Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Love is a Battlefield

A) I was disappointed UNDER THE DOME wasn't cancelled after last season. I was tired of it.
B) I felt I'd invested so much time in these people I HAD to watch it this season.
C) I wish I hadn't. This is painfully horrible.
D) I pray again for a cancellation.
E) Doesn't it seem like this show goes about 25 episodes? It runs longer than any other summer series.
F) My favorite thing has been Jim and Indy. Your dog always loves you. I liked Jim with a 'man's best friend'. He's my favorite character.
G) Did Marg H. have a new car to pay off? Why would she do this crappy character? She's SO much better than this.

Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

I've been a total SUITS addict since Season One Episode One. I have only sobbed two times. When Mike's Grammie died, and several times in this last episode.
Michael with those books....I was a mess.
You gotta love Louis. His scene with Jessica, his heart broken because he was going to have to vote against her...beautiful.
And, I've changed my mind. Well, actually I changed it in her second episode: Gretchen. I want her to stay with Harvey. Donna can stay with Louis. Of course, Harvey either has to come back or Gretchen has to go work for him wherever he lands.
I love her. She's got Harvey's back...and knows what she's going to wear every work day.
She's special.
I can't wait to see what happens on the back end episodes. I hope Hardman falls on the subway train tracks and gets cut to ribbons.

21 Actors Saddled with Terrible Roles

Goodness. Client List was actually good. To each his own.

Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Longest Mile Home

why did David have visions of his dead son? and why did they send pregnant Claire to do the talking in a dangerous environment? why did Zoe trust David when she knows he is dirty? and the angel who talked to Noma, how did we know its Lucifer? now that William is back he could have been in contact with a demon, because I don't think god would make a killer be an savior of mankind. and if god came back, wouldn't the angels know before man? I think William will bring back a new group of crazies to the city. I was hoping the baby would have survived. I wonder what Alex will say when Claire tells him the baby is gone? will Alex blame Claire for the baby's passing? it be nice if an angel took Claire's baby before she went into a dangerous situation and the baby lived but with an guardian angel parent! and the cute guy Clarie is dating, I hoped he didn't drink out of the glass he sat down. I hope the cute guy doesn't die in the show. he's a great actor and he's really hot too..

Loretta gray

Zoo keeps me on the edge of my seat every week. The episode with the rats did me in. I was itching all over when that went off


I don't know why but my thought went to Claire's bombing of the aerie was involved in whatever happened to William in the dessert. I had been thinking that the Man is Lucifer. It sort of makes sense that he would want a say and he is, I'd guess in how I understand the angels came into being, is Michael and Gabriel's older brother . And while he might hold some resentment toward Michael for being the one to defeat him he probably understands. And I could see them taking the position of Lucifer trying to constantly gain favor again Versus the version where he is still trying to rebel. So he might be on the side support of Alex in the version (that I prefer) of the prophecy in Mallory but has less of the father feeling toward him than Michael does. So if he had been in charge he would have done what he is doing by keeping an eye from a distance and imbed an angel like Noma and not get involved like Michael did.

CBS Shows Renewed for 2015-2016

Love my NCIS LA , NCIS have not yet been able to get into the ncis new orleans though(shrugs). Love me some Criminal Minds , Hawaii 5/0, and Bring the CSI shows back!

Tyrant Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Desert Storm

I cannot believe we have burned through season two already. It has been an exciting ride.


I don't mean to sound like a hater but everything you said in this article what fucking stupid. 😒 its like you hadn't seen not one season of TVD. I dont watch the show. You can't watch the show and make a retarded redundant article like this. Honestly You sound like a Steroline shipper that just started watching TVD in the middle of season Six. And why are you talking about no ship wars. One there always will be ship wars two this article will start ship wars.

Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 Review: History Rhymes

Nolan made the series with out him in it i don't think i can go on watching it