17 Hottest Heroes on Television

I am so happy you included Jacob Stone from The Librarians on your list. I would disagree though. I think Christian Kane (Jacob Stone) should be #1. :)

Glee Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Love In An Elevator

Does ANYBODY like this season? It's a cartoon, a clown car, a waste of ink and acting! Where is the teenage angst? the school disappoibtments and happy moments? Sue is too over the top and Sam is a ot so funny joke, lacking even a punchline....too late I guess the season is already shot and edited....this is worse than the lame Dexter ending.


I agree wholeheartedly with this review. Who would have ever thought that we'd get to the point on Grimm where the Juliette storyline would be more interesting than everything else going on? :)

@ Robin Harry

Agreed! Also happy we got a little shirtless rage (well, not so much rage, but shirtlessness). Good grief, that man.

@ Robin Harry

Haha, I know, right? I am very happy that they seem to be treating the character better. I always wanted to like her, but they made it so hard!

@ Kathleen Wiedel

It must be in the contract. Sasha Roiz must have at least 2 shirtless scenes each season. Doesn't matter how he gets there, as long as the shirt comes off.

@ Kathleen Wiedel

It felt a little gratuitous, but I'm certainly not complaining!

Valencia olitz

I actually read this review. Nice change from Miranda''s usual Fitz hatred dribble. Great episode and Kerry Washington gave Emmy worthy performances throughout. I thought the finale was poorly written and kind of boring. "Run" was a nice way to kick off 2015. Previously only episodes Like Father, Like Daughter and Baby Made a mess stood out. Was kind of surprised that only a three other characters were in this episode. I could have done without the repeat of Scott dancing or running shirtless. Pointless and it made Jake look like a fool when Olivia was across the hall. The Vermont dream. I liked it a lot. Domestic Olivia and Fitz looking like a normal married couple probably was a preview of the future of Scandal. That rock was massive on Olivia's hand. Finally, No Olivia didn't tell Ian that Fitz loved her, but come on Leigh, did she really have to? She said the President of the United States would do everything to find her. One can assume she means more to him than just an average American citizen. Olivia ran both Fitz's campaigns, so the world of Scandalverse should know that she's important to him and not to mention all the rumors that was leaked about an affair that OPA covered up. And if Ian is working for Andrew, Fitz love for Olivia is no secret at all. Why she had to confirm it, I guess we'll find out this week.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Doomsday

A "ripped from the headlines" episode. Obviously inspired by the Ebola scare last fall.Notice that "NCIS LA" has a bioterror episode this Monday also. At least Joe White has a much nicer isolation unit at Tripler than that nurse in New Jersey had in real life thanks to Gov. Chris Christie. Where was Gov. Paul Jamison (is he still in office?) in all this.There is a lot of speculation that of H50, Good Wife,and Blue Bloods, one will be definitely cancelled by CBS. If it is 5-0 I hope CBS will give Lenkov and Co. enough time to wrap everything up with Mom.I know its just TV but allow me one complaint - I lost count of how many MedTechs and HPD Motor Officers were killed in the ambush. No further mention of them, their families,their colleagues. One really good thing no silly side stories involving Kamekona or Jerry. Just the case of the week.

Helix Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Scion

Thoughts: Sister Amy appears to use sex only to try and control men. She
tried to do it to Kyle and she is doing it to Brother Landry. She’s not
entirely without emotion because she finds Kyle ‘cute’. Hatake may be taking some kind of hallucinogenic drug or he’s just
plain crazy. The bodies of his ex wife and adopted son were creepy and
twisted. The episode as a whole is pretty twisted; with the carnival music
hand jobs; Brady Bunch stoning and rampaging infected feral islanders
that can ‘smell…fresh meat.’ Kyle perked up when Alan’s name was mentioned by Sara. He’s become more of a wild card. The steam punk styled inhaling apparatus that was used on the children was thoroughly creepy. The fact that it exists means to me that the Abbey has been using it on its inhabitants for a while. Bad: Kyle I think is still being underutilized (story wise and character
wise.) We don’t know why he’s interested in finding Alan. If we did, he
would have more dimensions to him. He hasn’t communicated with any kind
of outside force like Balleseros did in Season One so it's unclear. I
do think though he is working for someone and the CDC is a cover for
him. There are still a lot of loose threads from Season One to tie up:
Balleseros; The Scythe; Daniel’s sister (who had a thing for
Balleseros) have fates all unknown. FINALLY Peter is interested in finding Alan and we now know why
he has avoided confronting him right away. There is a valid argument for
not contacting Alan has been overlooked though. What if Peter was
worried that Michael would order them all off the island because he
might think Alan is working undercover with Peter and the CDC? That’s
as good as any reason for not confronting his brother right away right?
I am kind of surprised that wasn’t used as dialog. Good: Boy, does Sister Amy have a very twisted way of showing how she
finds Kyle ‘cute’; seriously her agenda to rid the island of the CDC
members makes her into a great wildcard. I like her cold weird use of
sex to control men. It is awkwardly creepy. Finally Peter is going to talk to his brother and they finally
revealed that his apprehension had been that Alan had gone rogue and he
knew he was killing immortals. I think what’s really behind this is he
doesn’t want Alan to kill Julia because he still loves her. The show certainly has unexpected turns with character behaviors, which is GREAT! Unknown: Are the barrels used to transport the pit victims to Ilaria on the mainland? Did Alan leave the message for Julia or Hatake on the hip bone? Does Alan want to kill her too? Where is he since he’s not in the grave? Is he still alive? Where is Julia in the present day? Again, where is Sarah Jordan 30 years in the future? Does she
actually have her baby? Is it just that immortals have a longer
gestation period than normal folks? Does Alan kill her and his unborn child in the present? Is Hatake having hallucinations on his own or because of a drug he
has taken? Is he crazy or are the preserved remains of his exwife and
adopted son still alive? Can Hatake save Julia’s life? Is Sister Olivia the wife of Brother Michael? Why didn’t the child Soren want to go into the Pit? What happens to
members when they are in the pit? Are they being infected with the
virus if they don’t go to the pit? Why do they have to have their teeth
pulled out? Is it so they are more controllable in the barrels they
appear to be transported in? I figure that is what is happening since the barrels are coming back to the island empty. What do you think?

The Mentalist Round Table: Who Will Die?

Did anyone notice what Jane said to Abbott when Abbott was changing his mind about letting Jane handle the situation? He said " What you did at Rio Bravo, you risked your life to take out a mass murderer that no one else could, no one else would. You did that because you're a good man." Jane could have been talking about himself. Just insert "What you did when you killed Red John, you risked your life..." Sounds exactly like what Jane did.
I was very disappointed in part of the final scene with Lisbon and Jane. Do the writers seriously expect me to believe that Lisbon thought he was jealous of her job? With everything he said about worrying that someone could get hurt and that he did what he did to protect her and based on what happened to his wife and daughter even a child could figure out he was afraid of losing her and Lisbon being a detective and knowing Jane so well would have easily figured that out. Plus I would have loved to see them dance.
I think Cho is the right choice to replace Abbott. He had the training at Quantico, he has worked with Jane for years, and he is a part of the team already so he knows everyone on it.
As far as someone dying, I will be very disappointed if they have killed someone on the team which is exactly what the promo indicated. I hope it is a faked death to catch a criminal. Jane could have still scene someone in a coffin in a fake death situation. I don't trust promos at all. I do agree with what Kate said about all of social media pointing to it being Vega if someone does die. If someone does die I hope it is not because one of Jane's plans failed.
As far as Jane's fears of losing Lisbon, obviously after witnessing the grisly sight of his wife and daughter's murder that would leave a forever impression but I still say he cannot let that rule the rest of his and Lisbon's life. Does anyone remember if Jane's mother has ever been mentioned in any episodes? In the episode with the flashback we see him with just his father. Maybe he lost his mother to death, so that would add one more important woman in his life that has died. I would like to know more about his parents and his childhood. Yes Lisbon, who has also suffered loss, used common every day logic to try to help Jane feel better but logic only helps so much when dealing with deep seated fear and dread. I think she needs to try to be more sympathetic and understanding. I don't mean she needs to quit her job but sometimes it just helps for someone to empathize with our fears and not just try to use logic to defeat them.
I have loved seeing Jane back in his three piece suits. I feel when he went and confronted Peterson at the tennis court he would not have come across as serious and imposing if he had still been wearing the casual shirt and no vest.
Well I am dearly going to miss this show. I know there are reruns but I look forward to a new episode each week. New adventures with Patrick Jane, Lisbon,and Cho, and if I had my way Rigsby and VanPelt too.


I love this show and it was great to see Hatake and Daniel again!
I thought it was weird that Sarah wasn't limping anymore after she was limping pretty badly last week. I know she heals fast but shouldn't she still be keeping up pretenses? Kyle didn't seem to think it was weird at all that she was going to hike back to the shack 3 days after a spike went through her foot haha.

Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Clyde Really Dead?

Let's keep Clyde... Evil is good in the soap world!

15 Lovliest Ladies of Law Enforcement

Why is it I always get stopped and questioned by male cops who weigh in over 300 pounds and have a crappy attitude to boot? Where are these hotties when I need them??? LOL