convinced to let a personal stylist help her upgrade her image. She settled on a compromise that resulted in an elegant but tailored look that was just right given the import of her work and her less than avid interest in her looks. I can't imagine she would sit still for, or be comfortable wearing, that heavy come-hither eye makeup for daytime, or that she would be seen wearing the badly ratted hair-do she was given for the evening. She looked like she had delved into her mommy's makeup kit and was playing dress-up and I couldn't accept or recognize the character because all I could see was an excellent actress who someone had decided to glamorize...unsuccessfully. And, to make matters even worse, Henry was orange! I had no idea how much a good makeup artist contributes to character development until I saw this episode. Let's hope it was just a momentary slip and that in the next episode the real Elizabeth returns.

Sarah silva

This episode ended with someone finally being accused of being the killer & having the cops called on them – and that person was Dean Munsch. React! Is she actually guilty?
While she is weird, she is not Red Devil. Who was the MVP this week? Gigi, with her surprisingly effective self-defense maneuvers against the Red Devil? Grace, with her taser? Or Denise Hemphill, with her surprisingly pretty decent sleuthing skills? Someone else entirely? I will say Chad Radwell and is reasoning for why Boone is not really dead. He may come across as a guy that is not that brilliant, but he was spot on with his explanation. Favorite/funniest moment in the episode, or favorite line? Pretty much every scene with Chad. While a lot of things that come out of his mouth are offensive, he is super funny and I really like him. The top scene though was the Dollar Scholar's/Red Devil, Back Streets Back scene. We didn't see Boone at all this episode, after that twist ending last week. What are your theories for what's up with him? Was he the second Red Devil, turning a chainsaw against his former frat brothers? Or is he up to something else entirely? If you think the latter, why on earth is he letting everyone believe he's dead? The fact that Red Devil did not kill Boone and Red Devil went to get Boone at the morgue makes me think that he is one of the Red Devils. What did you think of Hester's makeover into Chanel #6? How do you think the decision to make Hester over is going to affect Chanel in the long run? With Chanel #2 dying last week, Chanel probably new she needed another Chanel, he army is dwindling. However Hester is a little crazy and wants to be Chanel. I think she will quickly realize it was a mistake. Do you think Chanel #3's attempt at building a relationship with Sam ("Predatory Lez") was genuine? What did you think of her Charles-Manson-is-my-daddy confession? I think it was genuine and I loved that Sam called them "alibuddies", so great. I think Chanel #3's dad really is Charles Manson, she does not seem like some one that would make it up. Not that we know a lot about her but just a feeling I have.

Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Ripple Effect

The sweetness between Billy and Cody does make me sick. They make him out to be a wimp, weak man that is whipped by her. Not an attractive feature to a man. She wants him to get a job then when he does she cries whines and complains when he has to work. She rather just be spending the money. She goes and buy a house on her own without and complains when he does business. What woman goes behind her husbands back to buy a house with that amount of money. You wait until he can make it. She annoys the nonsense out of me. Wasn't she suppose to have a job at a pharmacy. Why isn't she there making money helping the family which she always whines and cries about, the family, when all she is doing is running the town, pointless. And why the heck is there a love scene with them in the tub when he just burned he back. He was just on fire and anyone that was just on fire has no desire to be making out in a tub. She is irrelevant to the show. They need to cut her character out. Her annoying snobby whiny spoiled brat I'm better then everyone voice and personality is beyond annoying. She holds Billy back. Billy could do so much more without her annoying character telling him no all the time. Get rid of her, the sex and it makes for a better show. I rather see Billy being bada$$ and ruthless, a risktaker. His character need more depth not being whipped. He is suppose to be the lead character in the show start making it about him.

@ Denise Vennicci

I'm really hoping her role gets better. I'd love to see her have a story with Carla, and get that protective mama bear instinct. This weeks seemed to belong to Hap and Wick, so we'll see whether or not we get back to Billy & Cody next week. I agree though. If she stays this way, I'll be disappointed.