I had said in another post somewhere that I think they may go through with the wedding, team up with Team Arrow and overthrow Ra's. Once Ra's is gone they will restructure The League, put Maseo and Tatsu in control with a new purpose and a new mission. Then all head back to Starling, Thea becomes Speedy in red leather and somehow The Green Arrow is born (not just Arrow).
Then again it could all be just wishful thinking on my part.

Doe rae me

Claire is probably in her early forties. That is not too old to get pregnant. Considering she has been married for several years and only has two children, from one pregnancy, I think it's more likely she uses birth control, or perhaps the twins were fertility babies. If you are right, and a returned has gotten someone pregnant, my bet would be Rowan and Simon though. Considering Rowan was pregnant when Simon died the first time, but fell in love with Tommy with a newborn, it seems more relevant to their story and love-triangle.

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Chapter Twenty-One

could the twist be shes having twins?!?!?!

Yassin jagne
@ sweetstarshine1

Lol considering how much people are telling her she is huge and that her due date should be like tomorrow? I wont be surprise if its twins

Secrets and Lies Review: The Intrigue Begins

Who set up all the flashlights in ben`s garage ?


But is Fish dead ? She fell into water and she is a fish…
Is Barbara dead ? We now know that Mr Wayne had "friends" at Wayne Industries…whatever that cave holds he didn't build it himself...

Sp mckenna
@ shazzz

I'm pretty sure Fish is dead as Jada Pinkett Smith said she wasn't returning... As for the cave, maybe that's where Lucius Fox comes in!


If Cersei called Littlefinger home after destroying his business will she have him killed ?


who else thinks everybody is going to end up in the huge pit at the hotel?

Ahathithya thevapalan
@ Terrie

Me too. But I don't think Bob will kill anyone. It's probably Norman who's gonna slaughter them all.


Barbara really is cuckoo. I did not expect her to try and kill Leslie, wow. I am happy that Penguin is the new King, but I agree a lot of stuff leading up to it was a mess. Very interesting transformation from Nygma to the Riddler. Even though we knew that Bruce and Alfred were going to find the Batcave, it was cool to see. I wonder what Bruce's dad was doing down there.

@ Amy Perrin

Yes, I am looking forward to seeing that also.

Sp mckenna
@ Amy Perrin

Oh yeah, Barbara is crazy. But I am actually curious about the secrets of Bruce's dad. It will be interesting to see more of that backstory.

Castle Season 7 Episode 22 Review: Dead From New York

So enjoyed your review, Christine/PTVJ!!!
You captured and conveyed the romp and fun--and the love and family!!! I loved 7x22 DEAD FROM NEW YORK for all of the sweetness, comedy, the CASEKETT dance and the post-arrest bow, CASKETT--ALL, Martha/Rick, even RYSPOSITO'S matching ties!!! Costumes marvelous, too!!! Stana and Nathan superb!!! Loved the hair and running in heels comments--and Kate's callback hair twirling--THE THIRD MAN is a huge favorite
of mine!!! "I know who the killer is"--awesomesauce, again!!! Kudos, TPW, Jeannot SWARC, Luke REICHLE and wardrobe, Alfred SOLE and set design, Robert DUNCAN and Tricia HOLLORAN and music, hair and makeup--Liz WILIAMSON and Ed MORRISON, as well as to editing, cinematography, lighting--the entire cast, crew, and team!!! Stana and Nathan--perfection!!! Susan--a treasure!!! Jon and Seamus--gifts!!! Fabulous, 150th Episode--congratulations to all!!! Again, I appreciate the live tweeters!!!