The Real Housewives of New York City Review: Delusional Divas

I am tired of Ramona. I will not watch if she stays on the show.

What do you think of Bill and Virginia?

For me i think they are doing the most wrong thing ever, come on this man is cheating on his wife, the mother of his child, and this woman knows that Billy is married and she is not stopping, just if Virginia looks to this from Libby's point of view, would she go on with this? last but not least both of them are hypocrites.

True Blood Photo Preview: Is There Hope?

the true chemistry is between Sookie and Eric? I know that the writers aren't going to give the fans what they want, but let's be real. Many viewers are tuning in for Skarsgard's great portrayal of Eric, as well as his snarky side kick Pam. The most touching moment of the season was when Eric and Sookie met and he just held her and played with her hair. The best comedic moments of the season so far have been the Ginger/Pam/Eric flashbacks. I wish the writers liked his character more because it would be great to see the Viking vampire win it all in the end.


I think the only people who should get paid a lot of money are professional stuntman and actors who do dangerous stunts (Jackie Chan) since they actually risk their lives doing stunts for movies and TV shows.....can't believe actors expect $1 million an episode.....it would make more sense for a movie since with a movie you have to travel and it can take 6 months to a year to complete

@ stevie

the cast of friends gained more than that per episode.

Covert Affairs Review: To Trust or Not

I never thought I would see the day that I enjoy seeing Joan and Arthur's story over Annie and Auggie. She has been making too many dangerous, reckless decisions for me. Auggie's move to always protect Annie makes it appear that his feelings are much more than a friendship, regardless of how many people he sleeps with.

Tyrant Review: Lion and the Lion Tamer

This show has grown on me.... I guess the only problem is all the English but I guess that's because it would otherwise have to be totally subtitled which would be tough on TV... It was pretty obvious what was going to happen at the end I suppose... I frankly agree with Barry that his brother can take his money and go elsewhere and be a hero.... Maybe I missed something, but where are the kids????? That was an interesting aspect of the early episodes...


Given the S6 finale I don't think it's possible for Jane to be given a new love interest. After the emotional meltdown he had on the plane followed by the scene with Lisbon in the interrogation room and that definitely seal-the-deal kiss, there is no way he would have a new love interest. Someone might be interested in him, but it would definitely be one-way. The only option would be a time jump to near the end of the 5-year servitude where Jane and Lisbon have been together 5 years and developing relationship problems that open the door for that new love interest. But that is such soap opera crap! Anyhow, the last episode, Blue Bird, is definitely well worth watching! it does the boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl cliche in such a creative fresh way. You get to understand what Lisbon has been through that explains her behavior, and you get to see how Jane's emotional straitjacket has made life miserable for both him and Lisbon. The final scene where it all works out is award worthy IMO. So original! Such a clever way for the two to work back to their comfortable banter mode. Simon's face a mix of despair and hope and fear that it might not be real. Lisbon's perceptive take-control attitude and skill at bringing Jane to a new and better emotional place. Just beautiful!! I have watched that episode more times than I can count and never tire of it because it was so well done. As for S7, I have no idea what the writers might give us. I kind of expect them to use this to send TM in new directions, possibly hoping to get the series continued along new story lines. There are many possibilities. I don't think Simon would agree to continue if he couldn't develop his character in new directions. He has said often enough in interviews how that is essential for him to stay with a show because otherwise it gets too boring.

@ rationalgal2

Hi Raionalgal2.....I was attempting to answer some thoughts that Just Passing
inquired about, but darned if I can get the program to work on my IPad....so I came to the computer and saw that you had actually answered what I had in mind.
I would add, though, it does make a difference where you read stuff. Over and over the speculations have been on a short season, late start for season 7. I just ran across one in the UK, last night, that feels that we are going to have The Mentalist earlier than has been mentioned and for a longer time period. Of course all this is purely speculation. Nowhere have I read it in print from CBS. It's all pure "we think, we hear rumors, etc etc. Only time will tell. As far as the new girl in town.....i think she might be for Cho. I really don't see how a young upstart could possible interest Patrick Jane.
@Just Passing.....you would really benefit from watching the finale of season 6.
Other than the episode 100 and the one where Patrick drinks the tea, this ranks right up there with the best of all episodes IMO. If you have any interest
at all in the outcome of Patrick/Lisbon you will enjoy. Lastly, if I could just get my Ipad to sort "most Recent" I would be so happy. It flashes on for a 1/2 second or less and goes away. Also, there are so many times I try to type and it just stops and I have do delete what I have done. Don't know why. The computer does fine, but I dont want to drag it into the frontroom since it is a tower, lol.
Oh....one last thing. I know Simon Baker is working on his project....Breath or Breathe. I expect to see it accomplished in the next two years. I am going to
imagine he will play the aging surfing expert, one of the characters in the book.
I almost didn't read it because of part of the story line. Glad I did though. Was a good book.

Covert Affairs Review: To Trust or Not

I misread the poll question. How do I change my vote? ;)


Bunch of greedy celebs

@ Maria

the money is there why not ask for it? so the suits gets it?


I don't see the big deal. Most shows receive ALOT more than they do on this show and this is the number rated show. Give them what they ask for since other people on other shows make more than that