Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 Preview: Hunting a Killer

Who is going to be the next canary?
Laurel? I am a little confused by the plot. Can someone explain it?

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 4 Review: The 3rd Choir

Something no one mentioned: I love the dynamic between Hetty and Nell! Hetty doesn't really put up with wallowing from... well... anyone. Everyone but Granger and Hetty was perfectly willing to let Nell hang out on her couch when she was really needed at Ops. Granger called in Nate for her, but Hetty was the one who woke Nell up.
And man, did it pay off when Nell threw herself into a bullet's path for Hetty! Try to find an employee anywhere else outside of the Secret Service who is willing to take one for the boss.


Loved the episode and would love to see Kai staying and falling for Bonnie. They were great together in scene. And he's a totally crazy and I just like him, but I guess Bonnie is killing him next episode. Also thanks writers for giving Bonnie a good storyline.
I'm here waiting for Caroline's storyline too, once everyone has one.

Carolyn levesque
Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami's Off to Hollywood

This is not the ending that Ali & James wanted. They wanted the fans to have EJamily leaving Salem and living happily ever after.


Wow! A mention of Ziva. We haven't seen or heard anything about Ziva for over a year because that wouldn't be "organic" to the storyline. What is this about? What are they up to? They wouldn't mention Ziva unless it was "organic" to the story line This must be seriously "organic." Is this the beginning of the real, for sure, actual, and final end of Ziva?


"What, if anything, didn't work for you in this episode?" Well, I have to agree with David on this. The cameo's from the cast of the original NCIS is getting to be overkill. Now, don't get me wrong--I love NCIS. However, since this show started, EACH episode has had a cameo from the original. I'm wondering if NCIS LA cast members will start showing up as well. I totally understand the need to get viewers to stay tuned after NCIS for this show, but the show needs to be presented on it's own merits and we should be given the chance to start to care and bond with these characters.


I am glad how the speed of the storyline is going , not so slow to get you bored and not so fast get you lost , and the most important it's focusing on the characters .


On the last question, I have to say I agree with Doug, BUT, I don't think it's that McGee doesn't have anything to offer--it's that he is AFRAID to offer it for fear of being ridiculed for it. Love the round tables!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

I mean do these shows based on comics need to follow by heart eveyrthing the comics say? I say this cause I really do not want Laurel to become the Black Canary. I dont find her strong enough to pull that job off. She better is as lawyer ans he better stick with that. Also Team Arrow will be too crowded alreayd and that is no good.. So what if the producer of the show do not follow by heart what the comics dicates and he twist the story a bit to make it more interesting? I dont see no harm on that

NCIS Round Table: Can McGee Really Be a Team Leader?

They seem to be falling all over themselves giving McGee lots of extra importance and business this season. I thought his sudden reluctance to take lead was OOC too considering he seems pretty ambitious and rarely admits doubt. They had Tony channeling Gibbs in season 3 when Gibbs resigned, only of course since it was Tony, everyone was nasty and critical about his leadership whereas McGee got a nudge nudge wink wink for being so darned cute. I'm kinda tired of all the McGee B and C plots. Meanwhile Tony never sees any action and the only thing they seem to be doing with him is highlighting his dysfunctional love life. I guess they want McGee to surpass Tony in popularity since McGee is being flattered while Tony is being seen as something of a desperate loser yet again this season. Sucks to be a Tony fan if you want to see smart hero Tony resurrected instead of the barely significant punchline of seasons 5 to present.

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