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Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is There a Future for Chad & Abby?

Really like the JJ n Eve storyline. Just because she's older doesn't mean she's less attractive and or dead. Cougars and cubs are a normal item/hookup today. Eve's alot sexier than poor turkey neck Jennifer. Plus jennypoo is totally insane about JJ but doesn't seem to care Abigail is humping every "bad" guy in Salem. WOOHOO for days being so progressive with the MILF, gay, cheating, demiras baby snatching, creepy doctors and secret injections to save ej, and defrocked priest being human storylines. KEEP UP THE FANFUKNTASTIC JOB KEEPING A 50YR OLD SOAP OPERA FRESH, INTERESTING, THRILLING, INTRIGUING, AND SEXY AS HELL!!! I've been watching DOOYS since 1972 and cannot imagine life without my soap. PLUS!!!! MEETING ERIC MARTSOLF in Dodge City, Kansas was amazing! He is so nice, handsome and funny. Was totally worth the 3.5 hr trip worth it. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TV SHOW!!!


I am disappointed with the dymanic of this group of house wives. Despite each ladies individual success, they display the worst behavior for grown women. It's embarrassing.


Kenya's, mean spirited behavior is never going to allow her to heal, after 2 years, getting
waylaid by Porsche Williams, then apologizing to everyone,only to end up back close to getting waylaid by Phaedra, man she loves living on the edge.


I see two scenarios for Kalinda:
1. Kalinda leaving because of Bishop. If this babysitter role for Kalinda goes on and something happens to Dylan, Kalinda is dead.
2. Kalinda leaving because of what she did for Cary. The truth has the habit of revealing itself. If the truth comes out about Kalinda forging that email log (or what it was), she has to disappear.
3. She could die of a heart attack but that's highly impossible :) This is a joke, obviously. So, what do you think?

Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 14

Israeli Operative???? I thought she was an Iranian operative, which would certainly be an opposite problem. If I am correct, please edit this accordingly.

Yassin jagne

I can't wait to see when Oliver realizes that its possible to have it all. (The company, the hero and the girl) - Ray did. As for him taking up Ra's offer? Wow that plotline is gonna be to die for... Either way yes or no, its going to have massive rippleeffects. You just got to love Thea this season. She is way exceeding my expectations and am loving her the more for it. Ray as the ATOM is also another thing I can't wait to see. How is him being a hero in Starling going to affect the dynamics in Starling? Both for team Arrow, Captain Lance and the citizens of Starling? The look on Oliver's face when he first sees Ray as the ATOM and know that its Ray in that suit. I can say thats the look i anticipate to see the most, well second to the look on his face when he realises that Ray and Felicity's relationship has gone to another level ofcourse!

Yassin jagne

Do I want Stephen back? Not really, he's done his part and OPA has moved on without him. Agreed that there is a vacancy or two at OPA, but i'll rather see new characters to fill in that vacancy, someone to spicen that office up or shake things up a little.
How long is Olitz breakup gonna last? That couple doesn't have a good history in my books but their track record says in 3/4 episodes if not even less they'll be back to the crazy trysts either in the Oval Office, silent corridor or a closet. But I'll also rather the show move on from their toxic relationship. Olivia's best bet is with Jake anyways. I'll love to see them back together.
My favorite scene? Jake's motivational speech to Huck. That scene made me both love him and apprehensive about him the more. If he doesn't ever release his monster considering all the dark things he has done, then I would really love to see how far he's gonna go with his monster in the drvivng seat. lol

Priestess of apollo

This was an amazing episode! I did go through many tissues, as Cassie in that last scene; I don't know how she did it; I was thinking don't do it, don't do it! If Cole hadn't asked her not to say anything, i think that she would have broken, and told him. I love "let's just be us", and after Cassie spoke to the Professor, she says to Cole "your turn". The song was playing in the pilot, when Cole and Ramse went to the CDC, he found her watch, and said he'd be seeing her soon. I love the writers, as they had that nice parallel between Cole and the dinosaur; as the tour guide only says "he". Listen to the story again; you'll see what I mean. I love this show, I need to tweet more on Fridays. As for Cole? I theorized that Cassie's message is from an alt-timeline 2015 where the mission failed. So, Cole does die in that explosion, but doesn't splinter back to 2043, but back to the same place; after death. It's the same idea, as when he was dead in alt-2043, so there were not two Coles in one timeline. I think this is where the story moves into the alt-2015 timeline; where the mission fails, and Cassie leaves the message. She and Cole are the constants no matter what happens, as it doesn't matter which one of them dies; the virus will be released. They just keep going around and around, until something will break the cycle, and save the world Naturally, I watched this about three times, and I think Wexler squashed the idea that Jennifer has time travelled. He said that "they released the real virus this time", so she might have been referring to that; and he said that he didn't think Leland was crazy enough to use it. I actually would like to see him again; as there may be a connection to Jennifer, or seems to anyway. I really enjoyed his interaction with Cole; it was one of the highlights of the episode. It's terrifying to think that someone could create an extinction level event w/a weaponized virus w/no cure, no protocols, to keep a bunch of Senator's out of jail.

@ Priestess of Apollo

Brilliant theories! We might see Wexler again, Leland definitely since 1987 is coming up. I've been waiting for that moment since he mentioned it in the pilot. The writing is phenomenal and once the season is over, and we rewatch it, everything will be much easier to follow. I'm sure we will pick up on things we missed the first time around. Please do join us Friday nights, we need to make some noise on Twitter so Syfy brings the show back for another season. The ratings continue to slide :(

Priestess of apollo
@ Henry A. Otero

Thanks Hank! We'll soon see; but I am so glad we finally got a twist that makes you think.


I wanna uppercut Kenya so bad