Doe rae me

Hook should've just told Emma the truth about his hand. Did he learn nothing from keeping the Kissing Curse secret??

@ Rae

Exactly!!! This is SO frustrating, I really blame the writers... Hook should be way smarter than that.


I completely agree with this review! The whole time I was watching, from the very beginning, I was already thinking wow this is going to be a great episode, probably one of the best ones yet. It was a little predictable of course. I mean, as soon as everything went downhill for Jake, it was easy to see he was being played. But it was still a great time, nonetheless! I always enjoy when Jake can make Captain Holt just a little less serious and a little more playful. Their relationship is great to watch. Captain Holt explaining all of this to Jake was a really great scene. Especially when Jake began plotting his revenge for next year, only to learn he's already 3 months behind. He's going to have his work cut out for him now!

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3

Where is episode 3 round table?

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Old Scars

I guess every television series is entitled to a clunker but this last episode was really bad. Has the writing team been replaced by the Days of Our Lives crew? This episode was one hour of television melodrama in the worse possible sense. I guess every television series is entitled to a clunker but this last episode was really bad. Michelle Fairley is a wonderful actress but even she couldn't have saved this script. With lines like "Fred! You're my brother." followed by a long pause filled with unmeaning "Uhh yeah." Resurrection appears to be headed for the long slow death of a cancer patient with Alzheimer's - it knows it's dying it just doesn't know why.
Hopefully the show will return to being the mysteriously creepy show of last season


I completely agree with the reviewer about Hook and Emma on this one. I mean, he knows how she feels about lying. And that she can sense when people are lying. Why not just be honest with her? It's not his fault. He thought he was doing something nice for her. She would have seen that. This is just a way to create drama between them. After taking so long to get together, we don't need all the drama that most tv shows assume we do to keep things interesting. I would much rather just watch them grow closer as a couple. They're one of my favorite couples on tv. We'll see what happens I guess. Anyways, I did like Henry's point about Rumple knowing who the author is since there's no way he would have originally had a happy ending written for him. It gives them a solid lead without creating some kind of huge plot hole. I enjoy watching him rebuild his relationship with Regina, but I still hope we get to see more bonding scenes with him and Emma. Their relationship is another one of my favorites. I'm very curious about this Snow Queen story and how Emma ties in to all of that, so even just the small bits we saw last night were enough to keep me interested. I also think it was pretty silly of Anna not to get more information out of Rumplestiltskin when she had the dagger. She could have had any of her questions answered. And lastly, I loved David's reaction to Emma going on the date and hearing about it afterwards. I do wish for more flashback scenes of everyone else again, not just Anna and Elsa and those involved with them. Hopefully soon!

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 Review: The Apprentice

I love Hook but he got played. He fell deeper in. Rumple played on his fears coz he has changed and there is Rumple taunting him he hasnt and that seed of doubt increased. I really need Emma to find out coz Rumple is being to selfish esp concerning her too - making out she isnt all that...
I do love Emma and Hook together and i do love they got a normal date that showed Emma all open and embracing and their intimacy. And really she doesn't care if he has a hook or a hand but trust is what matters

Debbie scott petty
The Affair Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Different Things to Different People

i'm watching for joshua jackson. i fell in love with him on fringe. i couldn't stand noah's recollection of cole being a wife rapist but now we know that is unlikely. i feel like the whole cheating thing has been over done but i'm going to hang in there for peter bishop lol


Am I the only one dying waiting for David and Emily's reunion!?!? I sat through this whole episode looking at the time left and thinking "Oh my god. They really aren't gonna show them coming face to face with each other. You have got to be kidding me. No seriously there are 5 minutes left, we must get to at least see the beginning of it. REALLY?! REALLY! Come on!!!" Yes that was me. Was I the only one? I knew that we weren't going to get instant gratification when it came to David and Emily reuniting but this was the second close call and it doesn't seem like next week will be the week either. I just hope we don't spend half the season waiting for it. I am extremely used to this show being all about twists but I literally cannot see where this David situation is going. He is so unpredictable and I love it and hate it at the same time. I love it because it means that David isn't really that weak character we have seen the past couple episodes just bending to Victoria's will and because it will keep all of us on the edge of our seats. I hate it though because I am starting to get the feeling that David isn't the man that Emily holds in such high regard anymore. I think the whole ordeal changed him so much and I am worried that it will end up Emily vs. David and Emily forced to take him down. There are just so many unanswered questions right now. Why didn't he ever seek out Nolan once he released? Why didn't he keep tabs on Emily once he was released? He obviously found out Fauxmanda died but he never worried about his daughter before that? Who broke him out of prison? How had he managed to stay alive and well for the past 10 years? He must have paid that guard a lot of money to help break out Conrad to kill him, but where did he get the money? How was he keeping so up to date with all the news (Fauxmanda dying, Conrad confessing and being arrested and where he was being held, etc.). I hope at the end of the day we get all the answers and David and Emily can have a happy ending. Can Jack please go away. He doesn't have some special claim over Emily. If his partner wants to ask Ems out he can. Emily can take care of herself and if she wants to say no she can say no but it is her choice!

@ kandi1212

You're not the only one who wanted them to see face to face. I was dying to see that happen so much. I myself have a theory. That when David saw Emily sleeping he recognized her as Amanda, so now he plans to take out Victoria from the inside like how Emily tried that by using Daniel to get inside Grayson Manor and make Victoria suffer like past seasons.

Arrow Round Table: What's Next for Laurel?

Thank you Carla & Carissa, this Diggle fan will just sit in a corner and try to remind myself that there are those of us that knew he & Sara weren't close. That Diggle actually has his own family to honor. The entire episode I kept screaming at my screen, "What about Andy's murder, Diggle?" As for Felicity, I'll support anything that limits her time in the lair right about now. She gets to have her life, she gets to be around people that respect her for being a genius level MIT grad. I may not care about Ray, but I care about what his presence offers her, freedom from what that lair dynamic felt like in 3x2.

Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Blame Canada

I was giving this show a chance but last night's episode gave me serious reservations.... No one ever says that 1812 was won by the states... The debate is whether the Brits/Canadians schooled the US or not.

@ Guesty

Putting the War of 1812 aside the diplomatic relations portrayed between the US and Canada in this episode sounds of a syllogism created by someone who has no idea of what the true dynamics between our two countries are. Or how they truly operate and couldn't be bothered to do even a little research beyond asking Billy-Jo-Bob Foxworthy what he knows about Canada: "Wull lessee thare its cold, theys likes hockey, and uhhh we conquered them back in 18-whatever then didn't turn it into a state cos it's all frozen wasteland and they's gots their socialized medicine and we can't have commies like that in the Ewe-Knighted-States of Merica. For a show that is supposed to be based on the US State Dept. demonstrating that it has a grasp of even the most basic International relations is important. To resolve a disagreement between the Secretary of State and the Canadian Ambassador to "Well I'll just tell Daddy. Do you really want to wake him up because you're being childish?" is not just an insult to Canada but to the intelligence of thinking people on either side of the border. Speaking of borders how is there an "International Land Bridge" being built in Northern Alberta when the closest US border is nearly 1000 miles away? And BTW Northern Alberta isn't 'sub-arctic' anything it's boreal forest. The summer season maybe one month to six weeks shorter than Montana or Idaho but the climate is the same. Seriously though how can anyone think the either side won the war of 1812 and account for a border that divides North America in half? Worse still how could anyone accept that a "world class diplomat" could hold such a stupid notion and throw it up as some kind of barb? It's not the first time Hollywood falls back on an invalid stereotype only to walk away looking vapid and two dimensional. If, and that's a really big IF, this shows survives it will be because CBS recognizes that their audience is looking for a higher brow drama and that they don't need to lower the bar on everything to meet the expectations of the Billy-Jo-Bob Foxworthy's of this world.

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