18 Canceled TV Shows We Can't Forget: BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!

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Sarah silva

What was your favorite quote or scene?
Janice giving Perry a taste of his own medicine in the parking garage. What did you think of the case this week?
It was okay, not one of my favorites but I do love how the show makes each week different. Talk about Perry's next move.
I too think his dad will post his bail and then he will go after Beth and Janice. What did you think of the stalker reveal?
As soon as I saw Jason Wiles' name I knew he would be the Stalker. Could Amanda and Jack get together?
I have a feeling that yes eventually they will get together, however I would prefer him with Janice.

Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 10 Review: The Cold War

It feels like it'll be Shaw who may die at the end of this just from her goodbye with Bear. I wonder, would the machine sacrifice itself for Root or Harold, instead of the other way around? All this time, Harold said the machine isn't human, it doesn't make decisions based on emotions. Would this then prove him wrong?

Sarah silva

When Root was talking to the child it sure sounded like Root's days were numbered. I think she will be the one to die. Unless Sarah Shahi is pregnant, she wore a coat the whole time and I was wondering if she was hiding a pregnancy.


very telling how quiet the comments section is ROFL.

@ Duante Amorculo

What do you think of the show, Duante?

@ Krystal Sondel

It needs major improvement! I think katherine heigl has yet to take command of her lead role and the show just rubs me as a cheap version of blacklist, homeland and scandal mixed together without any real stand out elements or creativity of its own. plus the ratings shows that people are clearly not that interested as they were in BL, it pulls very average to below average ratings for a show that has the voice, NBC's biggest ratings money maker, as its lead in. btw Thank you for taking the time to review the episode for us. my comment was more to do with the show not your review

NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 Review: House Rules

I for one happen to disagree with the editor on this one! I thought the rules thing was a very nice approach and very different for an ep of NCIS. The case itself for me was blah and didn't care too much for that part of the ep at all.
A few things I'd like to mention:
1) Tony and the holster-he looked hot!!
2) the ending-I had a sinking suspicion about that ending but didn't realize how emotional it was. I bawled like a baby!! It in a way didn't feel like a happy Christmas ep because of that ending though and it to me was very depressing. There was a reason that McGee was writing that letter for his Dad and I honestly didn't want to face the truth..til the end.
3) the flashbacks- it was good seeing everybody again even if it was only through flashbacks but it did remind me how bad I miss Ziva still. I thought I had gotten over it. But I haven't!
4) where in the world is Vance?! He hasn't been in NCIS much this season. What gives?! All in all great ep of the show but very sad in the end. I never cry at TV shows but this ep was just as sad, if not sadder than s11's Past Present Future when Ziva departed the show.

@ Jennifer

Jennifer I don't know how much of NCIS you know about but one of the biggest issue NCIS fan had about season 3 to 5 was that they were showing Jenny way too much yes we all know she was suppose to die and maybe that why but I think that the reason they cut back on showing Vance.

@ Michael

For most of the first season she was on, we saw a lot of flashes of naked Jenny whilst having one off with an equally naked Gibbs. After that, she got a boob job, cut her hair and eventually got killed off in a blaze of bullets. I wonder if there is a lesson in there somewhere?


lol, i would love to see how females would feel about raf+jane if the
actors who played michael and rafael were switched around. something
tells me they would be a lot more cheering for michael and jane if that
were the case


I'm not a fan of flashback shows but this one kept the flashbacks to a minimum. They were just long enough to give the view the impression that that was what Tim was seeing in his mind when he was writing about each rule.
Heidi's abrupt turnaround? It's a Christmas miracle!


Ahhhh....I can't wait! It's been a long 12 months! What a great show!

Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 9 Review: Pattern Seventeen

I'm convinced the Noah situation is the out for Mariska. Carisi (sp?) is my new fave. I always love Ice-T, and I don't miss the Amaro character. I doubt this show will continue on, but with a perm addition of P. Gallagher, it could become a new show. I still enjoy the format, and most of the characters.