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What a fun episode! Loved it. Loved Jake. Tony was really good. Bishop was good. Palmer is my least favourite character and I was reminded of why in this episode. However he did redeem himself a bit when he, Ducky and Abby was helping Gibbs and McGee in the bullpen. This season has been really good!


This was an excellent review that completely summed up my thoughts about this show and its characters. I look forward to every episode of POI and it is one of very few shows that I MUST watch when it airs. Excellent show. I hope the actors, writers, someone gets the award recognition it so greatly deserves.

Spindae 2o

I miss the edge as well Carissa! The show has huge potential but it feels underwhelming at times and it sometimes they are sacrificing the story for the benefit of the *epic* encounters.
I would rather enjoy an episode or two without Metas to focus on the characters and their road. I mean they made it quite tricky for the characters to have their own storyline when they are all wrapped up in Barry`s story. Team Flash being a 4 man team is getting to their heads, now.
Again the episode wasn`t bad but it followed the same pattern as the previous episodes. The tiny reveals just aren`t enough. I know every show needs some time to engage into the story and develop but it seems like they are not even trying it. Maybe with the crossover and the arrival of the R-Flash in the mid-season final things will change. I surely hope so.


I doubt we have seen the last of Cole... I can see him coming back either possessed or in some other nefarious capacity. there is just no way his story is over with him riding off into the sunset. CROWLEY'S MOM !! Once I heard that scottish accent ole mum was sporting,i starting to piece it together that she was going to maybe be his mom or maybe even sister.Let's not forget that Crowley's bones were buried in Scotland after all.

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Lean In

I just agree with all you wrote, Carissa. they should give us more Crosby, more Amber (no daddy please, she is better off without him), more Brevermans all together. it looks like they are not siblings anymore, there was not even one scene where Sara, Adam, Julia or Crosby interacted...why?? It looked like Sara has doubts about Hank, why not talk to someone of her family? I hate the way the writers have made Julia and Joel was out of the blue...I saw major point in her speech with her mom, she should not go back together with Joel...he bailed...when the game got tough, he bailed! and nothing has even happened between her and Ed..go figure! and he simply walked away! she is not perfect, but honestly...relationships are about sticking together during hard times...that's what I see. I would not be able to trust him again. and you do not get over trust issues that easily. a time jump?mmm...not would be cheating in a way...but I guess they have run out of time and wasted too much on side-line stories as Dylan/Max and Hank...
overall, after so many years of Parenthood, I am disappointed, we deserve better than this!

@ Fra

Thanks for commenting Fra! I've started to feel like I'm crazy. I knew I couldn't be the only one who has been feeling some of these things. If money was such an issue they couldn't satisfy salaries to the point we got at least a couple sibling episodes (we did have the hospital day with Zeek's surgery), they could have cut Ray Romano. I doubt he's cheap. Not to mention his ex-wife who starred on Breaking Bad. They were extraneous. The massive expansion of the school and students? Also unnecessary. Not at this late stage of the game. Oh well. Four eps to go and it's gone forever. It is what it is.


Ichabod and Abbie are awesome! My absolute favorite part of the ep was her asking him if he was talking a selfie with the Gorgon. I truly laughed out loud. And his pride over making a torch, only to get showed up by Abbie's flare. Those two are hilarious together. And let me also say that I could do with even less of the small dose of Katrina we've been getting. And one more thing; is this hair down thing gonna be the norm for ich? Cause my eyes sure do like it


Why couldn't THIS ep follow the 200th? It was an okay ep, but it did clear the air a bit. We got rid of Hanah, which was actually kinda sad. And we KNOW Dean was lying to Sam. He wants to die and doesn't think he's capable of being saved. Sam knows it deep inside too. I'll be glad to see the boys reunite with Cas again too. I miss the three of them together. Jensen is an awesome actor cause I swear I had forgotten tht Dean isn't a real person. He laid it on the line for Cole. Too bad he won't do the same for Sam. I didn't like Rowena AT ALL!!!

Sue ann

While it will be too bad not to have Mr. Eads's pretty face to watch any more, I think the turnover in staff at the lab makes the show reflect reality in a way that a lot of shows with an unchanging office cast do not. I spent fifteen years at my last office job, and the staff turnover due to retirement, moving, promotion, firing, transfers, illness, marriage, childbirth, etc., was constant. We also had several individuals who left for one reason or another, and who then returned as new hires. CSI has had characters die, leave for better jobs, leave for sabbaticals, leave to get married -- the only one I did not particularly like was Dr. Ray Langston. I disagree with the previous commenters. I think the turnover keeps the show fresh, and I like the different skills brought in by the new characters. I like the blood spatter specialist (Finn Finlay); I like the humanizing effect his daughter has had on Conrad Ecklie. I agree that it appears that CBS is trying to strangle this show on the vine, to kill it without getting the blame. I think that is pretty bush league of them.


I don't know the lore of the Flash, but i think Dr. Wells is the Flash. He and Barry even look alike. A couple of funny moments to me: Barry's heartbreak over Joe breaking the mug. His excitement over being robbed. Eddie on drugs!!!!


Carissa, we are only seven episodes in. What was the evolution of the Arrow universe and the character population seven episodes in, juxtaposed to the complexity of it now after 53 episodes? Early Arrow episodes featured one-shot villains most of the time if I remember correctly, and Dark Archer wasn't revealed until the mid-season finale. It takes time to establish the setting. Even if the villains are one-shots, having backstory gives them more dimension and gives the story more weight. It will take most of the season, or beyond, to learn of Harrison's true intent. So why fret or obsess over it? Was this episode airtight? No, but most television isn't, given the timeframe allocated to write and produce episodes. Nothing needs "tidying up". The show needs to be allowed to grow and evolve. And it's been entertaining and engaging, which is the best scenario only seven episodes in.

@ bbussey

Oh I agree we're only early and there is a lot of growth to occur. Arrow did the same one and done and I dislike it. We got diddly for The Mist really, other than he was mean to the core, and he's still living. Booo. The problem here is they're dying. They're not going to jail to be resurrected later unless by keeping the bodies we're supposed to know they'll be resurrected. I'm glad others are engaged. I'm only engaged in the mystery of Harrison at this time. Will that change? Most likely. I'm also having a hard time with the suit business. Yes, all comic and sci-fi shows require a measure of suspension of disbelief. They have their own set of rules. But I don't know the rules yet. I don't get why Barry had to run 5.3 miles to get up enough speed to knock down Tony but he is able to swoop from virtually anywhere to his suit, put it on get back to save the day and then back to the room with his suit to change back into his clothes and back again so nobody notices he's gone. That has to be mach 1 dammit! Tidy please. :-) Like I said, not "fixed" just explained a bit. Not tied up, but tidied up. Cleaner suspension of disbelief.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Well, the one-and-done's are necessary until the mythology is developed enough, and that won't happen until late in the season. Regarding the suit, I'm willing to give a little latitude if it advances the narrative. That particular problem will go away eventually I'm guessing, as eventually Barry will get his "Flash ring" with the expanding costume. It seems that is coming at some point because Reverse-Flash is wearing his ring in the "Man In The Yellow Suit" pictures that have been released.