Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's Your Mommy?

1. I can't believe that I voted for Kristen to be a better mommy. But I did !
2. Paige lost her...tiara. The thing that creeps me out about Paige and JJ is that they look like they could be siblings.
3. I see Theresa suspended from wires in a remote Italian medical facility. Kept alive for spare parts..and, of course, dangling next to the body of EJ Dimera.

Grimm Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Mishipeshu

I got Hot Grimm finale spoilers: thanks to TV GUIDE; the royal family decend to Portland , when they get wind that Nick's mom returns with the child (hint is child not baby)
everyone of the good guys are in danger no one is safe: Monroe gets shot by a "friend" and is grave conditions, Wu is in grave danger Renard gets shot once again (but according to the writers it's a on going joke and they have to get him shot every season finale) Juliiette is moving forward baby or no baby she wants to kill Adaline so she turns down the cure to her hexibiest..also arriving to fight off the royals are trubel who comes back a episode ahead of the finale and the reaper makes a visit. so there you go questions now are Who does Monroe know who shoots himliving him at death door? where on the body Renard is shot hopefully in the arm or leg and oh one more thing :2 DEATH HAPPENS IN THE SEASON FINALE: QUESTIONS IS WHO?????: I narrowed the list ; trubel, Nick;s mother , Adaline miscarry , Kenneth and Wu

@ Kathryn Wooten

Are they running out of finale ideas? Last season, someone got shot and his life was hanging in the balance. Now, they're doing it again? Then again, this is the baby plot line, times two, so I guess they're just scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

@ Charity

Well the good news it will not be Renard fighting for his life.wonder who shot him ? and who is the firend who shot Monroe? there will be a huge battle grimm vs royals I say it is going to be good.and which 2 will nott be back next season

@ Kathryn Wooten

Makes me wonder if Renard doesn't black out again / act out of character and shoot Monroe, then Nick shoots him or something. Either that or Kenneth shoots him. The idea of a Grimm/Royals battle is exciting. I hope the finale is amazing.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

Yeah, the writers can do anything, even bring back Jake after being punched full of more holes than the official 911 investigation. But, really, this is getting ridiculous. Rowan is not the problem. Control is the problem. The unelected men who really run our government cannot let an insider live to testify against them. That is simply not possible. If Rowan dies, somebody just as evil or worse will take his place because B613 is not one man. It is the system which such men are drawn to. Get real. Even if Rowan is killed, do you really think Cyrus Beane will not immediately step in to get one of his assassins to prevent Jake from telling the world that Fitz murdering a passenger plane full of civilians?

Daredevil Review: Daddy Issues

These two episodes were my favorite ! So much background story for both Fisk and Daredevil. Loved it ! Absolutely amazing.
Stick cracked me up soo bad. Sure he was a dick but his sarcasm had me in stitches. He did keep that bracelet. For 20 years, that says a lot... That Black Sky though, what is it ?!
Fisk routine being disturbed by Vanessa was great. He had this sort of religious routine and there she came, changed all that . His father though...what a horrible man. The bruises on the mother's arms were just awful. That beating and her screaming had me cringe, but little Wilson had to pick up that hammer to make him stop. Horrible. The painting did make sense, as it represented the wall at his house. Vincent D'Onofrio was indeed, outstanding in episode 8.
Mrs Gao had my mouth drop to the floor lol. That exchange betwwen her and Fisk was priceless. First time I watched I had to rewind as it was so good.
I like the priest as well. Since Claire is not there he acts as Matt's conscience. P.S. : Fisk's "morning routine" was soooo Hannibal-esque ! As if the opening sequence wasn't enough lol.

Daredevil Review: The Russians Went Boom

Once again the writters had feeling for the Russian baddy lol. What the hell.
Love Matt and Claire and was so disappointed they parted ways... I hope something happens in season 2. I definitely don't want a ;ove triangle which, true, happens in the comics. I want Foggy and Karen. Though you can tell she's got a thing for Matt, that touch my face thing with Foggy was awkward lol. Anyways, Fisk is so evil. And Vanessa is no better. Though I actually enjoy their scenes together. Even more so in episode 8.
I thought the same thing about the car and the camera work, brilliant stuff. This show is visually stunning.


Spencer Randolph being a backstabber isn't a stretch, we're talking about Arvin Sloane here... But yeah, the end of the episode left me gutted


That ending had me in a state of Shock. The WTF factor was at its highest ! Ragnar getting baptized, crazy. And Lagertha, Rollo, and Floki showing up was mind blowing. And judging by his reaction, he didn't see it coming either. He probably thought he was gonna sneak out and all. Floki's reaction was like cursing Ragnar. Had me crackin up. Wasn't it Bromantic though, he did it to join Athelstan in heaven... He doesn't care about the religion like that, he just misses his friend. Athelstan's death left a hole in his heart didn't it ?
Rollo HAS been shining this season. He is even on that princess's radar.
That spike thing was sooo cool and gruesome !
Finally Lagertha is back. In the previous episode as well but in this one she leading the attack. You're so right Henry, they were like ninjas, stealth and quick ! Loved it.
So Lagertha and Kalf hooking up was not revisited...bummer lol.
That earl and his hair, I was laughing along with him when the executioner chopped the guard's hand instead. What a sneaky one !
Raganr telling the others who the boss is, was about time ! Too many opinions and too many leaders haha.
In the previous episode I felt he tried and trick Floki and the rest. He didn;t count on Bjorn getting badly injured. It's like he meant for Floki to go crazy-er.
Wessex got crazier too ! King Egbert has completely lost it. Taking Judith as his mistress, his son's wife ! She could only say yes in order to protect her children. Aethelwulf isn't an idiot after all, he did suspect his father hoped he'd die back in Mercia. Egbert denying it sounded so fake... Well, Alfred ends upp ruling in the end, so it still worked for him.
So for Ragnar, what happens next ? Him becoming a Christian, whatever his reasons, will most definitely cause conflicts.

Days of Our Lives Recap: A Bouncing Baby DiMera

"Daniel Jonas. The myth, the man, the legend" Yes! Why is he involved in almost everything in Salem? Enough of Daniel already.

Castle Season 8 Scoop: Nathan Fillion In, Showrunner Out

That whole pI thing I think was a terrible move. Just go back to the normal story line, work on the case of why he was missing. Even make castle deal with a hormonal pregnant beckett

Vikings Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Breaking Point

This episode is by far the best I've seen yet and the hallucinations/visions by Ragnar and his baptism (later something that became a ritual among those of the Northmen that made deals with the Saxon kings) in a way symbolize the whole struggle of the Viking Age and the end of it were certainly that the Vikings became Christians in the end, specially the Normans who even took part in the 1st Crusade. The last Viking or "pirate" of Norway, Alv Erlingson, were hanged, drawn and quartered. It wasn't bands of thugs just raping and plundering and murdering for the sake of it, suddenly, like as in an accident like the series show, or as if some goldfever suddenly took hold of Scandinavia as if it were some American goldrush, as it's commonly mistaken. That the British Isles were some unknown place to them is not very likely at all, because of the clear knowledge they had about geography and they probably did trade with the picts before something enraged them so much that war was declared, a masse wave of hatred and murder. The first recorded attack, from my home county of Hordaland, came far south in England. King Charlemagne had been massacring scores of Saxons just south of the border of Denmark, cut down the most holy site of the pagan saxons: Irminsul. He made it a capital punishment for those being forced into baptism to return to their pagan ways. One of the Saxons resisted though, and together with the King of Denmark, Sigurd Ring, Danish forces did hit-and-run attacks already in Charles the "Great" "Saxon Wars" And after this, still in the lifetime of Charlemagne, he got the news that the Holy Island, Lindisfarne had been attacked, on the west side. Then another highly symbolic center for Christianity: Iona, west of Scotland were targets of several attacks until the inhabitant left it for good to Kells in Ireland. And also in Ireland just a few decades after Lindisfarne, viking attacks became common among the Irish coast. So the vikings knew about the whole of the British Isles, from north to south, west to east, and also Shetland, the Faroese Island (and in the end both Iceland, Greenland and North-America, and showed this clearly by their coordinated attacks on the famous holy sites of the Christians. They had clear knowledge were to attack. But back to the series: When Ragnar attacked Paris (obviously not the same person that attacked Lindisfarne, since the king in Paris then was the grandson of Charlemagne). I think the death of Ragnar is certain to happen in Northumbria, in the famous snakepit of King Ælla. Because the series has placed a great amount of attention on Ingvar the Boneless (who himself became a greater historical character then his fater), and in the sagas it is the death of Ragnar (with the parting words, laughing about what his little pigs (sons) would do when they heard how the boar (himself) had grunting. And Ælla was the one, historically, that are famous for the ritual of the bloodeagle. That's because Ingvar the boneless caught up with him, along with his brothers, Sigurd Snake-In-The-Eye, Hvitserk and Bjørn Ironside (not sure of the last one), in order to avenge their fathers death. So I can't see how else the series are going to continue without the death of Ragnar and the Rise of the equally intelligent, but horribly cruel, Ingvar the Boneless and his major attack on England: The Great Heathen Army; something that will be far mor spectacular then anything that have happened in the show so far. The same thing with Rollo in Normandie. Everything that have happened this far have pointed in this direction: The great attention given Ingvar and the envy and disapointment of Rollo. I'm willing to bet on that. Both Rollo (Walking-Rolf, because he were to big to ride a horseI) and Laghertha were Norwegians by the way, for those below talking about Denmark, as if the small island is the navel of the world. It's a common misunderstanding during the period to refer to every pagan entering England as Danes. It's how Danes are like. They stole Greenland from us through some cunning form of politics. But it's proven now that Rollo/Rolf/Walking-Rollo/Gange-Rolf; the first Duke of Normandy, the great-great-greatfather of William the Bastard, were Norwegian, because of a certain plant growing in Norway with "ground nuts", not peanuts, but still edible and tasty, and is growing only in Norway and Normandie. Even the modern name for a Norwegian is Normann. That debate still rages on. Even the Swedes had some ridiculos claim. But it seems settled now. Rollo were from Møre, in the inner part of a fjord, back in Norway. Lagherta were from Sogn og Fjordane. Ragnar are said to be the son of a king, but obviously fell in love with a Norwegian Shieldmaiden. Sorrry for the long post.

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