Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 12 Review: Anonymous

I loved the case they were working on - some of the plots have become more than obscure in the most recent seasons, and this one was simple but surprizing. I really don't care for any of Rossi's Vietanm-vet stories, and haven't cared in earlier episodes either. They are weirdly patriotic, push the "hero" aspects way too much, and are also VERY predictable. I'd just like a more complex representation fo the consequences of a war than that... not just in Criminal Minds, but in shows that touch upon the aspects overall.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Rule #32

Was it $10k per month for spousal sport or $5k? (or maybe $5k per kid? lol). That seemed crazy high to me! Love this show per usual, though.

Yassin jagne

So many conflicting theories and analyes. I also would've loved to see a much longer absence of Oliver. To be honest I believed too that the writers feared that the three episodes wouldn't have pulled more viewers sans Oliver completely. I have seen so many fans saying how they will be skipping the three episodes cause its LL-centric. As for BC,I haven't seen much of her to come up with a valid opinion of her suiting up, all i know is its too soon even though the premise of her suiting up was perfect. About the character reactions, they all seemed to be true to their nature. Diggle has always been realistic and so his reaction was so like his character. Roy as usual just follows the flow. Felicity was an emotional mess considering all that might be going through her mind. SHe's got the most right to be off balance since things didn't left off well with the both of them, so many unsaid things; on her part atleast. So i really didn't expect her to be her usual perfectly well comported self. Laurel's reaction? Thats neither here nor there. She didn't know that Oliver went off to fight Ra's neither did she knew why but she was so well versed in being 100% sure that he's alive without being fazed at all. Couldn't she even have had a bit of curiousity as to what led to Oliver being presumed dead? She just took it in her stride, as usual Laurel lives in a Laurel world.


What an unbelievably great episode. I personally think that this is the first step towards maturation of the show because they are signed on for 2 more years so I'm glad that they are making adult decisions and gradually maturing instead of rash impulsive immature teeny bopper actions with no thought spared on the repercussions.
The break up was a great scene. And great reasons put forth by Ezra, those are real issues that real teens deal with. The only difference being that Rosewood is so high on drama that Aria hasnt even had a sit down with Ezra about long distance and most of the time people cant make it work!
In a lot of ways it was Ezra sacrificing himself for Aria- because when you are pushed to your limit then the mind goes into overdrive trying to find a rational solution instead of an emotional one. When Aria realised that Ezra was her teacher in the first episode of season 1 itself, she could have ended it then and there she hadn't fallen in love just yet but her emotions got in the way, but now with her future hanging in the balance logic overrode the emotions.
I love Spencer Im team Spanna all the way but honestly she wore the pants in the relationship and that dynamic changed when Toby took up the job with the RWPD so its not surprising at all that there is a growing conflict of interest/domination.Toby was never one and Spencer being the smartest of them all is. with everyone. But I think there is more to the story than Toby is letting on. He got the same expression he got when he was pretending to be A- he will help from the inside, but not the way Spencer wants him to. Its highly high school to call a cop boyfriend in the middle of a murder investigation.
I couldn't believe the lengths that A went to, to get prints off the PLLs. It was scary good and I hope the girls can help themselves clear their names. And I hope Toby took Tanner's deal because she doesn't seem like the forgiving type.
Jason and Ashley - oddly I see it working and a marriage to the pastor now seems quite forced.
I was silently praying for Haleb to stay together theyve even dealt with supernatural seperation(Ravenswood,Miranda) and still cant seem to think about anybody(not even Travis) other then themselves. Constantly knocking on wood for this pair to stay put.
All of Emily's relationships seemed forced on by writers though nothing came more naturally than her and Maya. Would it be so hard if one PLL was single for a while? What is this constant need to be in a relationship. Look how Aria embraced it instead of melting into a bowl like ice-cream. Talia seems too nice - thats fishy even if you're not from Rosewood.
Cant wait for the next instalment.


Can't wait for Hartley to be the good guy. Was i upset over a few things? Yes, but Andy Mientus made me love them anyways. Is CW looking into doing a Firestorm spinoff or something? Or is this storyline dependent on what becomes of Dr. Snow?


Excellent episode,LOVED it!

Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 5 and 6 Review: Rally to Save JJ's

Why do to keep calling Craig "Greg"?


I really loved this episode, and especially getting to see more into the life of Dr. Harrison Wells. I know many people don't like him, but I do, and I love Tom Cavanagh. Cisco is awesome.


I really like Tank's character. I hope he didn't take advantage of Bay but it looks like they are going for the rape storyline.

Noisy from norway

This season is off to such a great start! No more annoying Crowes. (Not including Dewey, he was great! R.I.P). This season I really like Ava again. Last season the prison-arc was awful.