Scandal Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Baby, It's Cold Outside

This turn of events was dreadful and it makes Olivia look like a nutcase.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Charade

Being eaten by pigs is something i would more expect on NCIS than Five-o but i hope no one ever comes up with that idea ever again, YUK! More undercover work please as it is different and more interesting than the usual investigation process.

American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 7

Where's the recap and/or review? :-/

Haven Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Close to Home

Duke has been the most pointless character on the show since they gave him a Trouble. Pre-Trouble Duke was a much better character.

Haven Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Perditus

Charlotte was the only bright spot on the show for the past 3 - 4 seasons.


I guess nobody else on here is watching this show lol....too bad,they are missing on what is easily the fastest 30mins of tv.

@ Ilk_vomit

I know! I watched it four times last night because I never turned off Starz. Before I noticed what happened, Ash was saying the Brujo had no sense of humor and watching him chomp on an eyeball. And I loved it every time I watched.

@ Ilk_vomit

One word... WORKSHED! Of course some of us are 'watching'... and not just 'watching'... dissecting, analysing, salivating. Week after week, completely nailing it imo. I'm just so happy that nothing killed me between 1992 and 2015.

Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Hold Outs

Thanks for all the comments here now I know I can skip this episode I can't stand Erin it's time that woman will fall from her high horse she sits on from the start of this serie. Ugh!!!! She always looks so annoyed on the dinner table she thinks she is right all the time.
It's also time that networks stops with putting so many powerfull woman on their shows there is nothing wrong when woman shows there feelings from time to time on networks these day's it's more the men who shows them.

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10 Review: Face the Raven

Quite frankly, I think he learned the wrong lesson from realizing that he has Caecilius's face. My take is that he's trying to remind himself "Help when you can but THINK IT THROUGH!!!" He didn't with Clara and he didn't with Ashildr and it came back to haunt him. Also, why do people think he wins all the time? Most of his victories tend towards the hollow and he runs off before people can lynch him for creating Endor Holocaust after Endor Holocaust. Hell, we've spent the last fifty-two years watching him skedaddle from a REALLY stupid decision he made and throwing bodies between him and accountability.


This is the first in what can only be described as a 3 parter. Capaldi is on his own next episode, and then we get the final goodbye after that with Jenna Coleman. And apparently even that will be a cliffhanger leading into the Christmas Special with River Song. So while Clara is gone, she's not quite gone yet...

@ Alihan

I wonder......will one of the Time Lords tell Doctor Monster Raving Loonie I've Got My Valeyard On NOW about John Frobisher? What he doesn't know is that Mister Stupid Sacrifice was the last male descendant of Caecilius.....which means that none of his good deeds ever really stick for long. Eventually, someone jumps in front of a bullet meant for Superman and it's all for nothing.


I must say i think that Joe is a better actor than Lilly.