The 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Human Trials

This show continues to make me go WTF after it ends each week. Thank you.

Debbie scott petty

loved that olivia got cyrus back on track! i agree that rowen is written great. finally good things for huck!

Debbie scott petty

i was feeling so-so about this show so far. annalise being in on it makes it great! i just hope season 2 doesn't do the flash back and forth thing,too. they did that on damages and i got so tired of it, i quit watching.


Liked this episode,did not see this one coming. I did have one problem, it ended 30 seconds to soon. I would have liked Deb to throw the bouquet and Kono catch it. Amanda:
If you haven't watched this show since the beginning it is hard to follow as each charecter has a back story that has developed slowly over the 4 plus years. I would recommend that you at least watch all of season 1, it will at least give you a foundation. That being said I find you reviews very good.


Never been a fan of Fun with Flags, but last nights show was pretty funny. It was the best of the 3 stories going on.
The dead professor one was depressing. The only funny part was Howard dating the dirty pen through 6th grade. That is so Howard.
Meanie Bernadette wasn't funny either.


One of the things that has always drawn me to this show, was the strong female leads , however they seemed to be written over the past couple of weeks, as puppets, or hormonal driven pawns for the men around them. I am well aware of the place and role women played in this period of history, but it's kinda a reversal of their characters. This is the second week in which Lola was aware of the blackmail of Francis by Narcisse, and while this is the first she's heard of the threats against her child, she's seems to be more concerned about Francis and his feelings instead of going to her friend Mary. The walk in the garden, with Mary and Conde, supports my idea that Mary is falling for Conde, the lingering hand holding and the longing stares ,and I believe that Conde is using this for a more devious reason. His praising of Mary and calling Francis a fool was a little bit telling. The Mary we've seen before this would have already recognized that something was totally wrong with Francis latest decisions and would be talking to those close to him, Bash, Lola, to find out why. And Catherine has checked out almost completely. I know she's pushing for a Conde and Mary relationship, but what happened to her love and support for Francis. She knows Narcisse and the evil he is capable of. The secret of Francis role in Henry's death is a lost point given that Mary and her tried before. Between Catherine, Lola, Bash and Francis, Narcisse should have disappeared a week ago. I'm really afraid that all of this love triangle plot lines, is the CW trying to reel in what I so often see as their target audience, 14 to 18 year old girls and boys. Will continue to watch though, because if you can get by the stupid teen angst, this is really a great show.

Ronald simkins
Grimm Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Cry Luison

I agree it was a jam-packed episode and the Adalind stuff did make her look much weaker than she has been when she was he old wacko self. The episode showed clearly how much Nick needs to get his Grimness back and poor Josh - clearly the temporary solution is for him to come to Portland for at least some combat training. I don't think that death triggers Grimmness. Both Kelley and Marie got their powers around the same time and their father trained them. I would also like to see Meisner and Adalind team up and cause havoc in Austria. A meeting between Kelly and Elizabeth would be epic!
From brief scenes from next week it looks like Nick might actually go thru his Zombie phase during re-Grimmification.

@ isoron

And if Josh were in Portland, he could be under the Royal protection and patronage of Captain Renard (who just extended same to Trubel!). Even if Josh does not inherit his father's Grimm abilities, he's still of a Grimm family line and could pass it on to his kids. Early on in the series (I'm talking like Season 1 Episode 2), it was said that the death of one Grimm triggered the abilities in the next in line. That's not to say that this is the way it actually works, or that they won't retcon it! I do hope they bring up Nick's Zombieness; that seems to be a plot thread they'd more or less forgotten. He's actually "leveled up," as it were, a few times as a Grimm, such as when he gained superior hearing from the Jinnamuru Xunte. It would be interesting to see all these abilities come back in waves. In any event, I'm more than ready for Nick to get his powers back, just in time for Viktor to hear that he's lost them! I doubt that Viktor would have expected a powerful Hexenbiest like Elizabeth Lascelles to interfere and ruin the whole plan.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Inside Job

I thought the wedding was sweet. If you aren't going to have Frank Valli sing, what was the point of casting him in the first place? I'm glad they dealt with the Catherine issue, it's certainly opens the door for someone new to enter Steve's life. I'm available. Oh wait it's not real.

@ Emma

I guess you didn't realize he's my husband. Of course, he doesn't know it either.

Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Power of the Press

It was a pretty good episode. It amazes me how some women like the Dean of Students treat rape victims. How would she feel if it was her or someone she loved. Wouldn't she want justice? I have a friend who works in campus legal council and sex assault cases are the majority by far. The older Nicky gets she becomes my least favorite character on the show. Once in a great while she has her good moments, so I will give her that. I thought the punishment for Danny and Baez was pretty good. So are they suspended from active duty? Where will they find the time to do all that if they aren't?

@ Emma

I agree with you on Nicky. Her character is changing and not always in good. She annoys me most of the time. And let's not forget that party when she called 911 to report a DOD. So she has a lot to learn and this attitude does not do any good for her.
And to answer your question: no, Danny and Baez have to do all the extra work in their spare time, otherwise it would not be a punishment :)


Don't take this as a complaint, but PLEASE stop comparing what's happening in the show to the comics and telling what happens in the comics. The show doesn't need to exactly be word for word like the comics--that would make a boring show because you'd know exactly what is going to happen. And some of us have not read the comics.......Just saying............ I think the show is a different and interesting premise.......I'm liking it. I'd like to see more of John's backstory that got him where he is today. I, too, do wonder just who it is that will betray John. Will it be Chas or Zed? As it is at this point they are the only two that are even remotely close to John.

@ Terrie

Hey Terrie, I get what you're saying but I'm not trying to compare the show to the comic. More like sharing little nuggets of information that help inform the TV series. The showrunners have said time and again they are working hard to be true to the comics. When I enjoy something, I'm all in, which is why I've just started reading Hellblazer. That's right, this is all new to me as well. Therefore I am not expecting the series to be word for word like the comic. It just so happens that last week's episode was pulled directly from the pages of the first Constantine comic book. I have read that one now and think what the writers pulled off on the show was amazing. Hope you understand better where I'm coming from and thanks so much for your feedback. I appreciate it tremendously.