Grey's Anatomy Gag Reel

38 seconds? my god they're generous.

Graceland Review: Animal House

Well, I'll echo the other posters in saying what a great ep this was--one of the better ones this season. Man... Briggs' head sure is a dark place to be, ain't it? Good on the writers for making Charlie the recipient of the tape--I'd never have guessed that the officer at Sid's precinct called her....which makes me wonder, does that officer know Charlie's a fed? And is HE an undercover fed too? I think we're in for a wild finale (it's a 2-parter) and right on time. These sub-plots are become kinda tangled and convoluted so it's time to unravel them and tie 'em off.

Graceland Review: Animal House

That was an intense episode!
I was shocked that Charlie had the tape. I was sure it was Sid or one of his guys, as the tape was dropped off to the same station that Sid works at.
I do not understand how Briggs turned on Mike so fast, well I guess it was not a shock as everyone in the house has been against Mike this season and I think it is because they do not like seeing him have the power.
I was pleasantly surprised and happy that Jakes told Briggs that there was no way Mike had the tape and no way Mike would hurt him. I also like that Charlie got mad a Briggs and could not believe he was going to kill Mike.
Charlie put 2 and 2 together very fast when Amber said that Briggs told her Mike was going to steal the money, she knew in that second that Briggs was going to shoot Mike because he thought he had the tape.
So what will Charlie do with the tape? Will she turn in her baby daddy? If Briggs would have come clean when she asked him the night before if there was anything he wanted to share and he said no, then I think she would have destroyed the tape. Now I think she will turn it in and let Briggs face the consequences.
We all know Sid is bad and the story he told Briggs about wanting to take Solano down was a lie.
Only two more episodes left and I am sure we will be in for quite a ride!


Heather &Terry think they are better than anybody on the show .Terry is arrogant making remarks about construction is naive and Tamara is a gossiper & desperate wife who wants to hurt others because she is not happy and pls mark my words judge will leave her she is not stable.


what is with Heathers lips. are they for real? did Terry, the famous plastic surgern fix them so they look like the perfect set of lips? I think they distract from her otherwise pretty face. I don't remember her lips looking like that before.

Extant Review: An Alien Invasion

You can definitely tell Stephen Spilburg had a hand in this. I enjoyed the 2 hours but needed your thoughts to assure me I was in the same ballpark as the show was. Good job deciphering all that transpired for the 2 hours. Hope next week clears up a few things. I think the fumes helped you understand it all better than we could. Lol!


I loved it, glad I stayed up to watch.

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Yeah she wanted a change ... she wanted the same salary as Mark Harmon or maybe even more. No one is bigger then NCIS or Mark Harmon ... no-one. Thank god Elle Bishop is doing just as a good job

10 Truly Terrible Series Finales

Out of the stuff I've seen on this list which is probably half- gotta go with Weeds as the worst.

Suits Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

Best Episode: I also agree, 9 was amazing.
Best BFF moment: I agree with you again Donna and Louis over Merchant of Venice was spectacular, really hope they reconcile in 4.5
Best One Liner: Early in the season - (I'm paraphrasing)
Harvey - You banged Molone what should i do about it
Jessica - I want you to say banged one more time in my face
Harvey - Im not saying cause I'm scared of you but rather that i have work to do
Jessica - Yeah ok White boy
idk i thought it was funny
Best Breakdown: I agree, seeing Mike hitting his lowest point once more was heartbreaking, i kept watching the season 2 episode when he and harvey got high over his grandmothers death.
Best Performance: Definitely Mr. Rick Hoffman I think it's going to be interesting to see Louis come at the firm like this, only to realize he's in the same boat as Jessica, even deeper since his deal with Forstman, and the fact that the SEC didn't give a crap about it. Even more, who's going to be the next target for Pearson Specter? I see Hardman returning or Tanner. Cant wait for the next half season...Anyone know when its set to premiere? Date or Month?

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