Daredevil Review: Daddy Issues

Vincent D'Onofrio has been amazing in this series. And yes, he definitely deserves recognition for that. Can't wait to read your other reviews..............

NCIS Round Table: April Fools!!!

Does anyone know if NCIS has been picked up for Season 13?

@ Peachy

There has been no official announcement as yet (although I believe that also applies to most of CBS's longstanding shows), but Wickersham mentioned recently on twitter that she has signed for season 13, and the rest of the cast have made comments implying that they already know that season 13 is a go.

Grimm Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Mishipeshu

I loved this episode. I thought it was really cool and different from their usual Wesen cases. I'm starting to wonder how much of what we are seeing from Renard is actually Renard, and what is something else controlling him. He says he' tried to contact his mother, but if he can't trust his own memory -- is that even true? How much time is he blanking out on? This could lead up to something quite devious and interesting. I enjoyed having Juliette in jail. It took the focus off her for awhile. I'm really looking forward to the major drama and beat-down of next week...

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 18 Review: Mother Knows Best

I was in love with this Show but now got bored......this Show was best till 3rd series but now it lost its plot and increasing
the Show without purpose.......Right now this show Sucks.....


Hold on, hold on. I'm still laughing. So the guy known for playing Jesus is now playing the Devil in a show featuring angels that can be seen for what they are in reflections or through a lens (i.e. everywhere) and that were created (sorry chosen) by the very same mystical meteorite the devil rode down to earth. I think I just found my new favorite train wreck. I'll be along or the ride.

Quotables from Week Ending April 9, 2015

From Flash:
1) Caitlin: "Ray is so nice and smart and hot"
Felicity: "Yeah, kinda like
I'm dating Barry, but in Oliver's body. A sentence you'll never repeat
to anyone!" 2) Ray: "Thank you, but I can't quite seem to keep it up"
Felicity: "He means the SUIT. I can attest that everything else works just fine. There's nothing to fix in.. THAT area"


ikr so cute

Ronald simkins
Bitten Review: The Season of the Witch

This was pretty good everything didn't get dumped on the doorstep. And it is not a necessary war between wolves and witches but a mutual enemy. And something laid a curse on papa -i suspect that Clay's mama was a witch and the curse originated from the destruction of her whole family. ˜I predict that studly Stephen will be first to get laid by the witches. All in all a quite good set up fpor the season. We just got to get bisexual Nick hooked with lots of boys and girls this season.

@ Isoron

Do you have more than one login for the site or are there two of you? I can't figure out if this is the same person watching all this TV. ;-) I like that the witches came in all menacing and then turned out to be funny. "And you left the front door unlocked." Whoops! I think it's a great show, so I hope the season does well.

Ronald simkins
@ Carissa Pavlica

Yes and no. Sometimes the site drops my login and I don't always realize it. I am the same person watching all this TV because I am retired, live by myself, and enjoy the shows I comment on. And I am your antishipper friend.

@ isoron

I love that you're so well versed on so much tv. If you ever want to write about it in your free time, you know where to find me! In the meantime, I'll enjoy conversing with you about eclectic shows and reading your views on shows I don't even watch. You're always entertaining. :-)


Much better episode. Liked all the screen time B&B had together. At this point in the season, I don't really care what the back stories of the other characters are. I just want continued more B&B. Still miss the touches and the intimacy. Somehting has seemed off between them all season. That is what has made the season hard to watch. Maybe it's the Booth PTSD thing. If that is it, I wish it had been referenced more.

The Messengers Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Awakening

I'll watch, but the producer has to walk a fine line between giving away the plot and being too mysterious. So far, it seems to be giving too much away.