Loved the episode! Seriously though, Marlo was wearing skinny jeans last week and showing A Lot this week?!?!?

Debbie scott petty

it took me a while to finish this show because i didn't like peter bishop being cheated on! i hope he gets a better story line next season.also there seems to be a lot of cheating spouse tv shows right now.


I thought Jane was particularly disrespectful towards her mom in this episode.


I missed this last night but they don't have all 13 episodes on nbc.com....it was only the first 5 and this week is the last week they are available I think...........


I don't want Sembene to die !!! His and Ethan's friendship deepened and now this. If Sembene doesn't survive, Ethan will never forgive himself for killing a friend...
I see what you mean about Vanessa being selfish. Thinking you can take on the enemy and not think about the repercussions that this will have on your friends is a form of selfishness, arrogance even. I knew she'd open that "black book" but will she be able to use it on the witches ? Because she has now been taken into the doll room and boy that scene was creepy ! Evelyn needs to DIE ! Though what the hell was that with Hecate and Ethan ? Confused me a bit... Very odd, especially since it seemed like Hecate was covering all her exits... Contingency plan perhaps ?
Lily/Bronna and Dorian are just creepy LOL. I guess she's the one then. He usually kills those who find out but not her. The "Immortals"... Biting his ear off to see how it would grow back... OKAY !
Caliban's imprisonment was sad. Because the blind girl is the one who ended up betraying him. That was hard to watch... Massive blow indeed. BUT, isn't he supposed to be super strong and all that ? Was half expecting him to tear his way out and snap their necks, but I guess the shock was too much... Sad the season finale is next... I absolutely love this show !


hardly the game changing news I was expecting


After he killed the sheriff they had a car so why the hell drive back to town instead of driving out of there same way his wife drove her car there? That didn't make an ounce of sense. That . have been the thing they would do in an instant.


While I agree that Catherine was being pushy and over the top in wanting to pursue the cases, you need to rewatch again to see what her motives were. It wasn't purely selifish reasons. She said it herself. If she gets to the bottom of the those cases, she can protect Vincent. That is her obsession, protecting Vincent. Over the top? Sure. But here's the dialogue. V: Protect me from what?
C: From going primal, from losing it, from losing you. I'm trying to save us. That is exactly what the counselor pointed out. This constant need to protect one another. That is Catherine's problem. Her heart is in the right place, she just went about it in the wrong way.

@ Crys

I totally agree with you. I like the new season. I feel they are going as a couple on each episode. I like the way they did the flashbacks as the counselor was asking questions. I am enjoying them being together as a couple. The fans wanted them to start working on cases together. Now we have that. A little romance was also included. I am enjoying and happy we have this season. It is better than being cancelled!!

@ xpetti47

I agree with you. I enjoyed this episode. It totally kept me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. I enjoyed the comedy. I am okay with the series coming up with episodes that l can just enjoy to watch and not necessarily pounce towards the greater arc and this episode did just that for me. I am just enjoying the ride whatever each episode brings. So I guess I can say I loved it. I agree though that Cat's attitude was over the top and it seemed to me for a moment like she was loosing it. I guess a visit to the therapist was in order. I agree Cat needs to dial things down a few notches. On the other hand I also think that Vincent has been dismissive of Cat and her concerns and not taking her serious enough. It looks like he doesn't want to do anything to assist and will not entertain Cat ranting about it to him . I mean come on he is her man and expects him to at least listen to her and at least pretend to care. I can understand why Cat is going nuts. So I guess a visit to the marriage counselor was in order because as far as I can see they are not on the same page on how to move forward. My opinion is that they spent too much time fighting so they can be together but now that they are able to be together in a way they have never been before its new to them and I don't think they know how to handle things together as a couple without loosing themselves as individuals. So come to think of it this episode was important in a way to bring that out. I think both of them have things to work on so they can see things from the others perspective and find a middle ground because so far I think Vincent is trying to make Cat feel bad that he wants to save these innocent people while Cat wants Vincent to feel bad for not being as ethusiastic about the cases as she is. Vincent may not really comprehend this yet but these threats are real and affect both of them on a personal level and we know from last week that Bob tried to kill Cat and that they are planning to capture Vincent. So Cat is right in that they need to be involved and try to find a way to put a stop to it. But yes she needs to stop being too pushy and uncompromising about it and also be a little more considerate and sensitive towards other people. Sorry I didn't intend for my post to be this long.


what a terrible father. he was almost cult like. it's good the wife finally stood up for herself but the damage is already done. for a brother to poison his sister and think nothing of it as merely teaching her a lesson is profound evidence of the damage already done. mcnally used the situation to help make her decision to be a committed stepmom. margove was a nice surprise. she is finally coming to terms that sam is gone but that doesnt mean he shouldnt be involved in their child's life

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Graceland Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Chester Cheeto

I think its safe to say almost the entire house has done something criminal at this point no more so than Mike for barbecuing Lina's body Briggs for killing Badillo and Paige for selling out Mike now Johnny gets to join the esteemed club for being Carlito's errand boy and killing Sid all cuz he's in love with the cartel boss's innocent little sis. I know he's suppose to be the villain of the season but Ari does have his moments of humour his comments about his girl priceless. Nice ep all in all especially with the theme of do your bad actions outweigh your good intentions and yes I agree the PTB messed up with Paige by as you said writing her into a corner and are now muscling their way out of said corner I just hope they do something more with her otherwise she'll be to Graceland what Andrea was to Walking Dead.