I agree. Very lazy of the writers to use the old tired trope of the bad corporate exec. Just like if you want a corrupt government agency you use the CIA. By the way the air station is in Belle Chasse which is in Plaquemines Parish so that parish's ME should be handling the body not Loretta from Jefferson Parish. Minor point - I love CCH Pounder.

@ walter

"...By the way the air station is in Belle Chasse which is in Plaquemines Parish so that parish's ME should be handling the body not Loretta from Jefferson Parish." Not unless there's another NCIS office in that parish. It was a naval officer who was killed so a naval agency gets the case.

@ MrWriteSF

The NCIS office is in Orleans Parish near the French Quarter (think of the rent!) Maybe the Navy has a contract with Jefferson Parish to handle their forensic work. Might be cheaper and easier than bringing in Ducky and Abbie from the mothership in DC.

Jackie cowper
Quantico Season 1 Episode 2 Review: America

I just really wish we didn't have this jumping about from the bomb to the academy. It's a distraction and is taking away from both plots.

Castle Season 8 Episode 3 Review: PhDead

Christine, as always, I appreciate, reflect on, learn from, and value your writing style, content, and passion!!! Thank you!!!


I loved the premier and I am stoked that they are introducing another speedster and following up on the fact that another speedsters helmet fell out of the ring last season. One question, how come no one is curious about the fact that there is a meta-human that wasn't created in central city? So the collider had nothing to do with it and can we still call him meta?


seriously not a fan of this Travis and bay relationship.

Minority Report Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Mr. Nice Guy

The scene with Dash and Arthur annoyed me because Dash is demanding his brother help him as if it's his reponsibloty to save everyone. Arthur has every right to be bitter considering they had no choice and had 10 years of their life stolen. If Dash thinks Arthur shouldn't use his abilities to profit then I would ask Dash then why do cops get paid. Shouldn't they be doing it out of the kindness of their heart?

Noisy from norway

That was one negative review and it was not deserved. I didn't think is was hard to follow at all. Tony did good work even if he was providing the jokes this week. Nice to see Bishop doing some action. Hopefully her marriage will survive. It is such a clishe with broken marriages on the show. Let Bishop keep her marriage.As for McGee, he has always been insecure. But when Ziva was there Tony confided in McGee but Tony and Bishop can talk about stuff and I like that. They have a nice relasionship.
I know, within a few hours the commentarys will be filled with Bishop-bashing. But remember she didn't do anything that the rest of team hasn't done several times. None of them are able to wait for back-up. I thought it was a good episode and I enjoyed it.

@ Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad

I knew others would probably vehemently disagree with me on this one. The show can generally throw one or maybe two oddities into the mix and still get away with it. This one had a few too many, and I couldn't get behind it. Doesn't mean the series is bad, just (for me) this one. They won't always produce gems, and as someone else where said: maybe there was more of a subtle build-up focus in this show for future developments.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Good Man

We also got to see Travis go into full beast mode as he pummeled Andy
the soldier after shooting Ofelia. It was great to see him really take
action and not just stand back, a sort of snapping moment for him,
considering he trusted Andy. But the whole situation was just
ridiculous. But Andy was justified in his actions. I was happy when he shot Ofelia instead of Daniel since she was the one that was using him and betrayed him.


I didn't even realize that was Edge from WWE lol


Jerome is overhyped. The actor was quite one-sided. I like writers idea of the the joker.