The Flash Round Table: Friendship or the Reverse?

I agree with Carissa Harrison being The Reverse Flash is too obvious he's too smart to go after Joe and warn him after talking to him about it minutes ago I think it's Eddie and he's only pretending to be a perfect nice guy if anything he's too perfect and I'm sure we'll see what he's planning soon though we might not find out until the midseason finale when they actually reveal who it's.

@ Reozen

While I agree Harrison Wells is way too obvious, I'd argue Eddie had no knowledge that Joe reopened Barry's mother's murder case. Why would he suddenly and without a reason appear as Reverse Flash and threaten Iris? True he's too perfect, but the timing is just off to me.


I was thinking that the point at which Carrie told Saul "This is not who we are. This is not who you are. Please. Please. Please,
Saul. Get up. Get up. God dammit. Get up, get up. Please, please. No
more dying. I wanna go home" would have been a great point at which to end the show (with perhaps some wrap-up), but, of course, I know there's another whole season coming, so, that wasn't to be. But that ending - Man, oh man! And, byt the way, we have to wait 2 weeks - the suspense!!


Deadline reports: EXCLUSIVE: The freshman season of NBC drama Constantine will consist of 13 episodes. The cast and crew of the series were informed on Friday that the series will halt production after completing production on the initial 13-episode order. Constantine will remain in its 10 PM Friday time slot for the remainder of its run. While NBC recently made a similar decision on freshmen comedy series Bad Judge and A to Z, I hear the circumstances are different. While Bad Judge and A to Z had been de facto cancelled,Constantine remains in contention for a second-season renewal. NBC had to make a decision whether to keep Constantine in continuous production with little ratings information. While the series began production on a standard fall premiere production schedule, its launch was delayed until late October when NBC’s Friday genre block usually debuts, so the network had to make a call whether to order additional episodes after only four episodes had aired vs. at least seven, which is the norm for freshman series. Constantine, executive produced by Daniel Cerone and David Goyer, has not been a breakout the way fellow NBC Friday genre drama Grimm was in its debut. But NBC brass were probably encouraged by the freshman’s +38% week-to-week ratings jump for Episode 5 this Friday — after the to a 1.1 among adults 18-49 in Live+Same day, the show’s highest mark since the series debut, and by its best retention of the Grimm lead-in, also since the series debut. Additionally, Constantine,based on the DC property, has strong fan base because of its comic origins and has seen big DVR lifts, most recently rising +81% in Live+3 for Episode 4, regarded by fans as a possible creative turning point in the series. NBC has been supportive of the show, running a marathon of episodes on cable sibling Syfy this weekend and slating Constantine cast members to appear on the network’s broadcast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade next week. It is not clear what NBC will air in the Friday 10 PM time period after Constantine’s run is over, though previous slot occupant Hannibal, which has been renewed for a third season, is considered a strong possibility. NBC has three new drama series on tap for midseason, Allegiance, Odyssey, Aquarius, as well as miniseries The Slap. Constantine was one of three DC-themed new dramas this fall. The other two, Gotham on Fox andThe Flash on the CW, both earning full-season orders. So far this season, NBC has given a full-season pickup to procedural drama The Mysteries of Lauraand a partial one to comedy Marry Me.


I'm still so disappointed this show is ending...................Hopefully we will get another scene from Will like from Season 1 Episode 1...................... I think Neal will be back........the series is ending so it has to be wrapped up some how............


Spot on review, nothing of real significance happened in this episode. It was filler to get to the mid season finale. Rumors are running rampant that Carol and Beth are going to die............Anybody catch Talking Dead last night? Did Hardwick promise a surprise guest next week? If so, then somebody is dying..........

Mrs cleaver
@ Terrie

Saw Talking Dead. Maybe Bob will be on. He hasn't been on since he died a few episodes ago. But I think Emily Kenney who plays Beth. And midseason finale, someone, probably more than one, will die. Cast pretty big these days.

@ Mrs. Cleaver

Emily Kenney was just on Talking Dead a couple weeks ago so I doubt they'd have her again so soon--even if her character died....


I still think, even more so after this episode, that Bishop will do something to Kalinda..............There must be a way to get the upper hand on Bishop besides
Cary testifying against him. I hate that we have to wait until January for new episodes............and on top of that they didn't even say when they'd return.............or did I miss that? I thought the letter thing was just silly..............but those were excellent scenes with Eli, his daughter and Johnny. I still don't want Alicia with Finn but it looks like that's where they are headed...........................

Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Power of the Press

Maybe it's time for the BLUE BLOODS to turn in their badges.
Bridget Moynihan and Tom Selleck do their best ,but the scripts really do suck now.
Nicky makes me feel like I made the right decision to never have children. Anybody notice how the show seemed to go downhill when Donnie hooked up with JENNY McCARTHY?
That skank is poison to any man she hooks up with.


Something weird is happening with this show for me.... I'm finding it boring all of a sudden which is weird because I love the show.alot of the time nothing really ever happens,and im just kinda watching but not really.. I know, it doesn't make sense lol. to be honest post-prison I'm just not really invested in these characters right now. I don't really give a shit about the hospital group at all either. it just seems like another battle for the sake of having a battle for the "mid season" finale.

Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Collateral Damage

If anyone who watches this show was a fan of the West Wing, you knew from the moment they said the word "lockdown" how a lot of things would play out, because they did a very similar episode on the other show. However, there were still some surprises.
One, I am glad Stevie moved out. It is okay to have your opinions, but when you choose to quit school and move back home with your folks, save the judgement - no one wants to hear it from you anyway. Hopefully, if they bring the character back, she will have done some of the growing up she is leaving home to do.
I thought the way Elizabeth handled the situation with the translator was excellent. She chose not to give him control of the situation, even though he seemingly had the upper hand. The writing for the character is smart and Tea Leoni's delivery, is flawless.
Much like the reviewer, I have little to no vested interest in the love triangle storyline, nor do I feel the chemistry between Matt and Daisy. The one thing I did want to know, and maybe I missed it, was did the gum have marijuana in it? The way Matt acted made me wonder. I will say this, Matt is right, Daisy, like all women, deserves to have someone who loves her so much he is willing to fight for her. However, I had to wonder how much Daisy really loved Win if she was willing to cheat on him.
Overall, this was a solid episode of Madame Secretary.


Dear readers, Ive nothing against the author of this post who writes amazingly well,but after repeatedly telling her that she's got a name wrong ( it's Tasneem not Nasneem) she has yet to acknowledge that she's wrong. When I informed her that its Aasar and not Aasan she said she was "tired"but acknowledged that it was an oversight. Just like her I don't like being told when Im wrong, quite head strong myself, but I was right. Michael O'Keefe who plays interim station chief John Redmond tweeted this last night. https://twitter.com/mokeefeman...
I rest my case, because an actor on set with a script knows more than any internet outlet.