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25 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Sophie Deveraux was getting on my tits. Glad she was killed off. Horrible way to die though.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Legacy

The closing song, "Call My Name" by The Haerts was great too...the opening song was by Beck but i don't know the name...


Now that Jamie realized what it would mean to lose Eddie, I hope he realizes what she means to her. I know it would be difficult for him to date Eddie but it's time for him to be a detective. This way they can be together. What do you think about this?


I am very glad this show is being cancelled. The two things I LOVED about this show the writers have destroyed, like completely destroyed! I find it ridiculous that Joel would leave over that when he kissed another mom in the first season. Julia didn't even throw it back in his face. I just can not explain how angry breaking them up has made me. The second was the house. Who does that willingly? Just throws 44 years of sentiment in the gutter. I started watching this show because I loved how together the family was, how even when things happened they came together as a unit to laugh, cry, ect. Anyway, I can't even watch this season there is no way to fix the damage they have caused and I look forward to the day when this show closes its doors forever. Oh and thank you writers for completely destroying something that was great and beautiful and turning it in crap!

Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Loose Lips

This was my favourite episode. I have wanted more Jamie and Danny scenes!

Spindae 2o

Good RT guys! Some funny answers!
1.What would I outrun?
- I'd probably burn off all my calories. Chocolate was made in hell.
2. Eddie getting jealous!?
- Hmm not really interesting. I want him to get obsessed with the red streak on his own and try to hunt him down on his own. Not Iris related at all.
3.The Mist?
- I quite enjoyed the effects they were quite awesome. He served the story I agree he a bit similiar to the first Villain but again it was a nice touch overall. He connected the story to the accelerator prison, flashbacks and Henry and Joe. So yes I liked him.
- Caitlin was awesome this week. Don't know I hope Ronnie's comeback triggers it but she is far away from being a Vilian her transformation should be interesting to watch.
5. Harry Wells?
- I think he is Henry Wells, but was visited by Barry or his future self and warned about an event that is bound to happen in the future. That is maybe why he suggested collecting the Metas close by. Something is off with him and I can't wait to explore it..

Grey's Anatomy Review: "White Wedding"

In response to Ana ( very late, sry), this was bugging me too so I looked it up and found: "The Portuguese-speaking African countries (also referred to as Lusophone Africa) consist of five African countries in which the Portuguese language is an official language: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe." Pretty neat :)

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

Am I the only one who thinks the show is now 1 (likely 2) seasons too long?
There had to be a change in the creative staff after S3.

Sons of Anarchy Round Table: An Eye for an Eye

I wish Wendy and Nero would get together and
take Jax's boys and Nero's son too the Ranch he wants to buy from his uncle..


"Non-monogamy" Tracy McMillan-Co-producer and trusted friend of Sean Jablonski. This is what we are trying to reflect in the series. A greater acceptance. This is what living together was in the 60's & 70's. No more guessing. This is the new age thought process to the 25% of the Millennials Who Will Never Get Married. Witness the series on FX Network "Your the Worst" Shag first, fall in love later. It was the top acclaimed series this summer. Graphic sex scenes for basic cable. No commitment, No consequences, just primal fun. Sean & Tracy, I have an idea for a new series about Non-Monogamy. Let's hire a private investigator to get video & audio evidence of 50 of Simon's clients. The soccer mom's who are cheating as a lifestyle choice. Let's narrate the show with the children of the affair. We will here the story from their point of view first. They will range in age from 4 to 17. Mommy is not living with daddy anymore. Why did this happen? I hate mommy and daddy for what they did to me. Now let's show the evidence to the betrayed and cheated on husband ( Cheaters, the TV show). How will they react? Will they be like Neil? Mallory's husband? Show the wife being tossed out on the front lawn and divorce papers being served. Show the tortured husbands reaction to betrayal. Show the true remorse and pain from the wife on her family. Show the family and friends reaction to the social stigma brought on by the affair. Show the pure hell of the affair as a lifestyle choice. Ashley Madison says "Life's to short, have an affair" and they boast of 2 million subscribers. Cool huh? Simon is a 25 year old punk who preys on weak drunk women in a bar. He lies to them and they fantasize of how great this could be. What kind of fate does he deserve after seeing the above pain? No, you will never see this because this is entertainment and a way to escape. If you believe for 1 minute that the series was not a platform as advertised and promoted, for acceptance of the lifestyle, you are wrong. Through 10 episodes, no remorse from Grace, Simon idolized, and an ending with No consequences for Grace & Simon's actions and behavior. Sean, You have a podium to make an honest and constructive impact. USE IT! You were given a free ride by the network for a second season because of the investment made. Take the next 6 months to get back to the intelligent writing which drew me to the show. Ditch your new age Hollywood expert. Come to South Louisiana and see what the sacrament of marriage means in my Catholic community on the bayou. Couples are embracing it weekly. At 55 and married 25 years in January, it has not perfect all the time, but through the show, I see how fragile it can be, and that Sean I truly thank you for!!! =====================================================================
S.F. proves surprisingly traditional
when it comes to monogamy Tony Bravo Published 3:52 pm, Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Like everyone else in the world, people in the Bay Area are
searching for satisfaction. They can find the TV version of it in the show of the same name
premiering Thursday night, but last week, the show's network, USA,
brought real-life experts on love, sex and the whole damn thing to
San Francisco to help us figure out what we want and how to get it. The show focuses on an upper-middle-class married couple who seem
to have it all but have lost intimacy, prompting the wife to seek
satisfaction from a young, hunky hired gun, and the husband to follow
the old sauce-for-the-goose advisory. USA screened the new show's pilot at the Terra Gallery as part of
a panel discussion on contemporary sexuality with couples and sex
therapist and author Ian
Kerner, relationship expert and bestselling author Charles
J. Orlando, and series co-producer and relationship expert Tracy
McMillan, with TED speaker and author Jenna
McCarthy as moderator. What emerged from the discussion was a hint of what San
Franciscans are looking for: -- According to a poll conducted at the screening, 73 percent of
the audience found monogamy to be a realistic expectation in a
relationship (a high in the multicity tour), 76 percent believe in
the vow "till death do you part," and 58 percent think
"emotional cheating" is worse than sexual infidelity.
McCarthy said she was surprised that "liberated" San
Francisco would hold such traditional views on the topics. -- When it comes to nontraditional relationship models, McMillan
believes that we are entering an age of expanding acceptance, which
she aimed to reflect in the series. "Non-monogamy is now what
living together before marriage was in the '60s and '70s," she
said. -- Asked about the biggest obstacle to heterosexual couples'
satisfaction in the bedroom, Kerner spoke frankly. "Men around
the country are il-clitorite," he joked about a certain lack of
familiarity with female anatomy. "And to that I say: Viva la
vulva." -- "When we start a relationship, often we can't see past
tomorrow," Orlando responded, when asked why more couples don't
have discussions about open relationships earlier in their coupling.
"It's becoming increasingly common for couples that have been
together five years or more to start deciding that marriage and
monogamy don't always go hand in hand." -- In the social media age, Kerner warned that it's easy to get
overexposed to your partner in all the wrong ways via their various
platforms, an observation that caused a murmur in the crowd in the
tech epicenter. As such, he has a blanket "no follow"
policy with his wife's social media accounts. "These things open
all these windows to your partner, but don't offer any real insight.
We can rely on them as a false kind of communication and closeness." -- The term "monogamish" (coined by "Savage Love"author Dan
Savage) is becoming an increasingly common identifier for couples
beginning to explore more open relationship models. Kerner has even
had professional requests from lawyers inquiring if he has any
examples of monogamish contracts he can share that stipulate the
different terms and arrangements couples he's worked with have agreed
on. TonyBravo is a frequent contributor to The
San Francisco Chronicle's Datebook and Style sections as well as
the "Love & Sex in SF" blogger for SFGate. E-mail:

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