The Best of 2014: Breakout Characters!

TVD-Kai,HTGAWM-Conner,AoS-Grant ward,The Flash-Caitlin & Gotham-Penguin.


I agree on every word.This show has improved so tremendously from that horrible 1st half of 1st season,sometimes even i can't believe it myself.


Definitely Mulaney & Utopia.


Best episode-Episode 8,Worst episode-Episode 3,Best character(s)-Bamon,Worst character(s)-Jeremy,Fake sarah/monique,Ivy,Matt.
under-utilized character-stefan,bonnie,enzo.Best new character-kai
& jo.Welcome return-Alaric,Annoying return-Enzo.Needs to get off the
show pronto-Jeremy.
Most interesting storyline-The whole gemini coven arc.

The Best of 2014: 13 Foundation-Shaking Finales

The Mentalist!!!! ❤

The Worst of 2014: 10 New Shows That Quickly Grew Old

why have Gotham on there i didnt like it at first because i knew nothing about batman,but now i'm into it big time,have a heart

The Best of 2014: Worst New Show

I hated Gotham in the beginning but it really grew on me, especially with the rise of the Penguin and the developments of Alfred and Catchild. Still needs tweaking (die, Barbara, die) but I'm sticking with it through the end of the season.

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 13 Review: Last Christmas

Well, after last year's debacle of a Christmas episode, this was a step up for certain. I truly hope that is the end of Danny Pink (and wish Clara's too but that ain't gonna happen it appears). It was one of the better episodes after an overall disappointing series 8. The elves were annoying (and totally forgot the Strax actor was one of them). I'll need to re-watch it to get a better feel (BBCA did a lousy job of commercial inserts and seemed like snippets of scenes were missing because of it).

Carolee gross
The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Black Market

I enjoyed every minute of the show.Yes when the show started I did think it was Patrick in the jewelry store with Teresa.I liked the way Teresa acted as a psychic medium.I can see when you are sick you do not think right.I think that is why Patrick asked Teresa if she would run away from everything just to be together that is normal to think like that when you are sick.It was nice to see Patrick's smiling while he instructed Teresa what to say to the listening audience.Well I can not wait for Sunday to watch the Silver Case episode.

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Absolutely awesome! And I am surprisingly happy to have Clara staying on as companion! More after I've rewatched!