Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Lights Out

I think Russia is being set up. By who? Ukraine. Ukrainian president's plane crash. . . I don't buy that as a legitimate action by Russia against Ukraine. I think the Ukrainians set up that whole crash just as a convenient way to get the Americans on their side. Also I find it quite ironic that even with the plan to take out Craig due to his aggressiveness in military strategy/action (at least from Madam Secretary's point of view) did nothing to deter Dalton from taking the most extreme form of retaliation. Chuckled quite a bit. And also shows me the show isn't willing to settle for a president who goes by the word of the main character just for the sake of it. Bravo Madam Secretary writers. BRAVO!!!

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On this Thanksgiving day, I'm thankful that we are seeing more and more of Grace Park, a most underrated actor. When she is on set, the show kind of lights up a bit...

Sarah silva

Chad, Brad, Thad, Tad and Bunny! Loved it!
I was proud of Chanel for standing up to the Radwell's!
However did anyone really think that she was going to break up with Chad for good, even though she said it was for good this time.
Chanel #3 has quickly become my favorite female character on the show.
I love how her family, Chanel's family and Chad's family are all the worst people ever.
Chad Michael Murray also played a dbag on Dawson's Creek.
I too was expecting more if the Radwell dinner, as I read an interview with Chad the other day talking about his guest appearance.
How on earth did I miss Patrick's pelvic thrusting moves you mentioned? I hope it is up on you tube.
I have a theory but I could be proven wrong right away.
The last Red Devil is clearly male, I am not sure if the show is doing that on purpose to be funny OR if the Red Devil really is male.
The reason I think this is that the Red Devil never talks or takes of their mask. Plus having recently killed Boone and now Gigi, maybe this Red Devil has also killed Boone's sister off screen. I know that Gigi talked to one of the Red Devil's on the phone and I think it was the sister but I don't know I just have this feeling it is a guy. So that would be Pete.
If they are going to stick with the twin story then I say Chanel #5.
I too enjoyed the game of accusations back at Kappa House and it was great that they had mentioned all the theories that were out there.
Wes being the twins father was not that much of a shocker for me.
We only have three more episodes left. :(

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

The killer has been revealed by dickhead writers giving terribly revealing ep names and descriptions. I feel like there still may be an unknown killer though. Like if the 3rd killer was so quick to off her 2 partners it's quite possible that she is working with someone else entirely like a Chanel, or Chad or someone unexpected. Also about how the RDK looking like a man they probably have a man in the costume and will only show the real person when they want. I mean this is the show that implied having a neckbrace and being pushed down the stairs is helpful to someone with Scoliosis so I don't always count on the show for being super realistic in how or why things happen:)


HELLO! The Archers are not a real family. They are a cheesy childrens cartoon.

@ thedistantdrummer

I can assure you that Archer is NOT a children's cartoon, and I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out that none of these families are real. They're all fictional.

@ Carissa Pavlica

This response is probably the best thing I've read all day LOL

Sue ann

I love the movie, and I regularly re-watch the movies 1-4, and the previous television series. I would LOVE to see Kevin revisit that series. I agree, it would need Burt Gummer. Kevin's character married the scientist, and Fred Ward's character looked like he'd be having a long-term relationship with HIS scientist/centerfold. Reba MacIntire's character left Burt Gummer, though.


This is one of my favorite shows but I do not like the political crap again. I almost stopped watching a few seasons ago when they did it with that witch. I hope they resolve it soon and move on.

Empire Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Sinned Against

I loved every bit of this episode. But I have realised that besides Cookie, the best characters are always the guest stars, to me at least. I hope to see Candice , Karen and Rosie's characters again. I am a bit confused about Jamal's kiss with Sky as he came out not long ago as a gay person. Is he gay or bisexual? Genuine question here.

@ James

I don't even know how to explain without sounding weird lol. Jamal is gay. Meaning that he is sexually attracted to men and in no way attracted to women the same way. Sky and him deeply connected, on a different level probably due to the music and the song, etc. Does that mean that he's not gay or bisexual, no. Don't know if that makes sense.

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@ Emy

Why the kiss though since I also believed he was only attracted to men? But we do know that he has a child so it's possible he is bisexual but tends to feel more attracted to males than females.


Sorry, but this business with Taylor/Penella positively WREAKS of demography testing. When your one female principal under age 30 is written as a lesbian, you've lost the younger end of the 18-49 male demographic. In other words, the show isn't catching on with guys so we need an attractive young and supposedly heterosexual female to get their attention.

Elizabeth harlow
@ MrWriteSF

If argue the demos your talking about are more why the show is bringing in the new surgical resident, not Perella. She's no under 30 for one thing -- med school and an MBA alone would put her at least at 28, and you have to have some years of work experience to become the chief in an ER, even with a stellar education. I actually haven't seen audience breakdowns for the show, but it's an interesting thought.


Will you be posting an advanced review of the premiere? I really hope so

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This show has become a hot mess.