Elementary Season 3 Episode 11 Review: The Illustrious Client

I pretty much called every 'twist' this episode threw. I was really, really dumbfounded that Sherlock was convinced that Simon was her kidnapper - especially right at the end. There is 0 proof that Simon was the one who branded the red-headed dead girl _except_ for the poker (which could have been planted) Simon's game was abduction and slave-trade. The one woman they rescued even says that some new girls get sold to individuals who want them for themselves (IE - someone other than Simon may have placed the brands) When Sherlock was convinced Kitty was in denial he said something about "reviewing their assumptions" I was like "Yeah - you made a _ton_ of assumptions" I even called that Simon would die (except I expected the body in the garage to be Simon - not the Albanian) When Watson was on the phone with her boss - I realised that it would be a typical twist for this kind of show for him to be Kitty's abductor - and I said out loud "It's him". I totally called it even before you see Kitty's legs come up behind Watson listening into the call. It's characteristic of a sociopathic hunter - bring someone your victim trusts (Watson) to work for you so you can scope out the dynamic. That's why he was so willing to help Watson because he knew it would help throw suspicion off of him. So terribly predictable. I'm really surprised Watson hasn't clued in yet.

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The list was very good, but NO KELLI GIDDISH from Law & Order SVU? Maybe you should have made this a top 20 list then. All these women are more than worthy to be there, but not listing Kelli is awful. is it because She's not the leading detective on her show(Mariska Hargitay is)? Maybe you should have listed that in as a qualification.

Grimm Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Tribunal

Major Bud fan here. He always add fun to any ep he's in, and he certainly brought his usual "Bud-ness" to this excellent ep. He's the cherry on top in my opinion. I wonder if the writers meant for him to be a long running character, or are just using him more because of the positive response he's gotten from the viewers?

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Bud is a great foil for our heroes, isn't he? He's no fighter, and he's practically afraid of his own shadow, but underneath that fuzzy exterior Bud's a good, kind, honest, well-meaning guy who just wants to do the right thing.

The Flash Photos from "The Sound and the Fury"

anyone think "harry potter" here?


Agent Spackman needed Jane and his team and he knew it. I found his anger towards Jane in the first episode he appeared in to be unfounded. He just got done fussing at them for not being this innovative team he had heard they were and then when Jane does something outside the box the guy freaks. Made no sense to me. Anyway he knows Jane's methods work.
On a scale of 1-10 I give Jane a 9. He was just plain wrong in my opinion and selfish. He put Lisbon's safety above the rest of the team. What about Cho? He is an old friend and Cho even helped Jane get away from Abbott so he could kill Red John. Cho deserved more concern for his safety from Jane. I gave Jane a 9 because he hasn't been changed from his deceptive ways for very long so it would be easy for him to fall back into them. I noticed he listened intensely to what Abbott said to Lily's husband about it being his wife's choice and he needs to trust her. Jane needed to take that to heart in regards to Lisbon. Jane needs to trust in Lisbon's experience and abilities as a trained law enforcement officer. What he did was wrong in so many ways.
I believe in the scene at the end Lisbon was saying she didn't see how they could work together. I didn't sense an ending of their personal relationship just their working relationship. I do believe they will work this out but I think Jane is the one that needs to have faith in Lisbon and the plans that he comes up with. This is an issue they need to work out for sure.
I found the scene where he couldn't sleep as a role reversal for them. She was the one that was always doubtful that his plans would work and he was always confident they would. This time he was doubtful and she was confident.
I love this show and am going to really miss it!! I wish CBS hadn't screwed around with the airing of this show!!


Well here we are on episode 12. Gave her a chance. She was OK on ghost whisperer but completely different kind of show. This is an intelligent show and her character just doesn't work for me. Sure hope they killl her off in the season finale

The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

Ultimate Spider-Man should be on this list.


Best. Episode. Ever. Holy crap did Juliette ever take a lesson in badass!!! Who was she even?!
Quite frankly, everyone was badass in this episode, and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. On another note, my brother made this awesome connection: the guy playing the Wesenrein blutbad leader Charlie Riken (Brandon Quinn) was also the main character Tommy on "Big Wolf On Campus". Where he played a werewolf.

@ Robin Harry

Huh! I didn't know that bit. Nice connection! This episode really was great, wasn't it? It's going to go down on my list of all-time favorite episodes of television.

@ Kathleen Wiedel

It's definitely the best episode of Grimm. This is the first time I didn't miss Trubel.
Now all I want is to see Juliette kick Adalind's butt hexen-style.


Zeljko Ivanek in the pilot! And now Tom Noonan! Count me in :-)


I was also thinking the same thing about Aaron being a member of 12 Monkeys. Great episode again!