Nice to see her back on the screen! But Claire Holt is Australian not British

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

I gave the season a D. As a Tony fan it was a huge disappointment. He did next to nothing of consequence all season and was certainly never cast as in danger or as a hero. Those ALL went to Gibbs. Instead we got Shiny Tim, teacher's pet, shoved to the front and usurping Tony as Gibbs most valued SIC. And absolutely every hero moment, dangerous scenario, or personal drama was focused on Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, and more Gibbs. I used to like Gibbs but now I'm tired of his sad sack depression and seeing him be the focus of every good scene, story, dramatic moment, and arc written. Tony did nothing of significance except in Grounded which was actually a team effort, and consequently one of the best episodes. Everything else was the McGibbs show. Yawners. If season 13 looks to be more of the same, I guess I'm just going to give up. I find the McGibbs show unexciting, highly predictable, and uninteresting.

@ Erin


The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Masha Rostova

I went through both seasons and want to point out some things which possibly will be important in the next season: in Season 1 episode 2 Red is responsible for the death of the lady that proclaims that she's freeing people that are used in sex trafficking when she was really DOING the trafficking. I wonder how many people feel indebted to Red for this?
In epidose 5 Red is responsible for saving the life of the MIT genius that got buried with limited air supply - Red whispers something in the buried guys ear who said, "How can I ever repay you?" & Red says, "I'm sure we'll think of something."
In Episode 8 Red ends up with US minting press that makes $100 bills. He still has it.
In episode 12 with the guy that chances DNA - Red gets list of names from Alchemest (who changed the DNA for LOTS of people that are tho't dead but are
actually alive) and Red has ALL THOSE NAMES
In episode 14 Red gets the Effigy
#15 "The Judge" because of Red, lots of important people were released…Red says, "Not now, later but I hope when the time comes you'll remember how I helped you today" (something like that)
In episode 18 Red gets access to Bobbit's client list [those the "assisins" (dying people) killed.]
In episode 21 Liz is told that Gina escaped prison "2 weeks ago"
Somewhere above Red makes a copy of a book that was supposed to be delivered to Tom
Season 2 - #2 Red takes wounded lady that memorized all criminal bank. He gives her to the FBI but who knows what information he received from her first?
#5 Red gets key from lady with guy that wanted to "cure" the earth by infecting everyone w bobanic plague (Red says to her something like, "Did you tell him?", she shaking her head 'no' and looking scared).
#6 Red gets a disk-on-key of the whole Bambasa kartel which he gives (or
partially gives? Or gives a copy to…?) the FBI
In episode 12 Red found that presidential car under the pulpit of the minster that married lots of little girls & in the trunk was a metal briefcase thing – I didn't see where he got the key to the car; I don't remember Red opening the briefcase – what was in it? Or what will we eventually find out was in it?
#15 "The Major" OWES Red (Berlin paid The Major double to have Tom flip) and the Major has assets in some very important places...
#18 Mr. Kaplan offers Cruz a job (Cruz framed all the guys who framed & killed her husband)
#17 Red "as if" kills the guy that tried making a "longevity" syrum / let the head guy
go. "There will be a time when you'll want him to return a favor…"
I'm sure there's plenty I missed but with just the above - that's a lot of stuff that's going to bring us to a spectacular end at some point...

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

And to all of the people criticizing people who were not fans of this season.......uh, this was a survey for people to take that basically asked what opinions were of the season so naturally you will get varying responses, especially considering the turn of events over the last 3 season and the overall feeling that "things just aren't the same" in more than nominal ways!


I am happy that McNightmare is gone from Grey's. I never liked him. Sadly most of the fans of Grimm wish that Juliette is dead BUT sadly we know she will be back. REALLY Writers. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO LIKE JULIETTE! Really you are ONLY ONES WHO LIKE her.

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

This was a tie between D and Z. The show isn't the same without Ziva and it doesn't matter how well the writing, without her the show has lost part of it's soul and they won't get it back unless they bring her back! I really hope the powers that be realize this and bring her back for the last season(s) so that this once stellar show can end it's amazing run the way it deserves to! It is like night and day when comparing this show when it was at the top of it's game and anyone pretending that a very large part of that is not b/c Ziva is gone is delusional! This show was at it's very best with Jenny Shepard and Ziva and they are both gone and it is just a completely different, far less dynamic show! Really it is sad!

@ foss77

I disagree those two were cancer to NCIS

@ Michael

You're certainly entitled to your own opinion but I think you are in the minority! There were so many interesting, well written story lines that revolved around the two of them! Jenny and Gibbs past, personal and professional, and the dynamic that was created with her at the helm of NCIS, Ziva and her ties to Mossad and her father heading that up, and of course Tiva! There were so many arcs that beautifully tied into the show and the characters that we all care about, and let's be honest, I don't care a whit about the show-to-show characters or the story lines that revolve around them. I realize as a procedural those story lines need to be there to drive the show forward and eat up time but I could care less about the extras or their stories, however well written they may still occasionally be! For the most part those great stories that involve the main characters are gone and what effort to attempt them in the last couple of seasons has largely failed. And no disrespect to the Vance or Bishop actors but if they didn't even appear on next season, no explanation at all, I wouldn't even care. That's how much I feel they were both pigeonholed into the show in a futile effort to fill a hole left by irreplaceable characters! We tolerate them b/c we have to but the show is nothing like it used to be with Jenny and Ziva. I missed the last 5 minutes of the SEASON FINALE because I fell asleep, that NEVER would have happened in the past. And I didn't even care to go back and re-watch it, I'll just pick up next season! People can keep saying that the show is still as good but mostly I think they are fooling themselves out of loyalty to the show! Keep livin' the fantasy!

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

I really don't like the character Bishop. She is just "there". Doesn't add anything in my opinion. Ziva was so vibrant and alive and Bishop is just another person on the show. Nothing against the actress, following Ziva would be difficult for anyone. I just don't think she adds anything to the show. Wish they would just leave her out of it.

17 Fashionable Fellas

What about Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) on Grimm. Sasha is handsome, 6,`4 and looks great in a suit. Unfortunately there are some immature fans who just want to see Sasha without his shirt on.

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 3 Review: XI

Masterful stuff, just an incredible episode. Season two is providing
some of the best tv I've seen. I was shocked that Lowe was taken out
only 3 episodes in, but damn, the way Vane went about it was jaw
dropping. Flint's early years are getting more interesting by the
episode, and with the secret prize "cargo" reveal at the end it's
setting up another intriguing storyline. Superb. "I get your ship. Your weapons. Your cargo. I get it all".
"What do I get?"
"A head start"

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

Hmmm, my post disappeared. Anyway, I forgot to say that one of my favorite episodes was the one with Gibbs' two ex-wives. It was nice to meet the missing one, but very sad about Diane. This has been an emotional season for Gibbs in many ways. Mark Harmon is a great actor, who can say more with a look and a nod than many people can say with a bunch of words. I love the way Gibbs and his team can just read each other, having worked together for so long. In my missing post, I mentioned the final 3-episode arc, about how believable it is, which makes it truly scary. And I have wondered about the possibility of this injury giving Mark a chance to have knee surgery, which he will soon need on that left knee, and have it be a logical part of the Fall episodes. Thanks for all your great reviews.

@ Susan H

Just found my missing post, down the list a ways. Again, thanks for the reviews and round tables. I will be sad when this show finally comes to an end. I hope it is not any time soon.

@ Susan H

Thanks Susan!