Trevor Noah to Take Over The Daily Show from Jon Stewart

He has potential, but i find that he has a smug air that makes me want to smack him!


I don't understand the discussion group's problem with the male hormome treatment and the "ethical" considerations. The Wesen robbed and killed people using its ability to be both male and female! Darn, at some point, justice prevails and if the only way to stop the wesen is to keep it from becoming female by male hormone injections, then that is the fair thing to do. Understanding this is total fiction and entertainment, I can live with the fictional "justice".

Spindae 2o

1.How Dark was Snow?
Infinity times infinity! It was really really Dark. I loved how Ginny presented that aspect of Snow. After this slow run since Ginny's pregnancy I really enjoy having Snow full time in the game.
We all know who Lilly is but I'm more interested how that character handled all that darkness and how much guilt will Emma feel when she realizes who Lily is.
3. Author?
The Author aspect is really intriguing. Why do I got the feeling that by the end of the season one of our main Characters will turn Author. Main guesses Rumple, Belle or Emma. Emma would die out of awkwardness.
This one line was the biggest game changer of the night. I think that in the next episode there will be some reveal about Gold's NYC stay involving a surprising visitor in that Hospital scene from the promo.
5.Biggest surprise?
Charming the one with the devious plans. He really didn't back down from his plan. Can we please give Charming a real story now.
6. Fav scene?
Henry ans Regina being in sync by just looking at each other.


Now I want to watch the ep even more. Crowley's ma is getting seriously dangeous, but I think she overrated her magic. Dagger trumps it all, sadly.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Who is Lily?

I agree that what Snow and Charming did was out of character. It was cruel and selfish. David & Mary Margaret have managed to make Malificent a sympathetic character. If Lily comes to Storybrook as a villain, how much of that is Emma's darkness and how much is it Lilly's? I think Gareth's prediction about Gold may come to fruition. Based on how fast he knew the illustration of the door was a fake, I think Gold knew all along that Regina was working undercover for the heroes. Gold knew Regina would protect Henry when he ordered Malificent & Cruella to follow Regina. Gold was touching his heart when he spoke to Belle and the next episode is entitled, Heart of Gold. Could it be that if Gold tries to follow the light and not the dark, he loses some of his immortality? That would explain him telling Belle that he has to change the rules. Perhaps he meant the rules of being the Dark One. Also, as Malificent noted, he needed Ursula & Cruella to get back to Storybrook and resurrect her. I don't think he's necessarily back to give the villains their happy endings. Perhaps he wants the author to rewrite the stories of everyone he (Gold) has harmed.

Juliet archibald

From the list, I watch The 100, Arrow and Revenge. But I think Nashville is missed! With Highway 65 (Rayna's label) being a place where woman can develop their own music in the middle of a country cowboys market. With Juliette going against normal conventions and now the writer's meaningful treatment of the years of physical abuse suffered by Sadie and she going public... it deserves to be here.

Lindsay macdonald
@ Rocío Zamorano Báez

Very true! I particularly loved Rayna's CMA acceptance speech: "To all the men out there, just remember we're never trying to take anything away from you. There's plenty of sunshine for all of us." What a great message ;)


Lily is not in storybrooke. She's the best friend that lied to Emma when they were teenagers.

Castle Season 7 Episode 19 Review: Habeas Corpse

Christine, you definitely hit on something that was a key for my love of this episode and that was the total involvement of the whole cast. They are so entertaining when they play off of each other. The other key for me was the great dialogue that Rob Hanning wrote, especially the trash talk. I loved the talent performance clips and would LOVE to see more on the season 7 DVD set. Wonderful Caskett scenes too! This is one I'll watch again and again.


Was the classical music that was playing when they entered the theater the first time the end of the 1812 Overture? I hate when they close caption such music by saying "Classical Music" in lieu of actually identifying the piece - Although given the purpose of CC that might be due to its use for the deaf as opposed to just those who are hearing impaired (ie: Those who have problems hearing not those who can not hear at all).


I remember a scene where Adalind thought about Nick being the father. I was, I think, in the "Next Week" clip after last week's show but it was not in this week's episode. Where did I see it?