Anyone who enjoyed Sabine on AMC is encouraged to write positive letters to ABC executives saying you appreciated her work, is sorry to see her go, and you would like to see her again on another ABC soap (or even back on AMC in a different role, like Sarah Brown is doing on GH). So IF you enjoyed her work please take the time to write these three people: Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
500 South Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521 Sue Johnson
Vice President, East Coast Programming for ABC Daytime
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023 Julie Hanan Carruthers
Executive Producer All My Children
320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

The Next Great American Band Set for Two-Hour Premieres

I can not believe Sixwire did not win and your saying this is not fixed, come on. This band is sooooooooooooo talented. Think about it who would draw more fans to a concert Clarks Brothers or Sixwire. Who has the best origenal songs yea thats right Sixwire. We pulled a poll with all of Wal-Mart associates on who they thought was the best band and guess what it was not the Clarks Brothers. Last time I watch this program.

Report: Tiffany Pollard is Pregnant

so what if she is going to have a baby. at least she is not 16 yrs old and suppose to be goody two shoes. new york you go girl.

Major Gossip Girl Spoiler For January 10

It must be Blair who thinks that she's pregnant.
The episode-title is hinting that way: the small line refers to the
line on the pregnancytest. I look forward to the scandal, it's gonne be great :D

An Expert Prescribes Remedies For Grey's Characters

Campbell Phelps is a moron. He should give his salary to poor people. I'm tired to read these stupid comments about Meredith Grey. This man (he is a man??!!) should watch Grey's Anatomy. Meredith knows about her issues and she tryes to resolve them.

"Time After Time" Forum Thread Open, Ready For Reader Comments

Hi Just stopping in to say hi to y'all as a new member. Aaron

Joshua Jackson to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

I heard that he and Christina might hook up...

Major Gossip Girl Spoiler For January 10

I really think Blair would be like "Serena, can you buy it for me?" with that puppy-dog-eye stare, and Serena woill fall to that, and be seen buying it. Because Gossip Girl needs a "Who's baby is it?" Scandal with Blair, Nate and Chuck.

Take Your Pick: Chace Crawford or Zac Efron

Is this even a real questions? I mean... Zac is uggly, Chace is HOT. I guess the hot one wins.

New Grey's Anatomy Episode Set For January 10