Rookie Blue Review: Spreading the Misery

The Commissioner and Inspector Jarvis are both dirty cops. They both would be able to enter the evidence room and not sign in with Tim, yes? Marlo would have to sign in since she's a visiting analyst. @ 15 division. Marlo and Andy's chat in the driveway of Ted's mom's house was interesting. Marlo had no intension of returning to 15 but had to cuz she was told to, get a job done,etc. The lies that came out of her was disclosed when she spoke with Dov about forgiving the ones you love, give Chloe another chance-which I hope he does.. Ted didn't commit suicide but was killed by Santana or Jarvis or both. Ted must have been drugged to sedate him enough not to be heard during the slashing of the wrists. No fan of Marlo, can't trust her motives to get rid of Andy and get Sam back. Just a thought, the photo of Ted and his son that Diaz and Sam viewed for some time, it appeared that there was a resemblance of Marlo to Ted's son. Maybe the ultrasound was of her son way back when she was involved with Ted----a real twist in the lot don't you think?
The look on Sam's face when he realized that Andy could be dead was amazing-showed how much he does love her. The bedroom scene with Andy and Sam are meant to be together. Sam's gentle and caring gestures were so real, convincing the viewers that their love will be everlasting!


I felt like Jax's reaction to Diosa was extremely authentic. Rage and revenge are the only thing on his mind lately. He is past the point of feeling shocked and surprised. He has seen too much to feel guilt and remorse. The look he gave Colette when he saw her body told me that understands that everyone he comes in contact with has the opportunity to lose their life. Once he realized that their game plan was figured out, he fully expected what the outcome was going to be. Judging by his actions lately, the only thing running through his mind was most likely how to seek more revenge.


I liked this episode Tony answering McGee was funny. Abby having a crush was good I liked how he showed her hus tattoo. I felt bad for a Vance and at the end loved how Kayla came


Not only the FBI guy, I was pissed off when Espo immediately turned on Castle, and Beckett also was startled. Duh! There doesn't need to be a gun to his head for it to be a threat. That's one thing that always throws me off about Castle. No one in the show, except his wonderful mom, trusts him implicitly. But of course, mothers are wont to do that, and Martha is the only person who actually knows everything Castle has been through. Not Beckett. Not his daughter. Not his ex-wives. Not Espo, Ryan or Lanie. They all know what Beckett's been through, since this show has essentially been about her so far, but no one knows what Castle's been through to become who he is. Like I said sometime last season on these very pages, Castle has had the most difficult upbringing of any character on the show, with the possible exception of Espo. Beckett's life would've been all rosy up until her mother's death. She comes from money. Not much is known about Ryan. Espo, to be fair, is written like he's had a tumultuous upbringing. But Castle, for all intents and purposes, up until he became a best-selling novelist, would've been in hell. Growing up without a father. Has a seemingly irresponsible, but loving, mother, who also seems to be a struggling actress, from what we know. And more. That's why everything I'm hearing about the writers' plans for this season intrigues me. For a show named Castle, we know awfully little about him, and if Season 7 is going to fix that, then it is going to be the best one yet. As Christine aptly put it in her great review, we've had 6 seasons to get know Beckett, I hope we'll see the remainder of the show's running time, which I hope is very long, learning what made Richard Castle. As much as the anti-climactic ending of the season premiere threw me, I am hopeful that S7 is gonna kick ass.


Guess Mistresses will regret that decision. Lose the star, kill the show, the savings won't exactly amount to much.

TV Ratings Report: Selfie Struggles, Fox Flops

Come on New Girl


POI is one of my favorite shows on right now and this episode delivered. And I really wasn't sure whether Finch would be able to "save" Claire and I like it when the answer isn't obvious. It's sad that Finch couldn't get through to Claire, but I'm sure we will see her again. What Shaw said about Claire - she would do whatever Samaritan asked her to do - is scary when you think about how powerful Samaritan already is and the level of assets it is recruiting. It won't be an easy fight and I look forward to it since in most cases Team Machine often had the upper hand. I know there people who still don't like Shaw and/or Root, but they have really grown on me.

Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Nautilus

Decent episode. I liked how Harold played a key role. A really nice bat cave. I still do not get excited by Shaw, sorry Shaw fans. I like Fusco, but he's superfluous character. POI doesn't need him.


This was a decent episode.
I really loved the ending, that was m favorite part.
There were some funny moments as always.

Forever Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Fountain of Youth

stalker is jo's husband. popular actor's photo used just for one shot? No

@ corey

Good point. I find it unlikely as the stalker had big hands - probably from a heavier person than the guy in the picture. It would be a great twist though!