Humans Season 1 Episode 5 Review: 1.5

I was disappointed that Leo didn't let Mattie help him find Mia within Anita's programming...after all it was she who had found it in the first place. Seemed like he gave up way to easily. He seems to think that if he can't find it, no one can...was really hoping that he would work with Mattie longer on this. Also don't like that he just abandoned Max...not right at all.

11 Shows That Outwore Their First Season Welcome

Pretty Little Liars should be on this list


I can definitely live with this casting.

Power Season 2 Episode 7 Review: You're Not the Man

I think Ghost's plan, is to set Kanan up as Ghost and give Lobos up to Angela. Her stating she wants the boss. Gets Kanan out the picture and helps Angela at work. He'll later inform Angela, he is Ghost and that if she gives him up she goes down as well. I see him moving to the Serbs supplier, the Milan that keeps being mentioned.


Am I the only one who wants to see Peter Capaldi in a Hawaiian shirt? Random, I know, but we haven't seen much colour in the last 10 years. Black, brown, navy with some pinstripe variations, and a red lining... Ready for some flair!!!!

Stu b

What a weak plot line, script and characters we don't care about, except maybe 2.

@ Stu B.

I vary caring about two characters by the week. So, I probably can care about all four, just not at the same time. ;-)

Quotables from Week Ending July 23, 2015

These used to reference the show they were taken from, unless I'm not recalling properly. I miss that feature! I only recognize quotes from shows I already actively watch now. I'd love to know which shows the rest of the quotes come from. I've discovered some new-to-me shows that way in the past. Any way we could bring back the reference to the show title with these?

@ daybreak1012

If you click on the link in any one quote, it will take you directly to the quote in the system, which is nestled under the show page. Right click open new tab if you don't want to lose your place in the slideshow. :-) We'e using a new way to put the show together that pulls it from our quotes system.

Chris larrondo

Yeah I did feel a little downer but that was because my expectations are pretty damn high for this show as is. Sorry I will continue to bash Zack and how he has been written. There really aren't any redeeming qualities when it comes to him. RIP Vaun barely got to know you. Yes Dutch's arc did fall a little short but I do however enjoy her interactions with Fet. As far as Palmer goes, yes his love interest doesn't really fit in my eyes but I guess they wanted to get him a little more screen time so what better way. Good stuff seeing Fitzwilliam and Gus getting check ins because I feel like those 2 characters are 2 of my favorites.


Loved last nights show but I now HATE Connor... Letting the dog out really upset me and it was the one and only time I sympathized with Abby. I was really hoping he'd show up at the end of the episode.

Joe desiderio

I just thought of something else. There's a flaw in Eph and Nora's plan. If the Master can see through the eyes of all of his subjects he must know what they're up to.
Why wouldn't he just kill the infected vampire before it can start infecting the other ones?