Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3 Review: Under the Lake

I love a good two parter. Yes, it can just be padding, but it can also allow more room for the story to breathe. As fun as nuWho's default fast pace can be, sometimes it's rushed. And anticipating the next part, having to wait for gratification, is all part of the fun! Something Netflix's binge-watching fixation is demonstrably robbing people of, it seems.

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I am the Number 1 hater of 2 parters, but I fully agree with you. Whether it's waiting for the next episode, or the next series, we will always find it vexing as viewers because we just want to KNOW! But the entire point is that the "getting there" is what's fun, not the end, because let's face it, the end is what we DON'T want, because then it's no more. It's a societal thing really. No one these days knows what it is to wait, to save, to be patient. We are a society based on instant gratification.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Badge! Gun!

this show reminds me of Chuck..

Grey's Anatomy Stars' Real-Life Loves

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey should get together in real life, they are perfect together, they are goals, how can someone like them two not be together, I don't believe what they were was acting, I think it was more than that!!! Please get together in real life!!!!

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 13 Review: Papa's Goods

I hope Abel and Thomas do not become members of SAMCRO. Jax's sons deserve a normal live.


Was this episode HOT or what (pun absolutely intended). I was gutted when Zachary Levi's character turned out to be an antagonist. I wanted him to have powers. So when those powers started manifesting, well I was overjoyed ! Though I seriously hope he doesn't have the nuclear one like that guy from season 1... Though he looks like it.
I knew that katana looked familiar ! It's Hiro's ! But how ?
Really enjoyed this episode as well. Though I'm uncertain about that girl in the artic pole... What's her power ?
Also, why would Molly run to the Renautus ghouls when she could have left with Noah and Quentin. Don't get it. But those glasses, they're so wrong ! They totally need to destroy EPIC !


Can I just say WOW !!!! HTGAWM was on fire this week ! Hottest scene :
Frank and Laurel. That scene made me feel some type of way. Though she
should have stayed...
That trial was something else too... Annalise on the stand, some of that stuff was hard to watch... Bonnie
and Annalise too were hard to watch, she keeps lashing out at Bonnie
(understandably so), but sometimes, I do think it's too much !
Nate is free and he saw Eve and Annalise kissing. Oh boy, that man will be out for blood real soon, real quick.
911 is here ! Something bothered me about the guy at the courthouse...
Too random and pushy. But this twist, he's obviously observing, learning
about Michaela since she's clearly not Rebecca, and yet texted him from
her phone. Though how would he know it was Michaela in the first
Connor blurting out that Oliver was HIV positive was so wrong... Couldn't he have thought of something else. NOW,
the Keating 4 (Asher is ALWAYS out of the loop) were there while
Annalise was holding onto dear life... And they left her there ! Why ?
Connor didn't want to leave but was forced to... What the hell happened !


"Also, the entities didn't speak so how did they contact topside for assistance?" It was stated that the request was sent as Morse Code not verbally so that question was addressed.

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Yep, I caught that on my second viewing. Thanks ;)

Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Absolute Power

I gave up on this show in the beginning of season 4. Because of Danny. Always about Danny being the supercop breaking the rules all the time. And I hated the way CBS fired Jennfer Espesito. She was the best partner for Danny because she actually stood up to him.

The Lying Game Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

It was the mum christy who was behind everything. She knew about the twins, who their mother and biological father was and was so calculated to get her revenge on them. I won't go into all the reasons why I think it was her, but if you think about her behaviour and actions I think everyone will agree with me. Also, it sucks cancelling a show with no ending 😤


I love that there is this recurring theme with Cookie and Hakeem with the broom. In the first episode she hit him on the head with it, the second time at the end of the season she started sweeoping with it and this time she handed him a broom so they could sweep together and build a new project. What was Tianna wearing to rehearse in? They kept pointing the camera at her crotch the whole time, it was hard to miss!