Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: Blake Lively

I got those blue boots, but in black. Got it at payless for $17!!!

Patrick Dempsey is a Classic!

OMG! He's a car freak (in a good way)... how many cars does he have? lol

Grey's Anatomy Season Four DVD Due Out September 9

I think that is so dumb that it is going to be $59.99 It was not even close to a full season! And the last 2 seasons have been way cheaper than that! Seriously $60 dollars for 16 episodes!?

Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight Talk Shop(ping)

I WAS THERE. I have a picture with them in front of Juicy. I think I have a crush on T.R. They were both soo nice about it. Both are very chiil and relaxed. It was great seeing them. P.S. I was shaking for like 15 minutes afterward. (Who wouldn't?...don't answer that).

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate & Serena; A Dark Twist

i STILL don`t c the problem ppl have between N&S. is it bcuz they slept together while Nate was still dating Blair. cuz to tell u the truth i don`t rlly care for D&S.
1)they`re boring.
2)dan puts serena on a pedastel like shes some goddess or watevr and acts out just cause shes "imperfect".
if i was serena i wouldn`t have wanted to tell him the secret either. i mean he took the nate thing way too far. i unno. Dan annoys me sometimes.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest CXVI

For the last time, I don't do patients!

Gossip Girl Promos: Season Two Premiere!

What is that amazing song in the first promo? And it's used in another one too...
EEEEEE!!! Gossip Girl rocks!

Sexiest. Schoolgirl. Ever.

okay i goto an expensive ass private school and were only allowed to wear school "certified" articles of clothing or a damn teacher will give you a detention..i wish we could jazz up the uniforms like gg but dude! is right they are flithy rich and can get away with anything

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Lexie Reaches Out to ...

Holy Cow. I'm pretty sure I speak for lots of people when I say Didn't see that one coming. But I think in at least my mind, it was definitely a possibility, I just never thought it would happen.... Can't wait to see what happens with ALL the couples in season 5!

Casting Calls for Shear Genius, Top Design

Hey guys.. please let me know when the open casting calls for Shear Genius 2009 start. I am in South Mississippi and would love to show the world we may be southern, but we still have style...