Episodes Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Reconnecting

I definitely didn't see the Carol storyline coming! Lots of new avenues opened up in this episode. Can't wait for the next!

Narsimha chintaluri
@ Lisa Pavlica

Same here! Helen actually seems like a normal human being

Ronald simkins

Totally agree. Just when I was thinking the show was tubing they managed to reinvigorate it. I loved how Nolan destroyed the momma (although I still don't buy Nolan's marriage and I still think the twist will be a hook-up with Lyman). I love what they have done with Victoria - now I can pull for her. I can get into the Ben/Emily thing and also the Jack/Margaux endgame. Personally I hate destined couples especially the ones driven by "shippers".

@ isoron

Agreed, but I wasn't aware that there really were many Jack-Emily shippers at all.

Galavant Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Season Finale!

THIS WAS AN AWESOME SEASON FINALE!!!! ...except this was billed as a 4 week mini-series during hiatus of Once upon a time. also how the story laid out with "2 episodes" a week was poorly chosen. i get there were two stories each week, but there were often themes that crossed over from one episode to the other. I would rather have a nice fulfilling close to quench my thirst for new episodes. not to mention other channels can now play for my time with their shows in february since ABC has nothing but AFV reruns planned.

Psych 100th Episode Review: Rock Stars

"Its called a lance, hellooo!"

18 Cancellations That Cut Deep

"Kings" - a brilliant and lavish reinterpretation of the Biblical story of David and Saul, with superb performances by Ian McShane, Susanna Thompson, Sebastian Stan, Dylan Baker and Eamonn Walker. Hardly anyone watched it, though, and it was cancelled after one season. I still miss it. "Murder One" - the vastly altered second season wasn't as great as the first, but still head and shoulders above many shows. That first season - which followed one high profile murder case from beginning to end - may have been ahead of its time, as it proved to be a foreshadowing of the highly successful "24". It also featured a master class in acting by Stanley Tucci, and led to my deep crush on Jason Gedrick.


This one is all on Jane. He cannot bear to lose Lisbon but if he interferes with how she does her job he will because Lisbon will never restrict how she does her job to keep Jane from worrying. Lisbon has given and given and given all her life and this is one line she won't cross. That was evident in that foosball game. It let jane know she was in charge of her life. That was the storyline purpose of that scene. Besides, Jane wants someone who will take care of him, so he will do whatever it takes to handle his fears and let Lisbon be Lisbon. For her part, Lisbon will help him deal with that emotionally. Notice how she handled that airplane meltdown when they were in that interrogation room. She knew how stressed he was and what an effort it took to get his feelings out. So she eased Jane into their old familiar bantering mode where she knew he would be comfortable. She's as much of a mentalist where Jane is concerned as Jane is with everyone else - except Lisbon. He really can't read her very well. As he said, she's messy inside. But it will work out because they love each other. I have never seen actors portray such deep love so subtly and with almost no physical interaction. It's just a lot of very little things that add up to an amazing performance. They both deserve an award.

American Horror Story: Renewed for Season 5!

I'm going to watch every season every year! I just wished we didnt have to wait a whole entire year for it. Every show I love to watch i get to see 10-18 episodes then its over :(

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 1 Review: IX

Anybody know the story with the quatermaster's replacement from last season, can't find any info. His replacement looks a lot like him, just wondering.

Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Killer Painting

It was a good episode considering the swashbuckling, gripping intensity that was the apocalypse arc. The painting was really cool and an interesting, creative enemy. As for the characters, Katrina's flashbacks drew me out of the story too. The fact her friend's name was Abigail threw me off for some reason. Complexity is forced onto Katrina's character and her magic seems so pathetic. I still dunno about her. Can't remember what jenny and the brigand got up to in that episode, or Abigail, bar the usual cautioning of a genius mind. This show needs to pick up the pace again!


it's a great list, but NO KELLI GIDDISH OF LAW & ORDER SVU? Are you kidding me? Was it a requirement to be a leading lady of a show? Did they not list her because Mariska Hargitay was on the list? I think it should have been a list of 20 then. Very disappointed that Kelli wasn't there. There were 2 or 3 I would have deleted and replaced with her.