Graceland Review: Entanglements

I am sure the tape will come back in the season finale


I agree that maybe they need a raise but then again they make more in a week than most people do in a year. so possibly they need to refresh that perspective. Its not like a single one of them has a film career that makes it easy for them to say I don't need this show. And three of them thanks to the show will be type cast for the rest of their careers if they even have careers after this show. they just need to refresh how they look at everything. Rather than asking for a crazy raise ask for one that makes sense. rather than a million dollars take it down to 500,000. still crazy but at least the studio would be more likely to say ok

Covert Affairs Review: To Trust or Not

I know Covert Affairs is only TV etc etc and being realistic is not its greatest asset, but I have trouble taking it seriously when the whole Spy Job is so ridiculous..
Its a miracle of miracles that Annie is still alive after 4 and half seasons of the worst spying. ever. Her stakeouts are a joke, she doesnt even try to hide. Dont CIA field agents pass medical tests often? especially before they come back to service after a long time being away hidden? Not to mention the covert missions... aaah the covert mssions, I do love them cause of the locations.
But on a reality note, is there any intelligent spy service out there that would let Annie go back to Paris and Ivan? And without a backup? There is no other CIA in Paris to provide Backup?
Thank the Gods that the McQuaid dude has become her latest guardian angel. After Auggie. And Eyal. The Annie Walker safeguard groupies! They save the day, Annie gets the credits! (btw Poor Marton Csokas, so easily get beaten by a tiny lady with a heart disease...oh wait, that is a CV villain's destiny, you should know better before you signed Marton!). The only person with some spy intelligence is that Hayley chick.
You are right Hayley girl, there is something wrong with Annie, she is the Johnny English of the CIA, she is the worst spy in the universe that somehow always manages to do the job. The story is interesting, and definitely much better than last season's... but the whole improbability factor is a turn off.
aaaa and despite all the above, I like this show. But it needs some fixing! :)

@ thebgt

Well stated and so true and I like the show also.


If there's anyone on the PLL writing team who lurks this site please know this:
Zack, please stop. Thanks

Suits Review: Truth Hurts

Another great episode! But...probably I'm in minority on this but I really would like Mike to take a little more time to get back to Pearson Specter. I just feel like he came back defeated, that's all. However, it was good idea to have Louis bring him back, whether he wanted to save Mike from Forstman or save himself from Mike finding out what he had done.
I also loved how Donna and Harvey, latter rather unwillingly, acted as couple counselors for Mike and Rachel. You can see how good Donna is for Harvey, that she really helps him to do the right thi8ng at the end of the day - like with talking Mike into having conversation with Rachel or firing Logan.
In the end, maybe Mike came back just in time to fight this SEC guy with Harvey, it seems that it's going to get very intense and super team of Harvey and Mike is just what Pearson Specter needs.

@ kaitleen

Great episode. Harvey and Donna were great, and possibly saved Mike and Rachel. Oh Rachel! I hope she learns how important timing is at law school. Confessing to Mike, at the very moment he's telling her how much he loves her, was a mistake, and then not answering Mike's question about her loving being with Logan, really put it over the top. Mike confronting Logan, would have worked if Logan hadn't lied and chided Mike. Hope that's the last we see of him. I think that Rachel and Mike will work things out, just may take a couple of weeks.
Louis is my hero of the day. Sadly I think the money laundering will come back to bite, but was really impressed when he helped Mike and even Rachel, to some extent. I don't know the whole Shelia story, but it's pretty clear that he attends to get her back.

@ reality adictt

Louis's character have developed into such a neat person, even though the old Louis surfaces at times.


Call their bluff CBS - They're nothing without this show and 1 million per episode is disgustingly too much to pay them. Beside this show stopped being good when it started be on girlfriends and boyfriends, hell this stopped being funny around S5.
I could count on one hand how many episodes that was funny last season - I say again, call their bluff and cancel this show.

9 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

how the fuck is chris meloni aka det. stabler not on this list....

The Real Housewives of New York City Review: Delusional Divas

I am tired of Ramona. I will not watch if she stays on the show.

What do you think of Bill and Virginia?

For me i think they are doing the most wrong thing ever, come on this man is cheating on his wife, the mother of his child, and this woman knows that Billy is married and she is not stopping, just if Virginia looks to this from Libby's point of view, would she go on with this? last but not least both of them are hypocrites.

True Blood Photo Preview: Is There Hope?

the true chemistry is between Sookie and Eric? I know that the writers aren't going to give the fans what they want, but let's be real. Many viewers are tuning in for Skarsgard's great portrayal of Eric, as well as his snarky side kick Pam. The most touching moment of the season was when Eric and Sookie met and he just held her and played with her hair. The best comedic moments of the season so far have been the Ginger/Pam/Eric flashbacks. I wish the writers liked his character more because it would be great to see the Viking vampire win it all in the end.