Am I the only one who's been wondering where McGee's mum is? There was mention at least by way of a flashback and her calling his mobile of his sister Sarah, and we know that McGee has a grandma Penny, who I assume is supposed to still be around, but being his dad's funeral I'd have thought we might have had some mention of his mother. Maybe his mum coming in rather than the priest. I'd also rather have liked to have seen Gibbs and Tony coming in to support him going back into the church after the moment he says "goodbye" to his dad, but that's probably just me....

The Best of 2014: Character Exit

Allison Argent's death was sad.


Fellow posters
We had the discussion about the characters Linda and Grace, who for a portion of their infidelity tried to separate sex from love. The physical phenomenon, biological urge, to copulate has been ascribed as an intrinsic factor or basis for marriage. Yet, these two fictional characters tried to satisfy the sex urge without the emotional commitment to which it has been traditionally linked. They both failed to some degree.
In real life, this linkage has apparently been successfully severed by people practicing polyamorous relationships, married porn actors, or people in open or swinging life styles.
The ability to do this is probably rare. I think most of us would could not conceive, or allow, or participate in that life style. Another individual sexually contacting my spouse is an act which I cannot currently conceive of tolerating. It is a deal breaker in regards to a functional marriage in my opinion. Yet I know a swinging couple. They remain married and appear to be happy. They have a different brain chemistry than I or my spouse (I hope).

@ golfingdocp

I come from a town of about 3000 population, in the middle of no where in Wyoming and there are swingers there, so I am guessing it is fairly common. I guess, if they set rules and live by them, it works. They say it makes their sex lives at home better, which I can believe, because some women having sex say the same thing. I couldn't, but I can see being married to a porn star might be easier to handle than a cheating spouse. It being a job might make it easier to rationalize.


It is ironic that OQ is based in adultery since Tink advocated Regina to cheat on her busband because she needed "love". Regina needed a friend to help her to have hope and companionship, not try to get over Daniel with another warm body.

Debbie scott petty

i just watched season one on netflix and caught up on season 2 on hulu! until this show i didn't reakize i was in love w elijah!! i love how klaus can wreak havoc without messing with our beloved characters on tvd.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: The Queens of Darkness

Has anyone been able to figure out why the snow queen targeted Marion in the first place? That always struck me as odd.

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Gold Soundz

Auggie and Tash will have to come back to the fold at some point as CA would not be CA without him. Ryan and Annie are two halves of the same whole. As unorthodox as their relationship has been, is, and probably will continue to be, it works well for them. I credit Ryan with opening Annie back up and bringing her back from being so cutoff from everyone and everything after Simon died and going dark.
While I would love for Annie to marry Ryan, I do remember her telling Blanca in Cuba that she did not have any interest in marriage so it will be interesting to see if she changes her mind and accepts Ryan's proposal or being the maverick that she offers an alternative solution.
Although Annie's myocarditis is a concern, Annie has proven she can do her job. Ryan has proven he has no problem working with her in the field even with the problem. Even though I am glad Annie has the option of staying with McQ Security or going back to Langley, I am not sure it matters as either way she will be working for if not with Ryan either way as domestic CIA operations are being outsourced to McQ. .With Auggie out of the picture at least temporality, it makes me wonder if she goes back who her handler might be (Barber?) or if Ryan would step in to work with her in the field on a more permanent basis.
I loved the way everyone worked together to get Auggie back earlier and hope we get more of that camaraderie. I loved having everyone including Joan, Arthur, Barber, Ryan, Calder, Stephanie, and Annie doing their part. Joan's new task force sounds great as does Arthur's Senate Run, it will be interesting to see if that brings out a need to handle her Balkans secret.
I did not really give much thought to whether Decker was good or bad, I had more concern over Ryan but he has proven to be a man of his word. Still wondering about Belenko and if his deeper game plans have fallen by the wayside or if his master plan is still in play. I hope Stephanie survives. I was nice to Calder show his softer side as well as nail Langier even though I wish Annie had been able to get him.
I loved the scene on the bridge between Annie and Ryan. He made valid points and challenged her to take the chance knowing the risks. Joan's comments about wanting something being easier than having something were also very true and telling. Having her job and a personal life with Ryan will both be challenging and more than likely complicated but as we know Annie does complicated well.
I also appreciated the closing conversation between Annie and Auggie. I loved Auggie's sage advice of telling Annie to listen to her instincts which had never let her down and to listen to her heart. I look forward to seeing those decision play out. I almost wish she'd stay employed with McQ yet still get contracted to work with Joan's task force.
All I want for the holiday from USA is another season of Covert Affairs. I have loved this season and thought the SEASON finale was excellent. There is far too much storytelling left to do for them to cancel it.

Days of Our Lives: Catfight Part 2!

I don't like Eve she annoying. I think they need to write better. I wish they would bring back Bo (Peter), Jack (Matt) Shawn Douglas (Jason), Belle (Martha) and Chloe. Anne needs to go. This Aiden since when is Hope so dumb

The Best of 2014: Character Exit

I can't believe you didn't mention Beth's death from the walking dead.

Elementary Season 3 Episode 8 Review: End of Watch

This was one of Jonny Lee Miller's best performances, honest, quiet and authentic. Interesting issues were dealt with which prove how much Elementary writers are conscious of their responsibility in putting them forward: discrepancy in police behaviour, violation of individual privacy, addiction,these are just a few topics that were dealt with in this episode, but we've seen time and time again how honestly and cleverly Elementary had knitted such issues into the fabric of the show. However, it's a pity that so far the Moriarty, Mycraft story or even the most recent events that were left on cliffhanger have been put aside. This season has been leaving stories unfinished and that could become frustrating. I'd love Elementary to pursue the dielema with the professor in Bella and I'd like to know exactly what place Andrew is going to fill in the storyline, or more on Kitty and her father selling her clarinet and her humming Bethoven's Pastoral. All these unanswered questions are beginning to weigh heavily on the show and that's probably why Jonny Lee Miller is making such a fantastic job of portraying a bored and somewhat disillusioned Sherlock ! He might be getting there himself. I hope not.