Dominion Season 2 Episode 4 Review: A Bitter Truth

William is a hallucination. It's all in David's head.

Ronald simkins
@ Irene

Nope William another being - in the weirdest of worlds he would be the Prophet.


Go Joss-Take that b***h down!

Ronald simkins

Ramblings off the top of my head.
Will - I don't believe he is merely a ghost maybe another kind of being?
Pete - don't ruin him let the second exorcism let the REAL Pete return from where ever he originated.
How does the amphora interact with the Chosen? He isn't exactly pure human but basically the Word of God.

Sarah silva

I read the synopsis before the show so I knew Gus was going to die. However I was so sad when the man came to the door at the end. I loved Betty and Gus.
I want go online an read all about the astronauts.

7 Hopes for The Vampire Diaries Season 7

Thank god elena is gone, i was so sick of her.
I don't give a damn about steroline
I kinda want damon and bonnie together but i am not sure it's going to happen. These writers just suck


I miss Rene and is this show going to just be this summer or multiple seasons because it is moving FAST

@ Class Versus Sass

It's a ten episode miniseries. Only three episodes left.

Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Ejecta

I stopped watching after the third episode. I had enough. Being a Barbie and Julia fan, I am not liking what at they did to this couple. I just keep thinking that Barbie is faking it, after all he is a former highly trained green beret. I liked the first two seasons. They took a good concept and ruined the show for me this season. I will just keep on reading the recaps.


Please resurrect him, and Yes ,there i so much storytelling in the prequel, like for example. Who are Jon Snow's real parents?

Suits Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Privilege

Donna has issues too! i guess she needs to fell in controll and that she moves things forwards to people she cares about, because she is used to do that for Harvey and this chaneel no longer exist to her. Harvey's charchter is great and they have just contributed t hime this season. The scenes with Gretchen are great! I enjoyd the episode alot!!!

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