10 Truly Terrible Series Finales

First of all, Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives had really great finale.
GG was still surprising us until the very end.
DH was perfect showed me I am going to miss this show. Ugly Betty, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek TNG and DS9, The Golden Girls, these show had brilliant finale. They really know how to end a series by leaving us wanting more and showing us how much we will miss the show.

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Passing the time by transcribing and analyzing all episodes from the very beginning, plus some off-focus viewing. They've put so much depth and stuff into it, it's amazing. Can't see the bottom yet, and I've dived pretty deep into the material...
Re season 7: A classic monomyth story comes with a big advantage: the encore is built in by design. ;-)

The Strain Review: The Master Fights Back

One of the best episodes ! :)
I am so ashamed but I can't help loving Eichhorst ><


I like the show when its not pulling Hitler-youth camps and messiah-complexes out of a hat. I give it this much, for an episode, neigh season of plot conveniences it ended on a rather high note. Still, just because they are dangling a carrot in front of its nose, that does not mean this donkey is going to walk. I am ready to suspend my disbelief for a lot, but they are not even trying this episode.. I gave up when Anne just so happened to hide out on top of a flame-thrower.. This could not have been more convenient to the narrative if she had found it in a chest with an accompanying "TadaDaDa" like in the Zelda games.. where you need an item to process through the dungeon. Looking forward to the next season simply because I want to know what the "next big threat" is going to be. They just have to 1-up themselves every season, so we'll see.

Arrow Season 3 Teaser: Look Who's Kissing!!!

I was already very excited about Season 3, and that promo got me even more amped up. First, THE KISS! Wow! That's so sweet and hot and sexy and everything Olicity ;) Looks like "Arrow" has another season of awesome stunts in store for us. I'm intrigued by Thea and Malcolm's relationship[. Thea and that sword? Badass! Wish we got a glimpse of Diggle, too. Original Team Arrow keeps me coming back every week.

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

I don't understand why you put heather brooks in your list and not Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey or George O'Malley

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

you put heather brooks in your list and not Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey or George O'Malley... strange

@ Guest

This was only within the most recent season. If it expands they'll likely be included.

Army Wives Season 7 Report Card: B+

was a huge disappointment! The newer cast members were horrible actors/actresses. The conversations didn't flow, instead it was like they were just reading their lines. The drama turned to teen drama and the lessons and storylines(if that's what you call it) of each episode was so poorly acted out. The lessons were actually stated, rather than assume the audience was intelligent enough to understand. Thank goodness they ended the series because season ruined the overall greatness of Army Wives.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Julie Goes Zen

I really enjoy these round table discussions, but the pop-out ad on the right and now the box that opens a new shopping tab plus adds a ton of cookies to my computer are the limit. I'm not coming back. I am so disappointed in your site now.

Ray Donovan Review: Falling to Pieces

Episode was double punch to the gut with the sweetest song playing in the background. Loved it!!

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