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Humans Season 1 Episode 6 Review: 1.6

I'm happy that Humans got renewed. I love this show.

The Strain Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Silver Angel

I enjoyed the episode, but was disappointed they decided to do a total reboot of Stephen Mc Hattie's character, he started off as Quinlan in season 1 and only to changed to Vaun in season 2 for a re-do of his characters entrance into the story.


This episode was good but also very confusing for me. I feel like we're getting so much then we have more questions. It's good it's just driving me insane not knowing anything. I'm glad that we finally learned how each victim is connected to The Dread Doctors. That scene where Stiles was lying on the ground, his jeep tipped over, and it burning was the exact scene we got in the first episode with Lydia and her flashbacks. So I assume that's one question with the flashbacks is done unless the exact same thing happens again in the future which I don't think they'll do. My first though after episode one was that those flashbacks or at least some of them were taken out of context and they aren't what they looked like and it looks like that was right about Stiles. One flashback down and everyone else's to go. My favorite part is honestly when Hayden punches Liam. I just loved that so much. I hope to see more of their relationship. I knew Malia and Lydia's attacks were a hallucination but I wasn't sure about Scotts. I thought his might have actually been real I was actually leaning more toward real than hallucination. I want to know what is up with Kira. At the beginning I feel like Kira's mom knew something was wrong with Kira because she was speaking in Japanese but I don't think she knew what was wrong because she seemed surprised when Kira almost killed her. I also think that when her mom came in and Kira was gone and all that was left was a 115 I think she may know what is now wrong with her. She either knows something or doesn't know at all. She and Kira's father seemed very scared when they saw the number. I got that they know what it means and that it's not good but it could also be that they know this is more serious than they thought and they have no idea what's going on. Theo is definitely a bad guy but that's not new info. He's definitely going against Scott and Stiles because he got Stiles to admit that he didn't feel bad when Donovan died and was actually kind of glad about it. After Stiles said it Theo couldn't hold back a small little grin. We also learned what happened to Theos sister. I was starting to feel bad for him when we flashbacked and saw that he found his sister when she was still alive and watched her died. Turns out Theos been a psycho all his life it's nothing new. One thing I've been curious about though is that Theo's eyes are yellow and when a wolf takes an innocent they turn blue. It may just be me but seeing how evil Theo is he doesn't seem like the type of wolf to have never taken an innocent life so how are his eyes yellow still? Does it have something to do with The Dread Doctors? He doesn't work for them and they don't work for him so how are they connected? He said something to the one about how they're supposed to share everything so it seems like they may have a business relationship or something. I wanna know their connection more than anything it's driving me crazy not knowing.

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@ marissa

You bring up very coherent points. To speculate (which is all I can do because of the exquisite ambiguities this season) on Parrish - Parrish is connected to the Telluric forces and the Nemeton and may actually be a counterbalance to the Dread Doctors machinations by supernatural recycling. Morgan found a new Chimera a cutie he clearly has the hots for - though what Brett - bisexual Buddist beta will say remains to be seen. Overall I like that it appears that issues will continue to be unresolved for a while. Although I still don't think that Theo is an evil character any more than Stiles is because he felt good to kill Donovan. I think you misinterpreted the death of Theo's sister - he was little what was he supposed to do to save her?

@ isoron

Theo's sister was clearly asking for help and he just stared at her like a psychopath and you still don't think he's evil?

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

Up until this episode, I thought this show was "fairly entertaining" or "has potential" or at least "not bad". But this episode I feel like they hit a home run. I felt like everything they've been building finally came together in this episode. It feels like they've hit their stride. For me, I'm intrigued by Pawter. Last episode that guy told her that he checked on her and found out that she's nobody. But apparently she's actually got some pretty deep pull. If she's actually a big deal, why is she laying low on Westerley doing medicine for the down-and-out? Also, why was she so passionate about saving Johnny? If she's laying low, for whatever reason, she stuck her neck out a long way to get that med-ship to come help. Did she do it for D'Avin? Or does she have some kind of past with Dutch or Johnny? Did she just do it because she's a sweetheart?

I Am Cait Premiere: 7 Memorable Moments

He/she is a freak!


Forgot to say I love Collin Ferrell in anything. How do people like the chubby red-haired son they gave him? Likely? I don't know but it's a good contrast.


Paul seemed to get screwed over by everyone. His mom, his pal. Who was his mom talking to in her bedroom? Female on the right? I didn't get why we were looking at the preggers girlfriend right after Paul died. She was supposed to know telepathically? All I could think of was "Oh well, she's screwed. No benefits." I really like the Leonard Cohen music, but am getting very tired of the dreary club singer ("This is my least favorite life." Really!). When they back up to the overhead shots where the night lights all look orange, and start playing heavy bass thuds, I keep thinking I've been dropped into a Dallas episode and the oil wells are making the noise. I had a feeling that the Ani and Ray thing was coming. I don't know that it adds much this late. I tend to watch each episode two or three times during the week. I agree this series isn't up to the level of the first season. But then it is hard to come up with another Mathew McConaughy. Vince Vaughan - it's been different seeing him in a whole different kind of role. He always looks like he's simmering, never really opens up and yells at anyone. I think the wife of Vince is a little unbelievable. Too erudite, too upper class, not exactly the gangster wife type. She knows hubby just had someone roughed up and only wants to talk about whether or not adoption is the option? Really. I'd like to see Rachel do something more than knit her eyebrows together and look perplexed. Maybe its that she hasn't been given many good lines. A few too many "fuck's" out of her character.

Jennifer Love Hewitt to Exit Criminal Minds

Won't miss her for one second

Sleepy Hollow Season 3: No More Headless Horseman!

It can't be any worse than last season - - or could it?


Nicole has been so dumped on it is time for her to find happiness. Eric was too wimpy for her, but Daniel is awesome and will be so good for her. I hope that she is finally able to have someone truly accept her for herself and just love her. Its time to go after someone else - like Serena.