The Walking Dead Spinoff: Zombie Apocalypse Heading to...

I had no idea until this season people thought there was a beth and daryl romance. He's a middle aged guy with serious issues. She was a naive teenager. Her dad and boyfriend died a few days before everything went down.So guys -- Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Online on Feb 8.

The Walking Dead: Renewed for Season 5!

This is awesome show and You dont wanna miss the next episode of season 5.So guys -- Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Online on Feb 8.


Might want to look over that last paragraph. You accidentally wrote jake and Gina, and also wrote shame instead of same!! :)

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Thanks lol. I will change it right away. I'm glad you read my review though!

Lady Hair Douche-ton!

It's 'wavy' hair..


I did not like the episode! at all...not invested in Nolan and the new wife. not a fan of Ben and Emily...no, no, no...not happy. the only highlight of the hour was indeed Gina Torres, she is awesome! as bad ass Cuban spy in Alias (ages ago), as top lawyer in Suits...she is something! I hope she can bring the sparkle back to this season, frankly if it goes like that I do hope they will end revenge for good!


"...what is Thomas up (to)?" Word is, he's trying to "cure his homosexuality" by taking some drug. Some say it's cocaine, others say it's something called apomorphine. Either way, the drug was a follow-up to ECT and was what passed for "conversion therapy" back then. "Bye-bye baby) Bunting...." Or is that "bye bye Bunting baby"

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Happily Ever Emily

Though I unfortunately still think Jack and Emily are the show writers endgame (why else have that unnecessary final scene of Jack seeing Bemily?) I'd like to think that this week's theme - of Emily leaving Amanda in the past - would be the best possible opportunity of abandoning that plan, and leaving that pairing in the past where it belongs. I hate that no one discusses Aiden or the other Amanda anymore since both were on my mind throughout this episode. I would've liked Ems to discuss keeping the name as a tribute to her sister, and I hate that the show acts like Emily-Victoria-David are all on pretty much a level playing field. Does David know that Victoria had Amanda locked in a mental institution as a child? Was that for Daniel too? And Emily remains the one who hasn't killed in cold blood. I know this is weird, but I sorta miss Charlotte. I don't know why given that I've pretty much despised every storyline she's ever been involved with, maybe it's just that I think she should talk to Margaux, as someone who has hated Emily, but come through with some greater perspective (though I suppose Jack applies here too).


I was really intrigued by this show for the first 2 episodes. The sometime awkward dynamic of a marriage, and the future quirky relationship of their close friends. That was great right up till half way through tonight's episode. Why do we once again have to have a potential affair written in to every story line lately involving a couple struggling with everyday issues and what can become the day to day doldrums of a marriage. If they are going to use the cookie cutter affair story line to show the struggle of a marriage, then I am out.

@ reality adictt

You know, I think it's indicative of just how frequent they are in real life for one thing. However, I am getting a little sick of the exploration of women having affairs. We get it already. For years women have been shown as having been cheated on and now Hollywood is trying to catch up. Unfortunately, it's just painting women in a bad light. I, apparently, need to take Hollywood by storm. Fingers crossed Michelle stays firmly planted on the right side of the line.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Carissa, you storming Hollywood is a campaign I could get behind. Your right that in an attempt to bring equality to different issues, they are actually doing both genders no favor. This show has been really fun up till now and I think the Duplass Brothers are great at writing this kind of edgy humor mixed with reality, however taking Michelle ' s 2 current issues, their boring sex life, and what kind of school to send their daughter to, and wrap it all up with the handsome, divorced charter school dude, was almost lazy writing on their part. Seen it before on Parenthood with Julia and the Bravermans school.
But hey, I am probably getting upset over nothing. If Tina gets involved it might really get funny.
Got to love how compassionate Brett is about his work.


Does anyone know why Madam Secretary only has two episodes in January, and then the next one is until March? It had a hiatus for the whole of December...

Delena Sex Scene!

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