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I think the Juror change is just a thing to prolong the case and to show that there were problems. But to me between the Juror, the Judges push to make it quicker(Neil Diamond concert), Geneva's affair with Det. Prima, His testimony, Dante's, Bishops tampering, Castro's reasons behind it, and all that something should derail the verdict. And I think Kalinda may just record some kind of testimony by Bishop and use it to win, then have to leave the country. Or it may come down to Peter giving Cary a pardon? Either on his own or with a push from Alicia?


Happy Thanksgiving Winter, Golfingdocp, Sojourner, Reality Adictt,
Carissa, and all other interested parties. Before I jump into my
discussion, I wanted to apologize for my sometimes overzealous critique
of other posters' opinions. My discussion today deals with my overview
critique of Grace's character and the substance of her relationships
with Neil and Simon. Overall, I see Grace as a woman in flux and one
that is being torn apart by conflicting desires. One part of Grace seeks
the freedom to become the woman that she thought she was meant to be
(the artist as she told Stephanie) and has jumped back into a career,
that was placed on hold. This is a part of Grace that doesn't need any
man, Neil or Simon, to take care of her. A second part of Grace is the
wife that loves her family and loves Neil and what he brings to the
relationship, stability, comfort, and a partner who she knows deep down
loves her and would never intentionally hurt her (as she believes and
told Stephanie). The third part of Grace craves adventure and excitement
and she was obtaining that satisfaction from Simon. This is not to say that Grace is limited to obtaining excitement and adventure only
through Simon, as the bathroom sex scene with Neil and the bedroom
burlesque scene, that was interrupted, demonstrates that passion still
exists between Neil and Grace, and that excitement and adventure can be
obtained through Neil. On the other hand, we have yet to see evidence
that Simon can provide the stability and comfort that comes with a long
term relationship. In my opinion, Grace was in love when she married Neil and was happy. In support of my opinions, I thought back to the series and considered how Grace behaved in her interactions with Neil and Simon. In the scene, where Neil and Grace are dancing on the day of their marriage, and the day that they were buying the house, you
see a picture of Grace that you rarely see. Her personality is more vibrant and it's obvious that she's happy and that's she's in love with Neil Her smile, quite stunning, is clear evidence of her emotional state. I would venture as far to say that Grace, in her early years, wore her heart on her sleeve. Compare the Grace that you see in those
earlier years and compare her to her general disposition in the series, where Grace appears to suppress her emotions and it is difficult to read her. Her interactions with Neil, for the most part, are very controlled and detached (which can be expected given that she's in an affair, and has probably been disconnected from Neil as a result of the
problems in the marriage). The only other time that Grace shows the same level of happiness and clearly expresses her love for Neil is in the scene in the therapist's office. NOTE, that this is the only time that Grace uses the word love and/or expresses emotions that can clearly been interpreted as being in love. I would also point out that a couple of other scenes demonstrate how happy Grace is when Neil is actively engaged with the family. Grace is clearly happy when Neil
shows up for the talent show and at the bar when Anika and Grace went to look at college campuses. We can see that she is open to physical interaction with him simply in the fact that she reaches out to him,embraces, him, etc. Ironically, one of the few other times that we see Grace smile is when we see her photo pop up on Simon's phone when Grace is attempting to call him in episode one. WICKED and DARK HUMOR. In contrast, let's review Grace's interaction with Simon. In my opinion, Grace's relationship with Simon is more of an infatuation rather than a long term mature expression of love. The relationship, by its nature, is one hidden away from the eyes of the public and only occurs in private, at Simon's apartment or at vacant houses where Grace is working. The relationship is primarily based on sexual gratification although there is also intimacy in the form of conversation and enjoying a meal
together. Because of the secret nature of an affair, the relationship naturally has not grown, matured, or evolved beyond the simplicity of sexual gratification. Putting aside the explosive moments and sensuality invoked in their two primary scenes of sexual congress, most of Grace's interaction with Simon shows Grace as being annoyed and dismissive of Simon. Of course that is to be expected because the contact in public
areas places Grace in danger of having her secret exposed and her natural reaction is to be defensive. When Simon calls Grace in the first episode, Grace is clearly annoyed as she told him never to call her on that phone. She's dismissive and business like when she
goes over to pay off her debt and tell Simon that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Yes, there is a passionate kiss and I'll discuss that shortly. When Simon confronts Grace at the bar with her boss, Grace is clearly upset and dismissive of Simon. Grace tells him that she already paid him, and that she doesn't want to see him anymore. There's no softness in her voice or features. There's no weakness on her part or a desire to relapse. In the scene when Grace is daydreaming, when she
acknowledges that it was a mistake, I looked at Grace's features and the way she held herself, and i felt that she was ashamed at her relapse, that she had been so weak to go back to Simon because of one problem. She clearly didn't leave that night in a happy or satisfied mood. In the scene where at Grace's house when Simon tells Grace that she now has an out, he face registers confusion. She's clearly conflicted but she's not happy or excited that Simon wants to take care of her. Throughout all of their interactions, neither B=Grace or Simon ever express a tender emotion toward each other. The word love never comes out. Why? Because in my opinion, Grace's relationship with Simon is an infatuation. It could evolve into love but it isn't love at the end of season 1. Grace is an addict for adventure, excitement, and great sex. She wants to return, in some ways, to the person that she was when she was in college when she considered herself an artist and enjoyed the excitement and sensuality of a lap dance. Her relapse was
about seeking relief from the daily conflicts that come from raising a
family and not as much about having tender feelings for Simon. The
sexual congress allowed her to simply put aside her pain for a moment
and enjoy pleasure but it's something that Grace could have gotten from another escort. When Simon kissed Grace in episode 2 and 9, Grace initially responded, as I suspect many people would, if they were kissed by someone that they had previously had great sex. Grace's body responded naturally to the sexuality. So what! Grace still has enough common sense to know that when things come push to shove, she wants a relationship with Neil over one with Simon. She knows that she can't have both of them and that she needed to make a choice, and she chose Neil. That's why Grace took steps to end the relationship with Simon. Things may get interesting in season 2 if Neil decided, for what ever reason,
to leave Grace (fed up with her affair, decides to leave in order to search fro meaning in life, etc.) as that would change things dramatically. All of a sudden, Grace wouldn't have a choice in the matter, and would probably turn to Simon for emotional and sexual support. As I have previously admitted, I have been in love with a number of women in my lifetime and that I have been caught in the situation of being in love with two women at the same time ( when I was very young and unwise). However, I have always been honest with myself and understood the difference of my feelings for different women at
different times of my life. I can tell the difference between those times when I was truly and deeply in love with a woman as compared to when I was infatuated (but still emotionally connected) with another. There is a significant difference. I'm fortunate that I could tell the difference and that I didn't allow my little head to tell my bigger head
who to choose. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case for a lot of people in our society and that would explain the many incidents where a man or woman leaves their spouse for their lover and live to regret the choice in the years to come. We'll see if Grace is able to make the wise choice for her life or will she have to make a choice,
only to come to regret it, and possibly lose the love of her life.

@ Bushi101

Very well said. Keep Mar.15th in mind. Shooting starts on Season 2, in Atlanta.
Now for a few points. At the burlesque club Neil asks if he can get a lap dance, Grace says No. She had previously lied at the table about her having gotten one. Dylan stared at her response. Later on she started to give Neil a lap dance of sorts at home. Clearly, she is uncomfortable with Neil receiving any sort of provocative stimulation by another woman (jealousy ?). I think Neil asked previously if they were cool enough to be at that club, and Grace said yes. I believe that she was probably referring only to herself. She really doesn't see Neil as adventurous or risk taking. He has initiated dance lessons and started the app which she previewed, yet he has not grown in her perspective. To that point, she has blinders on when it comes to her husband. The point I am trying to get across is that we have been assuming that Neil, because of hard work, has become distant from Grace and Anika. We have in Neil's own words, that he recognizes that. Yet it also may be possible, that other than the occasion of the bar fight, Grace has also become detached. We know that she is detached during the affair, we see that. Grace infers that her home decoration (meaning lifestyle?) is not what she would see for herself. Maybe, although satisfying in many respects, marriage and its accompanying commitments are not what Grace actually envisioned for herself. She loves her daughter, and yes Neil, but she doesn't relish the confinement. She wants the free and open life of an artist (as she envisions it). Anika sort of eludes to this when she talks of her own desires. It is very possible that Grace with the slightest provocation, would gladly try to go it alone. The trip to Milan would afford the opportunity. I would not be surprised if Grace flourishes alone, and upon return would like to continue that in a manner.

NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Chasing Ghosts

The Chuck reference killed me. SO hilarious.


I'm liking Rowena, mostly because of the accent I think, ha. I definitely didn't see her being Crowley's mother coming and his shocked face was fantastic. I think Cas needs to get back with the boys, I don't like him off on his own. I think one of the upcoming episodes (the next one maybe?) has Cas helping Jimmy Novak's daughter so everything that happened with Hannah and Cas makes sense since it's leading up to that.

NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Chasing Ghosts

Laurel has her issues, but I enjoyed her interactions with Pride. The scene where he had no idea how to act around her boyfriend, and they kept shooting each other looks, was priceless. I too did a double take when I heard the name "Orion". I have to think it was a coincidence though, since if they were going to reference any of Bakula's former roles, it should have been Quantum Leap, in this episode. It was great to see Dean Stockwell onscreen with Scott again, but I wanted to see them do more with him. His character seems to have some dirt on Pride's dad, so maybe we'll see him again.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 9 Review: Grounded

Loved Tony and Jake! Such a long time since we had a chance to see competent Tony!
As far as Bishop is concerned she was useless and had no chemistry with anyone!
I wish we could get Jake instead of his wife! Loved him from the very first moment!
Ellie Bishop though needs to leave the show, she is still awful!

@ Margarete Dekorsy

And I wish unhappy and dissatisfied viewers like you would quit your whining and move on, but we don't always get what we want.

The Vampire Diaries Cast Photos

I HATE STEROLINE.Caroline deserves better,better than Stefan.Caroline needs a man who can put her before Elena and Stefan isn't that man.I don't know when the writers will end this ship?no one is buying that incest ship.CAROLINE DESERVES BETTER.LEAVE CAROLINE ALONE 2K14.

Sarah silva

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Fade Into You?" Damon talking as Miss Cuddles about Stefan and Caroline! I rewatched that 3 times. Would you rather have been at dinner or on the road trip? The Road Trip no question, being the one girl with 3 hot guys! How do you feel about the Gemini Coven?
I am very much enjoying it. Is Kai headed back? If so, what about Bonnie?
My hope is that now that Kai left Bonnie that Liv, Joe and Luke can somehow bring Bonnie back and leave Kai behind. The next witch to die will be...
If it is down to Luke, Liv, Jo and Kai, I vote for Kai to die. Caroline and Stefan: Should they just do it already or what?!?
Nope, I have always liked them as friends.

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Orphan Black Season 3: Who's Joining the Cast?

Doesn't sound like cal will be around much....I sure liked him.....

Sarah silva

I thought the Originals films in New Orleans not Atlanta.