Satisfaction: Stephanie Szostak Interprets Grace, Teases Season 2

First of all, thank you Carissa for getting this great interview. Have been anxiously waiting to see it and most importantly wanting to read her responses to alot of the questions alot of us had from season 1. Must say you did a wonderful job addressing alot of those thoughts. Stephanie obviously has to be alittle guarded in response to season 2 but I did read a couple of things that were nice to see and some that were disappointing.
Her statement that Grace truly loves Neil and is the intended end game was nice to read. Her awareness of the depth of love Neil feels for Grace, was another great point. Stephanie's acknowledges that Grace makes a lot of bad decisions and that they may lead to her regretted out come for her actions was a nice surprise.
What I am not excited about is it sounds like the intention is to have Neil and Grace end up exploring a polyamory relationship. Have read enough about this lifestyle, particularly in a marriage never works well. Add that to what some are guessing as a S\M relationship with Adrianna and I personally think that the show could possibly loose its premis of what you would do to save your marriage, and going for just salacious, soap operaish story.
I will be watching either way and look forward to everyone's opinion's.
Any idea on premier date?

2015-2016 Renewal Scorecard

Lol, love the Klaroline comment for TO. And thanks for this list, it makes it easier to follow this stuff !


What I hope to see from Scandal next season: Poppa Pope - Very Little from Him. Momma Pope - More from her. That character is waiting to surprise us and I can't wait to see how they steer her to being an even bigger villan. Huck - Now I do love me some Huck but his story line is getting a bit too much on the B613 break down tip. He needs to focus his killing energy elsewhere, I have no idea where but enough is enough. He wants to be with Javi so bad then go be with Javi. Abby - Not impressed with the character since season 2. It's hit or miss for me and her feminist girl power persona. Kinda wish she would go and work for Millie. I just hope they give her more air time to revamp her character. Once a gladiator always a gladiator right??? David Rossen - death. The "justice" the "white hat" campaign is over. He punked out in the end of last season when those jurors were found slaughtered on the bus. He has annoyed me with the Do The Right Thing that has gotten so many killed in the hopes for a brighter future, yeah he sounds like an after school special. I'm not impressed with the acting job and I don't like his story line. Not my cup of tea. Jake Ballard - Now I do love me some eye candy and yes I'm glad he's not dead but when they took down B613 then its only fair that Jake leaves with it. I'm happy he wasn't killed off because he can make cameos, maybe 2 or 3 out of what 18 episodes next season. That's good enough for me, how about you? We all know Olivia isn't going to be with Jake so that's dead. Jake is only there for hidden protection and I think that if he is around to keep her safe from Poppa's wrath and we all know it's coming then I'm fine with that. He can watch her from a far and will not have to be in every episode, maybe like 2 or 3 just to show that his love will never die but to have him there all the time now, nope. Quinn - The come back queen! I don't want her to replace Huck as the killing agent of POA but she needs to stand out even more this coming season. I think it's her time to shine and push the acting skills, I think she can be a break out star here. I don't think she should kill Huck but wouldn't it be ironic if she was the one to torture him. Was he really working for Poppa Pope when he killed everyone on that bus??? Oh I see a possible twist there, was he working for Momma Pope since she is free now??? Hummmm? We shall see. Millie - Go a head and be Senator, stay away from the White House as much as possible. Of course she is mad and holds grudges so lets see how she responds to being put out and trying to be in the political eye alone without Fitz and the White House protection. She is too quick to try and get revenge and doesn't think clearly under stress so lets see how she does as a Senator. Cyrus - Pass. He's not relevant anymore. He can go. He can retire. Done. Fitz - I am actually not a fan of Olivia and Fitz relationship like so many of the fans are. I guess that's why I was team Jake or hell team anyone but Olivia and Fitz lol. What was that one Senator Olivia was dating.... Yeah them, I would rather see them together again than see her with Fitz. It just isn't my love interest for the show. But hey, ya'll love him so I'm on board, for now lol. As far as his presidency goes... Meh. Give him a crisis and lest see how he handles it without Cryus and Millie bugging him and lets see how Olivia can help him with it without all their input. Heck it's like Olivia is running the country and I like that lol. New chief of staff - Yeah I haven't taken the time to even learn that characters name, lol, that's how much I love her, LOL. I don't see where she is going to fit in other than having a hidden agenda of her own. Yet another possible twisting character. We shall see. Olivia - Well she is the scandal....


No to Stefan and Caroline. I had to stop watching when they made that happen. Her character is completely needy and helpless..so damsel in distress. Make her stronger and able to stand on her own before giving her yet another love interest. I do agree with wanting to see more of the bond between Stefan and Damon though.

Noisy from norway

I never liked JHL but I actually liked her on CM. I was sad to see her go. Her character was really good. I'm not a fan of Taylor but I hope I will be plesantly surprised.


I hate that they shoved Melanie out the door and kept Teresa. Melanie is adorable and much better for Brady than conniving Teresa. I'm ready for Serena to take her elephant statue and hit the road. Totally tired of Eve and Jennifer going at it. Eve doesn't take responsibility for her actions and blames Jen for everything....but am tired of Jen's holier than thou attitude.


This review is embarrassing. Really a 3.0? Did we watch the same show with the same acting, all across the web rave reviews and here in TVFanatic this score. Talk about biased writing.

Castle Season 8: New Faces at the 12th?

First I don't think that Beckett should run for senate she does her best work as a detective on the the streets the show won't be the same without it. Second they need to get back on track about what happened to castle. Third take Alexis off the show she Irra as hell by how she talk to castle why is he apologizing to her every time #BestShow #CanAlexis #Caskette

@ D'Smoke

I'm sort of with you on the Alexis front. Uh. If I were Castle, I would've lost my damn mind with Pi. Kicked him right to the curb. And the way Alexis was acting about it all? Really? Disappointing the way the writers handled all that. Rick is a nice guy sure, but there are limits.

Hannibal: Canceled After 3 Seasons!!

Must be due to opinion of how the show might affect peoples mentality towards murder. The show is amazing visually. Great script and such sublime portrayal of Hannibal.

Hannibal: Canceled After 3 Seasons!!

I am shocked to say the least! I thought the show was doing well.. There has to be somewhere this show can go! Netflix or Amazon???