The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Roadrunner i wish the TM writers were as creative as you are - and even some others of us. I can see how that ring could symbolize everything that Jane is holding back and needs to still deal with. So a "killing Lisbon" close call event could work to finally free Jane of his demons. I think the problem with TM is that everyone involved in making the show cannot see it as real because of the constant retakes and generally messy process. But they make it real for us when we see it on the screen so we see the characters as real and the events as real, which gives us a different perspective, like knowing McCallister could not be RJ given everything the writers have shows us RJ to be. But they can't see that reality and that pulling an RJ out of the hat may seem OK to them from behind the scenes but not to us from in front. So we are heading for the last roundup and will the writers/actors see what Jane is really like and what he needs for his redemption? He has been through about a dozen years of total hell. That has to have some effect and cannot be easy to just dust off. Maybe a "kill Lisbon" close call is needed to shake him loose so he can relive the worst time in his life and give it a different outcome. Instead of reliving opening that awful bedroom door, he can finally close it. We have seen Jane go through that hell and it's real to us because we don't have crew members, cameras, boom mics, constant retakes, dialog rewrites and fake sets in the way. It's very real to us, but how can it be that to the writers and actors? They should make very effort to see how we see it and develop the plot accordingly.

25 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

Miss ziva and tony' s relationship. If cannot get berback maybe thelas episode could. B ring them together. Not a Timcfan. Education ego. Prefer Gibbs and Tonytogether


My heart is broken! Tig likes his women with a little "something extra"! So much for my fantasies!

@ tearsofjade

He likes it ALL- Have faith and invest in condoms, lol!

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

What about the documents Rick was bringing from the city regarding Kate's annulment and their marriage license? Have they been found? Were they with his tux, which I might say was in pristine condition considering he had been in a car accident? Does this mean they have to revisit with Rogan again?

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Poster

I am sooo excited about Alaric being back. I just love him. That was one of the most tragic deaths on TVD. Plus I soo know Bonnie and Damon will be back, one way or another. There is no TVD without Damon Salvatore. Ofcourse.
Plus Rose's death from S2 was very heartbreaking and it ahow cased a different side of Damon<3
Elena's death was very beautiful and emotional at the end of S3, not because she died but because of Stefan's and Damon's reaction and helplessness and acting. And ofcourse because Alaric died.
And OMG when Stefan died in the second last episode. Uffff.... That was sooo shocking and heartbreaking and soo damn well directed. Amazing. The scene, the song, Bonnie being sorry and Caroline crying. Amaaaziinng.


Yes! Thank you for pointing out that something about Chris Messina's performance was off tonight. He felt uncharacteristically flat and kind of creepy. He even looked a bit odd--I want to say drained or tired. Hopefully he rebounds with better material next week.

@ Cheeky

I honestly thought I was the only one who noticed how different Danny was. But, yes, looking forward to better Danny moments next week.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: What Drove Meredith to Drink?

How many sisters will Meredith have. With this new one, it's a "been there done that."
Bailey or Karev - The bylaws state how board members are to be chosen. It is cut and dry and determined by what the bylaws states.


It's nice that the homicides solve in a really interesting way without getting bored by the details , or even expecting the killer .
I liked Lucas very much , he is really funny .

New Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Julie Berkman's Older Sister

Did Trophy Wife get canceled, speaking of Schmidt's boss? That show was hilarious.

@ Elizabeth Parker

Yeah unfortunately Trophy Wife isn't coming back :( ABC never gave it the chance that it deserved, IMO. They left it in a terrible spot and while it was getting fans and critics seemed to enjoy it, it just wasn't enough. So I am all for seeing Schmidt's boss this season!

@ Samantha McAllister

Ah boo. That was a great show! I couldn't remember where I "knew" his boss from before, too, till you mentioned that.

12 Recent TV Deaths We Still Aren't Over

No Hank Schrader or Walter White? The end of Breaking Bad, while I know they ended it at the right time, has left a gaping hole in my television-watching soul.