The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Promo: Can Elena Move On?

need to bring Damon and Bonnie back 😩 why make Elena and Jeremy go thru more heart ache . especially since they have lost so many people already . the show is axing still but they shouldn't get rid of the people that made this show what it is today 👌


need Damon and Bonnie back on the show ASAP some how . they are part of what made this show so amazing , so sad they died but Elena and Jeremy don't deserve to lose the most important people in their life , especially after all the other loses. why do that to them , still love the show so much 😩💕🙆 #Damonandbonniecomeback


Why is that disgusting Quitter a part of this article - She has not been part of the show (Thank God) for over a year now.

Suits Summer Finale Review: The Order of Things

Mike handed Louis a clue about Harvard by asking about the key - he knew Louis would figure it out and he felt like he owed it to Louis to get is job back because Louis did the same for him. There were clues to this with Harvey's line about Mike caring about people. Louis will return to PS and Mike will know about the key so Louis will know what Mike did for him. Now Louis and Mike are the two with something to hide as both have done something illegal. They also saved each other. This will give a new dynamic to their relationship. Loving S4.


so this is not revolution so Dear team leader u are not a new patriot but a Hitler youth camp leader .. the eshpheni learned their history lesson from Hitler and all the rest of the loosing side of a battle and the humans plus the masons take theirs from the revolutionaries like Castro/Mao who knew MARX WOULD play so well in this show,


The Doctor's apparent antipathy towards soldiers strikes me as rather hypocritical at best. One of his longstanding friends, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Profession? Soldier. The Doctor's daughter Jenny? Soldier. Even Captain Jack Harkness can be considered a soldier. And the Doctor himself during the Time War? Soldier. Cold, Doctor, very cold.

@ Kathleen Wiedel

Perhaps it has something to do with his time on Trenzalore. When 11 arrived on the planet the population was predominantly composed of children and the episode sort of plays on the innocence of children with the drunken giraffe moment. The Doctor was on Trenzalore for hundreds of years and was made to watch as children lost their innocence as they were made to fight and kill. To quote 11 'violence doesn't end violence it extends it' - so maybe his antipathy of soldiers is actually self loathing as he blames himself for all those who died on Trenzalore and all that he had to do in order to protect Christmas.

Reckless Review: A Moment of Weakness

That was a great episode! And damn I love Roy Rader more each episode! Cam Gigandet has got that great sparkle in his eyes. He and Anna Wood have such great chemistry...sigh.


I just watched the promo for next week. In the scene where Simon tells Grace he will tell her the truth, the open rear door of an ambulance is behind Grace. I wonder if the ambulance was for Neil after the beating he took from Mallory's husband. Simon is maybe telling Grace he will tell her the real reason Neil was beat up (for sleeping with somebody else's wife). I am sure that he will neglect telling her the fact that Neil was impersonating Simon at the time. With this scenario Neil is the adulterer and Grace and Simon are still a secret.

Pretty Little Liars Review: Fatal Games

This show has gotten so convoluted, I don't think the writers can keep track of all of the details. I've always been suspicious of Ali, however being that they were trying to make it seem like Ali was Mona's killer, it makes me assume she is not. Since day 1 though, I've always somehow hoped that Ali would be A. I have never read the books, but I would believe the twin theory.
Going off on a separate tangent, there were a few other things that bothered me about the episode. If it were around Thanksgiving, the weather would be much colder in PA and none of them were dressed like they were on the East Coast. Also, Toby would not have graduated the Police Academy that quickly.

True Blood Finale: An Insulting, Illogical Slap in the Face

Bill Compton deserved to have a scene of him in the afterlife....perhaps walking with Caroline and his children. Or he could have visited Sookie through a vision by Lafayette, and he could have told her to be happy....that he was content at last, and she should live the life she deserved. Sookie's father came to her in a vision, why couldn't Bill? OR they should have had a scene of his memorial service, since he did so much to help save BT from Hep V vampires, as well as MaryAnn the maenad. He also saved the vampires of Louisiana when the witch spelled them to walk in the sun. He deserved a memorial svc. Jessica and Sookie should have gone to his grave with flowers. They should have named a street or a park after him. And they should have all toasted his memory at their TG dinner 4 years later. If they had to kill Bill, the most human of all vampires, the most generous, self-sacrificing, and caring vampire in the series, then he should have had a fitting farewell. The explosion in the coffin was purely there for shock value, and meant nothing....nothing.

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