Jablonski, on January 26th tweeted the following, " Of all worldly passions, lust is the most intense. All other passions follow in its train. ~ Buddha I disagree with Buddha; love is the most intense passion. Not many would die over lust, but many would die for those they love.

Days of Our Lives Recap: Serena, Love Her or Hate Her?

Serena intrigues me...

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Mentally Divergent

Really great series and two nice reviews and a round the table so far. Jennifer Hampshires performance somehow reminds me of Ally Sheedy's in Breakfast Club.
How about this crazy idea: Jones is Cassie? I can see at least a slight resemblance between the actresses. Cassie is 35 in 2015 and Jones was 37 in 2017, and this could explain why Jones doesn't want Cole to establish a relationship with Cassie. Probably isn't so but it would be a nice twist though. Keep up the good work!

15 Lovliest Ladies of Law Enforcement

Mariska is by far the best actress of this group!

NBC Cancels Revolution

Not unlike reading a book and midway into it, the book is lost, all the time watching this unfinished show, now having no ending, was wasted and I'm pissed at the network and will not get hooked on another of their shows.

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 1 Review: IX

Watching Flint and Silver team up was awesome! I'm totally for an ongoing bromance, they're great together: Silver is probably the only one able to see through Flint's plans and hidden agendas. And Silver's cheeky humor is a perfect addition to Flint's cool badassery. Captain Low seems to be a good villain for this season and I'm curious how everyone will deal with him. Funny how Vane can't understand why Eleanor sees a villain in him. Or maybe he knows and just wants to tease her - as much as I like Eleanor when it comes to handling her business and putting some pirates back in their places, season 1 showed us she's totally emotional and irrational when it comes to certain people. Including Vane. Max, on the other hand... god, how much I wished Anne would kill her. Sorry, I find her character totally unnerving. Going back on the only two 'friends' she has at the moment, just to anger Eleanor? I understand she's heartbroken, but everything that happend to her was her own fault (which is also the reason I came to dislike her in season 1, she made one stupid decision after the other).

@ San

Completely agree about Eleanor, she's an emotional wreck. She's tough, sure, but I don't think Captain Low is going to take her too seriously. Vane teases her, yet I think he feels like he does right by her. There's too much history there for that partnership to work. I don't understand Max most of the time, but she's not going anywhere. The connection between her and Anne is going to grow deeper. Unless, she's doing that to spite Eleanor as well... Hmmmm

Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Killer Painting

One of the scariest episodes this season for me. The hand coming out of the painting trying to grab Crane scared me and made me jump. It was nice to see Katrina working with her husband on this particular case, using knowledge from her past to fill in some of the blanks. Favorite lines of the evening: "Abbie: You can take the girl out of the 18th century... Crane: but it is a far more formidable task to take the 18th century out of the girl."


This show is a cartoon. Donny Wahlberg's character would be suspended, fired, or killed, and he shoots his gun more in one episode than most police officers do in their careers. Frank Reagan sits around like a fat toad, drinking scotch, and he has a constant scowl on his face like he wishes he was retired. Erin looks anguished all of the time, and despite the fact that she is touted as tough, it seems like she will break down any minute. The premise that the Reagan family arrests, investigates, prosecutes, and administrates every case in NYC is a joke. It is hilarious that you always hear them tout that there are 35,000 police officers in the city, but Frank Reagan does not trust anyone except his own family.

Helix Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Reunion

This show reminds me of another one. I'm waiting for the Smoke Monster to show up.

Carolee gross

Beignet is French for donuts dipped in liquid sugar .But in French it is written this way Beigne .In New Orleans Louisiana they call them Beignet. I do think Patrick was not ready to lose Teresa in the shoot out.Therefore he stirred her away from the scene.I can see why she was angry.I would also be angry because it is her job to serve and protect even by putting her life on the line for others.

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