The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Should Staroline Happen?

Ok to start this off, I totally love Steroline! I agree, its boring now, but i think once they actually start dating, it would be worth it. Also I have a feeling that Luke will be the next witch to die, but i really hope its not him. I wish they would give Luke a bigger storyline, i feel he could do some cool stuff to the show. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Jo, and I wouldn't mind seeing her and Kai merging, and Kai winning. I really like Kai, he's a something TVD has never seen before so its interesting to see where that will go. As long as he gets Bonnie back home with him! And as for Damon and Elena, since this season started, I feel like everyone kind of forgot about them. As this storyline is unfolding everyone is paying way more attention to this Gemini Coven then Damon and Elena. I don't blame them, but I think that we need more screen time between these two. They were always the main everything of this show, and know that the attention is shifting off Elena, and onto Bonnie, people are like Woah! i like it. I still think that we need more time to really evolve into how well Alaric's compulsion went, and if theres any hope of getting her memories back. And finally, I will say this on behalf of everyone else who is thinking the same thing... FOR GODS SAKE GIVE JERMEY, MATT AND ENZO SOME MORE SCREEN TIME WOULD YOU!?! Lol seriously though! Yep Tyler, the three musketeers have replaced you with Enzo!


I'm not on the train for steroline romance either.All of their scenes together are awkward and forced.I liked them as BFFs and they destroyed that this season!

Castle Season 7 Episode 8 Review: Kill Switch

I liked the episode but have to agree with a lot of others here. Anytime we get more Ryan and Espo is a good thing, but as for Lanie and Espo? I don't see it and don't want to. The transit cop would have been a better story line. Getting sick of Castle's wild theories and always figuring it all out. That's some writer...he's smarter than 3 trained officers! Roll eyes. I think I might also be one of the few fans who hated their wedding. After the one they were supposed to have, the one we got was cheesy and lame. Ugly setting, no friends, ugly pantsuit and, omg, that fake sunset was gawd awful. What I'm really getting fed up with though are the recycled plot lines. Castle isn't the only guilty party here either. Within the same two weeks, I saw similar story lines on Castle, Scorpion, Forever, and Criminal Minds. It's like writers are going to some canned plot source rather than get creative. Not sure how much longer I can ignore this.

Looking To the Sky - Once Upon a Time - Once Upon a Time Photos "Fall"

Emma and Hook <3 They cant lose each other!!!

Supernatural Picture Preview: The Return of Jody Mills

Supernatural is the longest running show that nobody watches. How in the heck did it make it all these years when wonderful shows with award winning casts, crews and directors are cancelled? (I'm looking at you, Deadwood.) It's just a huge joke, what with those awful two actors, and all the weird guy-on-guy "shipping" stuff that its fans are into.


The turn from Rossi's skepticism to complete acceptance seemed a little rushed to me.

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@ KrennenC

It is only 42 minute episode so everything is rushed. In almost every episode an unsub has killed a few times and as soon as the BAU gets involved the unsub kills much faster. And most cases are solved within a day or two. In real life the BAU works for weeks and months and on several cases at once. It's tv.


No steroline at all plizzzzzzzzzzz. THis is getting boring. Caroline always like the victim here and poor me, just because she does not have a man in her life so she is behaving like this. Enough. Caroline neds to move on, like be single for a while cant she stayt single for a while? She is so annoying with the Stefan stuff. Leave Stefan move on with his life too. Find Caroline and Stefan other people to date not to each other. I dont like Caroline this season she is such a whiner

Spindae 2o

1. Favorite scenes?
- The Kai-Jo flashbacks. I mean they were scary, creepy and game changing. Sadly Grams didn't appear: Miss U Jasmine!
But the Road trip scenes, the Delena moment and Lyler scene were also top!
2. Road Trip or Dinner?
- The RT was so much fun. Loved the boys hanging out together and doing stuff, being proactive. The dinner quickly went into drama mode and do we really believe Jo and the twins didn't recognized each other?
3.Gemini Coven!?
- I have to say I'm surprised that Julie Plec went out all witch on VD and The Originals this year. The witches were always so disposable to JP and them getting all this attention is surprising. And truth to be told its working. VD's season 6 reBirth is really great. The story has more edge, quite enjoyable and they pressed pause on all the drama. Papa Parker is scary, I like both Liv and Luke, much more than Tyler and Jeremy these days so bring it on.
4. Kai back? Where's Bonnie?
- If you watch the preview closely you see Kai trying to strangle Papa Parker. Can't wait to see how that will end. Bonnie will most likely return to our time in the MS final but magic always comes with a price.
5. Next witch to die?
- Hopefully Papa Parker, but it doesn't look good for Jo. I would shift the twins to the Limbo to keep them safe. 6. Steroline?
As a former Stelena fan, Stefan got me after the break up and I want him to be happy so he and Caroline need to end up together. But truth to be told its getting a bit annoying to have them this major speech moments every week. Stefan thinking she is just his friend is so idiotic! They should back down from them a bit and let them happen next week. I think its fair that way.

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Should Staroline Happen?

I loved the idea of Friendsgiving. I love Kai, and don't think that he is a psycho as much as his father is an even bigger psycho, because he treated his son different because he didn't have any power and just wanted to have a magical son. So if anyone is to blame for Kai's behavior it is Papa Parker. He basically just gave up on Kai and kept trying to replace him with another son or another set of twins. No wonder Kai resented his siblings because he onlu saw them as replacements.

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 9 Review: Fate

A poor effort. Too much unsub, the unsub and why she killed was seen from the start, virtually no profiling, very little team and the Rossi subplot was lifted from bad fanfiction. Also every week Reid seems to disappear early on. Such a disappointment. This one will only be liked by the soap fans. The unique aspect of the psychological profiling has almost been lost entirely and the showrunner is turning this into a cops with guns soap opera,