hey actually shed all the purposeless characters like jeremy,matt,enzo
for one episode & let the main arc flow seamlessly in this one.
Merge-The result was more than obvious for quit some time now.Kai isn't
going anywhere since we all know he's the big BAD for this entire
season.He's going to pop in and out until the end.I really hope Bonnie
kills him brutally in the season finale.He's just bad news!As for
luke,the character was solely a plot-device from the beginning,no wonder
he ended up dead.But he did step up to save his sisters-both of them-i
admire that even though he failed in the process.I'm glad liz is
safe,for now.And,can someone kill Papa Parker NOW,Damon please do the
honor next time he randomly pops up.He's an ass.
The cancer-The
entire episode mainly focused on this particular track & i have to
say it was very well done.Real mature & sensible.The steroline
interactions & mother-daaughter scenes were really heartbreaking.I
feel really bad for caroline.What a horrible position to be in!I'm
really relieved to see she didn't die at the hospital,that would've been
Delena-I'm glad they kept their interactions as minimal
& realistic as possible,although i could've done without that odd
kissing scene at the end.A warm hug would've been sufficient.Oh,well... Overall,another great episode this season.Looking forward to see Bonnie's birthday & the girl herself in the next one!

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Run

I mean I am a big fan of spy dramas. Alias is one of my top five favorite shows of all time. Although I've never considered Scandal to be a spy drama this episode felt like one. So I'm guessing that's why I felt the whole Ian being the leader was very predictable. Other then that it was a good episode. More excited for next week though.

Grimm Round Table: Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

Hi all, Interesting discussion. I agree with pretty everything you've said, but to join in, I'll add my own responses to your main questions: 1. "Grimm has always tried to find a balance between "case of the week" episodes and more serialized storytelling. What do you think about this, especially in terms of this week's episode?" Not a bad mix, but I gotta say, I don't need a new wesen species every week. I don't even need a murder mystery via recurring wesen. I feel impatient to see the bigger picture regarding the Royals, Renard, baby Diana, and the keys. The keys need to take shape. It's been a full season and no movement in the keys since Hank pulled one from the old cane. 2. Juliette's now a Hexenbiest, and it's only getting worse for her. What do you think about this storyline so far? I'm all for it. I loved Tribunal because Juliette put her own serious worries aside to focus on Rosalee and Monroe. I loved how she blew off the punk's head (in self defence) with no major guilt tripping. I only hope the writers don't drag out her denouement to Nick. I'm done with all their drama and just want them to kick some royal ass together, and be happy. Let the love-drama be over. Or if we gotta have relationship drama, shift it to Trubel and Josh, or get someone for Hank. 3. "Any thoughts now that Sergeant Wu has finally been brought into the group?" Ditto to Doug: "Talk about an overlong arc on that one!" In fact, ditto to all four of you. Wu shows himself to be the better man by his willingness to forgive Nick and Hank for hanging him out to dry. I can see Drew Wu becoming the team librarian. He'll probably put all those books into a spreadsheet, cross-referencing all the Wesen by traits, places, dates, and the source document book. Create a new kind of grimmoire. 4. "When Grimm first started, it was pretty much Nick stumbling around in the dark on his own (with occasional help from Monroe). What do you think of how things have evolved since then?" I love the team SCOOBY feeling, but it's on shaky ground for me, because I don't trust Sean Renard. I want to trust him, but I don't. The writers need to convince me that he didn't simply flip character from seasons 1-2, where he nearly killed Aunt Marie, told Adeline to hex poor Hank (nearly to death), and deeply coveted the "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" (his megalomaniacal balcony scene). It is possible that Renard — relying on prior experience and family history — only knew one way to work with a Grimm, via manipulation (hence the stuff I seasons 1-2), but now he's perhaps learning that the old Grimm-Royals norms need not apply. It could — fingers crossed — parallel the way Grimms (Nick and Trubel) and local law-abiding wesen (like Bud) are learning to trust, not to automatically hate and fear each other. 5. Fave scenes?
Ditto to all the great scenes you've mentioned, (Wu in the know, Wu telling off Acker, Wu killing the wesen, Juliet taking out a few wesen (with her gun, and with her powers), everyone striding out of the police station to save Monroe and Bud). Etc. Also, I loved all the scenes where Nick truly showed how concerned he was about Monroe. He got emotional several times with Shaw and Acker, and I cheered when he tossed his badge on the captain's desk saying, "This is getting in the way!" Yay! In some episodes, Nick strikes me as too cool — condescending almost— towards Monroe. And I totally loved the scene in the limo, en route to the airport. ou won't even know we're there." We'll blend right in."


Was Hattie in the montage at the end of the episode, or did I just miss her?

The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Ref

I would like to know the name of the actor who played Doug, the ref/

@ Darlene Vincent

Zach Cregger

@ Ronald Caterisano

tks so much!


So where is my avatar and how do I get it back? This was one of my favorite episodes. Lots of fun to watch along with underlying drama to keep us tensed up to know what's next. I really loved that Pete and Samantha showed up to be part of the scam. I knew it was Samantha the minute she appeared on screen. They are such a great couple. I hope we will see more of them so we can understand more of Jane's past. I think that past has a lot to do with his intense fear of losing Lisbon. Not just the loss of his family but some childhood trauma that has been hinted at off and on. So we have now settled Abbott's problem. What remains is Lisbon's brother Stan's loan shark problem. I'm wondering if there will be a trip back to Chicago to deal with that and with it a possible opportunity that allows Lisbon to have a law enforcement job she loves and relieves Jane of his fears. Beyond that, there is the matter of Jane's servitude. Are they going to simply ignore that? It seems so. Of course, with Abbott's high position in the FBI there's not doubt he can clean up Jane's "criminal" past in an FBI way just as Jane cleaned up Abbott's "criminal" past in his con artist way. One good turn deserves another and I am sure Abbott is up to that. That leaves Jane's wedding ring, which - finally - got some attention. I'm assuming Jane leaves it on as a connection to the one time in his life when he had a family to love who loved him and he can't let that go until he is able to put another love in its place. And he can't do that until he resolves his fears of losing that new love. If Jane and Lisbon get married, the ceremony might include removing the old ring and putting on a new one. If they really do kill off one of the main characters next week, it will have to be in a way and for a purpose that is essential to bringing the TM story full circle. I hate to think it but the most likely character would be Vega. The others are all too essential to the crime-solving aspects of the show to let any one of them go. And Vega could pull off a sacrificial ending well with her character already being shown as eager to jump into a situation and take chances. We'll see. Doesn't leave much for the 2-hourf finale with not more hanging threads to tie up. Maybe they will do some kind of retrospective on the series. Not only entertaining but good for DVD sales to latecomers to TM.


I sincerely expected the mark on the arms was only going to be a thing for the "LARP" episode, or at least by this many more episodes into the show's run. Also, thought maybe they would send one of the Charlies off to Oz to save Dorothy or some of the other citizens (The Munchkins, anyone?), rather than join them back with each other... Yeah, hurting one hurts the other; I get that, but Chadlie is your friend as I recall, so why force the Good stuff back with the Bad? She could end up in jail, ruining her life, or something, due to something the Bad part (that was briefly its own person) does. (Sorry if I got a bit too "Dr. Phil"-like there.) Either way, still hoping Charlie/Felicia leaving alive with her usual departure line means the same as prior chances of a spin-off.


I really like the intelligent humor that this show has. Having Amy as a neuroscientist in real life really adds to the show. She really knows what she is talking about.The show reminds me of type of humor on Gilligan's Island when the Professor would say something scientific and the other characters would just look dumbfounded.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Run

I thought I was the only one that didnt hear her say that the Prez loved her.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Run

I saw the Ian thing a mile away. He was the only other person in the ep. He had to be the boss. All a bit too obvious. I will say that the warehouse surprised me. I think the actor who played Ian gave it away for me. I've seen him in so many villain roles that it was odd to see him in a short cameo. Didn't make sense. Then when he was probing her for questions and dragged away and 'murdered' but u don't see the body? Dead giveaway. Seen this play a million times. I found the ep very boring.