Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 9 Review: The Mother

Am I the only one who finds Dave to be extremely creepy? I will be really disappointed if the killer turns out to be Abbey or Natalie. I think there may be a big surprise to the finale!

Sarah silva

Yes this was the Hangover Hawaii style.
While it was not my favorite episode, it was entertaining.
We got more Danny, not as much as I wanted but it was an improvement.
How hot did Steve look at the end in his blue suit!!?!
It was nice that Jerry got a medal.

Sarah silva

I will admit that I went into the episode thinking Jamie would get shot. Near the end I knew it was going to be Linda and that Curtis would be the shooter.
I hope she survives.
Danny is going to blame Erin.
This may be the last straw for Frank, if he does quit then it will be an interesting having a new Commissioner. I hope he does not quit.


What is so wrong of an actor leaving the show? What is the big deal about Patrick Dempsey leaving the show? Actors come and go in series and move on. What is the huge importance of Patrick Dempsey on the show? I mean 10 or 11 seasons to be stuck in the same show? Maybe he got tired thought his character it was due already and wanted to do different personal projects as an actor. Fans take characters way too personal and disagree with producers and stuff. Well the last word on a story never depends on obsessed fans, who some like to run the show., Itis the network and the producers decision how a story goes.

@ Maria E. Segura

Probably because people get attached to characters. And Shonda herself has misled everyone over the years into thinking the series would end with M/D together. And personally, after watching the interview with Patrick D., I really think SHE was the problem and HER DIVA ATTITUDE is what caused Derek to go out this way. He needed more time with his family after the divorce. They were unwilling to accommodate and chose this? Nope. I've watched through a lot of bad episodes and a lot of good ones. I will NOT watch Derek die nor any more future episodes. He will live on for me and other fans who believe the show ENDS HERE. And I really do believe that Shonda is the problem here. So many people have left this show. And the way things have played out...Shonda is always the common denominator. The simplest explanation seems to be that she wants things her way and when people don't agree...they're written out or straight up killed. Look at how she treated Chyler Leigh's exit? She would have come back for guest episodes. Patrick Dempsey would have done a half season. (I agree Washington and Heigl both asked for their endings with their behavior and got better than they should have!) Shonda is the problem. The only show I will watch is Scandal and I'm not 100% sure I'll continue that. Another thing. This is ENTERTAINMENT. If it doesn't entertain me, I won't watch it. And that is one more reason I think it is just fine to be irritated as hell that they took this direction. Derek's gone? I'm done. Christina was the last I could handle. Derek is the breaking point.

Sarah silva

The last couple weeks I have thought it was Jess and from everything that happened last night with her:
1)Her car not working he night of the fire works, then the next day it does.
2)When Ben told her it must be so hard for her losing Tom and then she said that is okay they can make another one.
3)The fact that she is Bi Polar (which I totally called right before Ben found the pills)
4)She has a blue jacket.
5)Her sister said she is not violent towards others but she was violent to Ben
6)Having two dead children
7)The look on her face at the end of the episode and asking Ben how it felt to not know where his daughter was
However yes there is a chance that Abby could have killed Tom, after hearing that Tom was her fathers son. If they go that route then Ben will take the fall for her and go to jail. I really do not want that to happen.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Lily

I don't like how they've forced this friendship between Emma and Regina at the expense of exploring Emma's relationship with her parents (and her son, and her boyfriend). It seems like the writers are only allowed to develop one relationship per half season. Last half was with Elsa, this half with Regina. In fact, why don't more of the main characters interact with each other? Have Snow and Hook ever had a conversation with each other? How about Charming and Belle? Or Regina and Will? The other thing is that the show has gotten so dark! Where is the adventure and fun? They've pretty much sucked all the romance out for the sake of plot. I think Captain Swan is really the only couple that's in a good place, and they only interact 30 seconds per episode. Pretty much every character on the show is miserable right now! I really hope next season brings back the fun and hope aspects of the show and truly focuses on the main characters. They are pretty much down to their core audience right now and we tune in for Emma, the Charmings, Hook, etc, not for random villains and authors and Lilys.

@ Kkjones

What you said in your fist paragraph about character pairings is the original thing that made the show fun. Snow White and Red Riding Hood were friends, Rumplestitlskin was Belle's Beast, Captain Hook was the Queen of Heart's Henchman, etc, etc. We never knew who had a past with who and it was exciting and fresh. Now the characters have sort of found their cliques and have fallen into a status quo. For example, there was some promise of Belle actually interacting with Hook, Emma, Regina, and etc. when she kicked Rumple to the curb, but instead we get a random romance in the Land Without Cameras between Belle and Will (who has also been ignored). If they don't give Hook a story with Emma then why don't the give Hook a plot with Henry? As I said above in another reply, the poor kid is just a plot device--he always has been and always will be. Why do they even bother having him sit silently in scenes--and now he's been demoted from plot device to prop if you take into account "the episode titled 'Lily'".

@ CbinJ

Something tells me I would prefer watching a show from the Land without Cameras. That seems to be where all the good stuff happens :).


I could sense he was leaving the show, sad to see it this way, but I will mourn more for Mer than Derrick. Sad yes but not completely shocked.

Outlander Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Lallybroch

The problem with Jack Randall is always that Claire doesn't think they CAN kill him without eliminating Frank Randall. Also, "there were rumors" that Jamie heard in the show. In the books, it flat out states that Dougal was the one who told Jamie these things.

Amy jackey
What We're Watching: The Home Stretch

A lot of shows.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Aftermath

Revenge is the best show I have ever watched by far. It's the only show that has kept me attached to my television. The characters are all amazing, and I've truly grown to love them all, through these 4 seasons. I don't know what to expect, but I really hope there is a season 5. This season has gotten very intense, and I would be so dissapointed to see the story come to an end.