Absolutely love Black Sails. I started paying for Outlander and thats fantastic but I've been drawn into Black Sails so much that I went back and watched the entire first season in one day. I'm delighted that Outlander will start up again this Saturday but will miss Black Sails.

Helix Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Plan B

Peter's personality is getting darker each episode. Now he wants to be "King" of the island? He and Ann make a weird pair. I've suspended belief on logical assumptions, because for an community so cut off from civilization, ultra hi tech items, such as the infant's incubator, artificial placenta and umbilical cord, are so far from reality. And knowing exactly what would make Amy's eyes silver, and having exactly what was needed? What are the odds. Sergio and Hataki were completely wasted this season, and they were good characters. Looking forward to finding out if Caleb turns out to be Sarah and Alan's baby, and the way he survived. With Mother dead, everyone is in for a bad time and possibly a high body count. Hope a viable solution is found ASAP. Don't know what a season 3 would be about if it is renewed. All these undead themed shows are getting to be overkill. Let's try and make season 2 end on a high note.

Ronald simkins

I had several problems with the Linus "solution" basically it was like a prefrontal lobotomy or chemical castration they should have turned them over to the Wesen Counsel for judgement. This was not premeditated murder and the solution was really immoral.
Correction the Royals are NOT Wesen - think this was made clear by the showrunners. Of course no one knows what a baby that was part Wesen part Grimm would be like - the mind reels.
I looked it up and Zauber means "magic" so maybe Hexenbiests curse and Zauberbiests are so rare that no one knows what they really can do. I also agree now Nick and Juliette can really be a "power couple" Nick is no ordinary Grimm and Juliette is no ordinary Hexenbiest what a fun thing it would be for them to work it out.

Sarah silva

React to ChArles.
I remember reading a few months ago that A would not be revealed until the 6th or 7th season so I was not surprised we did not see his face. For a few weeks I have said A is Andrew and I still say it is him. Charles changed his name to Andrew and pretended to me younger to get close to the girls. Spencer's parents getting in on the action. Yay or Nay.
Yay. It is about time for the adults to know the truth. I am sure it will be a matter of time before the other parents are clued in. What role does Andrew play in all of this?
He is A. Charles....it is 100% possible that he changed his name and date of birth and made fake documents. Mona is alive. React.
I was sure she was dead. However I should have known better. I am glad she is alive.
I had a slight feeling for a couple weeks that she was alive. Where are the liars?
Looks like somewhere far from Rosewood, but it does seem like A can get back and forth with no issues so maybe it is not that far. Make some bold predictions for season 6.
A will be unmasked in the first half of the season before the time jump.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Conquer

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Sarah silva

Decent episode.
The leech storyline made me cringe.
I am glad that Derek did not cheat on Meredith but yes he should have completely honest.
I was a little upset at Owen but could see his point about not wanting his mom to be taken advantage of. However at the end he realized that John loves his mother.

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Bluebell

I love this show....Please renew this!!! The finale played up the quirkiness of the show that made it great....I want to find out about Earls hidden money!!!!! College Fund, Home Down Payment?? They could keep it going.


Shades of Jim Jones down to the captured congressman, and the poison.

Shameless Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Drugs Actually

I didn't think the Sammi murder scene was funny until I watched it the second time and knew she wasn't really dead! Then I could appreciate the humor of the scene. Like you, the first time I watched I was too worried about what would happen to Chuckie now, and if Mickey and Debs get caught almost everyday is going to be incarcerated, and how would Debbie live with the fact that they killed Sammi when even she didn't think she deserved to die, And poor little Liam witnessed it all and might say something, and doesn't anyone realize 4 year olds understand a lot!?? I'm hoping now that Debs learns why revenge might not be such a good idea. But it's probably too late. Th e Gallagher kids had their chance to let Sammi walk away but now, from what I can tell from the previews, Sammi comes back with her gun. What I would love to see happen next is for Carl and Chuckie make up somehow in Juvie and for the rest of the family to learn from them that the best way to help them all is to work together instead of against each other. They have enough other problems to make a show about!

Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 2: Full Episode Live!

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