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Gabe definitely deserved to win. Great show. Best food show on TV. Very exciting.


I really enjoyed this episode because of the amount of time that we got to see Chas, with and without the ever present hat :-} I think John was clearly in a bad place when he was drunk with Chas and provided that spell. I really hope that NBC renews Constantine, although I'm not sure that i believe they will. It's a mystery to me about why networks start shows they know will require time to develop a following and kill them off too soon. I'm a little with you on Felix Faust - he was a wretched villain but I didn't have the background on him to maybe truly appreciate him. I think what we missed was the kind of villain he was, vs the kind he became courtesy of whatever is happening to allow "extra super-powered evil" into the world. Thanks for the great review, Hank! The "Kidster"

Black Sails Season 2 Premiere Photos

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this gem appear in my TV calendar this morning. My only gripe with this tv series so far (season 1) is that it was too short. I hope season two has more episodes. With regards to this season, I love that Starz productions really get each character's story arcs into motion from the word go, no slow buildups ala Heroes style. I'm a little disappointed that have Captain Vane or his mutly crew of die hard pirates really didn't get there chance to throw their weight (yet) around to really punctuate their strength. Maybe that's why captain Noe has been introduced. My 3 random questions are: 1) will we ever see Long John Silver get to Treasure Island at all? 2) what's better BlackSails or Crossbones? And 3) I missed who the woman was in the cargo ship which was destroyed or her significance to the story, any clues?

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2015 Golden Globes: And the Winners Areā€¦

I didn't really care who won, I tuned in for Amy and Tina. They are good and are really funny as they play off one another. My favorite line came from Tina. She ticked of the accomplishments of Amal Clooney, and rattled off the punchline: "and her husband is being given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 1 Review: IX

I loved the opening S2 episode of Black Sails. It was so nice to have us step back in, right where we left off. Tadgh Murphy is an inspired casting choice for Ned Low. He is the best kind of psychotic. Quiet and dangerous. Very, very dangerous. I thought it was brave of Eleanor to kick him out of the bar, instead of peeing her pants right there. I don't know if Ned would have slaughtered the crew of the captured ship if Lady Ash had not been aboard, BUT, the captain certainly should have noticed the "red flag" which means "no quarter given" in pirate-ese. I'm fascinated that Flint (well, MCGREW!!!) is supposedly best friends with Hamilton. I'm looking forward to the development of that storyline. That scene underscored Flint's absolute BRILLIANCE. We did not actually meet Hamilton last season, but saw his picture. Vane appeared dangerous, but sloth-like. No wonder Eleanor sees him as a problem. If he would have jumped in and really took over Hornigold's responsibilities, then she would respect him. But, screwing all day and not providing security and issuing threats doesn't make him attractive to her. I loved that this episode really developed WHY Flint and Silver become so reliant on each other, even if "under duress" - they wouldn't have been best bros in any other situation (anyone remember "i trust Billy a thousand times more than I'd ever trust a rodent like you" - hahahaha). And, "sorry" was hilarious. Perfectly delivered. It'll be interesting to see Rackham, Bonny, and Max's uneasy relationships develop this season. Rackham is far too smart to remain down for long. Finally, I totally agree with your shoutout to Bear McCreary. His music and scoring is a bonus to every show. Thanks for the great review!! The "Kidster"

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You know, Tadgh Murphy played one eye on Vikings. I'm thinking he's got one bad eye in real life. Any idea? He's definitely great as Captain Low. You're right about Lady Ashe, it seemed for a second Low might let them go. I'm curious to learn more about her and her father. Thanks for clearing up whether or not we met Hamilton last season. I wanted to do a quick re-watch of S1 but alas, with so many shows to review had no time :( I can't give Bear McCreary enough shout outs! His music, whether it's Constantine, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Da Vinci's Demons, Walking Dead, Outlander or Black Sails is such a HUGE contribution to the tone of each series. As a former musician and songwriter, I can appreciate that immensely. Composers are the unsung heroes of any TV show or movie. I honestly think they deserve much more recognition, but that's the nature of their work. Kiddle thanks so much for commenting at the site. I can't tell you how much I appreciate chatting here. 140 just is enough for a real conversation. Hoping more people starting leaving me their feedback. Love talkin' TV!!!

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Guess this answers the eye thing haha!tadh...


Great review, but I do not agree with the Davina part. I thing this time she realized that her boy messed up with the Rebekah thing, that's why she just watched and cried and asked Marcel to protect him. Other wise,as we know she's not one to back down, she would have jumped,or do something to Klaus. Other thing that I don't agree with, this time from the comments is the creepy vibe from Jackson, he loves Hayley because he's grown with stories of her, how they are the alphas and are destined to be together, it is normal to love her, and after they spend so much time together in season 1, and he saw how strong and independent she is I find it perfectly normal that he loves her (and he is so handsome,I can not ignore that part). TV shows are famous for easily make characters fall for each other, and I think that Marcel's right hand girl (don't remember her name - Gia maybe) likes Elijah and he was great as her mentor for a second, maybe they can give them a chance,and Hailey and Jackson too. Maybe a lot of people won't agree with me,but I don't know..........

Grimm Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Tribunal

I already left one comment (which oddly went into the middle of the comment bank) but wanted to add a few things. Terry was Monroe's fellow captive, burned at the stake. Will Monroe (last name, his my guess) ever find Terry's wife and give her the wedding ring? I'd like more lore on the Royals. Who they are, etc. I don't fully trust Reynard because I remember those early episodes in season 1, when he told Adelind to kill Nick's Aunt. Maybe I shouldn't trust him. Is he just playing a deep game as chief of the Portland police, or is he for real in wanting to do right (i.e, take down the wessenrein nazis.) Why is he the better Royal -- what makes him different from Viktor, for example? (But I want to trust him and his mother Elizabeth). Also, I'd love to see how baby Diana is doing with Nick's mom. (Is that the baby's name?) I'd love to see brief segments showing them bonding together, and also get glimpses of the infant's emerging power. I think Juliette rocked in these two last episodes. She was perfect in every single scene. At a guess, she probably fears that Nick won't love her anymore. That could lead to some poignant scenes when Nick sets her straight on that. By no means do I want to see a return to Reynard, because we done crossed that bridge. Water under...

@ Jamie

I, too, wondered if Monroe will ever track down Terry's wife. In terms of this episode, though, perhaps it would have been a bit much going on - it was jam-packed! I love Renard's character. At first he seemed like a secret villain, but it turned out that he was far more complicated than he first appeared. At this point, I'm inclined to believe that he overall wants to do the right thing but is pragmatic enough to do the "necessary" thing. On the other hand, he did sleep with both Adalind *and* her mother, which is just plain *wrong*!

@ Kathleen Wiedel

Hah! Sleeping around is one thing, but that's just wrong! I think you're right about Renard. A pragmatist, but inclined to do the right thing. Fingers crossed we get more of his POV. In the last episode, he told his henchman (a reptilian wisen) to do whatever he could to find the weisenrein members. That's all we got. Would like to get a sense of his inner workings (just a hint). And yeah, the episode had nowhere to put a scene with Monroe returning Terry's wedding ring to his wife.

The Mentalist Round Table: Will They Work It Out?

Jane is becoming more and more evil and more like Red John every day he cheat on his wife and kid he controls Teresa and he treat black people like 3rd rate people


I think we see the beginnings of shark jumping. All the characters each have their own lives and the show is no longer about geniuses sitting together and planning absurd ways to interact with normal society. They are already there, with beautiful girlfriends and marriages. there's really no more nucleus for the nerd audience to identify with.The show is becoming like all the other vacuous sitcoms, with ordinary characters having their ordinary relationship problems. The show will probably keep its success but I'm pretty sure its audience will change.


I know it would make for a boring story, by why does the Flash need the villians to cross streams to defeat them? Although yes, LOVE the Ghostbusters reference. He's fast enough that he could have grabbed the guns out of their hands - boom fight over. Yes, boring for TV but it bothers me when the superheroes don't think things through and really use their powers effectively. And isn't the Flash supposed to be more of a smart-ass (ala Spiderman). I like Barry but would like less angst and more one liners from the Flash when fighting villians.