They just compared the show to the Godfather... are they outta their minds?

The Originals Spoilers: 7 Things to Know About Season 2

LMAO THE GODFATHER really now last year it was Game of thrones honestly how big are those writers egos?! and your show couldn´t be further from the Godfather in every single way!

Hell on Wheels Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Two Trains

The most recent episode has definitely left some interesting questions heading toward the end of the season...not only in terms of Syd Snow but also how Gov. Campbell will react to Bohannon's actions against his authority. I teach a Western genre course at the college level and my students have enjoyed learning about and watching Hell on Wheels...they tend to connect immediately both the acting and to the strong production values. I also write about the Western genre at westernsreboot.com and if interested, I give a preview of the next episode (S4E10) at: http://westernsreboot.com/2014... Cheers,

Alyssa Milano Bows Out of Mistresses Season 3

That must have been a hard decision but I respect her for putting her family first. I don't know how she manages to work on a one hour TV series with two children under age 4 no matter where the studio is! Hopefully something even better will come along.


Wow, what an episode and the massacre at Diosa showed that not showing something can be very powerful story telling too. The response of Nero and Jax conveyed so much, particularly Jax who obviously had feelings for Colette.
Annabeth Gish put in a great performance and I look forward to seeing where they take her character. Her realization that Charming is not a good place was priceless.
Don't know if Jury has tipped off the Chinese but he is going to get revenge sometime somehow. There was a lot going on but the pace was just right and it sort of made sense although I can do without seeing Juice naked again.
Juice is getting crazier and no idea what he plans to do with gun. With still nine episodes who knows where the story is going. It will be interesting if Eglee wakes up and tells Unser what she saw. Unser is juggling a lot of things here.
Despite the ending the absence of gratuitous violence was a welcome relief.

The Originals Spoilers: 7 Things to Know About Season 2

No, Elijah and Haley!

Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Wow Me

I MISS SHAY! WHY OH WHY DID THEY KILL HER OFF! Can the producers please bring her back in dream sequences! They only reason I watched the show was because of Kelly and Shay. :(


I thought the biggest suspension of belief was the idea that they'd run around after infected sailors without wearing hazmat suits! I like the show; I loved Brody reading about NOLA and boring LaSalle with it. I like their brother-sister vibe and hope the producers don't try to make them romantic. I hope they continue to make the setting a character in the show; it's a unique location and I don't know much about it. Surprisingly, I find Scott Bakula the weakest link. He's kind of emo boy. I don't expect him to be steely eyed like Gibbs, but he's risen to a position of authority in a military position; I'd expect him to be a bit tougher. Overall I'm liking the show.

@ sk8tfan

I love Brody reading about NOLA and boring LaSalle with it. I like their brother-sister vibe and hope the producers don't try to make them romantic" -- sk8tfan Couldn't agree with this statement more. I hope they put LaSalle with more of a Steel Magnolia (sweet southern charm with a backbone of steel who appreciates a gentleman who calls her ma'am) type, so we really get to see LaSalle's southern charm come out full force.

@ Diana

Definitely agree. Brody and LaSalle are the best male-female pair. Not Tony-Ziva, not Deeks-Kensi,

Rookie Blue Review: Spreading the Misery

The Commissioner and Inspector Jarvis are both dirty cops. They both would be able to enter the evidence room and not sign in with Tim, yes? Marlo would have to sign in since she's a visiting analyst. @ 15 division. Marlo and Andy's chat in the driveway of Ted's mom's house was interesting. Marlo had no intension of returning to 15 but had to cuz she was told to, get a job done,etc. The lies that came out of her was disclosed when she spoke with Dov about forgiving the ones you love, give Chloe another chance-which I hope he does.. Ted didn't commit suicide but was killed by Santana or Jarvis or both. Ted must have been drugged to sedate him enough not to be heard during the slashing of the wrists. No fan of Marlo, can't trust her motives to get rid of Andy and get Sam back. Just a thought, the photo of Ted and his son that Diaz and Sam viewed for some time, it appeared that there was a resemblance of Marlo to Ted's son. Maybe the ultrasound was of her son way back when she was involved with Ted----a real twist in the lot don't you think?
The look on Sam's face when he realized that Andy could be dead was amazing-showed how much he does love her. The bedroom scene with Andy and Sam are meant to be together. Sam's gentle and caring gestures were so real, convincing the viewers that their love will be everlasting!


I felt like Jax's reaction to Diosa was extremely authentic. Rage and revenge are the only thing on his mind lately. He is past the point of feeling shocked and surprised. He has seen too much to feel guilt and remorse. The look he gave Colette when he saw her body told me that understands that everyone he comes in contact with has the opportunity to lose their life. Once he realized that their game plan was figured out, he fully expected what the outcome was going to be. Judging by his actions lately, the only thing running through his mind was most likely how to seek more revenge.