This episode was kind of disappointing for me. I enjoyed seeing Lindsay Wagner but I didn't feel that they used her well. I wish they would have left Gibbs in DC and let Bishop's mother interact more with her, creating a great mother and daughter moment. At this point, I'm a little annoyed that Gibbs must be injected into the middle of everything. I know that this is the Gibbs show but I think that they missed an opportunity to let Bishop interact with her family without the ever present Gibbs. Let Emily Wickersham be front and center without Harmon upstaging her. We need to see who this character is and not eclipsed by Gibbs or propped up by Gibbs.

@ liz laughlin

So, you are saying that only Gibbs can solve a problem on the show? Is it that he is the only one capable or is he the only one who is allowed? In my life I've found that at different times different people have the answer that I need. There is not just one person who has all of the answers. Could Bishop's mother have been written differently so that she had the key? The way Bishop's mother was written, Gibbs was needed.to help her. Could her brother have been written as the one who could say what she needed to hear. What I'm getting at is that this show is written. There is a "creative process." Real life I find is often very unpredictable. Excellent writing mirrors life. It is very predictable that Gibbs will solve the problem. I would like them to surprise me.sometimes. Throw me a curve for a change. Letting someone else help her.would have been nice.

@ liz laughlin

But Ellie wasn't interacting, she was blocking, it was Gibbs advice to her on the porch, the revelation that he was talking to someone. We had plenty of interaction between her brother and her and her mom, but Bish wasn't having it with feelings and conversation, there are those who would say it's impossible to make Bishop interesting, I disagree but Gibbs needed to be there, to get her to talk, and to reassure her mom that she would be watched over, not protected but, knowing your daughters boss on a more personal level, it a reassurance. Gibbs has that way about him. She was doing pretty good on her own, but you can't go it alone all the time. Let's face it, he went there for two reasons, Leavenworth, and the worry that she might not want to come back, and the help her to see beyond the hurt and betrayal, to what she wants to be and do.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1

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TV Fanatics Count their Thanksgiving Blessings

Even though noone asked me, IM thankful for the writers, the cast and ALL the great fans for ONCE UPON A TIME. THANKS FOR 4 1/2 AMAZING YEARS!!!!!!!!


If they don't show it onscreen, it didn't happen ( unless it's Soprano's)..... Simone lives!! Bear's reaction when he got to his truck was more frustration at his own " weakness" for not being able to kill his betraying niece, than being upset that he had to kill her. Dodd is his enemy now, and he feels like he should have killed Dodd's kid, in retaliation for what happened with Charlie, as well as for Simone's actions. I've thought from the very beginning how cool it would be if Ed ( aka Todd from Breaking Bad), actually ended up a boss man in the mob. The Butcher Breaks Bad!! Peggy rambling on about being her best self, and Ed, the simple minded butcher takes over! I'm wondering if Hanzee has left the Gerhardt Reservation, and is trying to trick Bear, or, is Hanzee hot in the trail of Ed as he drives Dodd's car with Dodd in the trunk. Wtf is Floyd up to? Her sly smile after she informed on Kansas City seemed to indicate she is up to something. Is Hank up to craziness to try and cure his daughter from cancer? Bear's comments to Hanzee about being welcome at the family table, and then telling Simone that no one is family now seem important.

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Does anyone know what the talking pyramid is and is it available to buy???


Hey everyone. The NCIS Round Table is now up. Come over and chime in! http://www.tvfanatic.com/2015/...


Crowley recently stated himself, "You and Sam don't understand, I'm not your bloody sidekick!" But that's exactly what he's become, a sidekick to the series as a whole. His current threats are empty, as are threats against him. Ultimately everyone is left standing and in good health. In fact, Crowley often gets someone out of one jam or another, even at his minor expense. So where's the tension or his purpose, beyond a lazy writer's quick plot fix? Meanwhile he's been painted into this character of a bored CEO/administrator overlooking "the new Hell". Upper management can be hell, we get it, ha, ha, ha. But all the real action is literally locked away in boxes with Michael and Lucifer - the original ruler of Hell - duking it out, which we never see. He lets others, like Rowena or the Darkness, manipulate him in ways "the old Crowley" would have seen coming a mile ahead, then stopped and/or used to his advantage. Again, lazy writing and character development. I could say the same for Castiel, but his character was always and deliberately much more bland, so seeing him leave is even more so needed. The whole Heaven/Hell story arc was a big mistake, I'm hoping this 'Darkness' will be a way of retiring it and getting back to basics - where Sam and Dean solved their own problems through the knowledge and environment they unearthed, not through the snap of some angel's/demon's fingers or as pawns in that game. Returning to presenting viewers to non-Christian supernatural lore with the same level of seriousness extended to those story arcs, so each season doesn't feel like an extended Bible study class with MOTW episodes treated as coffee breaks. In that context, perhaps as the ruler of the "new Hell" Crowley would be even more interesting, as he would acknowledge he has overtaken the realms of punishment of all wrongdoers in all faiths/beliefs of humans over the millennia. Yet he is one of many forms or part of a collective whole. This isn't being "politically correct" as is being literal that how people view who/what oversees how they are rewarded and punished for their actions in the supernatural realms.

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Smallville was also moved to Fridays which seemed like a death blow but viewing habits have changed and it continued to do fairly well. A lot of young people (target audience) don't even watch t.v. shows on t.v. so although this might feel like a demotion I don't think it spells the end for either Vampire Diaries or The Originals. Viewers who love both shows will find a way of watching them either Friday or on another platform. Of course it will all depend on the writing especially on TVD with one of the main characters having left it has to continue to be about reinvention without taking away from the core of the story which is all about the Salvatore Brothers' enduring bond. Consideration has to be given to actors' age as well, they're both getting a little long in the tooth (still very handsome) but portraying eternally youthful vampires can become a bit of a stretch eventually. That's a problem which the brothers don't have on Supernatural.


For a Thanksgiving episode, I found it to be quite depressing and dreary. The team wasn't together, in fact it showed them all going in different directions.


No panic, some time ago they were on fridays, too. and then moved back to thursdays.