Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Edibles Wrecks

Yes, unfortunately, there is a Weekend at Bernie's II but it is not as good as the first one.


Season 2, season 2, season 2....
Great show!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Status Asthmaticus

It was a great episode after the second half of the episode was over i noticed that i was holding back my breath that doesn't happen all the time this was teen wolf at it's prime i have a feeling it'll only get better from here Do i still think this would've been the second epic season of teen wolf if it had a sub story to fill up the way too much filler episodes we had in the last 10 episodes ? YES I DO should we forgive this slip up cz every successful show has them NO they got that pass in season 4 but you can't deny it's a really good show i'll watch till the last second of it i know that I Held My Breath People JUST LIKE season 3 oh my i love this show

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@ farah

When we weren't sure if Scott was dead or not i held my breath cause i was actually so worried !


Another good episode. I teared up at the end over the loss of Bivas. I really liked her.
And yes, why does Rachel's new vaccine only work for a few days? Is she missing something?
Hope this new female character works out; she may be a tech genius, but she seems very naive. Time to grow up!

21 Actors Saddled with Terrible Roles

Extant and Under the Dome are great shows...very entertaining and have some good acting/actors. That's why people watch TV! The best show, however, with its VERY last episode to air next Sunday, is Falling Skies. Why did they cancel it??? Anyway, those are my 3 favorite SciFi shows.

@ Carol

They are ending Falling Skies because the writers have nothing left to say, the ratings were never anything great(although it was a good show) and TNT would like to try something else.


It passed my mind then I saw the review and tuned in once again.
The story is about Bay and Emmet, and we are seeing another break up. But we all already know it will be temporary. (If wardrobe is any indication, he will not have a fulfilling own story line unless linked to Bay).
Will they find each other in 10 years or ten months? Depending on the renewal of seasons, I guess.
Daphne is impossible to watch. All the rest including Toby's baby with down syndrome, a wanted on Eric/Marcus, financial crisis for the well off family... guess should complete the drama. Forgettable show. The kids were switched, they found a way to deal with it, not it's just a teen soap. Forgettable.

@ d

I can't say that you're wrong. It has certainly turned into a teen drama with storylines that have already been told on other shows.

Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Misconduct Game

I was looking forward to Susie and Nina building a girlfriends type relationship and explore into Susie's life. I think that would have been a great route to take. Killing off Susie I think was a bit much especially after Frost. Giving her a promotion or something that would have caused her to move would have been better... That way Maura would have been able to see the fruits of her labor in supervising Susie. But then again I am not a writer... Just my thoughts.

Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Hungry Ghosts

What was the Cantonese word Cullen said to MeiMei at the end of the show?

Tyrant Season 2 Episode 4 Review: A House Built on Sand

The show is wonderful, I love Bassan , Molly and Rami too cause I love people with ethics and love what's wright and that have dignity


I'm still watching & still entertained by the show. Coincidentally, I also started THE LAST MAN ON EARTH this week without knowing the similarities that would exist. Tickles me to death that both shows had, for a moment, two characters who thought they might be the last people on earth and they could barely stand each other. I don't know what Stephen King wrote. But, I think an awesome ending would be for Julia, Jim & Co. to save the town & the world from the pod people without needing Barbie's help. Then, they could all leave the dome and Julia would tell Barbie to take a hike because she doesn't need him anymore. She survived the end of the world with friends, frenemies, and a dog....and feels friends & a pet will serve her better in this new future. If Barbie's sense of honor & decency toward his fellow man was so easily overwhelmed by his need for The Sex, the Fab Five don't need him.