That Blood and Chocolate reference !!! I knew it meant something lol. I watched the movie but totally forgot Hugh Dancy was in it !!! How interesting...

True Detective Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Church in Ruins

If the show focused entirely on Ani and Ray, maybe we would get something out of it. Right now, it's just messy. And yes, Paul, contracts have signatures on them. Congratulations on figuring that one out. https://thefilmchronicles.word...

Killjoys Photos from "Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye"

C'mon everyone knows Dutch and Johnny have a thing brewing. Don't muddy the waters let thier slow burn stay on course.

Sarah silva

It is too bad Lucia told Johnny she could not be with him. I liked them together and all Johnny went through to save her! I am glad that Carlito was finally arrested.
Mike may be hooked on pain meds but he was still able to put all those signs together.
I wonder if Briggs really wants Paige's help or if he wants to have her pay for what she did to Mike. Ari is crazy and who knows what will happen.


I've been rooting for Nicole to find real happiness from her 1st appearance on the show. Eric is at heart a priest-who wants to be married to a man who thinks like THAT? Now Daniel is a REAL man, not some religious wuss, & would make a better husband for a REAL woman like Nicole.

MasterChef Junior - Fall TV Preview: Reality Show Fever!

Dancing with the Stars.........THE MOST FUN TV on the air!! :)

The Strain Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Fort Defiance

To me all 3 of season 2 ep's are on a slow burn, building towards something. Setrakian's revelation and Vaun's demise were definitely a intersesting surprise tho. Have wondered why Palmer is so confidently defiant towards Eichorst and Sardu.The UV trap explains it. He's shrewd and cunning and I doubt he's played his last ace. Probably going to have to answer for the UV trap if/when Eichorst/Sardu/Bolivar get wind of it.

@ mpulse

Palmer is definitely more clever than I remember from Book 1. I also like that they included his younger self in the flashbacks. Though it didn't seem they were going that way with the character in Season 1. Setrakian didn't appear to know him and Palmer/Eichhorst met in Season 1 with no hint of a past connection. The writers really need to plot out the 3 or 4 seasons as a whole. Otherwise, fans will look back at these little inconsistencies and nitpick at them (like I do) LOL

@ Henry A. Otero

You're right Hank about potential inconsistencies as a result of not having a plan. See "Lost" for a prime example of your point. Maybe Cuse has learned from that.

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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 8 Review: The Great Red Dragon

Please. All the writers are doing is repurposing a movie for TV. Boring, predictable and (as always) paced slower than a white man in flip flops.

Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Ding

" .. Mick was only killing Gary .." Please be precise. As Mickey pointed out, "Technically, the water killed him."

33 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

This list needs an update. #22 Mona Vanderwaal isn't dead. She is back on PLL.