Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 14 Review: The Distance

AMAZING episode!!! LOVED all the little scenes with Meredith and the intern scenes and the everyone watching the surgery. I also liked the tiny Alex scene and the tiny bit of Jo scene. But I miss the rest of the cast with the multiple storylines. I am glad that Amelia/Herman tumor story is over and awesome about it being successful. But let's get some of the other doctors into the show storylines. I miss Alex, Jo, Jackson, and April. When will we get an Alex centric episode? Or a Jackson centric episode? Or an April centric episode? I feel these are the doctors that we don't get to many storylines from. Is it just me?


Flat, flatter and this episode - I know it was bound to happen after two, three fairly good episodes in a row , but come on not a single smile from me excepte for Howard's lines to Raj over the phone. Other than that it was boring to the bone and the jokes were surpassing each other in their flatness. Why people like Penny and Leonard is beyond me, then again I loathe everything about Leonard and I mean EVERYTHING. And don't get me started on Amy and Sheldon, get a clue girl and move on. I still can't believe that three of them gets paid a million for a episode, but it's clear as hell that the writer didn't get any raise.


I'm so over the fact that the writers desperately want to make us feel sympathy for Tom's actions. The man is beyond redemption imo. He lied to Liz, manipulated her, hit her, and coerced her into having sex when he had the suspicion she might have discovered his secret. I know Tom has a fanbase out there, but I'm definitely not among those. The sooner they get rid of him, the better. Especially because he takes away screentime with his trip to Germany which seems to add nothing at all to the storylines at hand.
I'd rather see more of Aram, Samar and Dembe! But I also liked the change of Liz rescuing Red, not the other way round. And I hope they continue to work together, I'm so tired of Liz getting angry / disappointed / sulky because of something Red did / didn't do. It's about time the writers put their relationship to the next level and concentrate on Blacklisters, the Fulcrum, the mysterious man on the phone.....


I love Penny's outfit!! Could they be trying any harder to make her look like cheap trailer trash? Even when she slummed around in the early episodes she was a lot sexier-looking than the burlap bag they had her in last night. What a great direction to take her character writers - completely demolish the character we all fell in love with.
The only scenes i found somewhat funny were with Rag and his new girlfirend. She has potential with her sly, deviant humor.
I used to find Howard one of the brightest wits on the show. But, now that he's been whipped by Bernadette - that's gone. Having to listen to Bernadette's squeaky voice for more than 5 min makes me want to shoot myself in the eye.
You can do better....

@ ronmcb

Agree to almost everything you wrote


He drove up the bidding because he wanted to give Lizzie time to figure out an escape. Her cover was just blown & he saw it before they could get to her. That was some quick thinking!
It was a good episode, my favorite was her boss. He was scaryyyy! o.O
Tom's german accent was awful.


I guess fiona doesn't know Jack! After all. Or steve, jimmy. Anyway, i like Gus but he seems to good for Fiona. She is a broken person and so far, as you alluded to, we don't know much about Gus. It will be interesting to see if he will be like the privileged boyfriends that ended in disaster or bad boy like jack or drug addict that landed her in jail. I agree about Lip And was scratching my head on that one. Doesn't he get any other mail? A campus mailbox would have been ideal. Kev and v were becoming boring so they broke them up but seems ridiculous to break them any longer over this baby nonsense. v went to great lengths to have a baby but now doesn't have no interest at all in them? Good thing her mother kept hers with her!


Excellent series, I will really miss it. The whole cast and all the ones though the years is what made the series great. It was well worth my money and time spent analyzing the series. It will be one of my favorite collectables.

Noisy from norway

Loved Penny and Leonard, Raj and Emily was ok. Hated Sheldon and Amy. It made no sense. Just a few episodes ago Sheldon felt he had to discuss with Amy if he was going to invest money in the comicbook store. And now he wants to leave earth and can't understad why Amy is upset? Plus Amy forgiving him the moment he asked her to join him, made her even more pathetic than usual. The storyline was just awful. Probably the worst episode ever.

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Alabama Boys

Its sad Meredith Monroe career is completely down the toilet. Both Jamie King and her play Joshua Jackson love interested and now she playing Jamie King mother. It would be better if Meredith Monroe gave up on the acting and focused on her kids at home. Let's face it Katie Holmes, Michelle William and Busy Phillips all went on to have careers, while Meredith been stuck playing extra on CBS shows.


good work and now i am really convinced that red is her father, i mean why would he call her name in the moment of his death, other wise i saw from the promo for 15 the fact tom is in Germany means that red has to work hard to get to him which will make 15 great and i think red will feed him to the cops to save liz, but what am interested to see is if tom tells her what was going on with him and red how would she take it, what would be the relationship that is already on the rope now it will go nuclear how and when that happen i would love to see that, and also i hate tom he is just not the bad guy that makes you want to care for him(not like damon from TVD)

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