Gossip Girl Caption Contest 13

S: God, his accent sounds sooo cute.
B: I know, right?
N: Hello? Who the hell is this?
B: He sounds sooo cute, doesn't he?
S: Yeah, that accent's sooo hot. Sounds like a Brit.
B: (gives serena a confused look) Who are we talking about?
S: Wasn't that Chuck?
B: Ugh. Way to compare Nate to a perverted Brit, S.

Postcards From Blair Waldorf

ok, I don`t care what other people say but my favourite character is Blair, she is so bad but at the same time nice...

Grey's Anatomy Season Five Cast Pictures

Um...? I do believe that when people say things like "real world" and "real life" it is because they are truly not in touch with those things they describe as "real". Just because somebody wants decent quality photos doesn't mean they don't live in whatever your "real" world is, and that they don't associate with "real" people. Accept the fact that some people do actually care about stuff you think nothing of, and take some of your own advice and "move on"...

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest CXX

Sept 9th is the day that the Grey's Anatomy Season 4 box set is coming out.

Ellen Pompeo Given NIAF Special Achievement Award

she look so great....its amazing huh.....a fantastic beauty......

Ellen Pompeo Speaks

nyce work kip it up!!!!!

Nate and Serena or Dan and Serena ...

Nate and Serena are made for each other!!! ^^They are hot together^^

Grey's Anatomy Season 5: Seattle Grace Love-Fest

i lke merder 2gether no wedding though just leave them 4 now.
lexie nd george r cute 2gether. mark needs someone new at seattle grace. cristina really needed someone its been 2 long since berk.
alex nd izzie r good 4 each other. they know eachother nd comforted one enother now its time 2 give them a real chance just let george nd izzie b friends like they used to b.

Did You Miss Shannen Doherty?

I think its stupid that Jennie Garth has a recurring role and Shannon doesnt. Rateings will fall when she's gone and I'll be surprised if the show comes back for another season.Beverly Hills 90210 was Brenda!!There hopefully is mention of Dylan and how Brenda still talks to him. And regarding hers and Kellys run for the same guy... maybe this time Brenda should end up with the guy. Or if she does leave the show at least have her leave with Dean Cain's character who she met in Paris forever ago cause he was hot:)


they kinda look the same. She could be his overly-botoxed mom!