I kept thinking what a waste of Amanda Plummer ….I also think Liz is conflicted about Red…but Liz is an awful pain

How to Get Away with Murder Season Finale: The Killer Is... Dead?!?

So in a way Sam did kill Lila by having Frank do it for him! I am REALLY upset that Rebecca was killed, she is so beautiful and mixed up you had to root for her. It's not nice that a young girl was murdered but Lila was not appealing at all and what she EVER saw in Sam is far beyond me.

Suits Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Intent

Dear Chandel - in your article you ask the question "why now", a question I too wondered about, so I thought I'd share my thoughts as to 'why now'. I think this was the first time where Harvey realized he could genuinely truly lose Donna, and in a way he wouldn't be able to bear to watch/live with (as he said himself, the thought of her going to prison made him want to fall to his knees) and I think it was this harsh, aweful realization of potentially losing her to prison that really brought out how he truly feels about her and made him be more honest about it. Well, those are just my thoughts - keen to know what yours were.


Good question who Rebecca texted and said Eggs 911. Mmm interesting. I m dying to know what Sam had on Frank that Frank had no choice but to dirty his hands by killing Lila.


I also knew somehow that Frank or Bonnie were going to be the ones who killed Lila.. I think even Rebecca knew. But now it be interesting to know what Sam had on Frank that he had him, kill her. In a way it was Sam who did it too. Frank was the tool. I feel sorry for Oliver I felt sad when he told Oliver he had HIV and when he was crying, poor him. I hope Oliver sticks by him in his ordeal and not running away from him, because of course he wont like to sleep with him anymore and he will want to break up with him. Those two honestly look cute together. The gay topic her on this show is approached differently in my opinion so that is why their relationship does not look gross they look cute.
Now start our speculation who killed Rebecca? Was it Bonnie, Nate, or once again Frank. Ohh Frank you evil evil man. But what a good looking killer you are hehe!!! Who from the group was missing during the time Wes went to tell the group about Rebecca and the moment Annalise went downstaris to find out she was gone already? or all of the Keating 5 or 4 inclduing Bonnie and Frank were there? Asher was not there remember even though he does not have a clue of what happened about all this mess of Sam, Lila and Rebecca. But Asher could not kill Rebeca if he does not know anything about the case. So who did? MMMM. What about Sam sister, Hannah? What if she was in town but did not let anyone know she was in town and found out on her own that Rebecca could have killed Sam, so she slipped in the house let Rebeca escape and dragged here somewhere to kill her? Darn now to wait for S2 darn that will be a long hiatus!!!!

@ Maria E. Segura

You mean Connor. Oliver told Connor...

Joseph mcgarry

I think the episode handled the death of Howard's mother very well. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Howard was always wishing his mother were dead. Having it happen for real is something he'll have to deal with in future episodes. Also, today (2/27), it was announced that Leonard Nimoy passed away. I know the show will do something with that. He made only one uncredited appearance on the show, appearing as the voice of a toy Spock. This could force Sheldon to express some feelings, since he felt closer to Leonard Nimoy than all of the other characters.

@ Joseph McGarry

Maybe Sheldon will attempt to create his own Leonard Nimoy (I'm thinking of the episode where Penny gives Sheldon the Christmas napkin).

Leonard Nimoy Dies; Beloved Star Trek Actor Was 83

Very sad news. FYI, Dr. Spock was an American pediatrician who wrote, "Baby and Child Care". Leonard Nimoy's character was called Mr. Spock. You may wish to correct your blog post.


I enjoyed the episode. The zombie part could have been funny, but wasn't. I enjoy Sheldon and Penny's scenes together. They definitely have a brother-sister relationship, there's no possible way a romantic relationship between them would work. Now that Leonard Nimoy has passed, they're going to have to figure out a way to work that into an episode, because he has been mentioned so many times on this show.

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

Its not recent but I miss Lucas and Payton from One Tree Hill. I completely stopped watching because they were gone.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 13 Review: Staring at the End

I really like that this season we have had other characters doing the narration instead of just from Meredith's perspective. I really like Amelia and this episode needed to centered around her and Dr Herman because they need us to sympathize and really be invested in both of them. Because I have a feeling that Derek will get a call from Callie and come in and take over Amelia's operation and or get credit for saving Dr.Herman's life.