What a great finale to a great show. Finally decided to watch season 5. That kid at the end turning out to be Tommy had me speechless. But Nucky had it coming. He built his empire on Gillian's back... That made me sick. Glad he made peace with Margaret. Again, amazing finale !

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Bluebell

In all honestly, it definitely made my life better. Whenever I was
feeling low, (I've watched an episode of HOD.(no matter which)..)and it lifted me up. The show is absolutely the way you put it -
"pure happiness".If cancelled (please God NO...) it will be dearly missed!


Yo dude, I am not being racist. I just hate the character... especially what they are doing right now... because of her Barry broke up with Linda Park which I did not like...

Black Sails Season 2 Episode 10 Review: XVIII

Absolutely great! I LOVED the first scene with Abigail. I liked her before, but with this conversation she totally won me over. I hope she'll make a return somehow next season. For my taste, there was way too much Max... I doubt she bought the tavern to give it back to Eleanor one day - I might be wrong, of course, but I still don't like her character at all and don't trust her one minute. And I continue to be bored with Anne and Rackham, somehow these two don't work for me either. Kudos, again, to Toby Stephens! Boy, you could clearly see how James McGraw slowly and completely died during his trial and Captain Flint more and more manifested. Vane and Billy saw the change, too, when they were all back on the ship. Billy looked like he was even more horrified by Flint than ever before, while Vane seemed to think something like 'now THAT's a pirate I can work with' ;-) I'm curious if the writers will stay true to the book and the treasure will find its way into Flint's hands. Also curious how Silver will be affected, now that he has chosen to betray his former allies and work with Flint again. After Charles Town, there will be a loat of warships on their way. And I'm sure someone will try to get Eleanor back, I'm just not sure who it will be. Damn, this is going to be a long year.

The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Delena in Danger?

delena is my favorite TV couple of all time I believe they will make it work because they are endgame I mean I have never seen damon happier than he is with elena or vice versa so yeah they are endgame for sure

Amanda steinmetz

I agree! An all around sweet ending for the fans.

Amanda steinmetz

I didn't catch a Rocky Horror reference in the wedding scene. Maybe I need to go back and watch it again :)

Amanda steinmetz

I'm glad you enjoyed the finale. The networks are very tricky. You never know what they'll stick with and what they'll get rid of.

Helix Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Plan B

Now, That was the Most Unusual use of 'Over The Rainbow' Ever! ^^X^^

Dido twite
NCIS Season 12 Episode 18

Love Delilah. Bishop is worthless, please kill her off.