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I'm a huge Ziva fan, but Cote made the decision to leave, No one forced her to do so. On the contrary, they made her a lucrative offer to stay, and she refused. That being said, I've watched every episode of season 12, and the spark is gone, not because Ziva's gone. The writing is lacking, the characterization is flat, and the plot lines just thud along. Sorry NCIS, you were fantastic while you lasted.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5 Review: Bend & Break

I really enjoyed the Mer and Callie scenes. No Bailey, Webber and PIerice this week. :))
I have a feeling that next week Arizona is gonna be kicked off her fellowship. Like Der she has given away her head of a department job, and will miss having a purposeful job (like Der).


it was an ok episode I did like Steve memories of his father ad solving the case for his father and helping that girl. when Scott returns I want to see more of how Danny is feling from what he did last week. poor Jerry now hes in trouble, can't wait to next week ans see what happens with that one


I knew Jamie was going stop and help the young lady in trouble when he went to get the police I knew was going to flee she was jumping at every move. As soon as we seen her in hospital and she told Danny that another cop tried to help her and now going after that cop I bet he he was going to tell that other officer until he found out from the Jamie's Card Baez found in the victims purse then his protective big brother side kicked in. when talking to Jamie he tried to get him to stay at the desk until they catch they man, but Jamie being a Reagan he was no I don't want to but Danny couldn't do anything am sure wanted to keep his brother from going out. Frank was right he wanted to tell Jamie to stay in desk until this over even tho he tried to telling Frank to take of the streets Frank told him(sorry can't think of Danny's ex boss name for some reason) but Frank said if any other officer we wouldn't let him your hearing me but not listening to me. but Garrett told him Frank will sit office and then call Jamie. Jamie and Eddie driving into that set up was good scene . Henry was angry and had every right to be but when Henry was talking waxing nostalgic about cracking heads with nightsticks I didn't agree with him but I did understand it he was protecting his son and wanted to protect his grandson the same way and of course his private conversation was not so private it was secret being taped it doesn't make right but it is happening, Nicky Tweets may have been innocent enough well for her but it doesn't look good on collages and others even tho she was right about he teacher who I thought was out line to bring up what Henry did then made Nicky tweet another Tweet. Jamie didn't know who the man was attack cuz was dark but them running into each other tempers got high and I knew Eddie may be next victim. Danny and Baez give Erin the case anyways she tried to help but the judge didn't want to see it not enough evedince and of course it was not Henry video it was Nicky tweet that made case look bad. Garrett was right Henry needs to keep up world were living in. Eddie Kidnapping was good both Danny and Jamie working together saving Eddie and catching the bad guy I think Baez and Danny sees in Eddie and Jamie the feelings for each other. t's just Jamie and Eddie doesn't see it yet

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

I liked this episode. I felt the anguish from Nathan once he told Audrey that he couldn't feel her but I believed him when he said that it didn't matter. He still loved her. When you shoot agent Howard, blow up a barn, have a child with Sarah/AudreyLucy/Lexie and Mara, not feeling the woman you love is difficult. But not impossible. Nathan and Audrey will find a way. My most frustrating is the separation of Audrey and Nathan. Couldn't this have happened at the last episode? But now we can get to see how far is Audrey willing to get Nathan back. Is she devoted to Nathan as Nathan is to Audrey?

@ Char

This season is all over the place. I laughed and gave up at the morning after talk about i can't feel you anymore. Awkward it would be like asking did you O...

Constantine Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Non Est Asylum

I enjoyed it a lot. As far as pilots go, this isn't the first time a character was introduced and then written out by the hour's end. It will be fun to unravel John Constantine and his cohorts on Friday nights.

@ Marsha S. Haneiph

I seem to remember CSI - they fatally shot poor Holly Gribbs in the very first episode to set up drama!

Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Review: One Of the Good Guys

LOL in the next epi. Loved Fitz beat the crap out of that POS Jake. Go Fitz!!! Abby and Fitz scenes are always good. Can't wait!

Cena gomez
@ Anne

Loved Fitz beat down of Jake! Go Fitz!! Oh I can't wait for sassy Abby and Fitz to go head to head! Bring it on!

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Give Him a Hand!

"Emma's powers are out of control and her fear of hurting loved ones pushes her away from everyone she cares about."
Sounds familiar?
I thought it was supposed to start at 7, not at 8. Now it will be against The Walking Dead.


It was really hard to sleep after last night's episode. Crazy stuff
with Bob and I can;t wait to see what Daryl and Carol find chasing that
car. Awesome season so far

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

I literally fall asleep during every episode. This used to be must see tv for me. Now I Watch it just because of past loyality. Could somebidy please kill Mara and ressurect the old Audrey. I want to know, who or what William and Mara really were and why did they make the troubles. Also the black goo, thinnies, and Dave's other wordly attacks are too much. Pease explain them already.
And Duke is becoming all powerful. Pass some of that on to Dwight. He needs m i re than a bullet attraction.

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